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TMWRFF Chapter 2

It seems the cause for the disinheritance was the amount of mana

Alone in his room, Arcs gaze out of the window and sighs for what seems to be the thousandth time.

Outside the window, he could see the Raytheft’s well-kept garden, trees, as well as many stone buildings.

The world Arcs lived in had a cultural standard similar to medieval Europe or earlier, according to the man’s knowledge.

There were no modern buildings made of concrete like in the man’s world. Only old-fashioned buildings made of stone and wood.

Of course, there were no cars. The main means of transportation were horse-drawn carriages. Similarly, there were no televisions, gas stoves, air conditioners, or even refrigerators.

The saving grace was the fact that there were replacements for electric lights and also that water and sewage systems were in place.

This was very inconvenient for Arcs who had experienced the man’s world… but that was not why he had sighed.

What worries Arcs now is the environment surrounding him. His position in a Viscount family.

Even after the fever subsided, his father Joshua and his mother Celine were still cold to him.

In the past, before they measured their mana, they loved him and his sister so much that it would hurt to look at. But now they treat him like an insect or a pile of garbage.

[I was really destitute of my position as heir]

Yes, Arcs was no longer the heir of the Raytheft family. That happened right before he experienced the man’s life.

The reason has to do with what is called “magic” in this world.

Yes, this world has the so-called “magic” that often appears in books and media on the man’s world.

The Raytheft family doesn’t have a very high ranking among the nobility. However even if they are just a viscount family, they are a traditional knight family that has been around since the rise of the kingdom. The first head of the Raytheft family is said to have gained his noble title by accumulating achievements as a magician in the military.

Therefore, magic aptitude is considered important for an heir, and particular emphasis is placed on the amount of mana.

However, Arcs produced mediocre results in the Raytheft family’s own mana measurement, conducted a few weeks ago.

The measurement was very simple: release mana into a large pond and see for how long the ripples could be maintained. But Arcs ran out of mana and stopped in less than half an hour, where even the weakest Raytheft could maintain it for more than one.

That is the reason he lost his position as the heir.

He was a failure.

From that point on, his parents started looking at him with contempt as if he was filthy. “The disgrace of the family”, “incompetent”, and even “dog”. Those are not words one should use to address a six-year-old child. Not to mention his mother often got emotional and resorted to violence.

Afterwards, Arcs struggled to increase his mana.

He thought that if he could just increase his mana, his parents’ attitude would return to normal.

He went over all the books in the family’s library, searching for a way to accomplish his goal. And even asked the servants if they had heard any stories about something like that.

But in the end, a way to increase mana was nowhere to be found.

Of course, his parents’ attitude didn’t change even after seeing his efforts.

Perhaps because of that, he got stuck in bed with a fever… and heard those abhorrent words.

[It would have been better if you had just died…]

It was sad to hear them say that, but Arcs was more worried than sad right now. Anyone would feel anxious about the future if their parents say something like that to them. It is natural to wonder if they would keep taking care of him in the future or if he would be abandoned on the side of the road.

That said, fortunately for Arcs, he was able to relive the man’s life. Perhaps because his soul was now as mature as an adult’s, the burden of being abandoned by his parents was much lighter than he was expecting. Of course, it would be a lie to say it wasn’t painful, but he had given up on the idea of being loved by his parents.

As he gazes at the gloomy sky from his room’s window, he hears a knock at the door.


The one who came in without waiting for a reply was his sister, Lisha Raytheft.

She had the same silver hair as Arcs and wore a ponytail, making her look very cute.

Leisha walked over to Arcs.

[Let’s play.]

[I don’t mind, but is it really fine?]

[…? Huh?]

[You were told to not get near me, right?]

[…Yeah. Mom told me that.]

She puffs her cheeks while saying that.

As expected. Celine must be talking to her about the situation.

But Lisha is too young to care about those things.

[But I want to play with nii-sama.]

[Ok, Ok.]

Arcs replies and starts playing with Lisha.

Truth is, Arcs sincerely enjoyed the company of his cute little sister.

Hopefully, they can stay on good terms, but… that may be difficult.

After Arcs lost his position, she was chosen as the next heir of the Raytheft family.

Risha’s score at the mana measurement was much higher than Arcs’.

After it was decided that she would be the next heir, their mother began to dislike the contact between her and the mr. incompetent. Now, she tells her stories about how much of a disgrace Arcs is, at every opportunity.

For now, they still get along, but considering the way her parents are educating her, it’s hard to say what will happen in the future.


Arcs looks at his sister, who shows an adorable smile.

…Technically, their relationship is that of cousins.

Joshua Raytheft, head of the Raytheft family, is Arcs’ biological father. But Lisha is an orphan. The daughter of Joshua’s brother, Dudris Raytheft.

He vaguely remembers. When they first met, she was introduced to him as a cousin. The following year, however, Risha’s father, Dudris, was killed in a war with a neighboring country, and Joshua, the head of the family, took her in.

They were raised as brother and sister of the same age.

From their parents’ point of view, it must have been convenient.

As for Arcs, he has mixed feelings about it.

[Nii-sama, what’s wrong?]

[Nothing. So, what are we going to do today?]

[Uhm, Let’ see…]

In the end, he spent most of the day playing with Lisha.

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