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SRA Chapter 35

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.35: Locked Chapter so no Title 😅

Ye You waited and were about to fall asleep before finally he heard the sound of the door opening and talking in the small living room outside the bedroom. He quickly got out of bed and walked to the door, but did not open the door immediately.

“Okay, just put him here, and you all go back to rest.” Qin Yuwei said to the guards who helped Du Yao inside.

After hearing the sound of the door closing again outside, Ye You in his nightgown pushed open the bedroom door and walked out, calling out, “Mom.”

As soon as Qin Yuwei was just about to respond, Du Yao opened his eyes, and Qin Yuwei said unexpectedly: “Oh, still awake? Did you drunk till muddle headed?”

Du Yao sat up on the sofa, rubbed his hands on his face to make himself awake, and said, “Mom, you should go back to your room and rest.”

“You seems quite sober, I don’t need to help you get inside then.” Qin Yuwei got up, looked at Ye You and said, “Then I’m going back to the room, you guys should rest early.”

“Okay.” Ye You nodded, and after sending Qin Yuwei out, he closed the door gently.

“You pretended to be drunk and escaped?” Ye You walked to Du Yao’s side and sat down, looked at him and said, “Can you walk in by yourself?”

Du Yao turned around, hugged Ye You tightly and said, “Not only can I walk in by myself, but I can also walk in with you in my arms.”

“Your body had the smell of wine, don’t hold me, I already took a shower.” Ye You protested in a low voice.

Du Yao hold Ye You up and walked to the bedroom.

“You go to the bathroom and take off all your clothes, wet the towel and wipe your body. You are not allowed to take a shower.” Ye You put his arms around Du Yao’s neck and explained.

Du Yao put Ye You on the bed, then pressed on him, burying his face in Ye You’s neck.

“You go quickly.” Ye You slapped Du Yao on the shoulder and urged. He felt that he was almost drunk just by smelling the wine on Du Yao. Moreover, he had started to feel hot all over his body and his breathing was also urgent. He thought that Du Yao should hurry up go to the bathroom and take off his clothes, so they can hurry up do the deed in the bridal chamber1It’s just 快点洞房(kuai dian dong fang); hurry up bridal chamber. I took the liberty to add ‘do the deed’. Or these four words won’t make any sense 😅.

Du Yao forcibly endured the burning desire, he got up and walked into the bathroom.

“Don’t take a shower.” Once again Ye You make it clear, but still felt uneasy after thinking about it, so he picked up the sober medicine on the bedside and walked into the bathroom with Du Yao.

The two didn’t stay in the bathroom for too long, because Ye You emphasized that they should do it on bed and not in the bathroom. So when Du Yao walked out of the bathroom holding Ye You, both of them were □□2This was lit. in the original text.  It’s censored! Hmmm… Was it wet? Aroused? Hard?! 🙈 *brainhole attack*.

The two lay down on the bed, Du Yao flicked the quilt over them, then hugged Ye You and kissed him hard and deep.


Ye You had a dream. He dreamed that he had become a kind of marine creature. He didn’t know what kind of marine creature it was. After all, there were so many kinds of marine creatures. Anyway, he clearly felt that the sea water was very warm and soft, causing him to float up and down, as if floating in the water without gravity, making him feel very comfortable.

Suddenly, a monster that looked like an eel appeared. Ye You realized it was bad and wanted to escape quickly, but he was light and can’t escape quickly at all.

Seeing that the monster were getting closer and closer to him, he yelled in fright, ah! ! Help! ! Go away, monster! Do not come near me! !

But his cried not only did not scare away the monster, but made the monster more excited, and rushed towards him at a faster speed.

Ye You felt that he must be dying, because the monster broke through his body and rolled around in his body wantonly, making him feel very painful and uncomfortable. But what made him strange was that when he got used to this kind of pain and discomfort, he unexpectedly felt it was very comfortable and enjoyable.

Ye You opened his eyes abruptly, and the sunlight stung his eyes. He squinted his eyes and instantly became sober. Turning his head to look at the bright sunshine outside the window, Ye You thought, what kind of strange dream was that just now?

Ye You was resting on Du Yao’s sturdy arm. As soon as Du Yao took back his arm, Ye You’s body automatically rolled into his embrace.

Ye You lay on his side and looked at Du Yao’s face, blurting out, “Monster, you get up?”

