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SRA Chapter 36

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

T/N: Okay,  here’s the thing, guys.. Some of you might be confused if this novel a QT or just Transmigration. Honestly, me too. The official site have the tags of 快穿(kuai chuan) which is quick wear/quick transmigration.

So, following the official site, I tag this novel with QT too.

Tbh I’m still in the dark about the exact ending of this arcHow many chapter you guys read is how many chapter I read 😅 so let’s look forward to it~😁


Arc 1.36: You Are So Stupid

Qin Yuwei tried the clothes in the changing room, and Ye You waited while sitting in the small living room, drinking tea.

After Qin Yuwei changed her clothes, Hongxiu opened the door of the changing room from inside, and Ye You got up and walked in.

Ye You looked at Qin Yuwei, who was standing in front of the full-length mirror, and said, “It look like as if this was specially tailored for you. It really fits very well, don’t need to send it for altering anymore.”

“Am I look good wearing this?” Qin Yuwei really likes this dress, but she was used to wearing plain dresses. Such a bright long dress, she only wears it occasionally when she goes to a banquet.

“Of course you looks good.” Ye You said with a certain tone: “You are not only good in appearance, but also good in temperament. No one is more suitable for this dress than you.”

“You sweet-talking, are you came back after eating honey outside?” Qin Yuwei said with a smile.

“Really beautiful ah.” Ye You thought for a while and said: “If you pair it with a shawl that has dark gold and deep purple embroidered patterns, it will be more perfect, it looks noble and elegant, can I look at your wardrobe?”

“Take a look ba, but I don’t have the kind of shawl that you said.” Qin Yuwei said.

Ye You opened Qin Yuwei’s large closet with daily clothes, and sure enough they were all dresses with really good texture, but the colors were simple and plain. Even the shawls were solid colors without embroidery.

Ye You secretly took a glance at Qin Yuwei, who was constantly looking at her reflection in front of the mirror with the dress on. He could see that Qin Yuwei did not disliked brightly colored clothes, but for some reason, she felt that she was only suitable for plain clothes. After these habit were formed, she did not had the thought to change anymore. Maybe she didn’t even realize that compared to dresses with simple colors and single styles, she likes the dresses with bright colors and beautiful styles more.

Ye You walked to Qin Yuwei’s side and said, “Let’s go shopping tomorrow and we will call my mother to go together. I must match this skirt with a suitable shawl.”

After a little hesitation, Qin Yuwei nodded and said: “Okay, I haven’t been out shopping for a long time,  let’s go out with your mother for a stroll. You and Du Yao can also go to other places to have fun. We just can go shopping by ourselves.”

“No, I want to follow, my vision is good, I will help you guys do the matching, you guys will definitely like it.” Ye You said.

Qin Yuwei smiled and said: “Okay, then you just follow, as long as you don’t feel annoyed with us.”

Ye You walked to the door, waited for Qin Yuwei to finished change her clothes, and then the two went to the big dining hall for dinner.

When the old man came back, they immediately started the meal. The family sat around the dining table and chatted quietly while eating. Ye Chen felt a little uncomfortable because today Ye You was giving gifts to the elders in the family. Because Ye You’s parents were very rich, Ye You was also quite generous. Those valuable things, when he wanted to send as a gift, he can send it at any time. Although Ye Chen was not short of money, he can’t be as generous as Ye You, and compared to Ye You, it made him looked like he was stingy.

In fact, the elders in the family didn’t think that much, but it was he himself that had such a thought.

Although Ye Chen tried his best to concealed his uncomfortable heart and tried to act as normal as possible, Ye You still saw his dissatisfaction with himself1This is a bit confusing. Not sure if it means YC dissatisfied with himself bcoz he can’t be generous like YY, or dissatisfied with YY for being too generous. Because here the author used 自己(zi ji); himself. Original text is 但是还是被叶攸看出他对自己的不满(Dànshì háishì bèi yè yōu kàn chū tā duì zìjǐ de bùmǎn.); But Ye You still saw his dissatisfaction with him. My guess is, YC was dissatisfied with YY. As we know, YC only know how to blame others for his own fault and incompetent. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ. But Ye You didn’t care about what he(YC) was thinking at all. He would send something whenever he was willing, and will send to whoever he was willing to send it. When he was not willing, even if they he asked him for it, he would also not give it.

