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SRA Chapter 10

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.10 : First Time Confession

On the night of the blind date, Liu Hui took the new recruit female and gers of the Dance team to gather under the dormitory building, and then the Deputy Leader will took them to the Military club.

Liu Hui took the name list and walked past the recruits to confirm one by one. When she walked in front of Ye You, she suddenly stopped, looked at him and asked, “You are going too?”

“Can’t I go?” Ye You knew that even if he decided to go, Liu Hui would find a way to satirize him with a few words. “I completely meet the conditions stated by the Head Leader. I am single and unmarried. I don’t have any lover or someone I like. Why can’t I go?”

“No one you like? Isn’t this called the food in a bowl haven’t eaten yet but want to see what’s in the pot?” Liu Hui said ironically: “I advise you, don’t harm others, or there will be no good results.”

“Report, Deputy Leader!” Ye You saw the Deputy Leader came out of the building and reported loudly.

Liu Hui’s face changed immediately because of his behavior. She wanted to stop it, but the Deputy Leader had already come here.

“What’s wrong, Ye You? Is there any problem?” The Deputy Leader approached and looked at Ye You.

“Leader Liu asked me not to harm others. She said that I would not have a good result. So I want to ask, is it too late for me to apply not to go directly to you now?” Ye You said aloud.

The Deputy Leader turned his head to glared at Liu Hui and said, “Teacher Liu! I think what I said last time is very clear. In the army, no one can insult a military person’s personality for any reason. It seems that you have not take my words serious at all. Is all your review you just write are in vain?! You are not only insulting the military personality, but also cursing directly! What kind of behavioral thinking do you have, and what qualifications are there to educate and manage recruits? It seems that I have to go and talk to the Head Leader and remove your position as a recruit leader, we already give you a warning to deal with it once!”

“No Deputy Leader, let me explain!” Liu Hui’s face changed drastically, explaining in a panic tone. “What I just said is not what he said at all. I just ask him to think about it before joining the collective blind date, so that he don’t regret it again… “

“Report, Deputy Leader!” Ji Wen, who was standing next to Ye You, said aloud, “What Ye You just said is the original words of Team Leader Liu. We all heard it very clearly.”

“No, Deputy Leader, I …” Liu Hui wanted to continue the explanation, but was interrupted by the Deputy Leader.

“Okay! You don’t need to follow today, you can go back and close the door to reflect on it. If you have anything to say, leave it for tomorrow to explain to the Head leader!” The Deputy Leader immediately turned around and asked someone to call another female teacher. After all, it was women and gers soldiers who go to the blind date, it was better to have a female teacher to follow.

Liu Hui stared angrily at Ye You for a while before she turned around and walked back to the building.

“You say, do you think she is sick? You have no grievances with her, nor have you offended her. Why did she always aim at you so much?” Ji Wen really couldn’t figure it out, Liu Hui aim at Ye You like that, does it have any meaning to her.

“It’s just me that not pleasing to her eyes.” Ye You said.

The two iron busses of the Cultural Regiment came out, Ye You looked at it and feel quite novel, because this kind of iron buses, he had only seen it on TV and movies. In the world where he was, the buses were much more advanced than this.

After getting in the bus, the faces of these Literary Art soldiers all had a nervous and shy expression, especially the recruits. After all, the recruits were only about 19 years old, and the tender ones were like new shoots, but they doesn’t really care much about the officers who were going to have a blind date with them, they(the officer) maybe much older than them(the recruit).

The Military Club was the place where the Qiyun dynasty was destroyed. It was a place for those who can’t go home on vacation. It was a place to loosen up and relax. Here one can watch movies, drink alcohol, drink coffee and tea, gamble. Around the Military Club, there were some shops, restaurants and hotels, just like a small town, it will be very convenient for those military families who come to visit relatives.

After getting off the bus, the Deputy Leader gave them a number plate. So, even that they didn’t know the name, they can remember the number.

Looking at the number card in his hand, Ye You couldn’t help but feel funny, and said to Ji Wen, “Whoever came up with this method is really talented.”