Du Yao opened his eyes and asked, “What do you call me?”

“Uh…” Ye You didn’t know why he uttered the word “monster”. He thought it must be because of the strange dream he had just dreamed of. “I ask you, should we get up? I’m hungry.”

“The first two words3Okay, as to not let you guys confused, monster in Chinese is 怪兽(guai shou), which is in two words. That’s why DY ask what the “first two words” YY said..” Du Yao was pretty sure of what he heard, but didn’t know what the two words meant.

“Either you heard it wrong, or I said it wrong, anyway, it’s not important. Get up quickly, I’m really hungry.” Ye You held Du Yao’s face and kissed him hard for a moment, and then lifted the quilt to get out of bed, but just as he propped up, the soreness of his waist made him fall down again.

“Do you need help?” Du Yao gently kneaded and massaged him.

“No need, isn’t this all your fault. I told you to stop last night but you just kept going. Now you come and pretend to be kind, and cause me to have a strange dreams.” Ye You glared at him. This time he didn’t dare to get up abruptly, but cautiously propped up his body, then got out of bed and went into the bathroom to wash.

Ye You put on his nightgown and stood in front of the marble sink and brushed his teeth. Du Yao walked behind him, hugged his waist, and rubbed his face against his neck.

“Put your clothes on.” Ye You said vaguely with foam in his mouth.

Du Yao stood and holding Ye You for a while, then turned around and took a bath directly.

Du Yao was accustomed to taking a quick shower. When Ye You finished brushing his teeth and washing his face, Du Yao had already taken a bath, and walked to Ye You’s side to stand and prepare to brush his teeth.

Seeing that he didn’t put on his clothes after taking a bath, Ye You hurried out. Du Yao started to exercise two months ago. Now he was a well-proportioned and strong male model with perfect muscle lines. Ye You didn’t dare to stare, worried that he could not control himself.

Ye You walked to the small living room outside, and saw that various breakfasts had been placed on the dining table. He walked over, sat down and opened the small pottery pot that was heated with a small fire. Inside was a fragrant vegetable and meat porridge. Ye You serve a bowl and eat it with a small sip. There were various pastries and side dishes beside him, and Ye You also tasted a little bit of everything.

According to the custom, on the first day of the wedding, the couple cannot leave the house, and all food and drink were brought in by family members. In ancient times, in a large family, the newlyweds4This paragraph are all about wedding custom. So, I took liberty again and add newlyweds in it. Otherwise, I don’t know how to phrase it in English without sounding weird 囧rz did not leave the house for the first five days of the wedding. Nowadays unlike before, so it has been changed to one day.

After both of them had eaten breakfast to fill their stomachs, they returned to the bedroom again. Ye You sat down on the sofa, thinking about what they should do if they can’t go out today. If sticking together all the time, they can’t help but want to do that, but if they do that during the day and do it again at night, his waist would not be able to stand it.

Du Yao sat down opposite Ye You and patted his own thigh.

Ye You got up and walked over, then straddled his lap and put his arms around his shoulders and said, “We still have fifteen days of vacation. After few days, you accompany me go home and stay over for two days. I promised my mother, that I will go home often as long as I have time.”

“Okay.” Du Yao rubbed Ye You’s face with his own face, feeling the smooth touch of Ye You’s skin.

“Then what should I do with those two cars?” Ye You asked distressedly. “My dad said, we both each can drive one, but I think driving that car out is too ostentatious, in case someone wants to borrow, it’s not good to reject them, and if it break because of accident, it’s also not good to ask them for compensation.”

“Then put it away first, let the housekeeper get two more garages to park the cars, and start it every day. When we are free, we will drive it out to have fun, in normal days we can just put it away.” Du Yao said.

“It can only be this way.” Ye You nodded, and then asked, “Then what are we going to do today?”

“According to the custom, there is only one thing to do today.” Du Yao stood up holding Ye You and walked to the bed.

“But my back hurts.” Ye You said flatly.

“I’ll help you massage and it won’t hurt anymore.” Du Yao pressed Ye You down on the bed and said with his raise and lowered hands5Raw 上下其手(shàng xià qí shǒu); to raise and lower one’s hand (idiom); to signal as conspiratorial hint
fig. conspiring to defraud.
, “Next time go to Great grandpa there and ask him for some ointment to treat back pain.”

