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SRA Chapter 26

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.26 : Sorry, I Don’t Want to Give You Up

As soon as Ye You entered, he saw Du Yao with a thick quilt behind him. He was lying half leaning on the bed, looking out of the window with his head tilted. This kind of picture immediately gave him the urge to cry. He has the determination to live a good life whether Du Yao can recover or not, but he still feels distressed and wanted to cry.

Du Yao heard the door opening and slowly turned his head to look at Ye You. His expression was calm, but his face was still a little pale. He was as gentle and affectionate as ever when he was looking at Ye You.

Ye You walked over to the bed, the guards and care worker consciously got up and walked out.

Ye You sat down on the bedside, looking at Du Yao for a while, stroked his face and asked, “Does it hurt?”

“Yeah, it hurts, but it’s better than when I just woke up.” When Du Yao just woke up, he felt like his body has broken into pieces and couldn’t be connected, whole body was extremely painful.

Ye You slowly leaned over to hug him, and then gently leaned his head against him. Du Yao’s body could not move at will, so there was no way to hug Ye You back. But Ye You felt that even though it was just a gently touched on his body, it made him feel very at ease.

“I’m sorry…” Du Yao said suddenly: “Ye You, I’m sorry.”

Ye You straightened up and looked at him, waiting for him to continue talking.

“Doctor said, I’m very likely, hard to get better again. Maybe I can only move in a wheelchair in my whole life. Even if I can stand up, in the future, I…will not be able to lead troops anymore.”

“So?” Ye You was much calmer than he thought, and he still waited calmly for Du Yao to finish talking.

“… But, I’m sorry, I still don’t want to give up on you.” Du Yao said with a serious and firm look in his eyes: “I have no way to give you to others, and then always worry about whether you are happy or not. This torture makes me more painful than I can’t stand up anymore. . So, please forgive my selfishness, I want you to stay, even if I can’t bring you glory, I will definitely make you happy.”

After looking at him for a while, Ye You’s eyes moistened and said, “Since you said so, you are not allowed to back out. You must make me happy. If in the future you say something about major principle1Raw 大道理(dà dào li); major principle, general truth, sermon (reproof), bombastic talk, push me away and keep me away from you, I will, kill you to vent my anger.”

“I promise you, I will never push you away.” Du Yao promised2Original text 承若(cheng ruo) which didn’t make any sense when put together. I assume Author mean 承诺 (cheng nuo); which means promised/committed to.

Ye You hugged Du Yao lightly again, put his(YY) face on his(DY) face and said: “It doesn’t matter if you can’t walk, it doesn’t matter if you can’t lead the troops, as long as we are determined to live a good life, we have many ways to live happier than anyone else, as long as we are together, nothing can stump us.”

After the two cuddled quietly for a while, Ye You looked at Du Yao and said, “I can make a lot of money. I will support you in the future.”

“You want to support3Raw 养(yang); to raise (animals), to bring up (children), to keep (pets), to support, to give birth me?” Du Yao looked at Ye You with a smile.

“Yes, I’m going to make money to support you. We can go to a lot of places to play, or build a big villa on the mountain. We live in the mountains and I will cook for you every day. If we get tired of living in the mountains, we can just come back to the city again. I want to build a big house. You and I, our children, our parents, and your grandparents all can come live there.”

“Okay.” Du Yao agreed. He looked at Ye You’s eyes, like a net woven with tenderness and love, wrapping Ye You tightly.

“Then let’s get engaged first, so that I can take care of you properly. The engagement banquet won’t be held. When you get better, we will have another grand wedding banquet.”

“Okay.” Now no matter what Ye You said, Du Yao would say yes. He likes to watch Ye You talk about their future lives. Although the property he has now was enough for the two of them to spend their entire life prosperously, even if he can’t lead the troops, he actually has many other things he can do. It was not that because he can’t lead the troops to fight in the future, then he can’t continue to be a soldier. His brain was his most powerful ability. And the doctor also said that if his perseverance was strong enough, he may be able to trigger a miracle and stand up again. Although the possibility was low, he has enough confidence in himself.

Ye You held Du Yao’s face and kissed him on the mouth: “You must always be this obedient, always treat me well, can’t have a temper with me, and always have the determination that we can be happy.”

The two were kissing softly when the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open. Ye You hurriedly separated from Du Yao, turned to look at the person standing outside the door, and then he stood up feeling a little awkward.

“Mom.” Du Yao looked towards the door and called out.

“I’m sorry, I…” Qin Yuwei was also a little awkward. She didn’t expect to encountered such a scene. The guard told her that someone had come to visit Du Yao, but she thought the people inside were just talking to Du Yao, so she didn’t knock on the door.

“Auntie, hello.” Ye You greeted Qin Yuwei politely. He tried his best to hide his embarrassment, but he couldn’t help blushing.

“Hello.” Qin Yuwei closed the door and walked over and said, “You must be Ye You. Du Yao had mentioned about you before.”

“Yes, I heard he woke up already, and come to see him.” Ye You said.

“Sit down, I’ll give Du Yao some porridge, and I’ll leave right away, you guys talk, don’t worry about me.” Qin Yuwei was originally planning to stay with Du Yao, but now it seemed that Du Yao must be hoping Ye You would accompany him.

