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PDM Chapter 1

  1. Contractual marriage

“Please marry me, Your Grace.”


Kyle raised his eyebrow and expressed his query. I held both of my hands together, hoping that the quivering hands would calm down. I thought I just had to say the words that I had put together, but as I’m standing in front of him, my voice trembled from the tension, and I couldn’t even speak properly. I lowered my line of sight to avoid Kyle’s eyes.

“Yes, marry me, your grace.”

Kyle’s sharp eyes scoured me. Perhaps it was to find my intentions of proposing a marriage. How much time passed by, before he took his eyes off me as if he didn’t understand my intentions. No, precisely speaking it was the eyes that lost interest.

That’s plausible. There must be countless families sending him proposals.

The Duke of Herace, In the war that ended not long ago, he slashed the enemy’s neck, leading years of war to victory and offered the head of the enemy general to the emperor. He gained enormous wealth and power for his work, so it was natural that attention was followed.

On top of that, He had a beautiful appearance, so he was a figure coveted by everyone. Dark hair like ink and grey eyes like dawn clouds. Only in light did his eyes hold color, shining brightly as a colorful jewel.

Kyle turned his face to me with a shallow breath. Seeing his face which looked so cold and insensitive, It won’t be an exaggeration to say that he looked as if his enemy was in front of him.

As Kyle lowered his eyelids, a dark shade was cast on his eyes by his eyelashes. Kyle’s eyes, with their dark light, gradually sank and became murky. Seeing that he slightly frowned, he seemed to feel uncomfortable and repulsed by the situation.

Yes, his feelings about my absurdity were understandable. A viscount Young-ae*1Young-ae*:-A word used to honor the daughter of a superior. suddenly came to visit him. Aelle Karena from the family of Viscount ‘Karena’ whose financial condition is unstable and whose name can’t even be found in the political world.

She was the daughter of Viscount Karena, who is addicted to gambling and drinking, and had an older brother, who cut off ties with the family. In short, her father was no less than a small local aristocrat.

I bet he’s never even heard my name. I only met him today because, when I heard that the owner of a flower shop I often visit was going to deliver flowers to the Herace family, I came to deliver them instead.

The florist’s owner said the duke was picky about checking the flowers himself, but for me, it was the only chance to meet with him.

It’s absurd that the woman who came to deliver the flowers revealed her identity and asked for such a thing.

Although it was rude, he listened to me with curious eyes. Of course, it wasn’t long before his interest was cut off, just like a puppet’s string.

Kyle rose calmly from his seat as if he had not an ounce of regret. Meanwhile, he had a bored look on his face.

“Lady Aelle Karena. I have no intention of marrying anyone.”

He put a stop as if he was unwilling to have any more conversations.


His eyes were as indifferent as while seeing a bug. I rubbed the damp sweat on my palm against my clothes.

As Kyle’s gaze wandered away from me and his steps had just reached the parlor door, I brought up the words that I had already thought of.

“Because you love Countess Hari Harden, the wife of the deceased ‘Louis Harden’.

His steps stopped sharply. I had no idea how long the silence would stay. Fear crept upon me, but I maintained my posture keeping my waist upright.

The road I have to go is longer than this. This is the only way for me to be by his side.


Kyle turned around slowly and tilted his head to the side. As if to block my impudent behaviour, He twisted his lips. Overwhelmed by his ferocious energy, it was hard to breathe.

“Your level of chattering is too much.”

“… …”

“Speak Clearly.”

“… …”

“I have nothing to lose, so there’s nothing I’m afraid of.”

“No, your grace has something to lose and be afraid of.”

He wrinkled his brows and exuded displeasure. It is indeed unpleasant for a young girl from an unknown family to dare to pretend to know his feelings.

That’s an expected response. I clasped my hands together.

“You’re afraid that the Countess will notice your heart and turn away from your grace.”

Kyle narrowed his eyes and clenched his teeth. It felt as if I opened my mouth even just a little more right now, he would strike my neck

“Why are you sure I love her?”

Because I saw you. In my eyes, which saw you without missing a moment. Your wet eyes as you stared at her and your hands that could not reach her shoulders.

Because when you were only looking at her, I was looking only at you.

Above all, she was a long-time friend of Louis and Kyle. The fact was quite famous that the first engagement story to come out was of her and Duke Herace. So, not just me but also others could infer and doubt his heart.

“It is said that true love can’t be hidden.”

“You’re talking pretty romantic words for someone asking for a deal.”

Kyle returned to his seat and sat across from me. That meant it was worth listening to.

“If the relationship between Your Grace and the Countess were to be questioned, Who would be the most troubled?”

No matter how much time he has spent on the battlefield, even if he is insensitive to society, he will know.

What kind of treatment will the noble, rumored to be in an illicit relationship with an unmarried duke, receive in the future? Among the nobles who trusted words of mouth, it was rumored that there was an obvious illicit relationship even before the marriage. To her, who has refused to remarry and wants to live alone, the future will be lonely and difficult.

Kyle roughly ruffled his hair, his grey eyes radiating coldness.


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    Young-ae*:-A word used to honor the daughter of a superior.
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  1. Avatar DAngel7 says:

    Can’t wait to see how their relationship will develop yet at the same time, I would rather the story move to the point of the prologue and what happens after it.
    Thank you for picking this story and sharing it.

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