“I don’t want it!” Ye You didn’t want to lose his face in front of Elder Xu. He moaned lightly and trembled because of Du Yao’s actions and said, “You are also not allowed to ask for it.”

“As long as you don’t yell to stop before dinner tonight, I won’t ask for it.” Du Yao said beside Ye You’s ear.


Qin Yuwei waited until noon, estimated that they should have finished eating, and then took the helper upstairs to tidy up the things.

Qin Yuwei knocked on the door lightly, without hearing any response, she opened the door slowly, and then led people in.

Hearing the faint voices coming from the bedroom, Zhang Ma and Wu Ma looked at each other and smiled, while the three young girls blushed and lowered their heads, very quickly tidy up things.

After everything was tidy up, Qin Yuwei stood at the door and waited for them to go out before gently closing the door.

In the bedroom, Ye You heard some small noises and tried to keep himself awake: “Out, outside, there seems to be someone.”

“They already gone, don’t worry about them.” Du Yao didn’t mean to slow down in the slightest.

“Just now, was it, being heard?” Ye You couldn’t help feeling very ashamed when he thought that he was yelling so loudly just now, it might have been heard.

“Your voice was so small just now, even I didn’t hear it clearly. It is impossible to hear it from outside.” Du Yao coaxed him: “Scream louder. I like to hear your voice.”


Sun Ting and Ye Chen were sitting in the hall talking to the old lady. Seeing Qin Yuwei coming in from the back, the old lady asked, “Have they eaten?”

“Already eaten, they have eaten a lot.” Qin Yuwei said with a smile, then walked to the sofa on the other side of the old lady and sat down.

“Well.” The old lady nodded and said: “It’s good to be able to eat something, which means that he was not drunk until he was too uncomfortable. Prepare some light dishes for them in the evening, and let the kitchen cook some refreshing and non-greasy soup.”

“Already ask the kitchen to prepare it.” Qin Yuwei replied.

“Now that Du Yao and Du Hao are married, our family has accomplished two important things, and I feel a lot more at ease. Now I only hope that if I can see my great-grandchild sooner, I will have no regrets and can closed my eyes with ease.”

“We will have great-grandchildren soon enough. Not only will you be able to see the birth of your great-grandchildren soon, but you will also watch them grow up and get married, waiting for them to serve you tea.” Qin Yuwei said.

“Yes.” Sun Ting said immediately: “You are a very blessed person, you will be able have longevity, not only you can see your great-grandchildren grow up, also have to wait for the five generations to live together under the same roof. At that time, the prosperity of our Du family’s population will be envied by many people.”

“I don’t dare to think that far in the future. It is a gift from Heaven to be able to live for an extra day. I don’t have any other requirements for you. There are only five words to exhort, if the family lives in harmony, all affairs will be prosper6This idiom are really only 5 words ⇨ 家和万事兴(jiā hé wàn shì xīng). I marked all sentences with [6] in some paragraph which mention the same idiom.. I hope you will remember it.” Although the old lady was almost seventy, she has a clear-sighted mind and knows many things in her heart, but she just doesn’t want to say it.



Qin Yuwei and Sun Ting responded at the same time.

Few people spoke for a while, and the old lady felt a little tired, so she went back to the room for a nap, and waited until the afternoon to come out again.

Qin Yuwei sent the old lady back to her room to rest, and Sun Ting took Ye Chen to the west building.

After walking into the courtyard of the west building, Sun Ting asked Ye Chen, “Where did Du Hao go? Why this morning haven’t seen him at all?”

“He said that some of his friends came to him for a gathering, and they left early in the morning, he should be back soon.” Ye Chen replied.

“What the old lady said, did you understand it just now?” Sun Ting asked.

“Yes, I understand ?7This question mark was in the original text. Maybe it’s typo? Or YC’s tone was really a ‘not understand’ tone?

“In order to prevent you from being half-understood and thinking that you really understand, I still have to mention it to you.” Sun Ting walked into the living room on the first floor, sat down and said, “In this family, is still the old man and the old lady call the shots. The old lady hope for family to lives in harmony, all affairs will be prosper(idiom)6, so whether you have this heart or not, at least in front of them, you must show that you hope that this family will be proper.”

“Yes.” Ye Chen listened intently with a ‘humbly and received benefits from advice’s appearance.

