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MSGVB Chapter 60

Villainous Aptitute

Translator: Hua

Editor: Bamboozled?

Chapter 60: Villainous Aptitude

Sitting on the cute-looking golf cart, Jing Xun’s cell phone rang as he headed towards the racecourse.

Not surprisingly, it was a call from the original owner’s biological father.

Jing Xun showed Shen Yijin the caller ID, and then slowly picked up the phone under his gaze.


After leaving the manor, the group made their way to the horse farm at the back.

This was a large lawn, not only a racecourse but also a golf course.

But what Shen Yijin said earlier about “playing two games” wasn’t horse riding or golf, but target shooting.

Hearing that President Shen was coming for target shooting, everyone automatically came to the shooting range.

As the only person in the audience who desperately wanted to stay away from here, Yan Zhengbo had no choice but to follow them all the way.

There were public target shooting rooms as well as private VIP rooms.

Regardless of the venue, it was said that real weapons were used inside.

Others first played in the public shooting room for a while, without competing. Each person occupied a window, practicing as they pleased.

And then, to the bewilderment of others, President Shen took the initiative to mention Yan Zhengbo, wanting to “compare notes” with him.

“Hey, I’m so tired, let’s go over there and take a break.”

Seeing that his boss started pointing at that person, Xiao Tang hurriedly cooperated and gave others a look.

Although the other people present had no idea what was going on, they still understood Xiao Tang shao ye’s implication. They all went to the rest area on one side and sat down to chat.

In the shooting venue, only Shen Yijin and Yan Zhengbo were left.

Although the shooting range was closed, the rest area was semi-open. Since it was far away from the shooting area, you wouldn’t be shocked by the sound of gunshot over there, even without headphones.

It was just that the distance was too far, so they couldn’t hear what President Shen said to that person.

As far as everyone could see, Shen Yijin slowly took off his suit jacket and hung it aside.

The black gem cufflinks were shining brightly. Shen Yijin slowly rolled up his sleeves without saying a word.

“This man is so stupid, he doesn’t even know that he has offended others.”

Looking at the two people standing opposite each other on the field, the little rich second generation who “introduced” Yan Zhengbo couldn’t help but ridicule him.

Although he also wanted to know how Yan Zhengbo offended President Shen, he dared not to ask.

His status was actually not high enough to attend this private party.

He also knew deep down that he was able to come here only because he was able to call out Yan Zhengbo.


It was said that the reason why President Shen, who rarely attended any events, came to this party was because he wanted to meet this person.

So the question arises, what exactly had this person done that was worthy of President Shen immobilizing such a crowd like this?

While speaking, his gaze fell, intentionally or unintentionally, on “Mrs. Shen” who was sitting in the front row next to the young master of the Tang family.

The youth in white suit was brilliant and dazzling.

His face was absolutely gorgeous, yet gentle like a pool of warm water, his eyes and eyebrows were as warm as jade, and his facial features were exquisite and delicate.

To be honest, if this person hadn’t come with President Shen, or if President Nie hadn’t paid special attention to him, he would have to approach him directly!

To his astonishment, this person unexpectedly turned out to be President Shen’s lover.

…Not a boyfriend, nor a playmate.

But the kind you’re getting married to, a legal spouse. 

And this young man was also surnamed Yan.

This was tricky….


The center of the shooting range.

Shen Yijin, who slowly revealed his forearm, finally picked up the gun in front of him.

Everyone was also paying attention to president Shen’s score during the free practice just now——he only shot three times.

The movements were random, and he didn’t even take off his suit jacket.

But every shot was done with great precision, hitting the bullseye.

And this time, he picked up the gun once again but didn’t aim at the bullseye, instead…

The tip of the gun was placed against Yan Zhengbo’s chest.

“I don’t know why you are messing with Jing Xun.”

In the empty venue, Shen Yijin’s low mute voice sounded like an elegant cello.

Yet at this moment, the look in his eyes had nothing to do with  grace.

Shen Yijin said indifferently, “But if you can’t get along with him, then you can’t get along with me.”

With a click, he raised his hand and pushed the bullet into the chamber.

The cold barrel of the gun was against his skin, but Yan Zhengbo couldn’t tell whether the metal tube or the look in Shen Yijin’s eyes was colder.

With trembling thighs, he almost fell on his knees.

When he saw Shen Yijin and Yan Jingxun getting out of the car, his psychological defense had begun to collapse.

…He yearned for Nie Yandong’s world.

But who would have thought that Shen Yijin’s world was beyond Nie Yandong’s reach.

The flattering and fawning in the eyes of those people couldn’t be fake.

He couldn’t compete.

And would never be able to compete.

In the past, he had a heart loftier than the sky1Very proud and ambitious. Even if he knew the other party’s status, he never really put it in his eyes. 

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers2Young people are brave and courageous. They’re not afraid to challenge those who are more experienced than them

But today, after seeing these people fawning over Shen Yijin, including the person he tried to flatter, only then did he realize no matter how strong you are, there would always be someone stronger.

