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MSGVB Chapter 64.1

Meet the Parent + Scum man’s Regret (Part 1)
Translator: Hua

Editor: Bamboozled?

Chapter 64: Meet the Parent + Scum man’s Regret (Part 1)

“Jing Xun.” In the swaying car, Shen Yijin raised his other hand to cover Jing Xun’s.

Perhaps it was the shadow cast by the young man’s long eyelashes that made him look a little sad, or perhaps it was rare for the youth to show his vulnerable side so evidently.

Shen Yijin’s lips moved, but in the end, he didn’t ask anything.

He just called him softly, and didn’t ask him what’s wrong, which made Jing Xun a little more at ease.

After all, if sir had asked, this matter would be quite difficult to explain.   


Why did he feel sad when everything was perfectly fine?

Obviously, everything had become very beautiful.   

With this thought, Jing Xun looked up again, and showed Shen Yijin a big smile.   

Seeing the worry in the other party’s indifferent eyes, Jing Xun suddenly thought of something: “By the way…we are getting engaged, but it seems that my mother doesn’t know yet…”   

His only thought was to talk to Ms. Luo about the situation regarding his scum dad, but he suddenly forgot… It seemed that for a mother, the matter of her son getting married was obviously bigger and more important right?  


Shen Yijin responded, somewhat puzzled: “Is Xiao Xun worried about this?”   

“Uh…” Jing Xun replied, “I’m a little worried.”   

Above all, he didn’t know Ms. Luo’s opinion about her son finding a boyfriend!   

Even if the other party opposed it, it would not affect his relationship with Shen Yijin.   

People of the same sex were allowed to marry in this world, and he could take a long time to convince Ms. Luo.   

But in that case… It was still too awful to think about.   

“Don’t worry.” Shen Yijin squeezed his hand and said, his firm and serious gaze was meeting Jing Xun’s pair of warm eyes as he said, “Xiao Xun’s mother will definitely agree.”   

Jing Xun: ?  

“How does sir know?”   

He became curious.   

Shen Yijin didn’t say why, he just told him that he would know when the time came.   

When they arrived at the hospital, and came to the ward with two large packages of gifts, Ms. Luo had long been waiting in front of the door.  

She looked much better than before.   

Shen Yijin arranged a suite for them on the top floor.

The suite had two bedrooms and one living room. One room was designated for the patient and the other room was for the accompanying family members.

In addition, there was a large living room that could be used as an activity room. The bathroom and toilet were also well-equipped and very convenient.  

The entire suite was well organized, and except that there was no kitchen for cooking, everything else looked no different from “home”.

And Ms. Luo, who practically lived here, was not as wretched as she was earlier in the public hospital.

She put on a new dress that she had rarely seen wearing before, and greeted Jing Xun enthusiastically: “Xiao Xun, Mr. Shen, you guys are here, take a seat.”   

As she spoke, she took the things in their hands swiftly, for fear that they would be exhausted after a long time.   

Ms. Luo’s voice was still as loud as ever: “When you say come over, just come over, why would you buy these things! What are you buying these things for, it’s a waste of money…”  


Faced with his mother’s admonition full of educational tone, Jing Xun blinked in bewilderment and explained: “These are all prepared by sir.”   

“…Who prepared it doesn’t matter!” Ms. Luo: “Mr. Shen’s money is not brought by a windfall! I told you I’m pretty good here, I don’t need anything.”   

“En.” Jing Xun replied in a low voice without refuting her.   

Instead, Shen Yijin said, “They are all common things that can be used normally. Auntie, if you need anything else, you can tell me at any time.”   

“I really don’t need anything.” Ms. Luo said.   

She immediately let the two people sit down, poured water for them, and brought back freshly cut fruit.   

“Mr. Shen has sent everything here during this period, what else can I lack? There really is nothing missing.”

Ms. Luo again said: “I can’t thank you enough for sponsoring Xiao Xuan and taking care of our family.”   

Shen Yijin said, “It was Jing Xun who helped me more.”

Ms. Luo laughed again, and said: “My Xiao Xun is capable and very motivated. It’s just that I have to ask Mr. Shen to take care of him more. Don’t worry, my Xiao Xun is very smart. if there’s anything he doesn’t know, you can teach him and he’ll learn it in no time.”   

Shen Yijin said, “Jing Xun is very smart.”   

“Haha.” Ms. Luo immediately smiled happily upon hearing it: “Then let Xiao Xun follow you more in the future. Alas, with our family situation, I have always wronged Xiao Xun…”   

When she was talking, Jing Xun couldn’t help turning his head and glanced in the direction of Shen Yijin.  

He didn’t seem to have any special purpose in the past, but he felt that sir was too good, and he could talk to his mother freely…he couldn’t do it!   

Jing Xun, who was originally worried that he wouldn’t know what to say in front of Ms. Luo suddenly felt that he didn’t have to feel afraid of being awkward.   

He glanced over, and the other party seemed to sense it in his heart, and then turned his head to look at him.  

Shen Yijin: Auntie asked me to teach you.   

Jing Xun: What to teach?   