“But there is one thing you must know. Me and Du Hao, with Qin Yuwei, mother and son are absolutely impossible to live in harmony with each other. The secret fight between us has never stopped. Since you are married to Du Hao, then you can only focus on our side wholeheartedly, without the slightest inclination to outsider, do you understand?”

“Understand, Brother Hao has told me all these things. Since I am married to Brother Hao, whether it is emotional or logically, it’s impossible for me to have an inclination toward an outsider.”

Sun Ting nodded, and then asked, “What is the main point of what the old lady said just now? Tell me.”

“……The main point is, she hopes that family is in harmony.” Ye Chen answered the questions carefully like a student.

Sun Ting sighed and said with a helpless expression: “Family lives in harmony6 is what the old lady told me and Qin Yuwei, she is reminding us not to fight too hard just because Du Hao and Du Yao are married, and cause no peace at home. The main point of the old lady’s words is that she wants to see her great-grandchildren sooner.”

Ye Chen lowered his head in silence.

“You ah, you have a face that looks very smart, but you are still not very clever. In this family, you can not act rashly later on. You have to ask me before doing anything, understand?”


“I only hope that Ye You is an embroidered pillow with a gorgeous and beautiful exterior, and a straw bag inside. Otherwise, you may not be able to beat him.” Sun Ting looked at Ye Chen and said seriously, “The most important thing right now is that you have to give birth to Du Hao’s child as soon as possible. There is nothing you can compare with Ye You now. You absolutely must not given birth to a child even later than him. You must be ahead of him and give birth to the Du family’s eldest great-grandson, do you understand?”

“I understand…” Although Ye Chen said that he understand, he still wanted to stick to his own ideas. The eldest great-grandson’s name didn’t mean much to him, at least it was not as significant as his promotion.  But he couldn’t refute Sun Ting’s words, let alone telling his true thoughts. It was very stupid to reason with Sun Ting or talking back. So no matter what Sun Ting said, he would obediently agree, and then let Du Hao stand in front of him.

“Okay, go back to your room and take a nap.” Sun Ting stood up and said, “When Du Hao comes back, tell him it’s the last few days of vacation. Stay at home honestly and don’t go outside anymore.”

“Yes.” Ye Chen watched Sun Ting went upstairs before he went to the room upstairs from the other side of the stairs.

After Du Hao came back in the afternoon, Ye Chen said a lot of things to him. The focus was on the importance of ‘giving birth a bit later’ to him, so he must find a reason to deal with his mother. Anyway, cannot said that it was him(YC) who did not want to give birth early. Du Hao first affirmed his performance in front of Sun Ting and promised that he would find an excuse to help him delay the time of giving birth to a baby.

Early the next morning, after Ye You woke up, he straddled Du Yao and said excitedly: “Today can go out already, let’s go out and play!”

Du Yao opened his eyes and looked at Ye You’s happy face, as if he hadn’t gone out to play in years, how could he disagree with his request. Du Yao sat up and hugged Ye You to give him a deep kiss. Ye You put his arms around his neck and kissed him back, but refused his proposal to do morning exercises.

Ye You indeed did not go out to play for a long time already, because after Du Yao was injured, he would stay with him as long as he had time. After his injury was almost healed, they began to busy preparing for the wedding again, for several months they had not been able to simply go out to play.

After washing, Du Yao took Ye You’s hand and went to the large dining room in front for breakfast. This was the first breakfast Ye You had with the Du family. He smiled and said good morning to the elders before sitting down beside Du Yao.

Qin Yuwei put Ye You’s favorite food in front of him earlier, looked at him and asked, “Do you want to rest at home today? Or go out for a walk?”

“It’s been a long time since I went out to play, today going to go out and stroll around.” Ye You replied with a smile.

“After the wedding holiday is over, it will be difficult for you to get a holiday to go out and play. It’s also good to go out and shopping.” Qin Yuwei asked again: “Will you come back for dinner? Or eat out?”

“We’ll be back in the afternoon and eat dinner at home.” Ye You replied.

Qin Yuwei nodded.

While eating by himself, Du Yao helped Ye You put his favorite food into his bowl, watching him eat a lot of dry pastry, he also poured him a cup of almond milk, always paying attention to what he ate and how much he ate and help him switch the food.

