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MDWWHA Chapter 26 Part 3

Chapter 26 Part 3

Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore

Chapter 26 Part 3:

Zhou Mingxuan said with a calm expression: “Is this that colleague of yours?”


“Yes.” Zhou Chenxi admitted, “I’ve worked with him before.”


“You have worked with him several times, right?” Zhou Mingxuan said, “I knew it, he doesn’t look like a good guy.”


Zhou Chenxi: “….” 

Actually not, objectively speaking, Luo Xinghe still looked quite good.


But Zhou Chenxi was not in the mood to refute Zhou Mingxuan and watched the news for several times more. 


The more he watched, the more he felt something was wrong.


The news did not say that Luo Xinghe was suspected of any criminal offence, but he was in fact under control.


Zhou Mingxuan went upstairs to work. Zhou Chenxi avoided his brother and called someone he knew on the set, but the other party was mumbling and unable to tell him the reason why. Zhou Chenxi simply called Zhi Qi again.


Fortunately, Zhi Qi told Zhou Chenxi all he knew without being reserved. As manager, he had a lot of connections so he spent some time asking around in order to help Zhou Chenxi. He finally found out what had actually happened. He called him back : “Someone said that regarding Lu Zong’s car accident case, Luo Xinghe is the one who ordered someone to do it. The police are now in the middle of investigating and collecting the evidence.”


“What did you say?!” Zhou Chenxi was startled.


“It was a guy on the ‘watermelon station’ who said that the first episode of《Carp》that was planned to air next week had been withdrawn. He said it would depend on the situation. After all, with Luo Xinghe in this state. He’s in 30340 scenes, so they don’t know if they are going to cut his part or not.”


“What’s going on?” Zhou Chenxi questioned him in detail, “Why did you say that Lu Zong’s car accident case was done with his order? What is the proof?”


Zhi Qi was taken aback by his serious tone: “Don’t be in a hurry ah! I haven’t finished talking yet. I heard that Lu Zong’s side is the one who submitted the evidence. Do you know the Luo Xing Corporation? The chairman, Luo Xingzhou is Luo Xinghe’s adopted brother. There’s gossip that he’s always secretly in love with Luo Xinghe. Didn’t Luo Xinghe sign a contract with ‘Huang Tian’ two years ago? It was Luo Xingzhou who paved the way for him behind the scenes. He’s been developing ‘smoothly’ for these past two years. His brother has done a lot of work.”


‘Bang!’ Zhou Chenxi accidentally overthrew the cup in his hand.


“Xixi, are you okay?” Zhou Mingxuan rushed over after he heard the noise. 


The aunty who was already asleep in the housekeeper’s room, had woken up by the noise. She came over to help Zhou Chenxi cleaning up the mess: “Oh, don’t step on it with your bare feet! You’ll get hurt, it’s full of pieces of glass.”


“Sorry.” On tiptoe, Zhou Chenxi ran back to his room, leaving behind a baffled aunty and a worried Zhou Mingxuan.


Zhou Chenxi turned on his computer. He heard Zhi Qi still talking on the other end, “You’re talking about Lu Group right? It deserves to be called as the giant power of film and television investment who knows his way around the entertainment industry. The police haven’t even started their investigation yet but they’ve already released the news. Many gossip marketing accounts have already received the order from the Lu Group now. It is not a secret that the first one to post it will get the heat. You’ll be able to read a lot of gossip in a minute.”


Zhou Chenxi refreshed the webpage.


Sure enough, a gossip blogger he had been following senselessly had posted an advertorial ——《Doxing those affairs of Luo Xing Corp》


Then many gossip marketing accounts followed up.


《The Secret of Luo Xinghe and his brother Luo Xingzhou》, 《Disillusioned! The idols of the entertainment circle are caught in the mire of illicit trade, what are the interests behind?》……


Zhou Chenxi read it one by one, he felt that he could understand all the words, however when he put it together, it felt very mystical. 


He finally figured it out.


Luo Xinghe’s brother was called Luo Xingzhou, he was a brother from the same orphanage as Luo Xinghe.


Zhou Chenxi had read about this story line in the book. Luo Xingzhou was one of Luo Xinghe’s harem. They grew up together and their relationship was extraordinary.


Later, Luo Xinghe entered the entertainment circle. Both of them were so busy that they had less and less opportunities to meet. Zhou Chenxi hadn’t seen much of this part of the story involving Luo Xingzhou.


Now, it was so soon? A man who hadn’t even appeared in the book for a few times, but now he screwed up and got caught on the scene?


That night, Zhou Chenxi had a dream about this book《Koi Conquers the Entertainment Circle》.He opened the book and read it, but the contents were different from what Zhou Chenxi had seen before.


The book had an ending.


