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SRA Chapter 7

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.7 : I’m Getting Married

Team Leader Gao brought Ye You in front of the Deputy Leader, and before he could speak, the Deputy Leader asked eagerly, “How is it? Can he do it?”

“No problem, let him perform, as long as he do it normally on the stage, there must not be a problem.” Team Leader Gao said with a look of excitement.

“Are you sure? He hasn’t rehearsed with the band, can he cooperate?” The Deputy Leader was still a little worried, and went to confirmed with him again.

“He sings much better than Guo Yu1 Last chapter is Guo Ning? Not sure if this is typo *sweat*, it will be alright, you can rest assured, I can guarantee.” Team Leader Gao promised again.

“Okay, I will go and arrange the band members to cooperate with him as much as possible.” The Deputy Leader then strode away.

After the Deputy Leader left, Team Leader Gao looked at Ye You and said with a gentle tone to appease him, “Later on the stage, don’t be nervous, just perform as you just now did normally, and don’t be stressed.”

“Okay.” Ye You nodded. “Then I’ll go to the backstage to prepare.”

“Go, go, don’t be nervous or stress.” Although Team Leader Gao told the Deputy Leader that he could guarantee it, he was still somewhat worried. After all, this was Ye You’s first time on stage, without rehearsing with the band before, it was impossible if he wasn’t nervous.

Ye You returned to the backstage and everyone immediately stopped talking about him, then observed his expression, but could not see anything from Ye You’s calm face as always.

“How is it? What did Team Leader Gao said?” Ji Wen asked worriedly.

“Team Leader Gao and Deputy Leader asked me to prepare for the stage.” Ye You opened the thermos and took a sip of water.

“They really let you go on stage?” Ji Wen said very guiltily. “I’m so sorry. Blame me for being talkative, making a joke regardless of the occasion and atmosphere that implicate you.”

“It’s okay, isn’t it just to sing a song? I’m not worried, so you don’t have to worry anymore.” Ye You said indifferently.

“Right, since Team Leader Gao and the Deputy Leader both agreed to let you come on stage, then it should be no problem.” Ji Wen patted his chest, trying not to be so nervous.

The people around listened carefully to the conversation between the two of them. When they heard Ye You said those words ‘didn’t it just sing a song?’ many people showed a mocking smile, and some even rolled their eyes directly, feeling that he was not only thick-skinned but also arrogant and presumptuous.

Before Ye You took the stage, there were still five or six programs to perform in front of him. Every time a program ends, a group of people will leave the backstage and another group will come in again.

Finally Ye You’s turn to performed came. Team Leader Gao, Deputy Leader, and Xu Jingyuan who heard about the incident, all came around to appease2 Raw 安抚 (an fu); to placate,to pacify,to appease. I don’t know why the author using this word bcoz it’s not like Ye You was going berserk or if he’s a baby orz *confused* him and ask him not to be nervous and just to perform normally. Seeing Ye You’s treatment, many people couldn’t help being jealous in their hearts, so they hoped he would make a fool of himself.

Ye You walked from the passage to the stage, and the people in the Dance team just stepped down. When Ye Chen passed by, he stood and looked at him and said, “Good luck, don’t make mistakes. There are many Leaders watching below. If you make a mistake, the leaders of the team will suffer.”

“Thank you for reminding.” Ye You looked at him coldly, and then went forward.

When Ye You walked onto the stage, the curtain was closed. Zhao Yu was the cello accompaniment of the band. When he saw Ye You coming on stage, he gave him an encouraging look, and Ye You nodded slightly.

After the Deputy Leader announced, there was a two-story curtain that slowly opened on both sides, and the band’s prelude sounded.

Care in the dream, a foreign song that was translated and adapted slightly. It expresses the thoughts of longing towards a far away loved ones. The tune was very high, and must have a clear and clean voice to sing and express the mood of the lyrics. The kind of resounding high pitch tenor can’t sing the ethereal feeling of the original singer.3Tbh, I’m not really understand this paragraph about tune, voice, etc.. But no worries, I translated this as authentic as the Chinese text. It’s not hard to understand in English, ba? ^^ll

Ye You’s voice was very clear and clean, and his singing can express the ethereal feelings. When his clear singing voice came out, it was like the clear spring water flowing into the hearts of the listeners in the mountains. There was a feeling of cleansing in the hearts of people. It made people very comfortable and enjoyable when listen to it.

