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TCCM Chapter 3

Your tricks are impressive, Mr. Pei

Chapter 3: Your tricks are impressive, Mr. Pei



The plane landed at the Zürich Airport.


Two handsome men walked down the steps, their long legs making the nearby girls’ hearts go wild. Unfortunately, all they could do was stare since they knew they had no chance from the moment they saw the men holding hands.


Pei Ziran and Ai Jing went straight to their hotel. Since they both were a bit jet-lagged, they decided to sleep before going out for sightseeing.


“A’Ran, where should we go?” Ai Jing asked as they came out of their room after their nap.


“Well, lets go to Lake Zürich first.”




The entire shore of the lake was lined with promenades and parks, where they saw some people jogging and some swimming in the lake.


The men were captivated by the view. Pei Ziran had already booked a steamer on the way to the lake, so they effortlessly sailed. The mesmerizing sight of the Glarus Alps stunned them.


Zürichhorn Park and the Chinese Garden were two places which Bing Mi had suggested they visit. The Chinese garden was a gift from the Chinese partner town of Kunming to the population of Zürich.


They visited other scenic spots till it was dark . When they reached the hotel, they were too tired to even lift their limbs.




The next morning.


Ai Jing dreamt that he was grabbed by a huge octopus. The Octopus held him firmly and kept poking his back with one of its tentacles.


He woke up in a daze. He realised what the tentacle poking him was and flushed. He tried to move away from Pei Ziran who was holding him.


“Where are you going, babe?” Pei Ziran asked with a smirk. He admired Ai Jing’s red face and licked his lower lip.


“Won’t you take responsibility for this?”


“Why.. Why should I?”


Pei Ziran didn’t let him talk anymore and directly blocked his mouth with a fiery kiss.


By the time Ai Jing came back to his senses, his upper body was already bare.


“A’Ran… umm… We have to go out.”


” The plan is canceled. I will take you to a good place in the evening.”


“But…mmm… ”




Late evening.


The young couple entered the underground bar. It was dimly lit, adding to its mysterious vibe. They went straight towards the counter and ordered the bartender to get some shots.


Soon after the drinks were placed before them, Pei Ziran grabbed Ai Jing’s hand and much to Ai Jing’s surprise, ran his tongue through his palm before spreading some salt on it and licking it again.


“…. Y-you….” Ai Jing stuttered but before he could complete his sentence, Pei Ziran put his fingers on his lips and made a seductive ‘shh’ action.


“Don’t be so noisy, A’Jing.” Saying this, he picked up the glass and gulped down it’s contents before sucking on the lemon. “Now THAT was delicious.”


Ai Jing’s face was flushed . But he didn’t say anything. Truth to be told, he did enjoy this move. Deciding to reciprocate his partner’s action, Ai Jing grabbed Pei Ziran’s face and licked his cheek lightly.


“Don’t move, A’Ran.” He grabbed some salt and spread it on Pei Ziran’s cheek and licked it off before drinking the shot. He took the lemon and placed it between the latter’s lips, before slowly starting to suck it.


Slowly, the couple drowned in their world, forgetting the people in the background. A while later, they separated. Both looked at each other before chuckling together.


After four to five shots, Ai Jing felt the need to attend nature’s call and left for the restroom. At that time, he had not expected to receive a bolt from the blue on his return.


In the dim light, Ai Jing saw his husband holding another man in his arms and kissing him passionately. The man had also hooked his arms around Pei Ziran’s neck, almost hanging himself on Pei Ziran’s body.


Ai Jing’s movements stagnated. He stood at the same place like a statue. He didn’t know what he was feeling at that moment. Anger, grief, regret, all kinds of emotions mixed and filled his mind.


“Sir. Sir! Excuse me, Sir!” The waiter’s voice pulled him back to his senses.


“Are you okay?”


Ai Jing nodded.


“I am fine.”


Ai Jing went back to their seats and ordered another drink. He sat there for a few seconds, tapping his foot on the ground. As soon as the drink was placed in front of him, he stood up and walked towards the two men who were kissing at the corner.




A stream of red liquid dripped down from a certain man’s head.


“What the… Are you crazy?!”


Ai Jing didn’t respond. He just stared at the two men condescendingly. The stranger felt a chill run down his spine.


“What… What is it? What do you want?” The stranger’s voice sounded weak and shaky.


Ai Jing turned his head. He looked at Pei Ziran and sneered.


“Your tricks are impressive, Mr Pei.”


Ai Jing turned around and walked out of the bar. Pei Ziran rubbed his forehead in annoyance. His drunkenness had almost disappeared from the shock.


“A’Jing…” Pei Ziran didn’t know how to continue. He quickly followed Ai Jing out of the bar, tumbling frequently from his loss of balance.


“Babe, wait… I can explain! Wait for m–” Before Pei Ziran could enter the elevator, the doors closed.


“Dammit!” Pei Ziran groaned. He didn’t know what to do. He blamed alcohol for his sudden urge to kiss that man just after taking a glimpse at him. After all, he didn’t want to spoil his marriage with Ai Jing.


‘Ugh, I gotta do this for mom! I can’t make her sad.’ He took a deep breath and entered another elevator.


By the time he reached their room, the door was already locked from inside and he didn’t have the room card. He slammed his hand on the door.


“A’Jing… Babe… Open the door… I can explain…”


Pei Ziran sat by the door without getting a response after locking for a long time. He spent the night waiting at the same place till he fell asleep.




A’Jing, why? Why did you do this? Was I not good enough?”


Did you ever think how I would feel?”


Ai Jing seemed to have heard a vague accusing voice of a young man.


Was this what Xiao Renren felt when he left me?’


Ai Jing smiled wryly. The tall figure quietly stood at the balcony with a cigarette dangling between his fingers.


He didn’t know what to feel when he saw the scene at the bar. His heart felt like it had been stabbed a thousand times. He understood that it was not because he loved Pei Ziran. He just felt betrayed, for he considered Pei Ziran to be his husband, something that should only belong to him.


He got back into the room and headed straight towards the bathroom. Soon, the sound of running water could be heard.


Little Theatre 1:

Reporter : What do you have to say about the emotional roller coaster the readers may receive after reading the chapter?


The Responsible Authors : ….Authors don’t take responsibility for this roller coaster…..

Little Theatre 2:

Baobao: This roller coaster seems dangerous….

Ana: Our amusement novel has a very high threshold for roller coasters. Can’t allow the ordinary ones!

Baobao: Tsk, such smooth lines….

Ana: Perks of being overly responsible mothers to our stupid brainchildren….

PZ: Come here you two, I promise I won’t kill you *proceeds to pick up a sword*

AJ: *inhales* My Xiao Renren!!!! *loud sobbing continues*



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  1. Avatar De Vile says:

    Bshahhahahahahhahahhaha brainchildren huh? ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

    And thank you very much for the…..high-leveled rollercoaster ride~
    Good job guys! ୧(^ 〰 ^)୨
    Love the chap hopefully there will be more rollercoaster rides~ (◡ ω ◡)

    1. Lan Bao Bao Lan Bao Bao says:


      There are a lot more to come….


      *★,°*:.☆\( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★*

      1. Avatar De Vile says:

        Looking forward to it~

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