This was the beginning of Yan Zhengbo’s real fear.

And at this moment, when looking at Shen Yijin, the feeling of being looked down upon by a monarch  and apathetically overlooked from above… made him feel tightness in his chest and shortness of breath, followed by a strong sense of oppression which made him unable to breath.

Yan Zhengbo had never experienced this kind of aura accumulated from years of malicious and insidious deposition.

Those eyes were clearly cold and noble… just looking at the eye shape, they were a pair of very beautiful eyes.

But they were so overcast and gloomy. It was so dark that the bottom couldn’t be seen, just like a black hole that could tear him into pieces at any time.

On one hand, he was shocked by the sight, and on the other hand, there was a feeling of surrendering all of himself in front of this person.

He was terrified to the point of breaking down completely.

“I …… I didn’t think about it that much.” Yan Zhengbo said while shivering.

He couldn’t wait to explain and repent even though he was keenly aware that this wasn’t what Shen Yijin wanted to hear.

“I just want…my dad…my dad recently wants Yan Jingxun to work at the company, I think, I think he’s in my way.”


“It wasn’t intentional, I know, now I know, Yan Jingxun is your person, I, I…”

Driven by some instinct, he finally said: “I promise, I won’t trouble Yan Jingxun in the future…absolutely, absolutely there will never be another time!”

“You said this yourself. ” 

Yan Zhengbo: “Yes, yes.”

Shen Yijin: “Keep it in mind.”

The cold metal tube against his chest slowly moved down, and finally removed completely.

Shen Yijin began to adjust the gun.

“What you did earlier was fabrication and slander. I have already found a lawyer to deal with it.”

Yan Zhengbo was now very much on the right track, he immediately nodded and said: “Good, good, I will cooperate with whatever compensation is needed…I will apologize to Yan Jingxun…Jingxun.”

Shen Yijin didn’t make a sound.

His bland expression didn’t stop on him anymore, Shen Yijin raised his slender left hand steadily, dragged the butt of the rifle, his shoulders sank slightly, and one shoulder was against the handle of the gun.

He hardly looked at the target as he fired a bullet and hit the bullseye again.

“It’s your turn.”

Yan Zhengbo: “…..”

This should be the end of it ……

It took a while for Yan Zhengbo to react before he tremblingly picked up the gun in front of him.

He had also played with a gun before, but it was merely fooling around, how could he hit the target? In addition, his hands were shaking now, in the end he didn’t even hit the outer ring.

The sounds of laughter in the distance came and went, but Yan Zhengbo, who was trembling, didn’t notice anything.

He basically didn’t care about anything anymore. He just wanted to leave this place right away.

At this moment, Tang Li, who was the most familiar with Shen Yijin, was in charge of revealing the secret: “President Shen has practiced shooting abroad for three consecutive years. He also participated in competitions on behalf of his country and won the first prize.”


Others expressed that President Shen was really too awesome.

Only Jing Xun, who was sitting on the sideline, looked a little solemn and a rare absence of a smile.

…It was the first time he saw Shen Yijin’s “full aura” like this.

When he was with him, sir was undoubtedly intelligent, calm and polite.

This was the first time he had seen his….  domineering side.

Without a doubt, he was really handsome. Shen Yijin on the shooting range had a tall and upright posture. It was the kind of dashing brilliant that ordinary people couldn’t compare with.

But…Jing Xun couldn’t be happy when he thought of Shen Yijin as the decisive and ruthless villain described in the book.

He almost forgot, Shen Yijin was still the villain in the book! 

The reason why Jing Xun had such a happy time during this period, and completely ignored this matter, was because Shen Yijin made him feel very affectionate, he couldn’t help but wanting to get close.

But when he really saw sir’s violent side, Jing Xun inevitably began to worry.

Today’s scene suddenly reminded him that Shen Yijin still had the potential and the ability to be a villain.

Shen Yijin, in the end, was still Shen Yijin.


Fortunately, after a round of “comparing notes”, Shen Yijin returned to normal.

He had no intention to continue, and did not even want Yan Zhengbo to be there anymore. Instead, he directly ordered someone to send him back.

As if he had been granting amnesty, Yan Zhengbo said a few words of thanks to President Shen, he almost left with his butt in the air3Extreme panic

“What a wimp.” Tang Li who was amused by his appearance. He walked to Shen Yijin’s side: “Isn’t this Yan Zhengbo much older than little brother Xun Xun? Why is he such a coward? It’s too scary! And he still wants to replace my little brother Xun Xun to inherit the family business?”

Shen Yijin turned his head to look at him indifferently: “Don’t call him ‘little brother Xun Xun’ .”

Tang Li: “……”

When he called Jing Xun “little brother” before, Shen Yijin could still hold back.

Now… It seemed that he couldn’t accept it at all.

