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SRA Chapter 12

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

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Arc 1.12 : Fake Accident1碰瓷; a currently widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars for the compensation

After returning to the dormitory, Ye You walked to the desk and sat down to continue reading. After a while, he turned a page. In fact, he didn’t read the contents of the book at all, but thought about other things. He was just pretending to read the book. This medium-thick book in Ye You’s hands only takes ten minutes for him, and he can write down all of them exactly the same. This ability was far more powerful than a highly retentive memory, because he doesn’t even need to read every words clearly.

When Ye You was very young, he showed his genius ability, no matter what they taught him, he could quickly learn. At the beginning, his parents were very happy because he was a genius, but when he grew up, his parents began to worry and scared.

The reason for worry was that they found out that Ye You was not just a genius. He was practically like he had super powers. He didn’t even need someone to teach him, he could learned anything he wanted to learn. Some people need more than a decade or even decades to master something, and it was only take up to a month or two for him to master it.

The reason why his parents think he has superpowers was because in his father’s company, which would come into contact with some secret departments, and his father learned from these secret departments that there were really superpowers in the world. The government will take away these people with superpowers, and then secretly protect them, trained them, and then had them do some things that ordinary people will find it hard to do.

His parents don’t want him to be taken away because training was too hard and too dangerous. If he was taken away, they don’t know when they can see him again. His parents just wanted him to live a safe and happy life. They don’t want him2In the original text it was 他们(them), but the whole sentence don’t make sense? I assume the author might make a mistake here and it might be means 他(him) instead of 他们. to face those things, for which they were willing to pay more efforts.

Ye You was mature and smart, so even if he was still young at the time, he could understand the desire of his parents and brothers to protect him and tried his best to cooperate with them according to the plan.

So, in the eyes of outsiders, Ye You was a wealthy young master who was good in anything he does, but what he was amazing at was to have fun and enjoy his life. Everyone who knows him know that he was very smart, but no one will think towards the superpowers, because his self-control was very good. It was a very stupid way to completely hide your abilities or use your abilities ultimately. Only the compromise, by showing his three minutes of heat and like the new and dislike the old3Chinese idioms., was the best choice.

A few days later, the Cultural Regiment took another vacation, and Ye You called back as usual to ask Ye Song to come to pick him up early in the morning.

“Do you have anything you want to eat? I will bring them from home for you guys.” Ye You asked as he packed up his clothes.

Zhao Yu shook his head.

Ji Wen said: “There’s nothing I like to eat specially. Can you help me bring two bottles of Qingyu facial cream that sell in your mall? I didn’t bought it last time we went outside the Military Club. The boss said it sold too well it’s hard to buy, even if you go to the Yaxing mall that your family opened, you may not be able to buy it.”

“Got it,” Ye You nodded and said, “I will bring two bottles each for you with Zhao Yu. Do you have anything else to bring? Body soap, shampoos and toothpaste, would you like me bring them for you?”

“Okay, you see and bring it4Actually I’m a bit confused by this. The original text is 你看着带吧 which is lit. mean you look and bring it. I assume he just let Ye You decide for him, more or less like up to you?. You calculate how much and I will pay you.” Ji Wen said.

“No need, I have more of these things in my house. I can’t use them all anyway. It’s the same as picking a few oranges from the orange tree in my backyard. It doesn’t cost you money.”

“Can’t, I still expect you to bring it to me after it used up, but if I don’t give the money, how I can feel comfortable to ask you to bring it again?”

Zhao Yu nodded silently beside him, agree with Ji Wen, it was okay that everyone always share the food with each other, but it wasn’t good to asked for something free of charge,  what was more it was not cheap, even among friends, it was still not good to asked for free.

“… Okay.” Ye You thought for a while and feel that although he didn’t care about the money, he also had to consider how they didn’t want to asked for things. Everyone had their own bottom line and persistence.

Early in the next morning, Ye You walked out of the door of the Cultural Regiment and looked among the parked cars. Ye Song’s car was not found. Thinking that he might have been delayed suddenly, he just stood here and waited for a while.

In this era, it was a glorious thing to be able to enter the Cultural Regiment, so when the holiday come, people who can go home will be picked up by their families. They think that even if they can’t go inside, it was still good enough to stand outside and look around. However, in this era, only a handful of people had cars at home, so even if someone came to pick them up, most people would still go to the crossroads and wait for buses.

Ye You knew that Ye Song would come to pick him up, so he didn’t walked forward and stood directly outside the gate. A woman came down from a car next to him and striding towards Ye You. Ye You turned his head and saw her, and immediately took a step forward.

“Wait, Ye You!” Su Ping trotting to catch up with Ye You, looked at Ye You with a smile and said, “Ye You, second aunt came to pick you up, why didn’t you wait with Ye Chen? Let’s wait a while, he should be out soon.”

