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TCCM Chapter 5

I am not THAT easily satisfied~


Chapter 5 : I’m not THAT easily satisfied~


A white Mercedes stopped in front of the huge building of KT Entertainment Company .


‘This seems to be the place. Hm~ it’s quite big.’ A man opened the car’s door and stepped out. He was holding a lunchbox in his hand.


“Excuse me, sir. You can’t park your car here.”


Ai Jing turned around and looked at the security guard. “Oh, yeah. My driver will take it to the parking lot.”


“Wait for me. I’ll come back in an hour or so.” He instructed the driver before he walked away.


As soon as he crossed the reception area, he heard someone say, “You can’t go that way, sir. That’s the direction to the President’s exclusive elevator.”


“What? Am I not allowed to go? Pretty little Miss, do you know who I am? I’m Pei Ziran’s man.” Ai Jing smirked, his face full of arrogance. The receptionist lady was stunned.


She quickly apologised. “N-No sir! You’re allowed, you’re definitely allowed. Please go ahead!” Saying this, she fled.


‘Mr. Pei had specifically asked me to allow entrance to anyone who claims to be his man. I can’t stop him, or my job will be gone (ToT)’


Ai Jing shrugged. He entered the elevator and pressed the button, feeling a bit pleasant since he was going to see Pei Ziran soon.




A gentle sound was made as the elevator door opened and Ai Jing stepped out. He saw a closed wooden door and walked towards it, assuming it to be Pei Ziran’s office.


On the way to that office, he crossed a smaller-sized office. The door was left wide open. He could see that there was only a table stacked with documents and an empty chair in it.


‘Hmm… His secretary’s office?’ Ai Jing had heard some stories about this person from Pei Ziran. ‘I wonder how he is in person. ‘


As he walked closer to the wooden door, he could hear some sounds coming out. He stopped in his tracks and peeked inside, thinking that he would just wait if Pei Ziran was in the midst of some meeting or discussion.


“Sir… uh.. Umm… Mr. Pei… Ziran! Stop! W-What if someone sees… umm.. Sees us…”


“Your mouth is telling me to stop, but the expression on your face says something else…”


Pei Ziran’s left hand slowly rubbed the man’s back, his fingers gently caressing the backbone. Meanwhile, his right hand teased the protrusions on the man’s chest over his shirt.


This was the scene Ai Jing witnessed when he peeked in. A man with disheveled clothes was sitting astride Pei Ziran’s lap. His face down to his neck had turned a burning red while he coquettishly looked down at the one caressing his body. From his side profile, Ai Jing could already tell that the man’s face was extremely alluring.






A loud sound disrupted his words. Both Pei Ziran and that man turned their heads to look towards the door at the same time. Immediately, Pei Ziran’s face changed.




“Don’t mind me, Mr. Pei. Please continue doing what you were doing till now. Oh, another thing. Please don’t call my name with that filthy mouth of yours again. Thanks for everything till now and goodbye.”


“…” Pei Ziran was stunned. He had never expected Ai Jing to be so calm and cool-headed.


“S-sir…” The man who was straddling Pei Ziran was Lu Niming, his secretary and friend. He straightened out his clothes as he spoke after letting out a sigh, “I already told you to stop. What should we do now?”


“Now? We do nothing.” Pei Ziran smirked. He was already getting a bit bored of this so-called ‘newly-married life’. What’s more, it just wasn’t in his nature to settle down with one person. He craved the feeling of adventure and exploration when he conquered the hearts and bodies of young men.


“What?” Lu Niming was a bit surprised. “Bu-but, like, isn’t he your partner?”


“Partner huh…” Pei Ziran uttered as he grabbed Lu Niming’s hand and pulled him towards himself. “You, for one, shouldn’t say things like this. You know pretty well that I’m not THAT easily satisfied~”


“As for the person whom I wanted to make jealous, he didn’t even care about it. Instead he hoped that I could have a ‘happy married life’ with Ai Jing.”


“You mean… Rong Wen?” Pei Ziran glared at him.


Lu Niming immediately showed a zipping gesture, “Okay, I know, I won’t talk about it.”


Soon, weird noises could be heard from the office along with some ambiguous voices.




As soon as he left the office, the calm and collected expression on Ai Jing’s face collapsed. His face was filled with a mixture of frustration and anger but there was no sadness whatsoever.


Did he love Pei Ziran? No, he did not. He knew this clearly. Although his heart hurt a bit after seeing those two entangled with each other, he didn’t feel any jealousy. All he felt was anger as he watched Pei Ziran having the audacity to betray him. It was nothing more nothing less.


Sensing that no one had followed after him, Ai Jing understood that it was time to decide his future plans and move on. He couldn’t and shouldn’t waste his precious time on this playboy surnamed Pei.


After reaching home, Ai Jing went upstairs and packed his luggage before directly heading down.


“A’Jing? Where are you going in such a hurry, child?” Bing Mi’s voice was heard. It was unknown when she had come and stopped outside the room. Seeing him come out, she asked worriedly.


Ai Jing hesitated. He really liked this middle-aged kind woman. Though he hadn’t known her for long, he could feel that she genuinely cared about him. Probably, the only reluctance in his heart at this moment was losing the privilege of receiving her care again.


“What is it, dear? You can talk to me if you have any problems.” Bing Mi asked with a concerned look.


Ai Jing took a deep breath, “I have decided to divorce Ziran.”


“What?!” Bing Mi was shocked. “But why? Weren’t you both alright till this morning?… Right, you also went to his office to deliver lunch….”


Bing Mi suddenly seemed to realise something and her eyes widened,”Did something happen at the office?”


“… Yes. I saw him and his secretary…” Ai Jing narrated all he saw. As he recounted the incident, he became even more determined. ‘I have to divorce him.’


After hearing the ins and outs of the matter, Bing Mi sighed. She sat on the couch and spoke in a low voice, “I’m sorry, A’Jing. That child of mine has always been a little wild. He doesn’t know how to put a limit on something. But trust me, his actions aren’t meant to intentionally harm you.”


“It’s not your fault, mo- I mean, auntie. Why are you apologising?” Ai Jing said, gently squeezing Bing Mi’s hand. “He’s an adult. You are not responsible for his actions. It’s just that I have decided to divorce him and I’m determined to see it through.”


Bing Mi looked at Ai Jing. Seeing the firm resolve in his eyes, she sighed again.


“It’s your life. You should make the decisions that make you the happiest. If you still like my son and want to be with him, I’m glad! If not, I’ll support you, too!”


Ai Jing looked at the woman in shock. He didn’t expect her to say this kind of words. Especially since he was going to divorce her son.







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  1. De Vile says:

    Waaaaaahhhhhh thank you for the chap~ 😍😍😍😍😍 Hopefully A’Jing finally becomes happy💕

    1. Runicle says:

      A’jing still have xiao renren~

      1. Lan Bao Bao says:

        Absolutely correct 😉😉

        1. De Vile says:

          Is this a spoiler……..? ಠωಠಥ‿ಥ

      2. De Vile says:

        Ohhoh? Well that is something ( ╹▽╹ )

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