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TRLL – Chapter 2.2

A Nightmare [Part 2]

Mother Gu hurriedly went to hold her and pat her back slowly.

Her brother also rushed in.

Tears overflowed from her eyes as she lay on the kang. She looked at her mother with her bewildered and helpless eyes, “Mother, I’m really useless. I vomited the medicine bought with so much effort.”

Mother Gu stared at her daughter in a daze. She wondered if all the medicine was thrown up by her or if some were still left in her stomach.

Or was it time to let her father go to the town to get another medicine?

Just when Mother Gu was thinking about it, her face paled suddenly as Gu Sui’er held her stomach in pain, “Mother, my stomach hurts!”

Mother Gu was startled. She exclaimed, and hurriedly stepped forward to hug her daughter.

But Gu Sui’er was rolling on the Kang with pain. Sweat ran down from her forehead continuously.

Seeing that his sister in so much pain, Gu Bao’er asked his mother: “Mother, what kind of medicine is this? Why is sister in so much pain?”

Mother Gu wiped her tears, thinking that if there was a piece of flesh in her belly and she wanted it to fall, it would naturally hurt!

Father Gu heard the movement inside, but as it was his daughter’s room, he did not go in. He could only sit on the big stone and wait outside.

Gu Sui’er struggled on the bed for a long time. She finally relaxed when her stomach stopped hurting. Something came out from under her, wetting her trousers from the inside.

Mother Gu sent out her son outside hurriedly and went to help Gu Sui’er to clean up.

There was some blood in her pants, but it was not much.

Mother Gu was a little confused. She helped Gu Sui’er to lie down and asked her brother to feed something to Gu Sui’er. She took her daughter’s blood-stained trouser and carried it to second Aunt Wang’s house next door.

When second Aunt Wang saw the blood-stained trousers, she knew it was done. But when she noticed the amount of blood on it, she was a little doubtful. “Does it work even when only a little amount of blood is shed? I’m afraid it is not done properly.” 

Mother Gu was anxious when she heard it. “It didn’t work? Where did the blood come from then?”

Second Aunt Wang thought for a while, and finally said, “Maybe only half of the child has been shed while the other half is still inside her.”

After hearing her words, Mother Gu’s eyes widened.

There was still half of the baby in her belly… What type of situation was this?

Mother Gu went back and told this to Father Gu.

Father Gu was dark from anxiety. He said that he would put on his clothes and go to the town to find a doctor right then.

Mother hurriedly held Father Gu back and said, “It’s already so dark today, so take a break. Besides, I’m afraid she can’t stand taking the medicine for another time. We’ll talk about it after a few days.”

Father Gu looked at Gu Sui’er who was silently lying in the room. He sighed and finally stopped.

Gu Bao’er stayed by her side to take care of her. Her face was pale just like white paper at this time. Her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead. Even in her sleep, Gu Sui’er seemed to be in pain, as she continually frowning.

Gu Bao’er raised his hand and wiped off her sweat.

Mother Gu entered the room and looked at Gu Sui’er who was lying on the kang. She suddenly remembered her daughter’s appearance before all this happened. Gu Sui’er was as beautiful as a water nymph. Mother Gu burst into tears.

What kind of wretched situation was this ah!

Gu Sui’er woke up the next day. As if nothing had happened yesterday, she struggled to get up for feeding the pigs and cook meals for the family.

Mother Gu hurriedly stopped her.

Gu Sui’er didn’t ask her anything about the medicine. She just tried her best to raise her body to get up and work.

But after a few days, her belly gradually began to bulge.

In the beginning, everyone thought that Gu Sui’er was gaining weight, but later, everyone felt something was wrong. Her arms were thin, and her face was not as smooth as before. She was pale and haggard, but her belly was the only part that was bulging.

It just happened that summer had come, so the clothes she wore were thin. As a result, her belly became particularly obvious.

It was inevitable that there would be a lot of discussions. Although they were distressed about Gu Sui’er and wondered what would happen to her, it did not hinder them from talking about her behind her back.

One day, her neighboring little sister, Ah Liu, came to find Gu Sui’er. After looking at Gu Sui’er for a long time, she finally couldn’t help saying, “You… Are you really with a child?”

Gu Sui’er froze.

Ah Liu hurriedly said, “Everyone in the village says so. They all say that you have a child in your belly.”

Gu Sui’er lowered her head in a daze and touched her bulging belly.

Ah Liu sighed: “Why don’t you get rid of it? Why are you keeping it? Isn’t it a bastard?!”

Although Ah Liu was not an adult yet, she was the eldest among her siblings. Her mother, second Aunt Wang often said such things, so Ah Liu slowly understood this matter.

From that moment on, Gu Sui’er had been clutching her belly and looking outside blankly. She never said a word again.

In the evening, Gu Bao’er came back with torn clothes on his body and a bruise on his face.

Gu Sui’er turned her head and whispered, “Bao’er, did you fight with others again?”

Gu Bao’er walked over and looked at his sister: “Sister.” 

Like a child who wanted to act as an adult, he stubbornly did not let his tears fall from his eyes.

Gu Sui’er raised her hand and stroked her brother’s bruises, “Did someone bully you?”

Feeling the gentle touch of his sister, Gu Bao’er suddenly felt aggrieved. He burst into tears and said in between his sobs, “Sister, I won’t let others talk bad about you! They all bully you, they look down on you!” 

As he said, he pounced in her arms.

Gu Sui’er had a big belly so she felt a little uncomfortable when Gu Bao’er threw himself at her.

She stroked her brother’s hair in a daze, giving him a wry smile.

In the evening, Gu Sui’er was gone.

Her father and mother were in a hurry to look around for her. Eventually, her brother found her in the kitchen.

Gu Sui’er was holding a kitchen knife in her hand, staring at it blankly.

Mother Gu shrieked. She rushed over and hugged Gu Sui’er tightly: “Gu Sui’er, my silly child! If you have three long and two short1three long and two short [三长两短] – It means an unexpected misfortune, accident, or a sudden death., how can your mother live!”

Gu Bao’er dashed over and grabbed the kitchen knife! 

Her eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist at this time, watching them dimly, as if the world and its people around her were nothing but a fragment of her nightmare.

In fact, all this was really like a nightmare.

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    three long and two short [三长两短] – It means an unexpected misfortune, accident, or a sudden death.
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  1. Avatar De Vile says:

    Thank you for the chapter~~ ( ◜‿◝ )♡
    And hopefully the unborn kid’s fine……what…I..I can’t imagine a kid having only half of his body…will it be a lengthwise body or a crosswise body…….gosh I hope the little one’s fine….ヘ(。□°)ヘ this is making me go bananas

    1. An An says:

      Ahahaha the kid’s alright, don’t worry x D

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