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TDRA Chapter 72

Having a Fallout.

The atmosphere in the room went from awkward to icy cold all of a sudden.

The children were uneasy and curious, they poked their heads around the door and were shooed away into the backyard by their sharp-eyed Hong Jie.

Fang Fa felt even more embarrassed by the scene, he had seen Gu Ning clashes with Jiang YueZhou’s family and he didn’t expect the Jiang Family to find their way here.

Jiang YueZhou was fidgeting and when he saw Gu Ning at that moment, he felt even more ashamed. He just dryly squeezed out an embarrassed smile, got up, and called out: “NingNing, you… you’re back.”

Father Gu had been sitting on the sofa with a stern face, if it wasn’t for Mother Gu that held him back, he would have gone straight back to his room. Only then did the expression on his face loosen when he saw Gu Ning return. However, Mother Gu stood up at once and greeted Gu Ning: “NingNing, come and sit here, your aunt and uncle have something to say to you.” As she said this, she kept winking at Gu Ning.

At this time, Jia DaoZhang coughed dryly and interjected: “Cough, cough, that… Gu Ning, we’ll go out for a walk then.” Those who were frozen at the doorway also reacted and walked out as if they had just woken up from a dream.

After thinking about it, Hong Jie felt that she could roughly be considered as a party and that she could stand up for Gu Ning if there was any trouble so she naturally stayed behind.

After Jia DaoZhang and others had left, those remaining were Gu Ning’s family, Jiang Yu’s family, and Hong Jie were left in the room.

Gu Ning heard Mother Gu’s calling but turned a deaf ear to it, not even moving a step, and just stared coldly at the Jiang family.

Jiang YueZhou became even more embarrassed from her stares, he just stood there without knowing if he should seat or not. On the other hand, Jiang Yu’s head was lowered with her long hair scattered down on both sides that covered most of her face which made her expression unreadable.

Lin MeiFeng cursed Gu Ning in her heart, but when she thought about the clean beds and the leftover food in the backyard, there was still half a room full of food and drinks. Lin MeiFeng squeezed a smile onto her face and said dryly: “NingNing, your aunt and uncle have come here to apologize to you. Previously, we were blinded by greed and wronged you. But we are still a family, we are your uncle and aunt, you can’t just watch us being eaten by those monsters out there, can you?”

Gu Ning had not spoken a single word and when she heard this, she finally reached her patience limit and bluntly spoke in a cold voice: “Get out.”

The smile on Lin MeiFeng’s face froze, then she looked at Mother Gu as if pleading for help: “*Da Jie, see this Gu Ning is so…… Da Jie, you only have YueZhou as your only related brother, your mom and dad held your hand before they passed away and insisted you look after YueZhou.”

(T/N: 大姐 Da Jie means big sister or elder sister.)

Mother Gu’s heart was tormented, her family was always consisted of her and her brother, from childhood till they grew up and they had always been so close. Although she was also angry that he didn’t help during the bus incident, they had grown up together as very close siblings. Mother Gu’s expression loosen and couldn’t help but be persuaded: “NingNing……”

Yet, just as she had called out Gu Ning’s name, she was cut off by her: “Mom, think carefully and clearly. It’s the truth that you only have one brother, but at the same time, you also only have one daughter, that’s me! If the person that day had been Jiang Yu, do you think we would have left her behind?” She stared at Mother Gu without blinking and continued with determination: “If you want to have this brother, then you’ll have to lose me.”

Mother Gu jolted in shock.

It was no wonder that Gu Ning spoke so harshly, it could be said that she had a deep hatred for Lin MeiFeng. Although she did not feel the same way about Jiang Yu as compared to Lin MeiFeng, she still could not tolerate living under the same roof with her. As for Jiang YueZhou, her own uncle who had loved her since childhood, Gu Ning was angry at his cowardice. Even though there was still some reluctance in her heart, Lin MeiFeng repeatedly pestered her, wearing out the last trace of patience she had left. If it wasn’t in consideration of Mother Gu’s feelings, Gu Ning would have shot Lin MeiFeng to death to vent her hatred.

“Gu Ning! You’re trying to disown your relatives!” Seeing Gu Ning spurting out such words, Lin MeiFeng knew that she wasn’t just saying it. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore, stood up directly, and pointed at Gu Ning’s nose while scolding: “How did the Gu Family give birth to such a little brat like you who disowned all her relatives!”