As the strongest sniper of the Special Operations team, Du Yao4 Not Du Hao, many readers mistake our ML to be the bad guy *dumbfounded* has much better eyesight than ordinary people. Moreover, he was sitting in the second row and can clearly see Ye You’s appearance, he can even see Ye You’s eyes. Ye You’s singing, like a pair of gentle hands, directly entered his heart without a hindrance. He thought that his mind guard5心灵守卫mind guard. If separate it become 心灵 (xin ling); bright; smart; quick-witted; heart; thoughts; spirit守卫 (shou wei); to guard; to defend. There you go! had gave up all resistance. The original hardened heart like stone that was also touched by those hands at the moment has become soft.

“I’m getting married.” Du Yao looked at Ye You, but this sentence was spoken to Lin Dong sitting next to him.

Lin Dong was enjoying Ye You’s singing, and he was intoxicated. Du Yao’s voice suddenly pulled him back to reality, he then turned to look at him in doubt and asked, “What did you just say?”

Ye You’s singing made the soldiers in the audience extremely enjoy it. They felt their hearts were greatly comforted. His bass was gentle and soft, which made the lyrics seems far away, deep and touching. His high-pitch was mellow and pleasant to listen, it was a wonderful feeling that can inspired people’s mood, continuously6Raw 此起彼伏(cǐ qǐ bǐ fú); up here, down there (idioms) listen to his singing, it was a fascinating feeling.

Lin Dong, who was immersed in Ye You’s voice, was forcibly brought back to reality by Du You. The ‘always been able to listen to all voices and pay attention to any movements’ him, actually did not heard clearly what Du Yao said who was sitting beside him.

“What did you say just now?” Lin Dong asked again. He had a premonition that the words he had not heard clearly was a word that would shock him.

“I said, I’m getting married.” While Du Yao was talking, his eyes didn’t move away from Ye You’s face for a second. Even at such a distance, he could see Ye You’s smooth and fair white skin.

Lin Dong’s eyes widened immediately, and his hunch was as accurate as ever. Du Yao’s words really surprised him. He looked at Ye You on the stage and Du Yao next to him, his heart fluctuated. Because he wanted to listen to this song seriously, but because of the curiosity, he wanted to ask Du Yao immediately. Feeling tangled and swayed, he immediately realized that he might have wasted this rare moment of enjoyment.

Lin Dong thought that if the person who interrupted him was not Du Yao, after the performance was over, he would have to beat him out. But it was Du Yao who interrupted him. He didn’t even dare to be angry, because he would only be beaten by him.

Lin Dong could only sighed for a long time in his heart, and then asked, “Captain, you don’t even have a marriage partner, with whom are you going to get married with?”

“I already have marriage partner.” Du Yao said affirmatively.

“There’s a marriage partner already?” Lin Dong’s envious eyes widened. “Is it arranged at home? It’s nice. It’s been less than a week since we came back. Even your marriage partner has been arranged and waiting to get married. Unlike us, still don’t know how long to wait until there is a marriage partner.”

“It’s not arranged from home, it is myself that take a fancy.”

“It isn’t arranged at home?” Lin Dong was even more puzzled. “We’re only coming back for a few days? You haven’t even returned to your home. Where did you find it?”

“Just now, he is the one who sang on the stage.” Du Yao looked at Ye You’s eyes tenderly like a lake, and the corners of his mouth also smiled with joy.

Lin Dong suddenly turned his head to look at Ye You, and then turned back to see Du Yao and asked, “Do you know him? No, did he know you? No, that’s not right, do you guys know each other?”

“Now not yet, but it will be soon.” Du Yao’s tone was very positive.

“What if he already has a partner?” Lin Dong asked.

