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MSGVB Chapter 59


Translator: Hua

Editor: Bamboozled?

Chapter 59: Coercion

When Jing Xun left with Shen Yijin, he didn’t notice that there were two people hidden in the corner of the corridor.

Er Shao, let’s go back. If Madam knew that you sneaked out again, I’m afraid she would…”

The middle-age man who looked like a housekeeper was bitterly trying to persuade him, but Shen Bohan, who was squatting there, had no intention of moving.

He still had a fever, so his face looked unusually flushed.

Shen Bohan leaned there, breathing heavily, recalling the scene just now.

This morning, he heard that Yan Jingxun had been hung up in the school forum because he cheated in the exam.

Seeing this news, Shen Bohan’s first reaction was that it was impossible.

——The last time Hu Xiaopeng secretly encouraged people to steal the research results of the computer science department and blamed Yan Jingxun, he had already learned about Yan Jingxun’s strength very seriously and comprehensively.

He knew that Yan Jingxun couldn’t have cheated. He wouldn’t do it nor care about it.

So after learning the news, Shen Bohan ran out of the hospital regardless of how the doctors and nurses were trying to stop him.

He thought he should meet the teacher who gave Yan Jingxun 59 points and ask him to re-mark it, or contact the principal directly…

When he rushed to school, he reached this floor, and saw Shen Yijin standing in the corridor from a distance…

His back was facing in his direction, his shoulders slightly lowered, and his back was upright. From behind, Shen Yijin’s figure was as tall as a mountain.

Knowing oneself and one’s enemy, Shen Bohan had always paid close attention to his brother. Just by looking at his back, he was sure that it was his big brother.

For once, Shen Yijin wore a casual outfit today. This made him look a little easy-going and relaxed from the back. But even so, Shen Yijin was still imposing, not giving people the courage to approach him casually.

Shen Bohan hid when the other party turned around.

In the quiet and empty corridor, he could faintly hear his voice talking on the phone…

Obviously, Shen Yijin was also dealing with Yan Jingxun’s affair.


Eventually, he was still one step too late.

Sitting there, Shen Bohan quietly listened to Shen Yijin’s call. After a while, the door of the teacher’s office opened and Yan Jingxun walked out of it.

Shen Bohan struggled to cover his mouth.

The long-term high fever caused inflammation in his lungs. He had to work hard to resist coughing.

But he couldn’t cough, because he didn’t want to be discovered.

…Even if he was concerned about Yan Jingxun, so what.

Yan Jingxun had already found someone who could quickly help him solve the problem. He didn’t need to rely on him at all.

He used to be brain-damaged. He believed that he was so awesome, thinking that Yan Jingxun would rely on him in all respects and couldn’t do without him.


His train of thoughts were suddenly pulled back. Listening to the voice, it should be Yan Jingxun, who just came out of the teacher’s office, and quickly rushed into Shen Yijin’s arms.

In Shen Bohan’s ear, what sounded was the intimate conversation between Yan Jingxun and Shen Yijin, as well as the sound of ice cubes swaying in the milk tea, and Shen Yijin’s low voice…

He probably had a fever again.

Shen Bohan felt like he was falling into an ice cave, his whole body was cold.

He remembered that long ago, his senior also proposed to drink milk tea.

But what happened later… Yan Jingxun was ridiculed by his group of friends, asking why would he want that kind of cheap drink.

Shen Bohan heard those words.

But why didn’t he refute those friends?

Those… fox and dogfriends1A metaphor refers to friends who eat, drink, play together and don’t do anything productive. Or those who collude with each other to do bad things.

In fact, it was just a cup of milk tea.

Why couldn’t he buy one for Yan Jingxun and drink with him….

He wanted to drink milk tea with Yan Jingxun

Like how Shen Yijin was feeding him just now…

Thinking of this, he was really a bastard before.

…That chestnut osmanthus cake that senior Yan bought for him when they first met, he just took a bite in front of senior Yan, and then threw it all away.

What was he thinking at that time? That it was nasty cheap food?

But it was bought for him by Yan Jingxun! The only one in the world!

What was the taste of that sweet-scented osmanthus cake?

He didn’t remember…

He didn’t remember it!

He would never have it again.


…No wonder.

No wonder Yan Jingxun would throw away the sweet-scented osmanthus cake he sent that day without a second thought…

This was all retribution.

Jing Xun and Shen Yijin had left for a long, long time, but Shen Bohan still squatted and didn’t get up.

Even when his mother’s close confidant found him and persuaded him to leave, he didn’t want to move.

Until a WeChat notification sounded, Shen Bo Han looked at the message above before straightening up again.

He muttered to himself: “The man behind the scenes is… senior Yan’s half-brother?”


Yan Zhengbo never expected that the brilliant idea he thought of last night was easily resolved by Yan Jingxun early this morning.