Ye You turned his head to look at Su Ping, did not want to waste time and waste saliva with her, and continued to move forward quickly, thinking that he could meet Ye Song’s car as long as he went forward.

“Ye You, Ye You, slow down. Your Ye Hong brother’s car is behind.” Su Ping wanted to grab Ye You’s hand, but she didn’t catch it twice. It was difficult for her as she walked quickly in high heels. She could only stop and take a breath, and then turned to Ye Hong to make him wait for Ye Chen in the car.

At the crossroads, Ye You was going to the left. Su Ping was anxious and hurried forward. She grabbed him and said breathlessly: “Ye You, listen to second aunt5She meant herself.. Your grandfather specifically asked second aunt to pick you up. Before second aunt came, I had specially asked the maid to make your favorite dishes. When Ye Chen came out later, let’s go home together ah, be obedient.”

“My favorite food?” Ye You felt a little ridiculous, he stopped and looked at her and asked, “So can Auntie try to say what kind of food I usually eat?”

“This …” Su Ping, of course, doesn’t know what Ye You likes to eat. For her, this kind of thing not worthy of concern. “Auntie can’t remember it for a while, but the servant at home must remember it. It’s enough for you to go back with aunt. Second Aunt really didn’t lie to you. Your grandpa is still waiting for you at home. If you don’t go back, he will be angry.”

Ye You has no violent tendency, but at this moment, he really wants to beat Su Ping. If she wasn’t a woman, he would have already done it.

“Please let go! I warn you, if you don’t let go, don’t regret what will happens next!” Ye You has practiced self-defense since childhood and has no problem with middle-aged women like Su Ping. He know that if he don’t do something, he will never get rid of Su Ping’s entanglement. But in case he knocks down or hurts this woman, she will definitely go to their home to take advantage of them and may go to the Head Leader to complain, even though he was justified but it can’t be explain clearly.

After Ye You’s brain turned quickly for a few seconds, his feet fell softly on the ground, then covered his chest and said uncomfortably, “It hurts …”

“What’s the matter with you?” Su Ping froze, not knowing the reason why Ye You, who was just fine, he even walked faster than she ran, why did he suddenly fall to the ground.

A lot of army cars pass by at this crossroad every day, and today the Cultural Regiment was on holiday. Some family members of the Cultural Regiment members come to pick them up. If Ye You Yao really wanted to do something to Su Ping, then he would not be a able to explain this matter clearly. So, the best way was to deliberately fraud Su Ping to her face.

“Don’t hit me …” Ye You thought, since he wanted to act, he would act more realistic. His tears slipped across his cheeks, his face full of fear and discomfort. He knew that any military vehicle would definitely stop after seeing such a scene. It would be better if it came across the leader’s car.

“I didn’t hit you. What’s wrong with you? Stand up quickly.” Su Ping felt inexplicable, trying to pull Ye You up, but couldn’t pull him.

Several military vehicles that had been driven stopped on the side of the road, then a few people got off the vehicle, and quickly walked towards them.

Ye You saw that a military vehicle stopped and immediately bowed his head to squeeze out more tears, and then cried, “It hurts, let me go!”

“What the hell are you …” Su Ping’s words were not finished before she was pushed away by someone, and he almost fell to the ground.

“What happened?” Du Yao crouched down and looked at Ye You, his brow furrowed, his eyes full of worry.

Ye You looked at Du Yao, and immediately froze for a moment. He almost forgot to continue the performance. He lowered his head and whispered, “My second aunt, she beat me.”

“This lady, don’t you know that beating a soldier is a felony?!” Xu Zhengjiao looked at Su Ping seriously and asked.

“I …” Su Ping said inexplicably. “When did I hit him? He fell to the ground by himself! I didn’t hit him at all, and why did I hit him?”

“Can you stand up?” Du Yao asked Ye You by holding his hand, looking at him worriedly, and hearing Ye You saying he was beaten, he felt very angry and full of distressed.

Ye You nodded, then stood up with Du Yao’s help. The two of them suddenly had a ripple in their hearts because of the contact on their limbs. After Ye You stood up, Du Yao did not immediately release his hand. The two looked at each other. Ye You’s hand shook slightly, and immediately withdrew his hand from Du Yao’s hand, bowing his head to cover his panic heart.

Ye You didn’t expected the one to get off from the military vehicle, would actually be Du Yao. Although he was embarrassed by letting him see his sorry figure, but the drama has already started. He must insist on acting and achieve the effect he wanted.

Edited on 25 Oct ’21

  • 1
    碰瓷; a currently widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars for the compensation
  • 2
    In the original text it was 他们(them), but the whole sentence don’t make sense? I assume the author might make a mistake here and it might be means 他(him) instead of 他们.
  • 3
    Chinese idioms.
  • 4
    Actually I’m a bit confused by this. The original text is 你看着带吧 which is lit. mean you look and bring it. I assume he just let Ye You decide for him, more or less like up to you?
  • 5
    She meant herself.
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