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TMWRFF Chapter 3

Tears and a Rebellious Spirit

On the day after Arcs had played with Lisha.
He was summoned by their mother, Celine, to her room. There, she was shouting hysterically at him.

[I told you to stay away from Lisha!]

The screeching voice attacks Arcs from above.
The reason for the reprimand was, of course, because Arcs had played with Lisha the previous day.
Celine came to know of the fact and was yelling at him.
In this type of situation, there isn’t much room for arguments.

The only thing he can do is lower his head, shrink back and apologize.

[I’m sorry.]

[This is not something that can be solved with an apology! What if Lisha gets infected by your incompetence?]

Is she trying to say that incompetence is contagious?
I don’t think that is how it works.

As soon as he thought that, he received a slap on the face.
He was filled with sadness and frustration, but there was no point in rebelling here.

[I’m really sorry…]

[Look here, you filthy dog! Stay! Away! From Lisha!]

She follows her words with another slap. And another, and another.


Arcs bite his lip and endure the pain.

[Ahh… why did God give me such a disgrace… when the heir of the Lazrael family is so blessed with mana?]

Celine moves her hands as if wiping the corners of her eyes with her handkerchief.
Together with her words, it makes it seem like she is superimposing herself on a tragic heroine role.

However, she didn’t even finish her lament before letting out another screeching scream.

[If you try something like that again. I’ll make you a magic target!]


…Eventually, when he was released from his mother’s anger, Arcs left the room.
On his way to his room, he could hear the whispering of the servants.

[Look, the failure came out.]

[Look at his face. Looks like he is about to cry because the madam got mad at him.]

[So unpleasant. I can’t believe he was born into a traditional family and has so little talent.]

[Why don’t they just get rid of that disgrace right now?]

Even the servants are like this. Just because he has a low magic aptitude, there is so much gossip going around.
The good thing is that not all servants behave like this. Only those who can use magic like to humiliate Arcs. The ones who can’t remain sympathetic.

Once he entered his room and closed the door, his legs suddenly failed him.
Maybe because all the tension was gone. His legs began to tremble.

[It’s not a big deal. Yes, this much isn’t…]

…Yes, it is not a big deal, I already experienced more than twenty years of life.
Even if your parents hate you. Even if you get beaten up. It is not a big deal.
There is no way.
It could be.
I don’t feel anything at all.
Just think of mother as a stranger.
The kind mother who raised the man is Arcs’ real mother. If you think of it that way, there is nothing to be sad about. There is nothing to be envious of. Not even a little. Not even a little bit.


Suddenly, his eyes got hot.
Once the first sob leaked out he couldn’t stop anymore.

[Uh, uh, uh…]

He began speaking amids his sadness. Why is she being so cold to me? Just a month ago, she was so loving. She stroked my head and hugged me. Even when I was selfish, she would smile and indulge me. And yet. Now you’re looking at me like I’m worthless. Like I’m something you don’t want. Don’t you have any compassion for the child you gave birth to?

Is it right to yell at a child just because he is not talented at something?
Is it right to raise your hand and make said child the target to vent your anger?
I relived the man’s life. I’m not the same person I was before. And yet, and yet. I can’t stand the things that man can stand. I’m not him.
I remember the man’s life.
There were so many unpleasant things in his life.
He was bullied in elementary school. Because of it, he became a clown and was made fun of during middle and high school. And in college, he had to put up with a lot until he was finally seen as a decent person.

I’m used to putting up with things.

I should be used to. Then, why can’t I endure it as Arks?

[U, Waaaaahhhh!]

The uncontrollable emotions overflowed in the form of screams and tears.
Even though his voice became hoarse and his tears dried up, he stayed crouched in front of the door.

…How much time has passed?

When he came to, the sun had already set and it was dark outside the window.
When he opened the door, there was a meal on a cart.
The servants who were on his side must have brought it.
Perhaps because he was hungry and tired from crying, he didn’t hesitate to eat.


He muttered to himself as he dipped a piece of black bread into the already cold soup.

That is right. Magic. The reason he was in this situation was all because of magic. Because of his lack of magic aptitude, he lost his position as heir. His parents’ love for him dimmed down because of his lack of magical talent.

When he thought about it, a fire lit up in his heart.
One day, he would become a mage that would amaze everyone and show his parents that they were wrong to treat him this way.
He took a bite of the black bread.
It was a childish idea, but it didn’t seem so bad.


[…I want to eat a hamburger.]

I wonder if it is fine for me to think like that.

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