This was the first time Ye Chen has secretly observed Du Yao at such a close range. He saw that Du Yao obviously has a very cold personality and appearance, but he cared for Ye You so carefully and thoughtfully, and he couldn’t help but feel envy in his heart. Even he doesn’t know why he feel envious. Du Hao obviously was also very kind to him, but compared with Du Yao, he seemed not as careful and considerate as Du Yao. Moreover, it was obvious at a glance that Du Yao seemed to be the one who should be an inconsiderate person.

Ye Chen wanted to control his eyes and stop observing Du Yao, but Du Yao was so handsome and charming, he always glanced over involuntarily. He thought, people would want to look at a person who they think were good-looking, it was a natural phenomenon and not any other factors.

A person as sensitive as Du Yao naturally knew that Ye Chen was peeking at him from the very beginning, but since he was young, he was used to being peeked at and observed by others. So towards Ye Chen’s peeking, even though he was aware but there was no any other feeling.

After eating breakfast, the two were about to go out. Ye You felt that since they were going out to play, they could just drive one of the two cars out.

Ye You also didn’t go anywhere else. He just went to his family’s department store and shop to stroll around. After seeing something he like, he signed the bill on his dad’s signature book and took the things directly. After that, he went to the old street and went around to all the places that has things he could play and see. He bought some snacks if he liked it, and tried a bite first. If he like it, he will finish it. If he feel the food taste bad, he just let Du Yao eats.

Du Yao had never seen Ye You have a lively and playful side before, and he did not bored accompanied Ye You shopping, because as long as his eyes could looked at Ye You, not even one second would he felt bored.

Ye You got tired from shopping and went back to the car. He leaned on the back of the chair and beat his legs. In the original world, one thing he would do after shopping was he would go to massage to relax and relieve his fatigue. But in this world and era, there was no massage service. He decided the next time he went home, he would look for Ye Song to discuss and open a massage shop.

“Go home?” Du Yao looked at Ye You and asked.

“Let’s go back.” Ye You said feebly: “I’m tired from shopping today, wait two days before going shopping again.”

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s soft and feeble appearance, if they were not in the car, he would like to pressed on him and bully him. Although he couldn’t do that kind of thing, he couldn’t help but leaned forward and hugged Ye You, kissed him again and again.

At first, Ye You also cooperated to let him kiss, and kissed him back from time to time, but he realized that the kiss was too long and felt a little endless, so he pushed his face away and reminded: “Hurry up and drive, otherwise it will too late for dinner.”

Du Yao felt a little regretful, thinking that he must find a chance to do it in the car next time. 8(T/N: Kinky🙈)

After returning home, Ye You got out of the car with two small bags of things. Du Yao followed behind Ye You with more than 20 bags of things hanging on both arms. When they walked into the hall, except for Elder Du who has not come back yet,  everyone else was sitting in the hall.

When Qin Yuwei saw them coming in, she immediately smiled and asked, “What have you bought in these small bags and big bags?”

“I didn’t buy it. I went to my own family’s department store and shop to get it. I have bring back gifts for grandpa and grandma also dad and mom, oh, and Aunt Ting, too.” Ye You asked Du Yao to put the paper bags on the sofa, then he start rummaging.

“These two bags are for Grandpa, and these two bags are for Dad. They contain pens, pocket watches, wrist watches, and so on. They are not very expensive things, just a little bit of my good will.” Ye You took the two bags for Du Zhenfeng and directly gave to Qin Yuwei.

Qin Yuwei opened the paper bag, took out the pen box inside, opened it and looked at it. After passing the box to Du Zhenfeng, she said, “Your dad has been using this brand of pen. Two days ago, he told me to order a new one. You gave it in timely manner. This brand of pen is not cheap, and still said not expensive.”

Du Zhenfeng looked at the pen in his hand and liked it very much. The pen of this brand must be specially ordered. After ordering, it will take more than half a month to get it.

“Du Yao told me that grandpa and dad have always used this brand of pens. I think they just arrived, so I took two of them back. My dad bought a few more pens every time and kept them as gifts.” Ye You said, “These three bags are for grandma. They contain cashmere blankets and shawls, and two boxes of bird’s nests. Du Yao told me that grandma has the habit of drinking a small bowl of bird’s nests every morning.”

The old lady smiled and said, “Okay, you guys are considerate.”

