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SRA Chapter 13

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.13 : The heartbeat of meeting again

“Why did she hit you?” Du Yao asked when he looked at Ye You. Although he was very angry, when he asked Ye You, his tone softened involuntarily.

“She is my second aunt, she wants me to live in their house so that she can get a lot of living expenses from my parents. I don’t want to go with her. She feel unwilling didn’t get the money,  she pinched and beat me, say that I must go with her.” Ye You lifted up his sleeves and showed them the red marks on his small arm. His skin was already white and tender. Just now Su Ping grabbed him so hard, there must be red marks left.

After Du Yao looked at it, he immediately turned to glared at Su Ping and said angrily, “You still said you didn’t hit him!”

Su Ping was taken aback by Du Yao’s momentum, and her frightened heart jumped slowly for half a beat, but she was still anxious to explained, “That wasn’t because of beating. It was because I grabbed his hand too hard. I really didn’t hit him!”

A lot of people slowly started to come around. Ye Hong also drove over after picking up Ye Chen. The two got out of the car and squeezed into the crowd from the outside into the middle.

“Mom, what happened?” Ye Chen didn’t know what happened or why so many people around, but it looked like something serious had happened.

“Ye Hong, Ye Chen!” Su Ping saw her two children coming, and her heart was settled. She immediately grabbed Ye Chen’s hand and said, “I ask Ye You to go home with me, it’s okay if he doesn’t want to,  but still say I hit him, I only grabbed his hand a little harder, how could I hit him?”

Ye Chen frowned and looked at Ye You and said, “Ye You, my mom wants to take you back is Grandpa’s idea. Also, it is impossible for her to deal with you in this place. Isn’t it too much for you to slander her?”

“It seems that by myself, I will never can make it clear, I can accept being wronged by being beaten, but I can never bear the reputation of slandering others.” Ye You looked at Ye Chen after speaking, he turned to the crowd and said loudly, “Just now did someone see her doing something to me? If you have any, please help me get justice!”

“I saw it!” There was a voice in the crowd immediately said, “I just passed by right now and saw her pushing you down to the ground, pinching your hand hard, you ask her to let go but she not only didn’t let go but also put on great force to stepped on your leg.”

“I also saw that she pushed you down.”

These were all family members who come to pick up their child1Original text 人(person;people), I change it to child as it more suitable. *Sweat*. They felt that they should tell the truth of what they had seen, and they do not want to be an indifferent bystander.

“With so many eyes watching, how can I slander her, do these people who doesn’t even know her also slander her?” Ye You asked Ye Chen, leaving Ye Chen speechless for a while, because Ye Chen only had to looked down, he can see the obvious gray mark on Ye You’s pants.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Su Ping shouted angrily and anxiously: “I didn’t push him at all. It was because he fell by himself. I pulled him up and he refused to get up. I accidentally stepped on him! Without good cause, why should I beat him for nothing?”

“On such a flat road, he will fall down by himself? Then when he ask you to let go, why don’t you let go?” Du Yao was suppressing his anger and asked Shu Ping.

“I, I am, because I …” Su Ping felt dumbfounded when he was questioned by Du Yao, and she couldn’t even speak.

“This lady, it seems that I need to remind you once again that beating a soldier is a felony. If you have anything, go tell the people from the Military of Law Department.” Xu Zhengjiao turned to the soldier behind him and said, “Take her away!”

“I want to see if any of you dare!” Ye Hong jumped out immediately and stand in front of Su Ping. “Do you know who my grandpa is?! You dare to take my mother away, my grandpa will not let you go!”

Xu Zhengjiao said angrily, “Do you think now is still a feudal dynasty, do you think you are a relative of the emperor?! Even if your grandfather is an emperor, you must now abide by the soldier protection law!”

“Brother, say less a few words!” After hearing Ye Hong’s words, Ye Chen knew that things were going to get bigger. This Xu Zhengjiao was the leader of the Military department, and his family background was also very big, Ye Hong said these words could harm their whole family. Ye Chen was so anxious in his heart that he could only plead with Ye You. “Ye You, my mother, she was definitely not intentional. I apologize for her. Anyway, she is still your elders, if this matter become big, it will be humiliating for the whole family, for Grandpa’s sake, just forget this thing, I beg you. ”

“Ye You!” Ye Song squeezed into the crowd and came to Ye You’s side. Seeing that there were tears on Ye You’s face, he asked anxiously, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Brother,” when Ye You saw Ye Song, his tears came out again, he thought, anyway, things have become like this, then simply make it bigger, so that their family can completely cut off the ideas to keep entangled with them.