Mom, you sit down too, I have something to tell you. “Du Yao looked at Qin Yuwei and said.

Du Yao told Qin Yuwei about the matter that he want to get engaged with Ye You. Qin Yuwei did not expected that they would want to get engaged now, and persuaded them to consider about it for period of time, at least until Du Yao discharged from the hospital before discussing whether to get engaged or not. She felt that if Du Yao really couldn’t stand up for the rest of his life, then Ye You should be given more time to consider instead of agreeing to be engaged to Du Yao immediately because feelings of sympathy. In case they regretted it in the future, it will be even more embarrassed for both sides.

But Ye You said that when Du Yao went to perform the mission, he had already considering on getting engaged with him when he returned. Even if he knew that Du Yao was injured, and that he might not be able to stand up again, he did not wavered. He just want to take care of him for the rest of his life.

Qin Yuwei keep persuading them, but the two insisted on getting engaged immediately. Seeing their firm attitude, Qin Yuwei just said that after going back, she would discussed it with Du Yao’s father and grandparents, and asked Ye You to discuss with his parents too. If his parents agreed, the two family members will find time to meet. If his parents disagree, then don’t force. They were still young. The days to come will be long, and marriage issues should be carefully considered.

After Qin Yuwei returned home, she discussed it with Du Yao’s grandparents and father about the matter of Du Yao’s engagement with Ye You. Qin Yuwei said that Du Yao and Ye You were firm in their attitudes, and both hoped to get engaged immediately.

Du Yao’s grandparents and father began to think seriously after listening.

Du Hao’s mother, Sun Ting, was also sitting and listening. Seeing that they were hesitant about this matter, she couldn’t help but interject: “Although we have our family’s identity and status here, if Du Yao is still the same as before, it is absolutely impossible to marry a ger of a merchant. But now, unlike before, Du Yao can never stand up anymore. He can only lower the standard and choose a similar one. I think Ye You is very suitable. “

The reasons why Du Yao’s grandparents, father, and Qin Yuwei hesitating was not because Ye You’s father was a merchant, but they were worried that Ye You was still too young and made this decision on impulse, and he might regret it later. But with Sun Ting said a few words, she made it seemed like that they were disgusting with Ye You’s family.

“What era is it now? Whatever merchants or not merchants, they are doing business seriously, they are also great family household. I heard Du Yao say that Ye You himself is also a very excellent child. If Du Yao is not injured, then this engagement is nothing to be hesitated too much.” Qin Yuwei glanced at Sun Ting and said.

“Anyway, Du Yao was not born from me. Everything I say is wrong. Okay, I will not interrupt. You, as his mother, just decide for yourself.” Sun Ting sighed, let out an ‘aggrieved that she was kind but no one understood’ expression.

Qin Yuwei and Sun Ting have lived under the same roof for more than 20 years. She has already seen what kind of person she was. She doesn’t bother to pay attention to her anymore, and continue to discuss with Du Yao’s grandparents and father.

Sun Ting continued to sit by and listen, wondering what kind of result they would discuss. Naturally, she didn’t want Du Yao to be well. When she knew that Du Yao was sent back because of the serious injury and he would probably never wake up again, she was very happy in her heart. Because she was too excited, her smile couldn’t be stopped. In order not to let the sad old lady discovered how happy she was, she specially went back to her family home for two days.

Although she was a little disappointed when Du Yao woke up, she was still very happy when she thought that Du Yao would never stand up again. He would definitely not be able to compared with Du Hao in the future.

Du Hao has said a lot of good things about Ye Chen in front of Sun Ting, and also said a lot of bad things about Ye You, so although Sun Ting had not met Ye You, she already had a very bad impression of him. The words she deliberately said just now was to hope that Du Yao can be engaged to Ye You smoothly. After the two get married, she can’t wait to see Qin Yuwei’s jokes.

After discussing for a long time, the Du family decided to respect their thoughts and choices, as long as they did not regret it in the future.

Seeing that they had made the decision, Sun Ting was even more happy. In her heart, although Ye Chen and Ye You are cousins, Ye Chen’s father was also an official, and there are many opportunities for promotion in the future. And Ye You’s father was just a lowly merchant. Even if Ye You himself was a Literally and Art soldier, he could not get rid of his lowly status as the son of a merchant. Moreover, according to Du Hao and her4她 (ta); her (not sure if it typo or author really mean herPs: ST, just wait to be slapped ba! description, Ye You was completely inferior to Ye Chen. After they were married, she will have one more thing to show off to Qin Yuwei.

Phew! I really thought that DY would be insisted on break up and the plot line will become dog blood.  😅

This is ST’s first appearance and I already dislike her. All the more after she said those words! ಠ▃ಠ

  • 1
    Raw 大道理(dà dào li); major principle, general truth, sermon (reproof), bombastic talk
  • 2
    Original text 承若(cheng ruo) which didn’t make any sense when put together. I assume Author mean 承诺 (cheng nuo); which means promised/committed to
  • 3
    Raw 养(yang); to raise (animals), to bring up (children), to keep (pets), to support, to give birth
  • 4
    她 (ta); her (not sure if it typo or author really mean herPs: ST, just wait to be slapped ba!
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