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TRLL – Chapter 38

Sweet Talk and Kisses

He didn’t want to leave anymore.


He approached the bed slowly and lifted the lowered canopy before sitting down on the bed. He took off his boots, lifted his feet up, and let the canopy down carefully.


The two lay under the quilt together.


Originally, the quilt was only placed on her body, but now that he came in, he covered both their bodies.


Xiao Heng raised his hand and touched her bulging belly.


There was only a thin layer of soft cloth inside. Passing through it, he could feel the soft and supple skin.


“It’s not like how it was before.”


Before, her belly was hard and almost seemed to be bursting open. He could feel the tiny and plump arms, legs, and even the fleshy little buttocks inside.


“The child’s probably asleep too.” Her cheeks were rosy as her eyes filled with shyness and timidity. She lowered her head and spoke in an extremely soft voice.




Xiao Heng stopped moving, grabbed her by the shoulders, and accompanied her silently for a while.


“Did you eat your lunch?” He asked, his big arms wrapping around her as he looked at the embroidered pattern on the canopy.


“Yes, it’s been about an hour now. I ate some blood bird’s nest soup1Blood bird’s nest soup [血燕窝羹] – Blood bird’s nests are the edible nests of swallows who live in caves. Their nests absorb minerals from the limestone walls to which they cling. Since their caves tend to be saturated with humidity, the water and oxygen in the air mix with the minerals from the rocks and form a sort of “rust” that gives the nest its dazzling color. Read more at What about you, third Master? Did you eat?” Gu Sui’er leaned softly on his sturdy shoulders and asked in a low voice bashfully.


“I accompanied the Emperor to eat before coming here.” Usually, Xiao Heng never mentioned these subjects to Gu Sui’er but today, he spoke of it unconsciously.


His voice was still as faint as before.


“I see…” Gu Sui’er felt relieved after hearing him say that. She rubbed her soft and delicate little face gently against his arm: “That’s good.”


Xiao Heng looked down at the woman lying in his arms. She had a tender appearance, closely resembling a timid and cautious little kitten.


“Sleep for a while ah. I’ll accompany you to practice writing after you get up.”


When Gu Sui’er heard his voice, she wondered whether it really sounded just low and hoarse now, without the usual tinge of coldness to it.




Another wave of unease filled her heart.


Why is he talking about other things? He is hugging me but he is just thinking about practicing handwriting?


It was not that she wanted to slack off but when she was leaning in the arms of her beloved man, which girl didn’t look forward to hearing some sweet words from him? Even if he didn’t like to talk, couldn’t he just hold her tenderly for a while?


Nevertheless, all he thought about was practicing her penmanship.


She silently lay in his arms, feeling his temperature. After thinking and hesitating for a while, she finally decided to try out Nanny An’s method.


So she stretched out her white, lotus root-like arms and hugged him.


The man’s waist was firm and robust. His arms were like boulders, full of strength.


She stretched out her arm and wrapped them around his neck dubiously. Then, she moved closer and snuggled up to him, slowly and gently rubbing her soft body against his.


The man took a deep breath and suddenly reached out to firmly grasp her wrist with his big palms.


“What are you trying to do?” His cold and hoarse tone seemed rather impatient.


“I–I…” Gu Sui’er blinked, somewhat intimidated.


She had just followed what Nanny An suggested her to do ah. According to her, if she used this trick, it would make an impact on every man.


Of course, as long as that man was not a eunuch.


But now why is his reaction unlike Nanny An’s words?


“Sleep.” Xiao Heng seemed really angry. He didn’t even utter another word and turned his back to her, ignoring her.


Gu Sui’er was dumbfounded. It took a long time for her to get out of her daze.


After regaining her senses, tears welled up in her eyes gradually.


A chill spread in her heart; it was as if she had fallen into an icehouse. Her tears streamed down her cheeks and drenched the pillow underneath.


And Xiao Heng, who had her face his back, naturally couldn’t fall asleep either.


How could he sleep?


Taking a few deep breaths, he was finally able to get a grip on his emotions and after calming down, he could hear the sobs of the little woman behind him.


