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RLDRFH Chapter 83

Widening his eyes in surprise, he smiled as Fang Hao sat next to He Zizhong and lowered his head. “Speaking of which, when did you two get together? If we had known sooner, we would have given some gifts to celebrate.” Seeing someone’s bright red forehead, Guo Bing, who always hit soft nails dealing with He Zizhong, instantly became extremely happy.1As in, Guo Bing is unable to take advantage of HZZ (e.g., soft nails), and is happy to finally get one over FH.

“Before the end of the world.” He Zizhong was calm. Ignoring Guo Bing’s harassment, he clipped a piece of jerky in his bowl and gave it to Fang Hao.

Fang Hao is easily shy, but he has a defensive way that makes people vomit blood: ignore them. No matter how Guo Bing teased him afterwards, Fang Hao was able to completely ignore him. He lowered his head and sat beside He Zizhong very honestly, without answering a word.

In the end, even the other members of the Samsara team could not bear to watch, and they all protested that their boss harassing someone else’s wife.

Although these rough guys were nervous they didn’t notice the relationship between the two before, once they knew about it, they didn’t react too much. A couple is just a couple. Are gay couples lacking these days? Before the end of the world, male stars who want to be famous will even deliberately use the gossip news to attract people’s attention. Everyone has long grown used to such things. Besides, it’s not like other people are bothering you – why do you care about what others like?

This night, everyone was lucky and didn’t encounter anything special. Perhaps they were too unlucky during the day and encountered two special events in a row, so god finally let them have a relatively safe night.

The explosion on the first day almost led all the zombies around city M into the urban area, so there were no zombies in the periphery. Guo Bing pulled He Zizhong and Chen Ning together and discussed for a long time. The group wandered around the outskirts of city M for a long time, collecting countless oils, salt, sauces and vinegar, and He Zizhong happily took Fang Hao together to raid two hardware stores, harvesting materials like nails and wires that can be turned into hidden weapons.

It’s a pity that they can’t use the space now, otherwise they could carry more things.

Almost every car in the fully loaded convoy was filled with supplies except for the seats in the front row and people. Tossing away the two dangers on that first day entering city M, the following itinerary and abundant supplies filled everyone’s heart with joy.

“Take a day off tonight, and head back to the base tomorrow morning.” Guo Bing and several people discussed for a long time, and finally decided to return to city A using the previous route. After all, even if there are zombies on the road, the obstacles have previously been cleared. As long as you increase the horsepower and drive back quickly, they can treat it as playing bumper cars.

In the early morning of the next day, after the convoy refueled and checked the conditions of each car, they accelerated and drove back to a city road.

Province H is very large. If a group of people want to drive back from city M, returning in two days under the current road conditions is already very fast.

The convoy drove north in one breath, and far and near behind the car were zombies with hideous faces and claws. In addition, there were many zombies who heard sounds and ran over from the other side of the highway. The horror of this scene is a little bit funny, and the drivers also refreshed their minds by looking back from time to time.

“Where did you go?” Fang Hao turned from the back to find the cornmeal pancakes he had taken out before—this was what he had baked in the space before. Sitting back in the passenger seat, he put special sauces made with sweet noodle sauce and chili oil on the pancakes, and then rolled them with lettuce, shredded radish, ham and other things.

“That’s city L. Let’s go around the national highway next to city L. After driving for about half a day, we’ll be able to get out of province H.”

“OK, let’s switch drivers.” Fang Hao put the rolled pancakes on the front panel bag, ready to take over the wheel for He Zizhong.

Just as the two of them got up and were about to change seats, they suddenly heard a voice from the walkie-talkie: “What’s that?!”

Turning his head, he looked out of the car and saw that something seemed to be flying in the sky not far away?

It faintly flew into the sky in a parabola, and within a few seconds it fell to the ground. The sky’s flames suddenly exploded!

“Boom, boom…” Before the explosion stopped, something else flew into the sky.

“It’s the army! They’re bombing the city! Get out of here now or they’ll will hit us!” He Zizhong suddenly recovered. Before they had time to switch seats, he grabbed the walkie-talkie and shouted.

“Bombing?! What are they bombing?!”

“I don’t know, it may be to blow up the zombies in the city…” He Zizhong’s voice was a little dry. He doesn’t remember whether this happened in his previous life. After all, city L is still far away from the base and city F. Even if was bombed by the army, they can’t hear it.

However, someone in the base once raised a question-since the urban area is so dangerous, and the zombies are also dangerous, why not simply destroy the urban area and bury the zombies with heavy weapons?

It’s just that the upper layers of the base did not respond to this. Some voices in the base said the upper layers of the base are too conservative and reluctant to take strong measures to clean up the zombies.

But now it seems…if this isn’t a military bombing, then what is it?! Who said that the military has not taken tough measures?!

“Turn around! Follow my car and rush out of the highway!” Guo Bing’s voice came through. The predator increased its horsepower and rushed towards the fencing on the side of the road, and other cars quickly followed. They are now located on a certain road outside the city, and there are residential areas on both sides of the road! If the military were to bomb the entire city, it would definitely not let them go!!

The convoy rumblingly turned the front of the car, and everyone increased their attention to keep up with the car in front. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for ammunition to fly to their location! A six-story building collapsed, and scattered rocks hit the roof of their vehicles!