And in Sun Ting’s heart, she was still thinking about the long dresses that Ye You gave Qin Yuwei, she didn’t even have any appetite for eating.

After returning to the room and wash in the evening, Ye You applied the cream on his face and neck while talking to Du Yao: “Tomorrow I will go shopping with our two mothers. Are you going to rest at home or are there other arrangements?”

“Can’t I go with you guys?” Du Yao asked, feeling a little unhappy. He didn’t want to be separated from Ye You even for just a moment with only a ten more days holiday.

Ye You put some cream on his palm and rubbed it, then sat down by the bed, evenly spread the cream in his palm on Du Yao’s face: “If you want to go, then just go together. I just worried that you will feel bored?”

“I don’t feel bored, I want to go together, anyway, if you go then I also want to go.” Du Yao closed his eyes, enjoying the massage of Ye You’s hands on his face.

After applying the cream on the back of his hand, Ye You opened the quilt and went to bed. He leaned into Du Yao’s arms and said, “While shopping is fun, it is also very tired.”

“Then let our mothers go by themselves, let’s just rest at home, or we can go to other places to relax and have fun.” Du Yao hugged Ye You and kissed him on the forehead.

“No, our mothers are not very familiar with each other. I better go with them. When they are familiar already, they will naturally make an appointment to go out by themselves.” Ye You changed to a more comfortable posture and put his face on Du Yao’s chest. He closed his eyes and said, “I think if mother dresses up, she will definitely look better than Sun Ting. I just want to make mother look beautiful and dazzling. Just trying my best to make Sun Ting angry.”

“My grandmother(Qin) passed away early. My mother was brought up by her grandmother. Mother’s grandmother was a very old-fashioned person. She doesn’t like girls who dressed up in a delicate and beautiful appearance. So, mother has grown accustomed to being simple and neat.” Du Yao explained to Ye You.

“But mother has been married for so many years, so she should dress up according to her liking a long time ago.” Ye You thought for a while and said, “It might be because she has no daughter. If she have a daughter, she would definitely thought of dressing up her daughter, and then she would also like to dress up herself.”

“Did you forget that we only have more than ten days of vacation?” Du Yao turned over and pressed on Ye You, looking at him and said.

“Of course I haven’t forgotten.” Ye You said as he put his arms around his(DY) neck, “but we don’t just have more than a dozen days of vacation, we still have a lifetime, a very long time can be together ah.”

“A lifetime, not a long time at all.” Du Yao pressed his forehead against Ye You’s, and then sucked his lips.

Ye You let him kiss for a while and asked, “So how many lifetimes will it count as a long time?”

“No matter how many lifetime, as long as there is an end, it is not a long time. Only when it never ends, will that count a long time.” One of Du Yao’s arm hugged Ye You’s waist tightly.

“…Slow down.” Ye You closed his eyes and slightly opened his mouth to breathe.


Ye You felt that after the vacation, he could safely let Du Yao return to the team, because Du Yao personally proved to him how well he had recovered, and Ye You felt that his strength could kill a cow.

The next morning, when he first got up, Ye You’s legs still trembled. His brain was still a little confused, but the memory of his body was clearer. His body remembers the posture, frequency, pain, stimulation, and enjoyment very clearly, that’s why his legs were shaking.

After he finished washing and his brain was fully awake, his body’s feelings gradually declined, and he became more energetic.

