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RLDRFH Chapter 99

“The first team has finished clean up, and no traces of the mutant plants have been found.”

“The second team has finished clean up…”

“The third team has finished clean up…”


Listening to teams reporting team, everyone in the room sighed a breath of relief after confirming outside the base was relatively safe.

One person instructed: “Let the logistics department go collect crystal nuclei.”


The troops with flamethrowers outside slowly withdrew back to the base, and staff in protective suits carrying special material collection boxes began to search amongst the burnt remains for crystal nuclei.

It wasn’t until nighttime, when the clean-up work outside was roughly completed. The clean-up personnel scanned the map after collecting in a circle, and returned to the base with their trophies. Then a forklift was dispatched to scoop up the charred corpses outside and transport them to the newly dug pit for burial.

“Reporting, the number of crystal nuclei collected this time is about 10,000 to 20,000, which is estimated to be about one-tenth.”

Hearing the report below, someone took off their glasses and rubbed his temples with fatigue. “The movements of those plants is so fast… Didn’t the vanguard capture any live samples?”

A person stood up with a look of shame. “The vanguard found a living mutant plant when leaving the base, but it waited until clearing the ground. After digging part of the soil where the plant was… we found that there were only some holes on the ground, and the roots of the plant could not be found.”

The atmosphere in the room lowered again, and some people quietly exchanged worried expressions.

“Let’s do this first; if you find mutant plants when you go out, try to back back live samples.” Such things are too dangerous, and are buried in the soil waiting for an opportunity to attack. Further, some teams that went out before and were not heard from may not have died in the mouths of zombies…

“After two days, we will send people to city L in H Province to see the situation. When taking action this team, keep guards up, and don’t get too close to the destination. Once things are observed clearly, return to base. At no point will we force our way into the urban area of L city!”

“Chief, you mean…”

“L city’s situation may have some relationship with those mutant plants. Our base has never encountered this kind of thing. The previous two teams investigating the situation may not understand the characteristics of this plant… Okay, let’s continue with the meeting – regarding rewards for those members who have participated in the operation of the base defense!”

“The base consumed a lot of food, ammunition, gasoline and other things during this zombie attack. The quantity of these materials is limited, and a lot was consumed during the defensive battle…”

“But you can’t reward nothing at all, right? This will hurt the people’s hearts.”

“But we must also consider the future. The zombie retreat this time is very strange. What if someone like this happens again? If we give out big rewards this time, what about next? We can’t empty the warehouse to send them things, right?”

“The military factory in the base has limited production speed. There are so many ability users with strength beyond firearms, even if you don’t give them thermal1re: firearms, explosives support, there’s no problem.”

“There is also gasoline, which has now become a non-renewable resource. This time, we have consumed so much during the defense. Considering sustainable development…”

“There is also crystal nuclei. What exactly crystal nuclei do is still unclear. Experiments have proven that swallowing the crystal nucleus by mistake will cause ordinary people to mutate into zombies. This kind of thing is too dangerous, and I personally feel that this unstable thing must be controlled. Only after the base has thoroughly researched this thing can it be allowed to circulate!”

“Everyone has a point. We can’t let the people’s hearts go cold. Let’s consider the future of the base…”

The buzz reverberated in the room, and continued into daylight the next day…




The young couple took a breather from noon to the early morning of the next day, ad had a good night’s dream. Fang Hao was still a little confused when he woke up. After opening his eyes, he looked face to face with Tuanzi who was lying on his chest and playing bounce.

“Where’s Zizhong?” Fang Hao hugged Tuanzi, kneading it in his arms… it’s so elastic, fun, and good…

Tuanzi was happily kneaded into various twisted shapes by mama. Fortunately, this guy doesn’t seem to feel pain.

He Zizhong was not in the bedroom. After Fang Hao thought for a while, he sent his mental power into the space. Perhaps the area became too large after the space upgraded, so he didn’t find anything after such a search.

The sound of footsteps going up the stairs came from outside the door—well, no more need to look for him.

“Wake up?” He Zizhong entered the door and saw Fang Hao holding Tuanzi and rubbing his eyes, a gentle smile on his face.

“Well… what time is it? I’m dizzy from sleeping so much.” Sleeping too long often has some side effects. Fang Hao now feels like he has a hangover.2Fact: One of the main drivers for hangovers is the lack of water in one’s body. When drinking so much alcohol, our body processes them as water, but it ends up evaporating, leaving a deficit. So sleeping too much, drinking insufficient water, etc. could theoretically lead to similar effects such as headaches, dizziness, etc.

“Let’s rest for a while. I just went out to get today’s newspaper. The base will not open the gates or allow people to enter and leave the base now. Even if we go out, there’s nothing to do.” He Zizhong placed the yellowish sheets of extremely poor quality paper on the bed.