Not far away, the commander-in-chief of this operation held a telescope standing on a temporary stand to observe the situation.

After the end of the world, it is not just instruments on planes that are affected and can’t be used. After a few lessons in blood, and damaging a few helicopters and pilots, they finally confirmed that all flying instruments experience inexplicable interference when they were reached more than eight meters. All aircrafts were completely damaged, and can’t be launched into the air!

This fact made base management almost desperate. What they had originally imagined was that once something went wrong with the base, they can abandon the base and transfer to another location using airplanes, helicopters and other flying equipment.

But now, no planes can fly!! How can people escape?!

After calming down, they finally decided to try the previous proposal-bombing the urban area and completely destroying the zombies. Seeing how thermal weapons cleared the zombies before, this time the military sent ground troops loaded with missiles and conventional ammunition to bomb the city!

The rumbling sounds came one after another. Listening to these soldiers performing the task, everyone’s heart is filled with infinite emotion. It takes countless efforts of several generations to build such a city into what it is today. But it’s so simple to destroy it. With just a few missiles, the former homeland can be completely destroyed…

With a sigh, the commander raised his hand: “Continue!”

The reason they bombed at such a close position this time was because even the missiles could not fly too high, so long-range guided missiles lost their usefulness. Secondly, they need to wait for the bombing to be over to confirm that the zombies in the urban area have been wiped out.

The rumbling sound continued to shake the land. Countless flames ignited, and explosions caused other things to burn and secondary explosions rocked the ground under the city.

“Reporting, leader! There seems to be people!”

“Who? Where?” The commander was stunned, put down his telescope and asked.

“Just near the fourth bombing target, they are driving away from the urban area of city L.”

Raising the binoculars again , he saw some vehicles through the collapsed buildings. From the looks of it, these vehicles are off-road vehicles with good performance, otherwise he’s am afraid that they would have been buried by collapsed buildings.

“Bomb other places first, and then continue the bombing there in five minutes.” Before this operation, there was no inspection of city L, so they military did not know if there were any survivors or how many there were. But seeing survivors during the mission did not affect their actions, though they were still willing to leave a little time for them to escape.

After all, although this operation is to save the young and old, those who have been abandoned also have the right to survive…

Five minutes later, the Samsara team and He Zizhong’s car finally drove out of the military operation area. The group breathed a sigh of relief when they realized that there was no ammunition or explosions close behind them.

Wiping cold sweat off, Guo Bing cursed indignantly: “Do they know what they are doing?!”

Chen Ning calmly said: “Of course they know. We can only blame our bad luck this time.”

“Luck… this time the luck really went to my grandmother’s house.2As in, they’re really unlucky. To see this kind of thing when returning to the base…” Guo Bing glanced at the blazing city with a dark face and picked up the walkie-talkie. “All vehicles pay attention. Take ten minutes to check if there is any problem with the car itself. If not, let’s rush back to the base in one breath, and try not to stop in the middle.”

“Yes, god knows if they’ll be bombing along the way if we stop to rest, and blows us up.” Ding Minggang’s voice came from the walkie-talkie. “Really capable, they never notified the survivors in the city before they acted!”

“Enough. Even if there is a notice about this, we wouldn’t be able to receive it either. Let’s take care of ourselves. Go back quickly. It’s safer than outside.” Chen Ning’s voice came, stopping further complaints emerging.


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  • 1
    As in, Guo Bing is unable to take advantage of HZZ (e.g., soft nails), and is happy to finally get one over FH.
  • 2
    As in, they’re really unlucky.
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  1. Avatar ruinthyself says:

    their journey is full of bad luck huh~ hahahaha thank u for the chapter!!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’re welcome! Mutant plants x2, then a bombing… at least they got a sh*t ton of supplies.

  2. Avatar Lelia says:

    Hiya. Yup I followed you here lol. You’re doing a wonderful job as always. Uh will you give us more chapters as gifts?haha 😋😋

    1. komorebi komorebi says:


      I used up my reserve of RLDRFH with that huge update a month ago, so have to start from scratch again. But wouldn’t that be the dream…?

      The rough goal is 5-6 chapters weekly across RLDRFH, BATCFO, and TWE. No set release schedule, but maybe one day I’ll do that. 😓

      1. Avatar Lelia says:

        Oh take your time, don’t mind me lol. Just one request, please don’t drop the translations or go AWOL. Just following your set schedule is nice as long as you don’t drop it.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Seriously, they could have planned this better! Bombing without clearing/telling first…

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Well… to be fair, they are 1 city away and were gone for several days. 🤷‍♂️

  4. Avatar 3eraphiel says:

    hello. followed you here 😀

    at the start of the chapter, i would suggest that you use “harrasment & harrasing” instead of “molesting”. i meant, as i understand it, guo bin is only verbally teasing fang hao right? he is not touching him inappropriately?

    1. Ignoring Guo Bing’s “harrasment/teasing”, he clipped…

    2. … their boss “is harrasing” someone else’s wife.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:


      Appreciation the suggestions. Fixed! 😄

  5. Avatar Icyfrost6709 says:

    Aaaahhh that was close. Imagine escaping mutant plants twice just to die by miltary bombings…idew to imagine that!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      3x in a row. Round 1: mutant 🪴. Round 2: mutant 🌷. Round 3: 💣!!!

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