In the end, Luo Xinghe conquered the entertainment circle, conquered the business world, and took away everything that originally belonged to others. Inside this world, he had everything going his way1[要风得风,要雨得雨 the literal one is : get wind if one wants it; get rain if one wants it— which means get whatever one wants]


Zhou Chenxi felt very sad. He was deep in thought as he read that book once again.


Then he noticed that the content was different again.


Every time he flipped through the book, there was something different, an extremely slight difference but the same ending.


Without exception, no one was happy.


Including Lu Ji. 


Lu Ji was the most miserable one in this world.


Zhou Chenxi thought that because his way of death was always the same but Lu Ji had a variety of ways to die.


There were times when the writing about Lu Ji was not much, he finished his part of the story line and then sadly existed. On the other times he was being described in long length (of writing). 


At this time, it was as if Lu Ji was trying to break out of this world and he was trying very hard to change his fate. But it was no use, he would still be defeated in the end.


Zhou Chenxi flipped through the pages several times and came to a story where Lu Ji was being written the most.


In that story, Lu Ji was very vivid. The book described Lu Ji’s entire life. He was born in the big family of the Lu family, but was not valued as a child. He was brought up by his mother, but she was not capable, just a random marriage tool that his father found in order to seize power.


Later, when his father died, Lu Ji was even more rejected by the rest of the Lu family, as he was the grandson of the old Lu chairman and the rightful heir of the Lu family. Therefore, those relatives of the Lu family who harbor ill intentions in their hearts were obviously related by blood but they did something worse than beasts ; they even poisoned the water Lu Ji drank when he was a child, almost killing him. 


Lu Ji grew up in such an environment so he did not rely on and trust others, yet having to work with those who appeared to be more amiable than the Lu’s relatives, leading to his established failure in the end. 


Don’t work hard anymore! Why do you keep trying?


It was as if Zhou Chenxi had sunk into a dream that he could not wake up from, a dream in which he sometimes became Lu Ji and experienced him putting on a mask and smiling at all those who treated him with ill intentions, only to have his heart sink like lead (chemistry element with Pb symbol) after learning the end.


Fail again! He thought, ‘What should I do to break free from this kind of ending? ‘


Stop trying! Don’t work hard anymore!


Zhou Chenxi shouted at Lu Ji as he made his way through inside the invisible greyness. As he walked along, finally he saw the light and woke up suddenly. In a short while, he used too much strength to breath, choking on the air. He coughed severely before he realised that it was already dawn.


It’s dawn! I could see the light. 


Zhou Chenxi got out of bed and hurriedly opened his computer again to see if there was any new news about Luo Xinghe.


Suddenly the phone rang, startling Zhou Chenxi.


Zhou Chenxi picked it up and found that it was Zhi Qi calling.


Zhi Qi’s voice was especially energetic: “Zhou Chenxi!”


Probably because he could see that Zhou Chenxi was particularly concerned about Luo Xinghe’s affairs, so Zhiqi did his best. After all, Zhou Chenxi’s popularity has increased recently; he was still counting on Zhou Chenxi to make him money: “Guess, what I’ve found out again?”


        “What is it?” Zhou Chenxi’s voice was a little hoarse. 


        “You have a cold?” Zhiqi asked.


        “No,” Zhou Chenxi answered, “It’s probably because of the wind last night.”


Zhi Qi didn’t doubt it and continued to say: “Luo Xingzhou is really under control. He has no background, but his only strong point is his willingness to go all out. He’s only been in society for a few years yet his company is running well, almost as good as ‘Zhou Xin’. What do you think he’s relying on? If he hadn’t broken the law or used dishonest practices, he wouldn’t have made it that far.”


When Zhou Chenxi heard this, he became upset : “What’s wrong with Zhou Xin? Zhou Xin has always been a law-abiding company, it doesn’t cheat on taxes, it doesn’t use dirty tricks, and it helps the country every year by doing the public welfare. How could you compare it to those small workshop companies?”


Zhou Chenxi stepped on Luo Xing without sparing any effort and in passing, he was also flattering his brother. 


Zhi Qi didn’t know why, he didn’t even use Lu Group’s name and compare it to Luo Xing yet, but he mentioned an unrelated company and this already made him so angry. However Zhi Qi didn’t care, he was still focused on the gossip: “Luo Xinghe is still under investigation, but there may not be enough evidence. Huang Tian should have found a way to bail Luo Xinghe out.”


Knowing that it might not be appropriate to go out at a time like this. He should stay at home, yet Zhou Chenxi still asked Zhi Qi anyway, “Do I have another job in the next two days?”


Zhiqi was stunned for a moment : ” The《Carp》side over there still do not know what to say yet, so just wait for the announcement ba! I’ll see if there’s any other work for you to take.”


Zhi Qi was very happy as he began to imagine the scene when he would get a lot of money if later Zhou Chenxi became a famous celeb. 


        “No need to arrange that,” Zhou Chenxi said, “Soon《 The Journey Record to Immortality》will start shooting. I’ll read the script properly, other than that, let’s wait until the schedule for《Carp》is set, then we will talk about it.”