“Enough!” Father Gu who had been sullen and silent, suddenly bellowed. He was so gentle that he rarely got angry with people, and had never raised his voice to Mother Gu for so many years. Father Gu was even more courteous in front of outsiders, but at that moment, his loud shout shocked the whole room. He seemed to be so furious that he pointed at Lin MeiFeng and yelled: “What about my Gu family’s daughter, is not for you, a malicious outsider, to say!”

After he scolded Lin MeiFeng, he turned to Mother Gu and continue: “JiaoJiao, if you want to retain them, I’ll be the first to reject it!” He pointed at Jiang YueZhou again and explained to Mother Gu: “Look carefully, she scolded our daughter like that, and did Jiang YueZhou stop her at all? Are you willing to let our daughter be bullied like this?!”

Jiang YueZhou’s mouth moved at his words, but he was so ashamed that he didn’t know what to say. Mother Gu glanced at Gu Ning upon her words and when she saw that Gu Ning’s eyes were slightly reddish, her heart suddenly trembled. Recalling all those suffering Gu Ning had endured during the post-apocalypse, she felt a pang in her heart. She glanced at Jiang YueZhou’s shamed face and thought about how he had repeatedly indulged Lin MeiFeng, even though he had not uttered any bad words…… Mother Gu suddenly felt that his face was somewhat unfamiliar at this point, she sighed and didn’t look at him again while announcing softly: “You guys better leave.”

Jiang YueZhou was shaken and stared at Mother Gu incredulously, but he couldn’t believe that she would chase him away.

At that point did Jiang Yu jerk her head up to look at Mother Gu, obviously not daring to believe that this aunt, who had always been so soft-hearted, would make such a decision. After a few moments later, she fell into tears and shouted miserably: “Auntie…….”

Mother Gu didn’t even look at her and just said: “Jiang You, stop calling me your aunt. At that time, I didn’t know whether did you do that purposely or not, but after all, it was because of you that my family had lost NingNing.”

“I really didn’t mean it.” Jiang Yu burst into tears while holding the hand of Jiang YueZhou next to her, looking at him with a panicked expression: “Dad, say something!”

Jiang YueZhou was also stunned by Mother Gu that rendered him speechless. Yet, only when Jiang Yu called out to him then he regain his senses and panicked exclaiming: “Sis……”

“*Lao Er, you knew deep in your heart whether I, as your sister, treated you well or not. But what about you? Did you treat me fairly?” Mother Gu suddenly interrupted Jiang YueZhou then stood up and pulled Father Gu away and said: “Old Gu, I’m feeling stuffy in my chest, come accompany me to go out for some fresh air.” She dragged Father Gu and headed to the backyard, not even giving Jiang YueZhou a chance to explain.

(T/N: 老二 Lao Er refers to the second child in the family.)

With shame and fear on his face, Jiang YueZhou didn’t know what to do anymore.

Gu Ning felt more assured and comforted in her heart, then she asked Hong Jie: “Hong Jie. Please help me get some people to see them out. I’ll go and check out my parents.” With that, she actually left Jiang’s family and went straight to the backyard.

Naturally, Hong Jie was delighted to do so, and as soon as she pushed the front door open, she saw that the doorway was packed with people eavesdropping next to it. Then she instructed Brother San, who was accosted at the front: “Get some men and send them out.”

Brother San froze for a moment, they couldn’t hear much from outside. All they heard was curses and were startled by the suddenness of chasing them away as they didn’t expect it to be resolved so quickly.

All of them glanced at each other and were slightly awkward to take the first step.

However, Jia DaoZhang rolled up his sleeves and accepted: “I’ll do it.” Then he turned to Jiang YueZhou and said with a smile on his face as the crowd stared in amazement: “All of you, leave then.”

Jiang YueZhou and Jiang Yu didn’t know what to do, all of these happenings were too different from what they had expected. They thought that in front of Father Gu and Mother Gu, Gu Ning would at least be less aggressive, but they didn’t expect Gu Ning to be more revengeful than they had imagined. Even Mother Gu, who had always been soft-hearted, had somehow managed to be ruthless today.

However, Lin MeiFeng shouted after lying down on the sofa: “I’ll see how you guys can chase me out! I will just lie here, eat here and sleep here! I want to see who dares to throw me out today!”

A gleam of light flashed across Jiang Yu’s eyes, but her face was quickly floated with shame and tears while looking at Lin MeiFeng and said: “Mom, let’s go, we shouldn’t be a burden for Gu Ning…..”