At first, everything was quiet but then, It seemed that she couldn’t bear it any longer. Her shoulders shrank and trembled. It was evident that she was trying to repress her emotions, but she still couldn’t conceal the sound of her light sobs from her mouth.


In the darkness, he sighed softly. He turned around and stretched out his arms, in an attempt to take her into his arms.


But who would have known that at this time, she would be biting her lip and looking at him with her moist and clean eyes full of complaint and humiliation, making anyone who saw her feel pity for her?


He reached out and tried to wipe her tears but she bit her lips and turned her face slightly, avoiding his touch.


So he had no choice but to sit up and fix his eyes on her.


She simply turned away and covered her face with her hand, not wanting to look at him. Doing so, she tried to turn over.


Although her belly was too big to turn over all by herself now, she didn’t give up. She exerted all her strength to face the other side.


Originally she decided to resist him, cry and ignore him, but now, all her decisions seemed to be overthrown by this difficulty to turn around.


He reached out to help her quickly.


She watched him stretch out his hand and suddenly felt wronged to the extreme.


From the first time she encountered him to being scorned and ridiculed by the villagers, to the pain and shame of taking the abortion medicine, and now, reaching YanJing City, she had endured all kinds of hardships and had always been careful in trying to please him in every possible way. Yet, he disdained her.


She pulled the quilt over her face and bawled her eyes out.


Like a child who had lost its mother.


No, she was even more pitiful than a motherless child. In this impressive and spectacular residence of Marquis RuiDing, there were not only Madams, Young Ladies, Young Madams but also an Emperor, an Empress, and a Princess. Each and every one could effortlessly become the protagonist of the plays she had seen back in the village. And she? She was just a humble village girl. She was not as good as others, even setting their eyes on her could bring shame upon others. Why would anyone love and pity her?


She was merely a concubine. Even if he despised her, what could she possibly do?


The more she thought about it, the more wronged and more uncomfortable she felt. She could no longer control herself as she hid under the quilt and wept profusely. She cried so much that her whole body began trembling with the sound of her muffled sobs.


“Sui’er, don’t cry.”


He didn’t know how to coax people so faced with a sobbing Gu Sui’er, he felt helpless.


How could Gu Sui’er care about it at this time? The more he told her not to cry, the more she wanted to cry. She couldn’t stop crying no matter what he did.


In the darkness, Xiao Heng turned silent for a moment before finally lying down and hugging her along with the quilt.


However, Gu Sui’er, who had a soft temper, actually got angry this time. She struggled fiercely in his arms, pushing him away with her hands, and even trying to kick him with her feet.


This was something she had never dared to do before. But now that she cried enough to fail to distinguish between people, she only remembered her grievances and that he wasn’t good to her.


Xiao Heng could only helplessly continue to hug this messy bundle of tears called Gu Sui’er. He noticed that her tender rosy cheeks were filled with tear stains and her clear eyes had turned red. An unending stream of tears was still spilling from this pair of red eyes. Her tiny little mouth was trembling, like a pitiful little rabbit.


At this time, Nanny An seemed to have heard some noise from the room. She reminded in a low voice from outside: “Third Master, the Young Mistress is pregnant. Please be careful so as to not hurt the child.”


This was really akin to pouring oil on the fire. Beads of sweat had already appeared on his forehead. Hearing this, anger flashed in his eyes, as he said in a cold and sharp voice: “Get lost!”


Nanny An was stunned for a moment before realizing the meaning of his words. She was scared witless and ran away as fast as possible.


Young Mistress ah, it’s not that Nanny An didn’t save you. It’s just that the third Master is too frightening!


Gu Sui’er, who was held in Xiao Heng’s arms, was originally crying aggrievedly. Now suddenly hearing him speak such words in a fierce tone, how could she determine who it was spoken to? She looked at him with fear and panic. Her eyes filled with tears that were about to fall, making her look more pitiful.


Xiao Heng had a heart of ice and snow. How could he realize that the woman in his arms was feeling wronged?


He wrapped his arms around her, lowered his head, and kissed away her tears softly and tenderly.


