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SRA Chapter 27

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

T/N: I was a bit rushed when TLing this chapter. So, I’m sorry if there are mistakes in grammars.  _(:3」∠)_

Arc 1.27 : Hope of Getting Better

After Ye You returned home, he told the truth about Du Yao’s situation, and then said that the two of them wanted to get engaged immediately, and expressed their determination that they will lives in happiness.

Previously, when Ye You went home, he had told them about Du Yao, but now he just suddenly said that they were going to get engaged, and their engagement was under the conditions of Du Yao who was still lying in the bed, Ye Jiande and his wife were confused.

In the hearts of Ye Jiande and his wife, Ye You deserves to have the best person in the world. Has good health and strong limbs. This was the most basic condition, and Du Yao may not be able to stand up for a lifetime, no matter how good his family’s conditions were, as long as they think that Ye You will live with a disabled person in the future, there were 10,000 unwillingness in their heart.

Ye You was talking so much with them. Whole family chatted in the living room all night. When Ye Jiande and his wife were finally persuaded by Ye You and they agreed to meet with Du Yao’s family to discussed about their engagement matter, it was already dawn.

In the end, at the insistence of Ye You and Du Yao, the two families met again for two or three times later, they confirmed their engagement and made the matter public. The two families also respected Ye You and Du Yao’s opinions. Instead of hosting an engagement banquet, they just went through the necessary procedures, and then the two families had a meal together. Wait until they got married, they would only hold a wedding banquet.

The main reason why Du Yao was seriously injured was because Lu Zhiyuan, the squadron leader of the Fierce Lions Squadron, suddenly disrupted Du Yao’s combat plan in order to gain credit. In order to prevent the entire army from being annihilated and cause the mission to failed, Du Yao could only risking his life to save the situation. In the end, the mission was successful and Du Yao was seriously injured and sent back.

Lu Zhiyuan was sent to a military court, the verdict has been passed, and the execution will be executed two months later. And Du Hao, under the actions of his grandfather’s1Raw 外公 (wai gong)grandpa from his mother’s side family, became the acting squadron captain of the Fierce Lion Squadron.

Although Du Hao was only an acting Squadron Leader now, his mother and Ye Chen feel that with his abilities, he will definitely be able to become a regular in a short time, so they are all very conceited, proud and very excited.

In the Cultural Regiment, Ye Chen has always showed off that Du Hao was already an acting Squadron Leader, whether intentionally or otherwise. He also deliberately acted sympathetic, telling others that Du Yao would never be able to stand up in this life. In fact, he, like Du Hao’s mother, was very happy in his heart.

After the matter of Ye You and Du Yao’s engagement spread outside, the people in the Cultural Regiment naturally know of this news. Some people admired Ye You’s courage. However, some people think that Ye You will probably regretted it in the future, now he was only do this deliberately to show it off to everyone. Ye Chen was one of those who have such thoughts.

The Deputy Leader hoped that Ye You could spare some time for dance practice, but Ye You refused. He said that he did not want to join the Dance team for practice, and now he does not have anymore time and energy for the full triathlon. Wait after Du Yao can be discharged from the hospital, he might think about it. Although the Deputy Leader felt regret about it, he could understand his feelings, so he didn’t force him.

After getting permission from the Deputy Leader, Ye You drove a car from home to the parking lot of the Cultural Regiment, so that he could drive to the hospital by himself every day to accompany Du Yao, and hurried back before the door of the Cultural Regiment was about to close.

Ye You also set up a small stove in the cafeteria of the hospital to specially cooked soup and some vegetables for Du Yao. Every meal time arrived, a crowd of people would stand around outside the kitchen to watched Ye You. There were doctors, nurses, patients and family members of the patient. Because the scent was so tempting, they feel that even if they can’t eat it, it was still good to just smell it.

As soon as Ye You put the soup and vegetables into the lunch box, the guards standing by helped him pick up the lunch box and walked back to Du Yao’s ward. Those people swallowed their saliva while watching them leave.

Among the onlookers, some were people who knew the Du family, and knew that Ye You and Du Yao had been engaged to each other. They couldn’t help but discussed about them as they looked at Ye You’s back.

“Previously the people in our family district, who didn’t envy General Du to have a grandson like Du Yao. At a young age, he made a lot of military merits on his own and became the youngest Lieutenant Colonel, but now, sigh… “

“Who would said no? Before, my old man always used Du Yao to compare his grandchildren every time he taught them, and let them learn more from Du Yao, but now I think it’s better to be safe and sound.”

