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TCCM Chapter 1

I'll Spank Rong Wen's Bum!!

Chapter 1: I’ll Spank Rong Wen’s Bum!! 


“Ahem ahem. Guys, keep all your eyes on me! Today, yours truly has gathered you all here, in this famous Temple of Goddess Qi, for a nice and relaxing day trip.” A young man wearing a faded blue denim jacket and dark blue jeans said loudly to the others following him.


“Let me tell you a secret.” Rong Wen beckoned everyone to come closer and whispered, “It’s said that whoever comes to this temple and prays sincerely can meet their life partner here. Hehe…” He winked.


The group of chirpy friends entered the temple through the huge entrance door that was filled with complicated designs. Owing to their extraordinary looks, their presence easily attracted the attention of other people. Some of them stared directly while the others couldn’t help peeking repeatedly.


Rong Wen walked at the front pulling Bai Qing along, with a happy smile. A few of their friends walked in the middle and Pei Ziran walked at the last, his eyes wandering as he looked at the scenery. 


“Rong Wen!” Rong Wen turned back to see a young man waving at them with a bright smile.


He was wearing a blue shirt under a long off-white overcoat and black pants. Seeing him, Rong Wen also showed his teeth in a happy grin.


“Oh my, it’s Ai Jing! What a coincidence. Did you come alone?” 


“No, I came with my friends. They’ve already gone inside.” Saying this, he turned to look at the cute young man beside Rong Wen. “Nice to meet you again, Bai Qing.” 


Bai Qing nodded. He looked quite cute while wearing a light blue denim jacket and navy blue ripped jeans.


“Nice to meet you too.”


Ai Jing’s eyes moved to  the tall man standing at the side, with a playful smile on his lips. Their other friends had already gone ahead, leaving these four people standing near the entrance of the main temple. 


“Ai Jing, this is Pei Ziran. A’Ran, this is Ai Jing .” 


“Ai Jing… I love how your name sounds.” Pei Ziran said with a smirk. He was wearing a black and dark gray jacket over a light gray knitted shirt. The black pants he wore created a sharp contrast to his white shoes, making him appear even more charming with his every move. 


“Thank you.” Ai Jing  smiled back. 


The group slowly walked inside the temple, chit-chatting on their way. 


**In the car**


“Hey, give me the number of that friend of yours.”


“Which friend? Ai Jing?” 


Pei Ziran hummed. 


“Don’t try anything funny.” Warning his troublesome friend, Rong Wen gave the number.


Immediately after receiving the number, Pei Ziran sent him a message. 


PZ : Hi, this is Pei Ziran 😀


AJ : Heyy!


PZ : You know, it’s said that whoever sincerely prays at the temple of Goddess Qi will meet their life partner. I guess my prayer was sincere. 


AJ : Guess my prayer was sincere too ^_^


Rong Wen and Bai Qing saw Pei Ziran smirking while looking down at his phone. Thinking that he was probably chatting with his new boyfriend, they did not bother to pay him anymore heed. 


But who would have known that the very next news they’ll hear about him was the news of his marriage!!!




Pei Ziran and Ai Jing  entered the villa together. Both of them were dressed in black long-sleeved shirts that made their already off the charts seductive appearances become even more fascinating.


Si Qibei, a common friend to both of them, had invited them to his housewarming party. Maybe it was due to the habits formed over time but ever since entering, both of their eyes were constantly wandering around, looking for a new target.


The villa was well decorated. The central part was occupied by the common space of the living room, which combined: a sofa area, a dining area and an open kitchen. On the right and on the left, two residential wings adjoined the living room, which could be reached via two independent corridors. 


Pei Ziran and Ai Jing  walked towards Si Qibei. 


“Isn’t this the newly married couple? Eh… You two didn’t even invite us to your wedding.” Si Qibei teased. He was wearing an olive colored jumper and grey trousers. His eyes were smiling as he spoke.