Ji Wen also looked at the number plate and smiled. He heard Ye You said the word talent, with a bit of funny meaning.

This method was devised by the leaders who organized this collective blind date. They decided that if the blind date method was carried out well, it can be held again in the future, and the blind date will no longer just be with the Medical soldiers, but also choose other departments. To a large extent, this may solve the problem of difficult marriages for soldiers.

Ye You turned around and saw Ye Chen, he then glanced at him. Ye Chen subconsciously avoided Ye You’s eyes, because Ye You’s eyes made him feel a little guilty.

After entering the lobby of the Military Club, everyone took their number plate to find a table to sit down, Ye You choose the most obscure table in the corner, Ji Wen chose the one in front of him. Zhao Yu did not come to participate in this collective blind date, because he was already betrothed by his family when he was very young.

Ye You put his number plate on the table, and there were papers and pens on the table, which were specially given to the Literary Art soldiers to use, because the number of officers was a little too large, and they were worried that they could not remember who was who. The officers all took the initiative to sign up and wanted to participate. They did not need to do ideological work at all. The people who could enter the Cultural Regiment were carefully selected. Marrying a Literary Art soldier to be a wife was a face-saving thing. Of course they have to actively participated.

Ye You feels like an interviewer, sitting here unwillingly, waiting for an interview for his future partner, commonly known as a blind date.

Before the blind date officially started, the Deputy Leader said a few words to appease everyone’s nervous emotions, should regards this as come to meet friends or the like, chat a few more words if they can, or change to the next one if they can’t.

The door of the hall opened again, and countless officers all came in. It looked a little scary, although before they came in, the Leader had told them to lessened their murderous aura. Be gentle and don’t scared others. But to became absolutely gentle and tried coax people to make them happy, that was absolutely impossible. So, after the officers sat down one by one, they very solemnly and seriously answered the question, it was really the same as Ye You thought about the interview. If this was a movie scene, it will definitely make people laugh.

A shadow of a tall figure enveloped Ye You. Ye You was about to raise his head but the other party was already sitting opposite him.

Ye You looked at the person opposite him, and the first reaction in his heart was it’s you again.

“Yes, it’s me again.” Du Yao immediately saw Ye You’s thoughts.

The two sat and stared at each other for a while. Ye You thought that last time he could not see his inner thoughts, but this time the guy saw his thoughts at a glance, and felt a little unwilling, so he stared at him seriously. But after watching it for a while, Ye You can only take a deep breath and then give up.

“You sitting here, it means that you are not married, there are no lover, or people you like, right?” Du Yao looked at Ye You seriously and confirmed with him personally.

“Yes,” Ye You replied, “I am not married, there are no lover, and there are no people I like. But I also don’t want to come on a blind date, I don’t want to rely on blind dates to find a future partner.”

“That’s really … it couldn’t be better.” Du Yao said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Ye You regretted it immediately after asking. He didn’t expected that he would have a day when he couldn’t understand the meaning of the other party’s words, so he was even more reluctant and glared at Du Yao. He doesn’t know how cute he was in Du Yao’s heart while glaring like that.

Du Yao slightly moved forward, smiling at Ye You and said, “It means that we believe that there is a destiny between us, that’s why we will meet again and again.”

Ye You watched him silently for a while, then picked up the pencil on the table and let himself be put into the role of interviewer, trying not to let the other party affect his emotions.

“What’s your name?” Ye You asked.

“Du Yao.”

“Which Yao1Lit. in pinyin. Ye You was asking which Yao character in DuYao’s name was.?”

Du Yao took the pencil in Ye You’s hand, wrote his name on the paper, and then returned the pen to Ye You.

Ye You looked at the two words on the paper and felt a very strange feeling in his heart. The name made him felt familiar, but he couldn’t remember when he had heard or seen it. He could be sure that, in the book he has read, no character named Du Yao exists. However, many of the things he currently knows were not mentioned in the book. Sometimes he even felt that this was not the world in the book, but someone who has lived in this world, write down such a book.

“Age.” Ye You withdrew his thoughts and continued to asked.