After eating breakfast, Ye You took Qin Yuwei’s hand and back to the room, then asked her to put on yesterday’s new dress, also asked Hongxiu and Cuiya to comb her hair and put on makeup. He was giving instructing by the side, of what kind of hairstyle and headgear to wear. Seeing that Qin Yuwei had too few of makeup items, Ye You only asked Cui Ya to put a light natural makeup on her, and then put on the lipstick he brought back yesterday.

Ye You took Qin Yuwei’s hand into the hall and said loudly, “Grandpa, grandma, dad, we are going out.”

“Okay…,” old lady Du was about to respond, she was stunned when she raised her eyes and saw Qin Yuwei.

Not only the old lady who was stunned, the other people in the living room were stunned when they saw Qin Yuwei, especially Du Zhenfeng, whose eyes widened and couldn’t react for a long time.

“Dad, Mom, we are going out for shopping and will be back in the afternoon.” Qin Yuwei said with her head lowered slightly.

“Go,” the old lady replied. “You also very rarely going out. It is good to go out occasionally.”

Qin Yuwei was a little uncomfortable by their gaze, leading Ye You by the hand they walk out quickly, Du Yao followed them, his duty today was as the driver and accompany them shopping around.

After they went out, Elder Du turned his head and asked the old lady: “Whose family has a wedding banquet today?”

“No, they are going shopping with Ye You’s mother.” The old lady replied.

The old man nodded and continued to look at the morning paper in his hand.

Sun Ting looked at Du Zhenfeng who was astonished by Qin Yuwei, unable to return to his senses for a long time, and she became angry immediately, but she couldn’t show it, she could only gritted her teeth and endured it. She thought to herself that if she was the one wearing that skirt, she would definitely look better than Qin Yuwei.

Ye You and the others met with Xu Yun at shopping mall, and then they started shopping and buy buy buy2 It repeated three times in original text. I decided not to change it and just followed the original text.

Xu Yun has been following Ye Jiande doing business over the years, she was not only able to speak well, but know how to observed and weigh people’s words3raw 察言观色(chá yán guān sè);  to weigh up sb’s words and observe their facial expression (idiom), to discern what sb thinks from his body language., and she quickly became familiar with Qin Yuwei. Although Qin Yuwei was not good with words, but she was also extremely good at reading people. After chatting for a while, she felt that she already hit it off with Xu Yun, thinking that it was a good thing for them not only to be relatives, but also to be friends.

Ye You was very good at scanning goods. He was able to picked out the most suitable items for Qin Yuwei and Xu Yun as quickly as possible among the dazzling array of goods. After he looked and take a fancy of it, he will immediately asked the teller4Raw 柜员(gui yuan); tellerAdded 机(ji) and it became ATM. As you know I’m not really good with English and there are some vocabulary that I had never heard of. This is one of it. I know what tell mean, but teller???  As I check on other websites, this seems to be a profession name? Like a seller? Or maybe a cashier??? If anyone know, please share with me 🙏 to wrapped it up and pay immediately. Although he was visiting his own family’s shopping mall, but Ye You didn’t sign the bill this time. The things he bought for Qin Yuwei and Xu Yun were all money from him and Du Yao. Du Yao’s current assets were all in Ye You’s hand. Ye You originally thought that Du Yao had only the salary given by the army, but he did not expect that he still had so many assets outside.

“It is enough to buy two boxes of rouge. I don’t need that much. I don’t usually go out very often. I can’t even use up that much in a few years.” Qin Yuwei saw that Ye You picked up more than 20 boxes of rouge for her at once, she immediately stopped him.

“You don’t need to use it up, it’s okay as long as each box can be used.” Ye You finished choosing the rouge and started to choose the lipstick: “You can use it when you don’t go out. According to different moods and different clothes, also in a different weather, you can use different colors and different fragrances. Although some are only have different shades of color, but there is also a difference effect after applying makeup.”