“Forgive these lowly ones for being too poor.” Ai Jing  answered with a ‘sincere’ smile but Pei Ziran just stared at Si Qibei infatuatedly. 


Ai Jing noticed Pei Ziran’s eyes and so did Si Qibei. 


“Then enjoy yourselves. I will go and greet the other guests.” 


When he turned to go, Pei Ziran suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Si Qibei’s arm, “How have you been, my dear Qiqi?” Pei Ziran’s eyes were locked on Si Qibei, his eyes filled with mixed emotions of affection and frustration.


Si Qibei shook away his hand. Somewhat coldly, he stated: “I have been good. I will be better if you refrain from creating another mess.”


“My dear Qiqi, please hear this poem I’ve penned exclusively for you~  You’re naive and I’m scum. If we get married, I’ll spank Rong Wen’s bum.”


“Stop talking nonsense.”


Si Qibei walked away. Pei Ziran laughed out loud. Directing a last, longing gaze at his back, Pei Ziran soon averted his eyes looking in the crowd for another person. Soon he spotted the sunny young man chatting at the other side of the room. Rong Wen was wearing a plain white T-shirt and black jeans. His gaze was filled with warmth as he looked at the adorable young man sitting beside him. 


Bai Qing wore a blue and white vertical striped shirt and black jeans, appearing cuter than ever.  The focused look on his face, when he was talking to his stepbrother Rong Wen, had attracted the gazes of many others.


He started walking towards them. Ai Jing  noticed his movements and followed him silently. However, his mind was muddled by the scene he saw a few minutes ago. Others might not have noticed, but he keenly observed Pei Ziran’s expression when he was talking to Si Qibei. As a fellow gay, he clearly understood what those eyes meant. 


A wild guess sprang up in his mind. 


“Do you like Si Qibei?” He blurted out without thinking. 


“No babe, chill. He’s straight. He can only be my white moonlight~” Pei Ziran joked. But Ai Jing ‘s unease was not alleviated even after this. 


“Be satisfied with that. Now that I am here, don’t you dare to turn your eyes to someone else.” 


Before he could ask anything else, they reached near the group of people chatting enthusiastically. 


Rong Wen, who was in the centre of the group, spoke up first.


“Oh dear… Look, the new couple is here!” 


“A’Wen, are you jealous?” 


“Tsk… Tsk… You know what, A’Qing. I knew that they’ll click together, but I didn’t think they’ll fit each other so well that they even got married.” 


“We sync well, that’s why we got married,”Ai Jing said. 


“Don’t worry A’Wen. You’ll always be my wife in my heart.” 


“I don’t want to be your wife. Thank you.”


“But you were so eager to be my wife when we were kids.” 


“That was a game.” Rong Wen uttered those words through gritted teeth. 


“Aye… Aye… No cheating in front of me. Don’t seduce him, he is a married man.” Ai Jing  said unhurriedly. The last sentence was directed at Rong Wen. But in his mind, he was already questioning his decision to marry Pei Ziran. How could he even think of spending his life with a person who wasn’t loyal to him? 


“Hey, he is my ex wife. Respect him.” Pei Ziran winked. 


Rong Wen turned a blind eye to it. When he turned back, he saw that his brother’s face was already filled with grievances. He felt somewhat helpless and funny. He sighed and moved closer to Bai Qing. 


He poked his soft cheek, but didn’t get any response. ‘Oh! Really angry!’ Rong Wen thought. 


“Qing baobei, my dear wonderful baobei! ” He whispered in Bai Qing’s ears. Seeing the tip of his ear turn red, the mischievous Rong Wen felt that this brother of his was really cute. He continued whispering, “Did you just use the stupefy charm on me or are you a natural stunner?” 


Bai Qing blushed, “What the hell are you talking about?!” 


“Phew! You finally talked to me!” 


Bai Qing hummed.


Rong Wen proceeded to coax him with a few more words until he completely calmed down.


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