On the contrary, it was Huang MengYao, who had been keeping a low profile since she had followed Gu Ning, who spoke up: “Stop pretending, no one here is watching your act.”

The expression on Jiang Yu’s face froze for a moment.

Huang MengYao continued: “Since you all are men and it’s not good for men to hit women so Hong Jie, I’ll give you a hand.”

A smile emerged on Hong Jie’s face: “Great.”

“Jiang Yu, right? Please excuse us.” Huang MengYao said excuse us, but she directly shoved Jiang Yu to the side rudely and then went forward to grab Lin MeiFeng who was lying on the sofa. Hong Jie also pushed Jiang YueZhou away and went ahead to grab Lin MeiFeng too.

Before they could touch Lin MeiFeng, she let out a pig-screeching scream: “Help! Murder! ! ! Murder ! ! !” At the same time, her hands and feet were flinging and kicking around like a crazy woman.

Huang MengYao, impatiently grabbed Lin MeiFeng’s wrist directly while her palm was covered with a layer of flame. With this grab, Lin MeiFeng genuinely let out an extremely miserable cry: “Ahhh ! ! ! !”

Jiang Yu couldn’t see the flames on Huang MengYao’s palm and after hearing the scream, she secretly thought that Lin MeiFeng was too exaggerating.

Huang MengYao grabbed Lin MeiFeng’s wrist for more than ten to twenty seconds before releasing it. Lin MeiFeng’s face was sweating in pain, but she couldn’t break away from Huang MengYao’s grip and just scream desperately. The longer Jiang Yu watched, the more she felt that something was off until Lin MeiFeng fainted from the pain then she realized that Huang MengYao must have used some underhanded method.

It was only then that Huang MengYao let go of Lin MeiFeng’s already burnt wrist and said: “Look, I’m asking you guys to leave nicely and you three refuses, now you both have to carry her out.”

Jiang Yu was shocked by Lin MeiFeng’s burnt wrist and stared at Huang MengYao’s murderous expression. She didn’t dare to rebut a single word and could only carry Lin MeiFeng out with Jiang YueZhou in a wretched manner while tears rolled down her face.

The door snapped shut behind them.

Huang MengYao glanced at the room of people that were staring at her with astonishment and inexplicable gaze. She felt slightly embarrassed, brushed her short hair behind her ear, and said sheepishly: “They’re just too annoying.” It was a far cry from the ferocious look she had just now.

Xie YuHong, who was always very quiet, replied: “I think that’s the actual you.”

Huang MengYao gave him an annoyed look but froze slightly when she saw that Cheng Ming was smiling at her.

Although Mother Gu said those refusals ruthlessly, she felt pain in her heart. After being calmed down by Father Gu and Gu Ning for a while, she went to bed and took her medicine.

At that moment, Gu Ning just realized that Lu JiaZi didn’t come with them.

(T/N: Eeeeekk that Jiang’s Family…. really… gosh. Good that Mother Gu had finally decided to cut off their ties. Anyway, thank you all for reading and concern! Hopefully, I could rush out another chapter for Sunday….)

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  1. Yuhua says:

    Omg finally got rid of them. They’ll have to think twice before bothering Gu Ning and company again. I wonder, will Lu JiaZi have his redemption arc?? Like, this Jiang family tries to act like white lotuses until now so I reckon they won’t change even in the near future and will just keep pretending while thinking maliciously. But he’s not with them now.

    Thank you for the chapter!! <3

    1. Runicle says:

      She will meet Lu JiaZi in the future again but redemption hmmmmmmm~
      Oh some later chapter will explain about the Jiang family’s outcome etc.
      At least from what I had remember from the future chapters. XD

      Thank you for reading ~

  2. F_J says:

    Many thanks
    Take your time 😮

    1. Runicle says:

      Thank you F_J <3!!

      For reading and waiting for the update haha =)

  3. Hana says:

    Thanks Runicle.
    Just Please remember to calm down between all the things. Don’t get stressed out.

    Most Probably that Lu guy has awakened his powers and as selfish he is, Choose to leave behind these burdens.
    (Just a guess)

    1. Runicle says:

      Hana, thank you for being so sweet <3!

      Hohoho … the second part of the guess, is very very close. XD

  4. Pouchki says:

    Thanks for the chapters and Happy New Year🎊

    1. Runicle says:

      Yay thank you for reading and waiting! <3 Happy 2022!!
      Although my reply was late and haven't been checking the comment sector for some times hahaha.

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