“It is silly to just leave it and not to spend the money we had earned. We can buy whatever we want within our own capabilities. It is also a way to enjoy life. Otherwise, no matter how much money you make, if you just kept it there, in the future you also can’t take it away with you. It is became valuable and meaningful only after you enjoy it.” Xu Yun patted Qin Yuwei’s hand and said, “We used to spend money on them. Now they are all married, and it’s time for them to spend money on us.”

Although this was different from Qin Yuwei’s thoughts on thrift education she received since she was a child, but after seriously thinking about it, she actually agreed with this thought in her heart.

“Moms, smell these cream perfumes and see if there are the one you don’t like, pick out the ones you don’t like and pack the others.” Ye You asked several tellers to bring all the balm to Xu Yun and Qin Yuwei to let them choose, and then turned around to choose the eyebrow pencil.

After buying things for makeup, they went to buy silk scarves and shawls, as well as ladies’ leather shoes. Qin Yuwei didn’t even remember how many things she bought. It was Ye You who called the shots and bought them all for her. Before she could take a closer look at some things, Ye You had already said to packed them up.

When other customers saw the way they buy things, all of them cast an envious eyes. Customers who can come to this shopping mall to buy things must have some assets at home, but they can’t buy as they pleased like Ye You.

After visiting the shopping mall, they went to the ready-to-wear shop again. When the store manager saw that the lady boss and the young master were coming, they immediately served the tea in person.

“You go and do your job, don’t need to follow us, just leave the two shop assistants, and everyone else should go and greet other customers.” Xu Yun ordered.

“Yes, if Your Lady has any instructions, please have them call me.” Store manager bent over slightly, and then went to work on other things.

Although nowadays, apart from purely hand-made garments, machine-made garments has already begun, but machines still have to be manually controlled in order to make them. So, there was no way to complete mass production. Ye family only sells top grade items, so the ready-to-wear shops were using top grade fabrics, whether hand-made or machine-made, the workmanship was also very delicate, and the price was naturally very expensive.

Ye You immediately choose ten long dresses for Xu Yun and Qin Yuwei. These long dress may be rare and beautiful in the eyes of others, but in Ye You’s heart, he always felt that it was not satisfying enough. He thought, when he had free time, he might be able to help designed some clothes. When he was in the original world, he would often help his family’s clothing company and designed clothes.

“Yuwei? What a coincidence, I can actually meet you here.” Suddenly a female voice sounded in the store.

Qin Yuwei immediately turned her head and looked over, but after seeing the person who greeted her clearly, she only nodded indifferently and politely, “Hello.”

“Come to buy clothes?” Xiao Lijuan ignored Qin Yuwei’s obvious attitude that she didn’t want to talk to her, took her daughter’s hand, and walked towards Qin Yuwei with a smile.

“Yes.” Qin Yuwei replied lightly.

“This is?” Xiao Lijuan asked as she looked at Xu Yun.

“This is my in-laws, Mrs. Ye.” Qin Yuwei replied.

“Oh, so this is your in -laws who is a merchant.” Xiao Lijuan nodded, with a very obvious disdain in her tone, then turned her gaze to Ye You and said contemptuously: “Then this is your son-in-law? At the beginning, you didn’t even look at my Qianqian. I thought that you could choose some fairies. It’s not that I want to said, but your vision is really bad.”

“My son-in-law is naturally a good one out of a million. Your Sun family’s daughters are too many, and couldn’t be delivered even if you’re in a hurry to sent them out. Finally, it’s not easy to sent them out, yet they were returned back. Now were not back then. You can’t even use the coercive way to married off your daughter. You are already accustomed to your Sun family’s daughters, that’s why your horizon is only this big. It is normal to have eyes but no knowledge of gold and jade.” Qin Yuwei’s tone was still indifferent.

Xiao Lijuan was stabbed on her sore spot, her face changed drastically, and she was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

Sun Qianqian moved silently in front of Du Yao, who was standing aside, and called out shyly: “Brother Du Yao, long time no see.”

“Who are you? Have we met?” Du Yao5Original text 叶攸(Ye You).  I assume this is typos holding his hand and asked coldly.