Looking at the link sent to him by his assistant, and watching the discussion on the school forum, Yan Zhengbo was even dumbfounded: “Is Yan Jingxun really that powerful?”

“The evidence published by the University of Science and Technology is true, and judging from the evidence, he is indeed very powerful.” The assistant replied in detail.

Yan Zhengbo: “…..”

He was speechless with anger by his low EQ assistant for a while. Yan Zhengbo began to feel even more angry when he looked at the comments on the Internet, all of which were praising Yan Jingxun.

But fortunately, his dad probably didn’t know about this yet.

Recently, the old man had been nagging that he was useless, in case he let his dad know how great Yan Jingxun was…

“That won’t do. I have to think of another way.”

Although he was a little anxious, Yan Zhengbo, who was raised as a spoiled child and had not experienced any despair, did not believe that he would just finish like this, so he was not discouraged.

He felt that even if his plan didn’t succeed, fortunately no one else knew about this. It’s no big deal, he would make another plan.

Unexpectedly, the new scheme hadn’t yet come up when there was a sudden change of event!

——At noon, in the restaurant where he usually ate, he was dragged to the corner and beaten on the way to the bathroom!

The person who beat him immediately pulled his collar and dragged him to the corridor leading to the back kitchen. After that, Yan Zhengbo’s face was brutally punched!

Growing up so big, this was the first time he had ever been hit. Yan Zhengbo was shocked and hurt, and immediately gave out a shrill cry.

Half of his face was punched by a fist, and his ears were buzzing. Yan Zhengbo only had time to cover his face, he could not see who hit him.

He heard the other party say in a morbid and hoarse voice: “This time I will simply give you a warning. If you trouble Yan Jingxun again, be careful that I’ll beat you to death.”

Yan Zhengbo: ? !

At this moment, he realized the person who beat him turned out to be… Er Shao of the Shen family? ?

? ? ?

What’s going on ?!

…Although this person had red eyes with extreme anger and a ferocious face, Yan Zhengbo knew him because he had read Yan Jingxun’s information last night. He would definitely not be mistaken.

But… Didn’t Yan Jingxun already break up with Er Shao?

According to the information, wasn’t he just an ex-boyfriend ? ?

But now… he personally came to beat him up to vent for Yan Jingxun ? ? ?

After being shocked and angry, Yan Zhengbo was completely dumbfounded. 

He clutched his swollen face and cursed, “Why? Yan Jingxun doesn’t dare to come to me himself, so did he find Er Shao to vent anger for him? That coward….”

“What the hell are you talking about!” Shen Bohan couldn’t listen anymore. He couldn’t stand anyone who badmouthed his senior, so he raised his leg and gave him a kick.

Yan Zhengbo was kicked to the ground and screamed louder, trying to call someone over.

It was a pity that Shen Bohan dared to make a move here, because he had already made arrangements. Therefore it was unlikely that anyone would come to his rescue.

Not only that, he even brought two bodyguards over, one on the left and one on the right, blocking both sides of the corridor, allowing Yan Zhengbo to thoroughly experience what it felt like to be in a helpless situation and unable to look for help.

Shen Bohan looked at him as if he was looking at a bug: “Listen to me carefully, Yan Jingxun doesn’t know that I came to see you today. If you dare to f*cking go out and talk nonsense, I’ll come to you every day, understand?”


Seeing that no one could be called, Yan Zhengbo became quiet, and did not engage in unnecessary resistance.

Although his family was a small family, because his mother was tough and his father supported him, he had never been wronged since he was a child.

He didn’t even plan to hug Shen Yijin’s thigh anymore, let alone this Er Shao. He didn’t want to see them!

Yan Zhengbo, who was also enraged, said, “So it wasn’t Er Shao who dumped Yan Jingxun, but Yan Jingxun is the one who dumped Er Shao?… Hahaha f*ck, shocked my whole family2Not literally shocking his whole family, but a phrase said when something is way too shocking..” 

As expected, Shen Bohan’s complexion immediately changed: “You say it again?”

“Am I wrong? Shen Bohan, you try to hit me again. Yan Jingxun is still my brother! You don’t know how much he wants to be recognized by my dad back to the Yan family. If I tell my dad about this, let’s see if he can forgive you in the future!”

Shen Bohan really stopped hitting him. As soon as Yan Zhengbo saw this, he leaned against the wall and tried to stand up. He laughed and said: “I didn’t know that my brother had this ability before. He made both Shen brothers like him… hahaha.”

Through this opening, as long as he could stimulate Shen Bohan to avenge those two, Yan Zhengbo didn’t mind raising his younger brother up high.

He smiled and said: “Have you ever gone online to see what the school posts are talking about? What about other websites? What about hot searches? They all say that my brother and Shen Yijin are a couple. Alas, they look intimate and are such a good match, so Er Shao, did you come here to help your sister-in-law vent anger?”


Shen Bohan suddenly let out a series of violent coughs.