“In case he already had a partner…, I have a way to break them up, he will be my person.” Du Yao quickly flashed a fierce firm light in his eyes. 7 T/N: O.O

When the song near to the end, Ye You suddenly felt a chill. Although his singing was still stable, it was inexplicably that he got goosebumps.

Lin Dong couldn’t help but want to help him, not because he felt that Du Yao was overconfident, but because he knew Du Yao’s personality that he would never give up until he achieved his goal. His tricky and vicious methods, if used on the enemy still can be said that this was ways of the soldiers, ‘show compassion for the enemy is cruelty to his own people‘. But if it was used to find a partner, he has already begun to feel some sympathy for Ye You.

The perfect singing, the perfect ending, and enthusiastic applause broke out under the stage. These usually cold and steel-like soldiers all showed soft eyes at the moment, and the corners of their mouths unconsciously lift up with a bit of smile. Ye You saluted several times with military salutes, but the applause continued for a long time, because Ye You had to prepare for the next performance, the Deputy Leader had to let the curtain down slowly in the middle of applause.

The Head Leader who accompanied the Military Leaders to watch the performance, although he was surprised at first, he didn’t know why the singer became Ye You, but he was still very satisfied that the effect was much better than he expected. Especially after seeing the smile of satisfaction and admiration on the faces of the leaders of the Military department, he was also very pleased and proud. After all, the soldiers of the Cultural Regiment performed particularly well, and he as the Head Leader of his regiment also had a bright face, just like these officers if they had a particularly outstanding soldier, they would also be very proud.

After the curtain closed, Ye You turned and walked backstage. Both the Deputy Leader and Team Leader Gao were smiling at the exit to greet him.

“Your performance is better than the one you just did in practice. It’s not bad, it’s really good!” Team Leader Gao smiled and praised Ye You, thinking about how he could snatch him from Team Leader Xu to the Vocal band.

“You are still so young but already show such amazing talents. In the future, focus on practicing with your teachers and you will definitely have a promising future!” Every year, people enter and leave the Cultural Regiment. Deputy Leader has been in the Cultural Regiment for so many years. He can still see who was a good seedling to be cultivated. Before, he felt that the most promising of these recruits was Ye Chen, but now it seemed that he had decided too early.

“Okay, okay, he still have to go on stage later, let him take a breath, what are you doing standing here to stop him?” Team Leader Xu, who came to find him, pushed away Team Leader Gao and pulled Ye You away.

Ye You returned to the backstage and was able to rest for at most two or three minutes, and he was about to be on stage again. Some other people looked at him with complex expressions and envious eyes. Many were the one who looked at him with complicated feeling and jealous eyes. Ye Chen sat in the corner, trying not to show his emotions.

T/N: Do you notice ML? Tbh, his conversation with his comrade really creep me up LOL

Okay,  back to business…..  For you who have follow this story so far you must have realize it’s been weeks that I didn’t update. Guess I still caught in the holiday mood of went back to my hometown last month, that I lost all mood to translate. I’m really sorry for that. And as compensation, I will update 2 more chapters later~ XD

Keep reading guys! ;D

Edited on 25 Oct ’21

  • 1
    Last chapter is Guo Ning? Not sure if this is typo *sweat*
  • 2
    Raw 安抚 (an fu); to placate,to pacify,to appease. I don’t know why the author using this word bcoz it’s not like Ye You was going berserk or if he’s a baby orz *confused*
  • 3
    Tbh, I’m not really understand this paragraph about tune, voice, etc.. But no worries, I translated this as authentic as the Chinese text. It’s not hard to understand in English, ba? ^^ll
  • 4
    Not Du Hao, many readers mistake our ML to be the bad guy *dumbfounded*
  • 5
    心灵守卫mind guard. If separate it become 心灵 (xin ling); bright; smart; quick-witted; heart; thoughts; spirit守卫 (shou wei); to guard; to defend. There you go!
  • 6
    Raw 此起彼伏(cǐ qǐ bǐ fú); up here, down there (idioms)
  • 7
    T/N: O.O
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