        Zhi Qi felt that Zhou Chenxi was a bit different, but he couldn’t say what was different. He was particularly good at talking so he quickly said: “Okay, all right, you take a good rest then!”


After hanging up the phone, Zhi Qi went back to count how many fans Zhou Chenxi’s Weibo account had gained.


    Zhou Chenxi didn’t have time to care about this. He remembered the dream he had last night and especially wanted to go to the hospital to see Lu Ji.


        He said he would, so he would go. He sent a message to Lu Ji to make sure that Lu Ji had nothing planned for the day, and then he took a taxi to the hospital.


        The journey was quite smooth, even the red lights on the road were much less. Zhou Chenxi wasn’t sure if this was merely his misconception or if things really changed for the better. When he arrived at the front door of the ward, someone inside said: “I’ll come to visit you again later. You take a good rest!”


        That was a woman’s voice.


        “Hn.” Lu Ji said, “You pay attention to your health too.”


        The door to the ward was opened and Zhou Chenxi met face to face with a beautiful middle-aged woman.


        The woman had a wavy perm and her facial features were a bit like Lu Ji’s. Although she looked young, there were still signs of aging in the corners of her eyes.


Zhou Chenxi instantly recognised that it was Lu Ji’s mother.


The dream last night was so powerful. Zhou Chenxi became Lu Ji for a while. He almost got too deep into the act and called Lin Yujiao “Mom” out of the blue. Luckily, he managed to hold back and called her, “Auntie.”


        “En?” The woman responded, slightly looking at Zhou Chenxi up and down and said, “You look a bit familiar ah? How old are you? Are you looking for a marriage partner?”


        Zhou Chenxi: “?”


        Lu Ji said from inside, “Mom, it’s my friend. Chenxi, come in!”


       The woman said, “Ask him what is wrong. He looks quite good ah!”


        She turned back to Zhou Chenxi and asked, “Did you come to see Xiao Ji yesterday?”


        Zhou Chenxi blushed with shame as Lu Ji said from inside again, “Zhou Chenxi.”


          Zhou Chenxi nodded politely as he walked around Lu Ji’s mom to go inside. He heard Lin Yujiao say to the bodyguard from behind: “Nice figure and good looking, pretty eyes and long legs also a perky ass. He doesn’t look bigger than Xiao Ji either. Remember to help me get his phone number later.”


        Zhou Chenxi covered his buttocks at once and looked back to see Lin Yujiao smiling at him:  “Don’t be afraid! Our family Xiao Ji is quite good, or else …You …”    


“Madam.” The bodyguard hurriedly went to help Lin Yujiao press the lift button which was not far away, “You take care!”


Lin Yujiao pinned her long hair behind her ear, sighed and regretfully walked to the lift. She also didn’t forget to tell the bodyguard :”Remember to let him leave behind his phone number!”


Zhou Chenxi baffled over this as he went in. Before he could say anything, he heard Lu Ji say to him : “Do not mind her! My mom always suspected that I raised a little celeb2[ Raise a little celeb here is the same context of keeping a man or Lu Ji being a sugar daddy here. Using the word little for the celeb because I assumed that based on what I know that usually the celeb that being a kept man is not the famous one or newbie celeb or probably just because he is young, so that’s why the author used the word ‘little’ added into it. ]. When you showed up today, she got her evidence.”


        Zhou Chenxi: “…”


        What kind of evidence is that?


        So I came at a bad time?




        I felt like my reputation was damaged because of this judgement. 

Translator OS:

I got goosebumps while translating this chapter, I mean the dream part.





  • 1
    [要风得风,要雨得雨 the literal one is : get wind if one wants it; get rain if one wants it— which means get whatever one wants]
  • 2
    [ Raise a little celeb here is the same context of keeping a man or Lu Ji being a sugar daddy here. Using the word little for the celeb because I assumed that based on what I know that usually the celeb that being a kept man is not the famous one or newbie celeb or probably just because he is young, so that’s why the author used the word ‘little’ added into it. ]
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  1. Avatar Aries says:

    Ngl when Zhou chenxi woke up I wanted to see Lu Ji as well. My heart aches for him I just want them to be happy so bad 😭😭😭 and for that bitch protagonist to get what he deserves

  2. Avatar Lori says:

    Ahhhhhh Lu Ji!!! This time you have your lucky salted fish, he will protect you!

    I always wonder about the “original” novels in this sort of rebirth story. I enjoy reading stories about the underdog who comes from nothing and works their way up, funny stories about people who don’t seem to do much but everything works out anyways, and dramatic revenge stories where the protagonist is a vicious black belly out for blood. But like. A protagonist who relies on favors from multiple “second” male leads who then conveniently die and destroys side characters who’ve never done anything to him because they have things he wants. Why would anyone read that book?

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