While kissing, he coaxed in a hoarse voice: “Sui’er don’t cry, I’m not talking to you. I didn’t speak to you angrily…”


However, it was too late for him to console her. Her complaints had already bubbled up, how could it be so easy to quell.


Gu Sui’er ignored him and turned her face away. Her bright red lips pouted, her rosy cheeks puffed out, and tears spilled out.


Seeing her peeved appearance, Xiao Heng felt it was really naive and charming. His adam’s apple bobbed up and down but he suppressed all kinds of emotions in his heart, and pressed his face to her wet cheek, saying hoarsely, “Don’t be angry, hm? It’s all my fault. I am no good and made you angry.”


It was really rare for Xiao Heng to say something like this. How could a person who had always been cold and arrogant in his life speak these words?


For the former Gu Sui’er, this kind of situation was almost unthinkable.


How could the humble her expect Xiao Heng to say such things to herself?


But now he not only said it but he also hugged and coaxed her while saying it.


Her aggrieved heart was slowly flooded with sweetness. That sweetness, although only a little, warmed her gradually and penetrated every part of her body.


It was just that no grievance had been dispelled completely by words until now. She glanced at him timidly with her moist jet-black eyes.


“You… why do you treat me like this? If you really dislike me, I-I…”


After speaking this, she couldn’t utter another word.


“I don’t dislike you.” Xiao Heng put his arms around her and explained quickly.


“Bu-but…” She sniffed. She wanted to speak but because she had cried for too long, she choked and actually couldn’t say anything.


Without any better option, Xiao Heng had to help her out gently: “But what?”


Gu Sui’er felt wronged again. Her tears fell as she accused him miserably, “You turned your back to me!”


Xiao Heng: “…”


He didn’t know it was a heinous crime to turn his back on her. Unexpectedly, she even declared it with such righteous indignation and grievance.


Gu Sui’er saw him pursing his lips silently and immediately said: “You detest me, you are fed up with me… You don’t pay any attention to me at all…”


Xiao Heng let out a deep sigh and put his arms on her shoulders. Then, he lowered his head pressed his lips against her firmly.


Her soft and thin red lips were sweet and fragrant. He savored the taste slowly, thoroughly enjoying this incredible sensation.


Due to her tears, there was a little astringency in the sweetness.


No matter how cold a man he was, he couldn’t help kissing her slowly and coaxing her in a low voice, “I don’t dislike you.”


She curled up in his arms, looked up at him, and pouted, “You turned your back to me just now…”


“Because I want you to take a good rest.”


“You ignored me.”


“I did not.”


“You were fierce to me.”


“It wasn’t you who I was speaking to.”


“…” Gu Sui’er bit her lip and didn’t say a word for a while. She was still too embarrassed to say some things.


Eventually, she lowered her head and pressed her face against his chest. She couldn’t help grumbling in a low voice, “You haven’t gotten close to me since that day, are you fed up with me?”


Her voice was awfully low. It was soft but it was filled with grievances.

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    Blood bird’s nest soup [血燕窝羹] – Blood bird’s nests are the edible nests of swallows who live in caves. Their nests absorb minerals from the limestone walls to which they cling. Since their caves tend to be saturated with humidity, the water and oxygen in the air mix with the minerals from the rocks and form a sort of “rust” that gives the nest its dazzling color. Read more at
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  1. chinesefanreader says:

    Poor girl, he’s just trying to control himself from ravaging you🐺 It’s sad that she has to be content with hoping for a main wife that won’t abuse her and her child, that she knows she could be discarded in the future and feels like it’s happening already. But it takes her being in a temper to be brave enough to speak up to get some communication from Mr Word Miser. And poor nanny thinking her mistress was getting bullied 😳

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. An says:

      Thanks for reading! <3

      Yeah, Sui'er situation, no matter how good the others are being to her, is pitiful. But the time she's living in normalises or rather, has already normalised having many concubines beside a legally wedded wife. That's what's sad T.T

  2. TheTanJar says:

    I wonder if the change in the belly they mentioned means she’s gonna give birth soon.

    1. An says:

      Maybe, I’m not sure about that. Thanks for reading! <3

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