“You can’t say that. Du Yao was injured on his mission. He is a hero of the country and the people. My old man burst into tears whenever he talked about Du Yao’s injured. It hurts him more than when his grandson was injured.”

“Sigh… it’s really a pity. I heard that it will be difficult for Du Yao to stand up again in the future. It is even more impossible to lead the troops. This will definitely hit the Du family very hard.”

“Although Du Yao can no longer lead the troops, isn’t there still Du Hao in the Du family? I see Du Hao is also good, better than most of the children in our family district.”

“But Du Hao is close to his grandfather’s family, yet not close to the Du’s family.”

Whether he was close or not, he is also surnamed Du not Sun, and it cannot change the fact that he was the grandson of General Du, unless the Sun family can have him change his surname to Sun and not acknowledge General Du as his grandfather.”

“Speaking of which, the two brothers of the Du family are engaged, and they are also engaged to both cousins of the Ye family. Hasn’t this Ye family have a great grievance with the Du family, and will never made friends or any relationship with the Du family for generations?”

“The affair between Du Hao and Ye Chen was quite serious. You didn’t know because it happened when you went back to your hometown during that time. I’ll tell you later. Also, the eldest son of Elder Ye has publicly severed his relationship with Elder Ye. The old man can’t control him at all.”

“It seems that I just went back to my hometown for a while and missed a lot of things, but I see that Du Hao and Ye Chen are a good match. As long as Du Hao is not injured like Du Yao, in the future he will definitely have a bright future. But Du Yao and Ye You…”

“Aiyo, let’s not talk about the other things, just talk about Ye You’s cooking skills. Whoever can marry him is a blessing. Beside, Du Yao will not be able to stand up in the future, but he can still insisted on and betrothed to him, which shows that his character is also good. Although Du Yao will not be able to walk in the future, but the Du family’s wealth is there. As long as you can live a good life in the future, it is also a blessing to be ordinary.

“Who knows how long he can last? Maybe he was just want to gain a good reputation, so he agreed to be engaged to Du Yao. After they get married, he will find how hard it is to take care of a disabled person. Until then there will definitely be a divorce, and at that time there will be excitement to watch.” An eccentric voice of tone suddenly inserted into the discussion.

The group in the middle of discussion turned their heads and found that it was a person belonged to the Sun family. After exchanging glances, they separated.

As soon as Ye You went upstairs, he saw Qin Yuwei standing in the corridor talking to another woman in a distance. As he slowly approaching, Ye You heard the coldness and anger in Qin Yuwei’s tone. During the time when Ye You and Qin Yuwei got along, she had never heard her speak with anger. Ye You could see that she was a woman with a very gentle personality and a very tough heart. Who could make her so angry?

Ye You approached and called out: “Auntie, I have already prepared the food, let’s eat.”

Qin Yuwei turned to looked at Ye You, and said softly, “You go in first, I’ll be there in a while.”

“Okay.” Ye You nodded, and turned around to push the door in.

“So, you are Ye You!” Sun Ting suddenly said loudly.

Ye You turned his head and looked at her for a while, guessing that she was probably Du Hao’s mother, but he didn’t know what she was here for.

“I’m Du Hao’s mother.” Sun Ting revealed her identity, and then smiled and said, “I heard that you liked our Du Hao before, but our Du Hao didn’t like you, so you go with Du Yao. But now that you have decided to be with Du Yao, you can live your life well in the future, don’t have any other ideas.”

Although Sun Ting was smiling, she couldn’t hide the feeling of being elevated in her attitude. Perhaps it could be said that she didn’t want to hide it at all, so Ye You immediately can see that she had looked down on him.

“It turns out that Du Hao’s self imagination2Raw 自作多情(zì zuò duō qíng); to imagine that one’s love is reciprocated, to shower affection on an uninterested party problem is inherited. Du Hao certainly didn’t tell you that I actually dislike him, right? In my eyes, Du Hao can’t even match even one of Du Yao’s hair. It used to be like this before, this will be the case now, and it will be the same in the future. Auntie, I beg you, don’t say anything that I like Du Hao anymore, every time someone says this, I feel sick and want to vomit, even if I’m blind, it is impossible not to see Du Hao’s hypocritical and despicable villain.”