“There is no danger outside the base?”

“There shouldn’t be any for the time being.” The newspaper was full of singing and dancing, and there was no other special news. It only praised the battle of united efforts to defend the base and the mutant plants that appeared later. There is no news about the distribution of crystal nuclei. It is only said that the upper level of the base will count the losses of this defensive battle as soon as possible, and distribute some rewards to the members who participated in the defensive mission.

“Then let’s go back to the space these few days?”

“Good. Go back to the space to sort out the fields and crops, and prepare more of that kind of pancake.” When they went out with the Samsara team before and when defending on the city wall, both of them ate the imitation cake Fang Hao made almost cleanly, and must take the opportunity to prepare more.

“Okay, I’m going now.” Fang Hao was in a hurry to get up, but was held down by He Zizhong: “No hurry, you should rest first. Then go to the hot spring before doing anything else.”

The young couple made a plan. Taking advantage of the fact that the base is not open to prepare more things. One is responsible for cooking, and the other chooses a location in the field to prepare a variety of red beans. At present, to imitate the base’s cake, red beans are definitely a major component. Nowadays, the fields are very rich. In addition to rice, noodles and vegetables, there are still many places that can be used to grow all kinds of miscellaneous grains.

From time to time, Tuanzi ran to Fang Hao, and from time to time it ran to He Zizhong’s side. After a while, it would leave the space alone and return to the villa to see if anyone had come to the house. That was its task. He Zizhong considered that since everyone is stuck in the base these days, so someone might come to visit.

He Zizhong originally estimated that even if someone came to the door, it would be from the Samsara team. But when he got the message from Tuanzi, he left the space to see Xu Lili standing at the door of his house… Could he pretend not to see her?

“Cousin…” Xu Lili stood at the door of his house with tears in her eyes, wiping the water off her face, calling out with her high-pitched voice…

Suppressing the urge to turn around and leave, He Zizhong walked to the gate of the courtyard with a black face, and did not invite her in. Who knew how Xu Lili knew he lived here? Whether it is from the community registry or accidentally discovered by the Overlord team when passing by, those are all potential reasons.

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing that He Zizhong didn’t mean to invite her in, Xu Lili pressed her lips to suppress the idea of ​​conflict with him, and took a deep breath. She was here to seek help, not to fight with He Zizhong.

“Cousin… the mission at the base two days ago, the people from the base came to our team and forcibly took me to the logistics side… I planted the ground for three full days!” Xu Lili looked angry. “There is no time to rest! They let us plant trees that can produce wood and transport them to the wall for city defense. I worked so hard for such a long time. When I got home this morning, I caught Allen in bed with someone else!!!”

He Zizhong raised eyebrows. “Others?” Male or female? Or Dai Jun?

“Two bastards, two!” Xu Lili angrily stretched out two fingers, which almost hit He Zizhong’s face.

…3p? He3Allen is not afraid of kidney deficiency.

He Zizhong’s expression was a little distorted. He had no idea what to say in the face of Xu Lili’s anger. Provoke discord? Does the situation still need to be stirred up? Comfort? He didn’t know how to comfort Xu Lili. Allen’s behavior was much more extreme than Dai Jun’s betrayal. He at least only found a man and it wasn’t face to face, but Allen clearly played np4I’m guessing n = any number. E.g., 2p or 3p in the bed

Xu Lili lowered her head again to wipe her tears. “Cousin, I don’t want to stay with him anymore… Is he worthy of me? I tried my best for the Overlord team and was forcibly taken away by the base, but he was messing around at home! Is there such a thing as him? He didn’t stop me when I came out just now!”

He Zizhong estimated that Xu Lili’s biggest grievance should be that last sentence. She wasn’t complaining about Allen’s lovers, but felt that she was not as high in his heart as she had estimated at the beginning.

Without waiting for He Zizhong to say something, Xu Lili said with self-blame and self-love: “I know those little fairies are staring at him gap all day long! But I’m just gone for a few days? And it’s impossible not to come back? How could he be like this!”

He Zizhong rubbed his temples with a headache. “I forgot to ask before. Are you and Allen officially dating?”

Xu Lili looked up at him in surprise: “Of course!!”

“He also introduced you to others as his girlfriend?”

Xu Lili was stuck in an instant, her expression frozen.


Of course the Overlord scum have to intrude on HZZ and FH’s 2 person world.


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    re: firearms, explosives
  • 2
    Fact: One of the main drivers for hangovers is the lack of water in one’s body. When drinking so much alcohol, our body processes them as water, but it ends up evaporating, leaving a deficit. So sleeping too much, drinking insufficient water, etc. could theoretically lead to similar effects such as headaches, dizziness, etc.
  • 3
  • 4
    I’m guessing n = any number. E.g., 2p or 3p in the bed
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