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TRLL – Chapter 10.2

The Emperor's Reward [Part 2]

The robe that Xiao Heng wore today was different from last night and this morning. Although, it was also a crimson robe, the hem, the cuffs and the neckline were embroidered with a lot of different kinds of complicated and elaborate designs. There was also a white jade belt on the waist. The whole person looked more noble and extravagant than he did this morning.

It was not only the nobleness and extravagance. Even his imposing manner was a lot higher.

Now he looked much more awe-inspiring, even more than the county officials.

She just got to know Xiao Heng some time ago, but he was suddenly changed now.

Gu Sui’er stood beside the bamboo touching her belly, feeling a little lost.

Xiao Heng was also slightly startled when he saw her after entering the Courtyard and walked over to her side.

Obviously, he came over to talk to her, but he didn’t speak, just standing quietly beside her.

This made Gu Sui’er very uncomfortable. She thought about it and understood that one of them must speak first.

He didn’t say anything, so she should start.

“This servant greets the third Master.” She imitated Bao Ya as she spoke.

When he heard her words, Xiao Heng’s eyes, that were looking at her, changed.

That familiar feeling came again, making Gu Sui’er feel that she had done something wrong once again.

As for what she did wrong, she still didn’t know.

When Xiao Heng saw the confusion that appeared in her eyes, he knew that she still didn’t understand and finally said: “From now on, don’t call yourself a servant.”

Gu Sui’er was even more confused: “Then… What do I call myself?”

She had seen Concubine of the Lord Marquis, but she had not heard what the Concubine called herself in front of him. So, she didn’t know what she should call herself in front of Xiao Heng.

Xiao Heng’s gaze shifted downward and fell on her stomach.

It was quite pointed, looking somewhat inconsistent with her slender physique.

He suddenly remembered the feeling of putting his hand on her belly that day, when she was desperately trying to make the little baby inside move around.

It’s just that the little baby didn’t give her much face.

“The fetus in your womb is my child, my first child.” Xiao Heng emphasized.

“En.” Gu Sui’er didn’t know why he mentioned this suddenly, but she didn’t interrupt him and just agreed with him softly.

“My child’s mother can’t call herself a servant.” Xiao Heng’s voice carried a strange sense of seriousness with it.

“En.” Gu Sui’er was not clear about this issue regarding her calling herself in front of Xiao Heng. She was also confused because she didn’t know why it was brought up suddenly, so she didn’t dare to say anything and waited patiently for him to continue.

However, Xiao Heng did not say anything else.

He took a step closer and raised his hand to touch her belly.

He was so tall that he had to lower his head to touch her belly. His chin was practically just beside her ears when he bowed down.

Gu Sui’er stiffened. She did not dare not move a bit.

As long as she moved, her ears would rub against his chin.

From her perspective, she could clearly see the man’s rigid chin and the Adam’s apple in his neck.

It was something that was unfamiliar to her. Although she was engaged to Brother Shitou before, in fact, she only talked to him from a distance since Brother Shitou grew up.

Thus, she had never seen a man’s Adam’s apple from such a close distance.

Perhaps the little tadpole in her womb sensed its mother’s nervousness, so the little one unexpectedly kicked her belly with its foot.


Gu Sui’er was caught off guard by this sudden kick, so she shouted in a low voice.

Xiao Heng subconsciously held her by her waist.

“What happened?” A low and cold voice came sounded in her ears.

“Nothing…” She shook her head slightly: “It’s okay. The child moved just now and kicked me.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Heng lowered his head and looked at her belly again.

He actually felt it.

Just as he had put his hand on her belly, he felt something squirming and kicking around in her belly.

This was his child.

Xiao Heng stared at her belly for a good while before nodding: “Yes, it moved.”

After slowly recovering from the baby’s kick, Gu Sui’er glanced at Xiao Heng.

“Third Master… Then, how should I call myself?”

She hadn’t forgotten this question yet.

Xiao Heng looked up at her: “What did you call yourself just now?”

Gu Sui’er: “Ah?”


Xiao Heng: “You can call yourself by what you called yourself earlier.”

She was not his wife, she was just his Concubine.

A Concubine has to call herself ‘this Concubine’, but Xiao Heng didn’t like it.

So, let’s go with how she addresses herself normally.

As for what others would think regarding this matter, he didn’t care.

Gu Sui’er was lost in thought. What on earth is he talking about? She didn’t understand it at all.

Xiao Heng looked at her contemplative little appearance, and said indifferently; “When I entered the Palace today, the Emperor rewarded you with something. I have ordered someone to deliver it to the Courtyard. You can take a look when you return to your room.”

Gu Sui’er asked doubtfully: “Rewarded me?”

Xiao Heng: “Yes.”

Gu Sui’er was even more puzzled: “Why was I bestowed a reward?”

Xiao Heng was too lazy to explain this question: “No reason.”

Gu Sui’er: “I don’t know the Emperor ah. How could he give me things without any proper reason?”

Xiao Heng: “…”

He glanced at Nanny An who was standing next to Gu Sui’er. Motioning her to take care of Gu Sui’er, he straightaway entered the house.

Only Gu Sui’er was left there trying to clearly understand these issues that she had never encountered before.

“The third Master actually meant that you can address yourself as ‘I’ in front of him, like you usually call yourself. You don’t need to call yourself ‘this servant’ when talking to him. Did you understand now ah?”

Gu Sui’er touched one of her fingertips  after figuring out this problem.

“But why did the Emperor reward me? He doesn’t know me, and I don’t know him. But third Master knows the Emperor. Is it possible that the Emperor rewarded me because of third Master? This seems to be the case.”

She finally figured out this fact.

Gu Sui’er, who had figured out these things, suddenly felt very satisfied.

She understood that this place was different from their village.

It was the same with her child. The villagers regarded the little tadpole in her belly as a vile spawn. They joked and pitied her, but all the people here regarded her little tadpole as a precious treasure. They pampered and protected her.

As the little tadpole was in her belly, she had received too much care in this mansion. Now, even the Emperor, who lived in the Imperial Palace bestowed gifts upon her.

And Xiao Heng, just now he—

Gu Sui’er recalled the sensation she felt when he touched her belly.

A smile overflowed her lips unconsciously.

He felt her little tadpole’s kick.

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    I dearly hope Gu Sui’er doesn’t go through much trouble from now on, she deserves to be happy ;_;

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