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SGWMDPAR Chapter 2



Little Pitiful shou rushed up and pushed White Moonlight a little bit. After he finished pushing, he started to feel afraid.


He, a weak person who has been doing design drawings on a computer for a long time, and can’t beat the strong White Moonlight at all.


Just by Little Pitiful shou’s visual observation, White Moonlight was one or two centimeters taller than Scum Gong. In the summer, White Moonlight wore a printed T-shirt. The muscles under the T-shirt looked bulging.


Little Pitiful shou thought of the photo. It was during his high school. It should be a kind of school bully holding a steel pipe and knocking it on someone else’s head.


Little Pitiful shou’s legs started to weaken . He thought that he could just slap the White Moonlight of the Scum Gong . Now it seems that it may be a little unrealistic.


The courage of Little Pitiful shou that swelled under the alcohol began to shrink rapidly, even a little smaller than before. Little Pitiful shou: “Yes, I’m sorry.” White Moonlight looked at the handsome boy who wanted to apologize in front of him , sent a fascinating smile: “It’s okay, do you need me to make way for you?” After speaking, he turned his body sideways.


Little poor Shou continued to apologize: “I didn’t want to hit you at all at first.”


White Moonlight finally understood the logic, narrowed his eyes slightly, and asked: “Do you want to hit me?”


Little Pitiful shou said: “I I don’t want to anymore. “That’s what I just thought about.


White Moonlight thought the boy was quite funny, and twitched the corners of his mouth to molest him: “Why don’t you want to hit me now? Is it because I am too handsome?” Then he raised an eyebrow scornfully at the boy.


Little Pitiful shou was overwhelmed by the drink, and stumbled to give an honest answer: “Because, because I couldn’t beat it.”


White Moonlight was almost about to be pissed off by Little Pitiful shou, and the friends who came to drink together began to laugh. This kid really is so honest.


White Moonlight wondered where he had provoked such a cute child. He was recalling that when he suddenly felt familiar, and then remembered his scumbag first love’s face. 1 [T/N : the Scum Gong is White Moonlight’s first love.]


White Moonlight thought for a while, yes, this is his scumbag first love’s boyfriend who loves to show off his lover. At that time, he also wanted to pity this nice kid who was deceived by the king of cheating.


White Moonlight smiled and asked, “Why are you hitting me?”


Little Pitiful shou said in a daze, “You rob me of a man.” Then he took a glass of spirits on the table and poured it down rather boldly.


White Moonlight understood that this boy was here to seek revenge, maybe he was ready to fight.


White Moonlight looked at the boy’s small body in front of him, feeling funny in his heart.


White Moonlight was going out to spend the whole night with his friends today for his birthday. After eating, he was now drinking and chatting in a bar when he was hit by this child.


White Moonlight thought for a while, such a cute child, it may be unsafe to drink and get drunk alone, so he asked, “Would you like to accompany me on my birthday?”


Little Pitiful shou nodded: “I want to drink.”


White Moonlight relaxed. Holding on the Little Pitiful shou’s shoulders and leading him to turn around, press down on the chair and let him sit down, thinking that when he finished drinking, the  the scumbag first love who came to pick up his boyfriend should also be here.


Little Pitiful shou accepted a drink beside him, White Moonlight sat beside him and chatted with his friends, but the scene was still very harmonious.


By the time they were ready to move to KTV to sing and wait for midnight by the way, Little Pitiful shou was completely drunk and his eyes blurred.


White Moonlight lightly patted the boy’s face in front of him: “Hey, kid, can you go home.”


Little Pitiful shou’s eyes were blurred, and there were some tears in the corners of his eyes. He looked so pitiful, only groaned and said: “I don’t know.”


He doesn’t know what to ask next.


Where is home? do not know. Are you still in school? At which school? do not know.


He just says he doesn’t  know.


It seems that he can’t go home by himself .


White Moonlight felt that it was a bit unkind to leave such a cute boy here, so he said to his friend: “You go to KTV first, and I will send the kid to his boyfriend and go.”


White Moonlight’s friends all know his Sexual orientation, winking at him while walking along with a smile.


White Moonlight laughed and scolded: “Fuck you, is Lao Tzu 2 [Lao Tzu: an arrogant way of referring to himself] a homewrecker?” After that, he kicked the nearest person.


A group of people went to KTV happily, leaving Little Pitiful shou and White Moonlight in the hotel.


White Moonlight looked at Little Pitiful shou and thought, if he (Gong) already has a boyfriend, he (WM) might be able to call his (WM) scumbag first love.




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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  • 1
    [T/N : the Scum Gong is White Moonlight’s first love.]
  • 2
    [Lao Tzu: an arrogant way of referring to himself]
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  1. Avatar Anon says:

    and then remembered her scumbag first love’s face. 1

    Her > his

    There is also a line with the the

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