Shen Yijin showed a slight smile, but he didn’t say anything.   

Jing Xun: ? 

Shen Yijin: Auntie also asked you to follow me.  

Jing Xun smiled: Oh.  

Shen Yijin: En.   

Jingxun:… Then, I’ll follow you.   

Jing Xun’s face was a little hot.   

He didn’t know why he could understand the meaning in sir’s eyes, but in front of his parents, he didn’t dare to do anything like playing with his fingers or burying his head on sir.  

Jing Xun only dared to sit there with his legs firm and waist straight, obediently listening to Ms. Luo who continued talking.

Ms. Luo was almost as polite as Shen Yijin. In his stead, Shen Yijin was the one who inquire about Ms. Luo’s well-being on his behalf. Jing Xun told her the scum dad and Yan Zhengbo came to ask Shen Yijian for help, but was rejected by them.   

Ms. Luo immediately flew into rage when she heard this.  

“This scum hasn’t taken care of his child in the past ten years, and now he wants to use you…” The grumpy Ms. Luo stood up, and immediately called that scum man to reason with him.   

They had deleted each other’s phone numbers for many years, but Ms. Luo still knew his company and home address.   

Jing Xun was also worried that she would be impulsive after hearing this,  which was why he did not mention it over the phone, but chose to say it in person.   

This way, he could at least comfort Ms. Luo in time when she was in a bad mood, and also prevented her from doing foolish things on impulse.

He had expected her to be angry, and didn’t want to tell her about it.   

But there was no guarantee that the Yan family members wouldn’t come to harass Ms. Luo after being treated coldly by Jing Xun.

Ms. Luo, as one of the parties involved, must know of this matter.   

Jing Xun said: “The matter is over, but if the Yan family comes to harass you, then you have to call me as soon as possible.”   

“They dare!” If not for the fact that the people present were her son and her benefactor, Ms. Luo would have let loose a stream of abuse.

But even so, there was no less scolding.   

“It would be best if he dared to come to me and see if I don’t scold him to death. Shameless thing! The older he is, the more shameless he becomes!”   

Jing Xun hurriedly changed the subject and asked her again if she needed to file a lawsuit to claim alimony.   

At the time of the divorce that year, Yan Guangzhuo was influenced by his current wife, who was also the mistress back then, and unexpectedly resorted to a deliberate struggle for custody and asking Ms. Luo to voluntarily give up her alimony.   

Ms. Luo couldn’t really leave her son in that house. She had a strong personality, and in order to take the original owner away from that disgusting father earlier, she agreed.

Afterwards, she didn’t even think about asking for previous alimony.   

However, Jing Xun incidentally dealt with the lawyer team next to Shen Yijin recently. After understanding the situation, several lawyers believed that the situation of that year could actually be appealed again, and the chance of winning was very high.

Jing Xun came to ask Ms. Luo if she wanted to appeal again.

“That has to be appealed!” Ms. Luo said firmly, “Who doesn’t like money!”   

“Even if the appeal fails, It’s good to provoke that surname Yan!” She looked at Jing Xun and felt that her son had been wronged, and her mood inevitably fell again.   

But she tried her best not to let Jing Xun see it, she just wiped her eyes and said, “If there is anything that needs to be done from my side, Mom will definitely cooperate fully.”  

Jing Xun said that he understood. There was probably nothing for Ms. Luo to do beside signing a few documents, and the rest would be handled by professional lawyers.

“But does the appeal cost a lot of money? Xiao Xun, on your side…” Ms. Luo expressed concern again.   

Even though Jing Xun had told her more than once that he had money now, and he had already debited a lot in Ms. Luo’s account, the more money he sent, the heavier Ms. Luo’s worries became.   

During this period of time, she asked Jing Xun carefully about what he was doing every time, as if she was afraid that he would go astray.  

From the perspective of Ms. Luo, maybe she still couldn’t believe that Jing Xun had become rich overnight.   

Although Jing Xun had already explained to her, he also asked Shen Yijin to help explain.

But after today’s consolation, she would still call worriedly every two days, asking if Jing Xun’s work was going well. She was worried that he was actually doing something illegal, and had been comforting her and lying to her all these times. Even if he was really doing scientific research, she was worried that Jing Xun would work too hard and wear himself out.   

So Jing Xun didn’t explain it anymore, he simply said, “I’m asking sir’s lawyer team for help, it doesn’t cost money.”

Ms. Luo: “…That causes even more trouble for Mr. Shen!”  

Jing Xun & Shen Yijin: “…..”

“Mom, actually…” At this point, even if he didn’t dare to say it before, Jing Xun had to bite the bullet and explain it honestly now.

“Actually, sir and I… are about to get the certificate.”  

There was a moment of silence, and Ms. Luo hadn’t quite caught on: “…get the certificate?”

Jing Xun said: “Marriage certificate.”

Ms. Luo: “……?!!!”

Jing Xun couldn’t help becoming nervous when he saw the other party’s shocked expression.   

Who would have thought that he could have a mother in his lifetime.   

And now, he was bringing his boyfriend to see his mother…!   

This was really… a thrilling experience.


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