“I, I am Du Hao’s cousin Qianqian, I used to go to Du family’s house to see my aunt, you, you have been there several times.” Sun Qianqian was a little sad because Du Yao didn’t remember her, but as soon as she saw Du Yao’s handsome face, she couldn’t help but blushing and her heart beat speed up.

“Oh, maybe we have met before, but I always can’t remember someone who look ugly.” Du Yao frowned slightly, with an expression of disgust on his face and said, “Can you stay away from me? I think seeing your face for a long time will make me have nightmares at night, and your body smells so bad that it makes me dizzy.”

“I…” Sun Qianqian’s face was pale, and she stood there stiffly. She didn’t know how to react. As she grew up,  this was the first time someone said she was ugly and said her body also stink. She obviously used a premium perfume imported from abroad, but when she went out, she accidentally sprayed a little too much. Du Yao said this and to a girl like her which was a great humiliation, and the person who humiliated her was also the one she wanted to marry even if it in her dreams.

“Ye You.” Du Yao turned his head and called out.

“What?” Ye You, who was choosing clothes, turned around and replied impatiently.

“This place is too smelly, let people come over and fan away the smell.” Du Yao said.

“Such a big store, why don’t you change place to stand? You are so stupid.” Ye You continued to choose clothes and ignored him.

“Oh.” Du Yao had a cool expression, yet like a child being reprimanded, he turned and walked to Ye You’s side to stand.

Sun Qianqian’s aggrieved tears kept falling. Du Yao’s words made her felt uncomfortable and ashamed, and she wished to find a hole and crawled in.

Sun Lijuan6A while ago,  her name was still 肖丽娟(Xiao Lijuan), but here the name change to 孙丽娟(Sun Lijuan). 😵 was trembling in anger. She walked over and took Sun Qianqian’s hand, ready to leave, but as soon as she walked to the door, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became, and she was unwilling to leave like this. She felt that why must they leave, so she turned around and said to one of the clerk: “Call your store manager!”

The clerk knew that they couldn’t afford to offend anyone here, and immediately turned around and ran to look for the store manager.

After the store manager came out, she saw Sun Lijuan’s face full of anger, and asked suspiciously: “Mrs. Sun, are you looking for me?”

“Get these people out of here!” Xiao Lijuan pointed at Qin Yuwei’s group and said, “I will buy all the women’s clothing in your store!”

The store manager turned his head and looked at Xu Yun and Qin Yuwei. After a moment, he looked at Xiao Lijuan and said, “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Sun. Even if you bought our shop’s clothes for a whole year, I also can’t invite them out.”

Xiao Lijuan glared at the store manager, gritted her teeth and said, “If you don’t want to offend our Sun family, you’d better do what I tell you!”

“This is the wife of our boss, this young master are the son of our boss.” After introducing them to Xiao Lijuan, the store manager said: “I am just a store manager. How can I have the qualifications and rights to drive the master out?”

Xiao Lijuan was stunned for a while, her face became even more ugly.

“Steward Liu.” After Ye You called out, he passed the stuff in his hand to the clerk to packed it up.

“Yes, young master, do you have instructions?” The store manager immediately turned around and asked.

“Although we are opening the door to do business, we don’t want to put every bad things7Raw 牛鬼蛇神(niú guǐ shé shén); evil monsters, (fig.) bad characters
(political) bad elements.
inside. Please inform other store managers. From now on, people who are not clean and smelly from the inside out are not allowed to go inside the store so as not to affect other customers.”

“Yes.” The store manager replied respectfully.

“You really thought that my money would have nowhere to be spent without your store? I’ll write this down. Just go and see!” After Xiao Lijuan finished her vicious words, she turned around and took Sun Qianqian to quickly leave.

Sun Qianqian kept looking back at Du Yao, love and sadness in her eyes, as if she and Du Yao were lovers who were forcibly separated.