“Twenty-six, seven years older than you, but I think this is an age difference without any bad factors.”

“……how many people in the family?”

“Family members are more complicated, but for me, important family members are only grandpa, grandma and parent. Others who are not important to me, there’s no need for you to know.”

“How much is your income?” Ye You tried hard to keep himself as an official interviewer.

“This …, my income has always been collected by my mother for me, so I never know how much money I can make, but one thing is for sure, my future partner will never feel distress because of the money.”

“There is one thing, I must tell you clearly.” Ye You heard Du Yao’s answer so seriously, and felt that it was necessary to remind him, “I don’t want to come to a blind date because I have no plans to get married at all, so…, you know, let’s just go through the process, you don’t have to take it too seriously.”

“You don’t have to worry too much. Relax, I will fully respect your wishes2 T/N: Really? (¬_¬). If you say don’t take it seriously, then I won’t take it seriously. If you want me to take it seriously, I will take it seriously. If you just want to pretend to be on a blind date , I will cooperate with you, if you want to ask any questions, I will answer you truthfully.”

“You … why did you come to have a blind date?” Although Ye You couldn’t see Du Yao’s thoughts, he could see that Du Yao’s momentum and temperament were not cultivated by ordinary families. His family must have background, coupled with his youthfulness, he was already a Lieutenant Colonel. He must have made a lot of warfare, otherwise it will be difficult for the army to serve the crowd, and such people will actually come to the blind date.

“When I was watching your performance, I was attracted by your singing. Your singing was so beautiful and pleasant to listen that I could not disperse in my mind. When I knew that there was this blind date, I thought I might have the opportunity to meet you here, so I took the initiative to apply. I said this, so that you don’t need to feel stressed, these are my own feelings, you can not to care.”

No one will dislike the compliments that others send from the heart, especially when the other person looked like someone who will not easily praised others, even Ye You can not help but feel comfortable because of Du Yao’s praise.

“So you came here specifically, not for a blind date, but just to meet me?”

“People always yearn for beautiful things, but I am very self-knowledged. Although I am moved by you, I have never thought of getting you or being with you. After all, I may go to the battlefield again at any time. And face death at any time. Every time when I narrowly escaped death on the battlefield, I think, fortunately, I don’t have a lover, otherwise it’s too pitiful to leave him alone. So, I just want to keep you, the beauty, in my heart, not want you to be a pitiful person.”

Ye You froze, Du Yao’s words, make his hands clenched unconsciously, he felt a very angry feeling in his heart.

Du Yao looked at Ye You and continued, “So at the beginning, when you said you didn’t really want to have a blind date, I said that it would be better. Out of selfishness, I hope you don’t choose a soldier as a future partner. Otherwise, you will live in fear and most of the time live in loneliness. You deserve a happier life.”

“If you say it like that, then what am I? You protect your country with your life and blood. I enjoy your protection while I deliberately choose not to marry a soldier because I can’t stand worry and loneliness? In your eyes, I am such a person?” Ye You became more and more angry because of his words.

“I didn’t say these words because I felt that you are that kind of person. I sincerely hope you can be happy, for all your life, that’s why I said these. If I offend you, I’m sorry. But I hope you can seriously consider my words, thank you for talking with me for so long.” Du Yao stood up, put on a military cap, and turned to leave.

Ye You looked at his back, because the words he(DY) said, he(YY) feel inexplicably upset.

After Du Yao left, someone immediately came to sit down. Some people next to him who had been paying attention to this opportunity were annoyed because they did not grab the seat.

“Hello, I am…….”

“Sorry, I’m a little uncomfortable. Please allow me to leave first.” Ye You got up and walked out.

DY to LD : I will make him mine no matter what!

DY to YY : I just want to keep you, the beauty, in my heart.. *act solemn*

Me: (→_→)

After he was messing around with YY’s mood, DY literally prevent others to have a blind date with YY LOL

Edited on 25 Oct ’21

  • 1
    Lit. in pinyin. Ye You was asking which Yao character in DuYao’s name was.
  • 2
    T/N: Really? (¬_¬)
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