Shen Yijin solemnly corrected him: “Jing Xun has a name.”

Tang Li: “Grass4Grass 草[cǎo] has the same pronunciation as 操[cāo] which means f*ck, so grass is sometimes used as a curse word on the internet..”  

Shen Yijin: “?”

Tang Li: “… a kind of plant.”

Shen Yijin: “En.”

Others gathered around and silently watched the “quarrel” between the two big shots, and no one dared to interject.

Nie Yandong, who hadn’t understood what was happening, mustered up the courage to ask, “So… how did that person offend President Shen?”

“Sigh, it’s all over.”

Shen Yijin didn’t say anything. Tang Li explained on his behalf: “That kind of person can’t make any waves. Just scare him a little to ensure that he won’t jump around in the future.”

Nie Yandong: “……”

This kind of official tone, in the end what the hell is going on?!

Instead, Shen Yijin expressed his thanks to Nie Yandong for organizing this gathering.

President Nie hurriedly said, “I have to thank President Shen for gracing us with your presence. In the future, if President Shen has anything to do, you can call and instruct us. For people like that guy just now, there is no need for President Shen to appear personally, we can easily settle this for you!”


“That’s right.”

Others also responded in succession. 

Shen Yijin said: “If President Nie really wants to do the Chengdong Resort project, we will make an appointment for a talk.”

Nie Yandong: ! !

“Okay, okay.” Nie Yandong responded hurriedly.

With a smile of unexpected joy on his face,  President Nie immediately opened his mouth: “Shall we go to the racecourse?”

Of course the others had no objection. Nie Yandong only asked Jing Xun specifically: “Mr. Yan, what do you think?”

When sitting together just now, several people have reached a consensus, not to call Jingxun “Mrs.”, but to call him by his name or Mr. Yan.

In front of President Shen, naturally no one dared to call his lover’s name, therefore Nie Yandong tactfully called him Mr. Yan.

Nie Yandong didn’t think that organizing such a small trap would inadvertently help him gain a small favor from President Shen, which was enough for him to open his mouth and invite him to join the Chengdong Resort project.

That was a high-quality project with at least double the return rate! That was something he couldn’t ask for no matter what!

After thinking about it, Nie Yandong felt that the best thing he had done was to be well aware of current affairs.

——After seeing President Shen’s attitude towards his lover, he would never seek death by sending little fresh meat5Good looking young boy. Instead, he would hug his lover’s thighs and resolutely become his supporter, only then could he please President Shen! 

Jing Xun, who was deliberately asked for advice, glanced at Shen Yijin, he was a bit hesitant to say something, but still said, “Go ahead , let’s go horse riding.”

Jing Xun knew that the truth wasn’t like what other people were guessing. Shen Yijin did not agree to attend this gathering to “teach” Yan Zhengbo a lesson.

If sir wanted to have a “heart to heart talk” with Yan Zhengbo, there were plenty of opportunities to do so.

Shen Yijin came over today mainly because he happened to be invited, so he became very interested and wanted to bring him to play.

Knowing this well, Jing Xun wasn’t afraid that anything would happen, so he agreed.

Although Jing Xun was not in the mood to play now.

At the thought that sir might still blacken one day, he…..

Perhaps noticing his gaze, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Shen Yijin came to him.

“Xiao Xun?” His voice was low but soft: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Jing Xun carefully looked at Shen Yijin’s eyes, only to see his own figure in those pitch-black eyes of the other party.

….Sir was facing him with gentle light in his eyes.

It was almost undetectable, but it was still there. This allowed Jing Xun to feel slightly at ease.

But on second thought: Sir was usually so nice in front of him, but the violent and aggressive side just now switched up without prior notice.

With this thought, Jing Xun’s heart suddenly became restless… No, he had to talk to sir alone.

They! Needed! To! Talk! Now!

He grabbed Shen Yijin’s hand, and realized that everyone else had noticed his movements and looked at him in succession. Jing Xun… was suddenly a little unsure of how to talk to Shen Yijin alone.

Finally, his brain turned at high speed and he came up with an excuse: “I want to go to the bathroom…”

Jing Xun, who wasn’t good at lying, appeared a little unnatural.

At the sight of other people’s questioning and astonished look, his slender eyelashes fluttered restlessly, and the young man said with flushed cheeks: “Sir, will you accompany me for a moment?”

Hua: Hello everyone, I’ll decrease the release to one chapter a week (Every Monday) starting from next week due to health issue. I haven’t been feeling very well recently both mentally and physically.

I’ll release more chapters when I feel like I’m ok again. Sorry everyone. 😔

  • 1
    Very proud and ambitious
  • 2
    Young people are brave and courageous. They’re not afraid to challenge those who are more experienced than them
  • 3
    Extreme panic
  • 4
    Grass 草[cǎo] has the same pronunciation as 操[cāo] which means f*ck, so grass is sometimes used as a curse word on the internet.
  • 5
    Good looking young boy
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