Originally, the Sun family wanted to married off Sun Qianqian to Du Yao because he knew that Elder Du and Du Zhenfeng attached great importance to Du Yao. Elder Sun thought, if Du Yao could marry his eldest son’s youngest daughter, with Du Hao, his grandson who also in the Du family, maybe he can really draw the Du family to their faction, then he was not only an outstanding minister of their faction, but also had a great assistance. Another reason was that Qin Yuwei’s eldest brother was not only in important positions, but also has a wide network of contacts in the officialdom, and he was a figure worthy of winning over.

The Sun family felt that if Sun Qianqian could really marry Du Yao, it would be a good thing for the Sun family, so they tried their best to promote this marriage. But let alone Qin Yuwei and Du Yao’s reluctance, because they hated the Sun family from the bottom of their hearts, even Sun Ting was not very enthusiastic about this matter.

Sun Qianqian thought that she would marry Du Yao, so she ran to Du family’s house again and again, using the excuse of visiting Sun Ting to please Qin Yuwei. Every time she saw Du Yao, Sun Qianqian was both feeling shy and happy.

Qin Yuwei tactfully refused several times at first, but she still underestimated the shamelessness of the Sun family. Seeing that they were self-talk themselves and then going to just arranged the marriage, Qin Yuwei also completely lost patience and told them frankly. As long as she Qin Yuwei still alive, it was impossible to agreed and let Du Yao marry the daughter of the Sun family. Even if she dies, she will make a last will that all her bloodline will not allowed to have a marriage relationship with the Sun family.

Although Sun Ting was not enthusiastic about the marriage, she was very angry when she heard Qin Yuwei’s words full of disdain and contempt for the Sun family. Of course, the Sun family was also very upset in their hearts, and then the matter was over.

Later, the Sun family heard that Du Yao was going to marry Ye You, and Sun Qianqian was crying her heart out without eating or drinking at home. Xiao Lijuan knew that Qin Yuwei would rather agreed to Du Yao’s marriage to a ger from a merchant family than agree to Du Yao’s marriage to her daughter, so she hated her even more.


Du Yao : I’m going to prove how well I had recovered.

(River crab)

Ye You : I’m convinced! You can even kill a cow with that power of yours!

Me : *lmao* 😂😂😂


Xiao Lijuan and Sun family’s shamelessness deserve slapping. But!!! I don’t think the face slapping is enough here! (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┳━┳

Will there be more in the next chapter?!
ε=ε=┌( >_<)┘

See you next chapter then~ 😁

  • 1
    This is a bit confusing. Not sure if it means YC dissatisfied with himself bcoz he can’t be generous like YY, or dissatisfied with YY for being too generous. Because here the author used 自己(zi ji); himself. Original text is 但是还是被叶攸看出他对自己的不满(Dànshì háishì bèi yè yōu kàn chū tā duì zìjǐ de bùmǎn.); But Ye You still saw his dissatisfaction with him. My guess is, YC was dissatisfied with YY. As we know, YC only know how to blame others for his own fault and incompetent. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
  • 2
     It repeated three times in original text. I decided not to change it and just followed the original text
  • 3
    raw 察言观色(chá yán guān sè);  to weigh up sb’s words and observe their facial expression (idiom), to discern what sb thinks from his body language.
  • 4
    Raw 柜员(gui yuan); tellerAdded 机(ji) and it became ATM. As you know I’m not really good with English and there are some vocabulary that I had never heard of. This is one of it. I know what tell mean, but teller???  As I check on other websites, this seems to be a profession name? Like a seller? Or maybe a cashier??? If anyone know, please share with me 🙏
  • 5
    Original text 叶攸(Ye You).  I assume this is typos
  • 6
    A while ago,  her name was still 肖丽娟(Xiao Lijuan), but here the name change to 孙丽娟(Sun Lijuan). 😵
  • 7
    Raw 牛鬼蛇神(niú guǐ shé shén); evil monsters, (fig.) bad characters
    (political) bad elements.
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