“Who is your aunt?! Who do you say a despicable villain?!” Sun Ting’s expression immediately became ugly. “Sure enough, some people marry because they share common traits3Raw 不是一家人不进一家门(bù shì yī jiā rén bù jìn yī jiā mén); people who don’t belong together, don’t get to live together (idiom). Such an uneducated person is a perfect match for Du Yao!”

Sun Ting had suffered a lot in Du Yao’s hands before, but now being hit by Ye You like this, had immediately evoked her previous bad memories, and couldn’t control her anger. She didn’t expect Ye You’s mouth to be so powerful, and he didn’t even put her in his eyes at all. If he entered the Du family’s door in the future and joined Du Yao to deal with her, wouldn’t she died of anger?

“Thank you for your compliment. Du Yao and I are not only a good match, but also a perfect match made in heaven. So, you and Du Hao, please don’t be self-passionate and self-fantasy anymore. Such fantasies will only make you guys very pitiful.”

“You!” Sun Ting’s face flushed with anger, and she snorted fiercely, “Really such an amazing mouth! Qin Yuwei, such an impudent and uneducated person, you still dare to let him enter the Du family’s door? Are you not afraid that he will make troubled until the house become restless, and even you yourself will be pissed off by him?!”

“If you have anything to say, just said it to me, you are the one who appears to be uneducated by sneering and being sarcastic against a child!” Qin Yuwei looked at her blankly and said, “Whoever our Du Yao willing to find is our own problem. I, as his mother don’t have any opinion. Why on earth would you care4Raw 你操的哪门子的心(ni cao de na men zi de xin); lit. translate was ‘What kind of heart do you fuck’ (?) lol. I make a guess from the sentence as what we got above… but if you have better phrase, please let me know? If you have time to come here to gloat, you should take care of your Du Hao. Don’t think that being an acting Squadron Leader are as powerful as the General. It is not certain whether he can turn it into a regular job! I am the well-known and legal mistress of the Du family. I am willing to let Ye You enter the door of the Du family. What qualifications for you to have to talk so much about it?”

The biggest sore spot in Sun Ting’s life was the word ‘legal mistress’. Anyone mentioning it was like stabbing a knife in her heart, causing her pain and anger. Especially when these words came out of Qin Yuwei’s mouth, she would be so angry that she was trembling and couldn’t speak, but as long as she had the opportunity, she couldn’t help but provoked Qin Yuwei. Qin Yuwei didn’t bother to take care of her at an ordinary times, which was really annoyed her, she(QY) also could kill her with only words.

“Qin Yuwei, your son is disabled. What else can you be proud of? Our Du Hao is the Du family’s greatest hope in the future. Don’t worry, sooner or later I will have your ‘legal mistress’ title given to me! Let’s us wait and see, there will be time when you will cry and beg me!” Sun Ting turned and strode away.

“If she say something to you in the future, you don’t need to pay attention to her, ignore her existence. She won’t quarrel with you in front of Du Yao’s grandparents and father. If she look for you alone and speaks unpleasant words, you don’t have to bear with her. Just say that she is neither Du Yao’s biological mother nor Du Yao’s father’s legitimate wife. By these words, she can pissed herself off.” Qin Yuwei taught Ye You the experience and said, “Let’s go. Let’s us go inside.”

Ye You nodded and walked into the ward with Qin Yuwei.

During this period, Ye You would come to accompanied Du Yao almost every day. The two talk a lot. Du Yao had already told him the specific situation of their family.

Du Yao’s father, Du Zhenfeng, and his mother are childhood sweethearts and they have been engaged since they were young. The Qin family was a real scholarly family. Although the number of people in the family are thin, Qin Yuwei’s grandfather and father can be said to be full of peaches and plums5Raw 桃李满天下(tao hua man tian xia);  a metaphor of having students all over the world. Two families, one culture and one military, they were also families that well-matched in terms of social status.6Raw 门当户对(men dang hu dui); idiom.

When Qin Yuwei was 16 years old, she married Du Zhenfeng. The husband and wife were very affectionate, and they were both talented and beautiful. No matter who they met, they will said they were very well-matched.

When the two were married for less than a year. Sun Ting, who had returned from studying abroad, fell in love with Du Zhenfeng at first sight in a banquet. Regardless of the fact that he was married, she cried when she returned home and said she must marry him.