“Don’t cry, if there is something just let brother know.” Ye Song raised his hand to help Ye You wipe away his tears.

Du Yao looked at Ye Song’s movements, his brow furrowed tighter, and he clenched his fists tightly, trying to restrained the urge to slap Ye Song’s hand away. Then he made a quick brain refill, and he suppressed Ye Song to the ground, allowing him to ensure that he never touched Ye You’s again. But he also knows that he can only dream about it. Not only he can not do it now, but he may never can do it in the future too.

“Second aunt asked me to go back with her. I didn’t agree. She pushed me down to the ground and pinched my hand hard. Force me agree to go with her.”

“We look at you as an elder, so called you second aunt, aren’t you bullying too much? Do you really feel that our family is particularly good at being bullied?!” Ye Song was rarely angry, but after listening to Ye You, he immediately became angry.

“It, it was your grandfather who asked me to take him back. I said I didn’t hit him, so I didn’t hit him!” Su Ping was scolded and yelled by so many people. Seeing everyone defending Ye You and accusing her, people around also keep pointing at her, she was very upset at being wronged.

“Grandpa told us last time that we were not allowed to step into that house for another half a step. Now why have he suddenly changed his minds, and insisted on you must bring Ye You back?” Ye Song looked at Su Ping, asked.

Su Ping’s guilty eyes dodged. She just persuaded Elder Ye and he reluctantly agreed to let Ye You back. It wasn’t that Elder Ye had insisted that she had to take Ye You back.

“Don’t you just want money? As long as you bring Ye You to that house, you have reason to ask my parents for money, whether Ye You had to live there or not, it has nothing to do with you. Then you will repeat the trick every month. You thought that Ye You are not only a ger, but also a Literary Art soldier, and that he don’t dare to tear your face away because he was afraid that he will be humiliating himself, so that he will surely follow you back?”

“You, you can’t spray people with blood2Raw 含血喷人(han xue pen ren). Word by word= 含(han); to keep; to contain; to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing). 血(xue)blood喷(pen); to puff; to spout; to spray; to spurt. 人(ren)man; person; people.....” Su Ping’s real intention was exposed by Ye Song that she was even more guilty.

“How much do you need to be able to guarantee that you will never entangled with Ye You anymore? Let’s talk about it, let’s make it clear once.” Ye Song said with a cold face.

Su Ping still really pondered about how much money she should asked.

Xu Zhengjiao heard the whole story and knew what was going on. He turned to the soldier behind him and said, “Take her away.”

The soldier came forward to suppress Su Ping, and then prepared to take her away. The other two soldiers controlled Ye Hong and was ready to take him away together.

“What are you doing?! Let me go!” Su Ping and Ye Hong struggled hard, but for these soldiers, suppressing them was as easy as catching little chicks.

“Mom, Mom!” Ye Chen quickly followed.

“You also go to the Military of Law Department to explain the situation. Do you have a car? If you don’t have one, you can go with us.” Xu Zhengjiao said to Ye You.

“My brother came by car, we will follow behind.” Ye You said.

Du Yao looked at Ye You, and the two stared at each other for a few seconds before moving towards the parking lot. When they looked at each other just now, they both feel different emotions in their hearts, but right now was not the time for them to talked.

Ye Song helped Ye You open the car door. After Ye You got on the car, he went around and got on the other side, put Ye You’s bag on the back seat, started the car and set off.

“I’m sorry, the car broke down halfway, I look for the phone booth for a while, and asked the driver at home to drive a new car, so I came late and cause you to be wronged.” Ye Song explained, he thought if not because he was late, Ye You will not be bullied, he felt very guilty in his heart.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Ye You took out handkerchief and wiped his face.

“You can rest assured, brother will definitely help you out.” Ye Song thought, Su Ping was a woman and an elder, he was not good at doing excessive things, but it was still easy for him to give Ye Hong a hard time, after all money will make the Devil turn millstones3Chinese idioms; with money, you can do anything you like., and he doesn’t need to do it with his own hands. He can also set up a game for Ye Hong to fall in. Still think their family so easy to bully?