When Ye You gave the gifts, all he said that it was Du Yao who told him, mainly to show that although Du Yao usually looks cold, arrogant and withdrawn, he actually cares about his family, so that they will be more happy when they received the gift.

“These two bags are for Aunt Ting. They contain silk scarves and a crystal hairpin. I hope Aunt Ting will not dislike them.” Ye You handed her the two bags that was for Sun Ting.

Sun Ting took it with a smile, took out the silk scarf and unfolded it and said: “It’s so beautiful, such a good thing, how can I dislike it? Thank you.”

“These three bags are for mother, there are two boxes of bird’s nest, and a set of lipstick and perfume.” After Ye You handed her the gift for Qin Yuwei, he opened another paper bag, took out the dress inside, and stood up and said : “Mom, look, does it look good?”

Qin Yuwei looked up and immediately said, “It looks good.”

Qin Yuwei subconsciously thought that Ye You had bought it for himself, but she immediately thought that Ye You was a ger and didn’t wear a skirt, so she understood that this was for herself.

“This dress, one stitch one thread were all sewn by hand, look at the embroidery on the surface, isn’t it particularly delicate? This is embroidered by our best craftswoman. This dress was originally meant to be worn on the model9Raw 模型(mo xing); model; mold; matrix; pattern.  Like a mannequin I think. This sentences confused me so much bcoz I thought the model here mean a celebrity who doing modelling job and I was like “Why would they put a person on a display window?” 😂 and put it on the display window. At a glance I knew when mom wear it, it must be suitable, so I took it back.”

“It’s so beautiful.” Qin Yuwei usually likes to wear some plain dresses, but the more she looked at this dress, the more she liked it, not only because the embroidery on it was very exquisite, the color and style were also very good-looking, the color did not made her felt too showy and flamboyant, but the slightly bright lavender looks elegant and bright, and there were millet pearls on it for decoration, which was even more chic and three-dimensional. If she wear it to a wedding banquet, it will definitely suitable.

Sun Ting glance at the dress and liked it. Although she had different vision and tastes from Qin Yuwei, but to see a certain level of good-looking items, it would resonate with people who had different tastes. Sun Ting also liked it the more she looked at it, and she wanted this dress very much in her heart, but it was specially given to Qin Yuwei by Ye You. No matter how much she wanted it, she couldn’t asked for it in front of so many people.

“Mother, go and try it. If it doesn’t fit, I will bring it back and let them alter it.” Ye You said with a smile.

“Now?” Qin Yuwei was taken aback.

“Yes, right now, I especially want to see how beautiful mother will look after wearing it.” Ye You took Qin Yuwei’s hand and went to the bedroom: “Let’s go, mother.”


Marine creature Ye You : Monster, you woke up?

Eel monster Du Yao : ……….

YY’s dream….I can’t 😂😂😂

Thank you for being patient with me and see you guys again next chapter! 😘

  • 1
    It’s just 快点洞房(kuai dian dong fang); hurry up bridal chamber. I took the liberty to add ‘do the deed’. Or these four words won’t make any sense 😅
  • 2
    This was lit. in the original text.  It’s censored! Hmmm… Was it wet? Aroused? Hard?! 🙈 *brainhole attack*
  • 3
    Okay, as to not let you guys confused, monster in Chinese is 怪兽(guai shou), which is in two words. That’s why DY ask what the “first two words” YY said.
  • 4
    This paragraph are all about wedding custom. So, I took liberty again and add newlyweds in it. Otherwise, I don’t know how to phrase it in English without sounding weird 囧rz
  • 5
    Raw 上下其手(shàng xià qí shǒu); to raise and lower one’s hand (idiom); to signal as conspiratorial hint
    fig. conspiring to defraud.
  • 6
    This idiom are really only 5 words ⇨ 家和万事兴(jiā hé wàn shì xīng). I marked all sentences with [6] in some paragraph which mention the same idiom.
  • 7
    This question mark was in the original text. Maybe it’s typo? Or YC’s tone was really a ‘not understand’ tone?
  • 8
    (T/N: Kinky🙈)
  • 9
    Raw 模型(mo xing); model; mold; matrix; pattern.  Like a mannequin I think. This sentences confused me so much bcoz I thought the model here mean a celebrity who doing modelling job and I was like “Why would they put a person on a display window?” 😂
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