Sun Ting was a legitimate daughter from the first wife7Raw 长房嫡出 (chang fang di chu); I’m really confused with these words. If anyone had better understanding of these words, please comment of the Sun family’s head of house. If the Sun family allows her to go to be the Du’s family to be a concubine, the whole family will be unable to rise their head. But Sun Ting cried and mutilated herself and committed suicide. Her parents had always pampered her since she was the only daughter in the family. Seeing her made such a terrible mess, they could only agree to help her find a way.

Du Zhenfeng and Qin Yuwei love each other sincerely, and naturally he would not agree to marry Sun Ting, but the civil war was about to break out at that time. In order to save the lives of the people in several cities, the Du family had to join forces with the Sun family. However, the Sun family made a condition that Du Zhenfeng must marry Sun Ting, and that Sun Ting can not be a concubine, she have to be the same as Qin Yuwei. Even if they are not the original partner, they must be in the main room8Author used 正房(zheng fang); main room or primary wife and 二房(er fang); second room or concubine. Basically Sun family wanted Sun Ting to be a legal wife and not just concubine. But the legal mistress of the house still Qin Yuwei though, otherwise their Sun family will withdraw their troops and leave.

Du Zhenfeng originally refused under great pressure, but the situation became more and more critical. Du Zhenfeng and the Du family could only agreed to the Sun family’s request and let her enter the door by marrying Sun Ting. However, still with the consent of the Qin family and Qin Yuwei, no one wants to share her husband with others, but in order to take care of the overall situation and keep the people safe, Qin Yuwei could only bear with it.

In front of Du Zhenfeng and Du Yao’s grandparents, Sun Ting was very good at pretending, pretending to be pitiful, gentle and virtuous, pretending not to fight or snatch, really acted as it to be like that, for so many years. Only when she faced Qin Yuwei alone, she will showed her true face.

Du Zhenfeng was very indifferent to her at the beginning, but Sun Ting still had some tricks, and slowly made Du Zhenfeng’s attitude towards her a lot better, especially after Du Hao was born, she also stabilized her position in the Du family.

If it weren’t for Du Zhenfeng’s true love to Qin Yuwei, the balance in Du Zhenfeng’s heart would have been biased towards Sun Ting.

Between Du Yao and Du Hao, Du Zhenfeng’s heart was biased towards Du Yao, but on the bright side, he still tried his best to be fair when handles things and not favor any party. After Du Yao grew up, his excellence and outstanding also made Du Zhenfeng and Elder Du very pleased.

Later, there was a marriage law that allowed only monogamous marriages to be legally registered. Du Zhenfeng hardly hesitated and took Qin Yuwei to go through the formalities, making Qin Yuwei his only legal wife.

Because of this incident, Sun Ting fell ill for more than half a year. Although she was not Du Zhenfeng’s legal wife, Du Hao can legally register because he was born before the implementation of the Marriage Law, and in the column of Du Hao’s mother, can be write Sun Ting’s name, so Sun Ting can be regarded as Du’s family member. With his registered permanent residence, he was still a legal member of the Du family. It was just that she can’t be the legal mistress of the Du family, it will be an eternal pain in her heart, but she has not given up on being the legal mistress of the Du family.

Du Yao didn’t expect Ye You’s cooking skills to be so good before. Every time his mother said that he had chancing upon tasting a good food, he nodded in agreement.

The three of them had dinner together, and then chat idly.

Qin Yuwei sighed and said, “These days your grandfather has been talking if only we can find the genius doctor Xu. Back then, thanks to genius doctor Xu, he saved his life and helped him get his severed arm back. Even the people who have been dead for a while, doctor Xu still can saved them as soon as he arrives. If your leg is treated by him, you will definitely get better.

“Genius Doctor Xu? Is he a person grandfather said before, the legendary strange Genius doctor?” Du Yao asked.

“The ‘strange Genius doctor’ was how others called. He is your grandfather’s life benefactor. You can’t call him so rudely like that.” Qin Yuwei gave Du Yao a dissatisfied look.

Ye You was stunned as soon as he heard the three words of ‘strange Genius doctor’, and then a small memory belong to the original owner suddenly appeared in his mind.

“I heard that Genius Doctor Xu is a dozens of years older than grandfather. I’m afraid he would have passed away long ago? If he were alive, he would be more than a hundred years old. No one can live that long.” Du Yao said.

“Yes…” Qin Yuwei couldn’t help sighing again.

Du Yao turned his head and saw Ye You sitting in a daze, he called out “Ye You, what’s wrong with you?”