“No need.” Ye You didn’t intend to hide it from Ye Song, and told him what really had happened.

After listening to Ye You, Ye Song was not as angry as he was just now, and said that Ye You had done well, they should be treated like that. See if they still dare to get entangled again in the future.

After arriving at the Military of Law Department, Ye Chen immediately called home and asked Elder Ye and Ye Jianxian to come over.

Ye Song also made a phone call to his home, because after he knew that Elder Ye was coming, there must be someone who could confront Elder Ye directly. That person could only be his father Ye Jiande, and only his dad would dare to yelled against Elder Ye.

Xu Zhengjiao personally explained what he saw, and then the rest of the matter was handed over to the personnel of the Military of Law Department. They still need to attend an important meeting, after explained the situation they left immediately.

Du Yao walked in front of Ye You, holding a wet towel in his hand and handing him “This is new, unused.”

“… Thank you.” Ye You hesitated, but still took the towel.

“Does your hand still hurt?” Du Yao looked at Ye You and asked.

Ye You shook his head.

“I have a good medicine. I will have someone send it to you in the afternoon.” Du Yao wanted to see if his arm was still red and swollen, but he couldn’t do that here.

“No need,” Ye You immediately refused: “It’s not to the extent of need to apply the medicine. When I get home, it will be completely okay.”

“Then keep it for later.” Du Yao said seriously: “Your skin seems to be easily bruised.”

“I really don’t need it, no matter what medicine, my family can buy it.” Ye You looked around and saw someone was watching them, then whispered, “You quickly go ba, we are not familiar, you had always talk to me, others will misunderstood.”

Du Yao stared at Ye You’s face for a while, then turned around and strode out, order the soldiers in the driver seat to speed up the car and catch up with Xu Zhengjiao. He just wanted to help Ye You wipe his face, but he knew that it was not the time yet. For the first time in his life, he felt that he was about to lose his patience step by step and only wanted to achieve his ultimate goal as quickly as possible.

T/N: There’s a novel I just finish reading them in raw. Title:  穿成大佬的炮灰联姻小娇妻 (Transmigrated into a Big Shot’s Cannon Fodder Arranged Marriage Little Wife)

I had look for the English translation but can’t find it anywhere. Would you like me to translate and share it with you??? 

However, I will let you take a look at the description first:

Shen Ran woke up in a daze.
He transmigrated into a vicious male partner who put a green hat on the first rate, rich and powerful person in the book, bullied others, ruined his family and finally died in a miscarriage.

Shen Ran said that he only wanted to be a salted fish,  live with rich family, drift along, eat and wait for dead, ‘but the system didn’t follow my wishes’.

“Dear, you can get the ability of ‘mental perception eyes’ by completing tasks, and you can catch all outstanding talents in one go o!”

“Dear, work harder, you will get the buff of ‘Little Investment Expert’ after the task is completed o!”

“Dear….. “

“Dear one, the reward this time is ‘the understanding of love’! From now on, I will never worry about my husband misunderstanding me!”

Wait, what the hell is the last one?

Min Xingchuan, who has always been indifferent, arrogant and cold, woke up to find that his marriage partner always come with a barrage of bullet screen on top of his head.

“When will my husband get divorced?”

“Fuck, this man’s male dog’s waist is amazing!”

“Tsk tsk, plastic husband is so good-looking, I think…”

Min Xingchuan finally couldn’t bear it, and stepped forward to hug him: “Oh? What do you want just be direct, is it fun to YY all the time?”

Open live broadcast websites, Taobao websites, video websites, take-out platforms, live broadcast commodity… Experiencing the joy of being on the pinnacle of life.

MinXingchuan: “Does Madam know wrong already?”

Subordinate: “Chief Min… Madam is already the richest man in the world!”

Shen Ran: I am not a pioneer in the industry, I am just a porter of cultural technology…

Please leave a comment if you would like me to translate and share it with you. No pressure though…

 Edited on 25 Oct ’21

  • 1
    Original text 人(person;people), I change it to child as it more suitable. *Sweat*
  • 2
    Raw 含血喷人(han xue pen ren). Word by word= 含(han); to keep; to contain; to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing). 血(xue)blood喷(pen); to puff; to spout; to spray; to spurt. 人(ren)man; person; people.
  • 3
    Chinese idioms; with money, you can do anything you like.
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