“You guys, the strange Genius doctor you mentioned just now, is his last name Xu? That in the legend, his medical skills known to be very powerful, even the dead can be saved, but his personality is also very strange, so he was known as the ‘strange Genius doctor’?” Ye You asked the two to confirmed.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Du Yao asked doubtfullly.

“My mother is also surnamed Xu. When I was a child, I heard her mention it once that the person know as the strange Genius doctor is her great uncle. Two years ago, my mother went to her hometown to visit the grave. After coming back home, I heard her tell my dad that she had met her great uncle, the strange Genius doctor, in her hometown.”

“Really?!” Qin Yuwei looked at Ye You in shock and asked, “Are you sure that your mother said that she had seen the Genius Doctor Xu two years ago? You didn’t heard wrong?”

“It can’t be wrong, I will go back and ask them!” Ye You immediately got up and walked out quickly.

Qin Yuwei stood up, feeling overwhelmed with excitement. She didn’t know where to put her hands, but at the same time she was very worried. What if the hope was shattered?

After Ye You returned home, he briefly explained the reason for his return, and then asked them to try their best to find that strange doctor.

Ye Jiande and his wife just remembered that Xu Yun had seen her great uncle two years ago, but this old man has always lived in an unfixed place and always wandered around. Even if they go back to their hometown now, they may not be able to find him.

Ye You said, first go back and look for him. If he was not in hometown, then find a way and send someone to find his whereabouts elsewhere. They were already accede to every Ye You’s requests, and this matter was related to Ye You’s lifelong happiness, of course they couldn’t failed to agreed. The couple simply packed up some things, and then immediately took someone back to Xu Yun’s hometown.

Ye You decided to wait until tomorrow morning to return to the Cultural Regiment. He returned to the room, sat down at the desk, and took out paper and pen.

Because the strange Genius doctor was mentioned, he also remembered one more thing. When he was very young, his father brought back some medical books, which he said were priceless treasures, and kept them in the study. When he has nothing to do, he would go to his father’s study to look for a book. Although he didn’t understand the medical skills at the time, he just thought the flowers and plants on it were pretty, so he read it as a picture book.

Ye You did not deliberately jot down the contents of those books, but his highly retentive memory are similar to a video playback, more complete than pictures.

He tried to write down the contents of those medical books, but so many years have passed after all, it was a very brain-consuming task to write down all of them and draw those patterns. Moreover, he doesn’t know if the contents of these medical books were really useful. If he can’t find the strange doctor, he must first find some animal to experiments and make sure it can be successful before deciding whether to give it to Du Yao. But one more possibility was one more hope, and he would not give up any hopes.

In order to search for the memory in his mind, Ye You’s brain was running fast and sweat kept falling down. When he drew all the images and the texts in the memory, it was already bright, and he collapsed on the desk weakly.

Ye You continued to wait for news from Ye Jiande and his wife, and the Du family was also waiting for news from him.

Finally in five days, Ye You was told that he had a called from his father, so he ran to the telephone room to answer the call.

Ye Jiande told Ye You that they had seen the person, but no matter how they were begging, the old man would not agreed to go back with them to treat Du Yao.

I really really really dislike Sun Ting and her family! (¬_¬;)

  • 1
    Raw 外公 (wai gong)grandpa from his mother’s side
  • 2
    Raw 自作多情(zì zuò duō qíng); to imagine that one’s love is reciprocated, to shower affection on an uninterested party
  • 3
    Raw 不是一家人不进一家门(bù shì yī jiā rén bù jìn yī jiā mén); people who don’t belong together, don’t get to live together (idiom)
  • 4
    Raw 你操的哪门子的心(ni cao de na men zi de xin); lit. translate was ‘What kind of heart do you fuck’ (?) lol. I make a guess from the sentence as what we got above… but if you have better phrase, please let me know
  • 5
    Raw 桃李满天下(tao hua man tian xia);  a metaphor of having students all over the world
  • 6
    Raw 门当户对(men dang hu dui); idiom.
  • 7
    Raw 长房嫡出 (chang fang di chu); I’m really confused with these words. If anyone had better understanding of these words, please comment
  • 8
    Author used 正房(zheng fang); main room or primary wife and 二房(er fang); second room or concubine. Basically Sun family wanted Sun Ting to be a legal wife and not just concubine. But the legal mistress of the house still Qin Yuwei though
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