Yan Zhengbo: “But this sister-in-law is your ex-boyfriend? You actually don’t mind at all? Seeing your dog licking3Dog licking is an internet slang term meaning that you try to pursue the person who doesn’t like you by disregarding your own bottom line and dignity. Although you know the other person doesn’t like you, you will still do everything to please them. behaviour, it doesn’t seem like you’ve let him go, maybe you were probably dumped by my excellent brother, right? That’s right, how could you compare to President Shen? But speaking of this, then you are really a good world-class ex-boyfriend. I just don’t know if President Shen knew that you are still thinking about your sister-in-law…”

Shen Bohan: “Cough, cough, cough!”

Seeing Er Shao coughing until he was out of breath, Yan Zhengbo felt very happy.

He still wanted to go forward and returned Shen Bohan’s two kicks, but unfortunately the bodyguards around the other party were not here for display. 

He didn’t want to linger here any longer. Taking advantage of Shen Bohan’s coughing fit, he opened the door again and ran out.

However, Yan Zhengbo, who had just escaped for his life, didn’t expect that he would receive a call inviting him to a party.

It was a private party, and the organizer was a real rich second-generation of the high society, named Nie Yandong.

Yan Zhengbo had always wanted to stand among the upper class, so he usually spent great effort in socializing. 

He didn’t want to let go of any opportunity that could bring him into contact with the upper class. This party was introduced by a little rich second-generation friend he tried to curry favor with before.

He also heard that Nie Yandong was not only a rich second-generation, but also took charge of the family’s business early. Yan Zhengbo felt that perhaps the opportunity to turn over a new leaf had come.

Was this a blessing that came after a great calamity?

Such a good opportunity had presented itself, of course Yan Zhengbo readily agreed. He said that he would change his clothes and go over.

The meeting place was a horse farm run by Mr. Nie’s family.

Rushing over with half of his face swollen, Yan Zhengbo was first attracted by the vast racecourse and lawn of Mr. Nie’s family.

…Look, this is a genuine wealthy and influential clan!

What is the experience of having a horse farm, shooting range, and golf course at home?

Yan Zhengbo immediately showed an envious gaze.

He contacted his little rich second-generation friend first, and the other party personally came to pick him up and led him inside the manor.

He passed through a large flower garden adorned with roses, and then bypassed a luxurious fountain swimming pool, where he met the legendary President Nie for the first time.

…Sure enough, he was young and promising, with a dignified manner!

“Hello, President Nie, I’m Yan Zhengbo.” Yan Zhengbo went forward to greet Nie Yandong: “I’ve long admired President Nie. Just as I expected, you are so young and promising…”

As he said, he also offered a luxurious gift that he specially prepared. President Nie was also more approachable than he thought.

Nie Yandong said: “Now that you’re here, everyone will be friends in the future.”

In addition to President Nie and his rich second-generation friend, there were several people in the manor who all seem to have some background.

Those people were all wearing suits and luxurious watches. The amiable president Nie also introduced Yan Zhengbo to them one by one, and those few were quite polite to Yan Zhengbo.

“Everyone, let’s sit here for a while. Later there will be more important people coming over.” Nie Yandong said: “When that person arrives, let’s go to the racecourse together.”

“Good, good.”

Everyone else agreed, and Yan Zhengbo naturally had no opinion.

A few people sat in the small garden, drinking famous and expensive tea while chatting casually.

The scene was very harmonious. Some people even took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Yan Zhengbo.

They looked very curious about him, asked him what he did, and asked about the wound on his face with concern.

Yan Zhengbo rarely attended such a high-end private party before.

Even if he was lucky enough to participate, he was often looked down upon.

Although others were polite to him on the surface, they secretly laughed at his family for being a nouveau riche.

So he didn’t expect it to go so well this time!

“Hey, I just went to the bathroom for a little while, so many people are here already.”

A few people were chatting, and a slow voice that sounded like a dandy suddenly came in.

Yan Zhengbo turned his head and saw… It was the Tang family brothers he had just met yesterday, walking out of the small bungalow at the back.

Tang Li changed into a custom made suit today. He looked very stylish when walking.

Compared to him, his little brother behind him dressed much simpler, but the coordination was very fashionable, although less formal than the others present, but there was a flamboyant young master atmosphere.

…When they got back yesterday, he was taught by his cousin. Now Yan Zhengbo knew the identities of these two.

He didn’t expect that the Tang family brothers and President Nie would actually know each other, and they were also invited to come here. He was very nervous, and didn’t pay attention to what Tang shao ye said just now.

But seeing that President Nie took the initiative to talk to Tang shao ye and invite them to take a seat in a polite manner, Yan Zhengbo felt some cold sweat on his forehead.

…..Just yesterday, they had a tit-for-tat confrontation, it was obviously impossible for these two to forget him today.

He couldn’t play dead at this time.

Yan Zhengbo made a gesture of wiping his forehead, his attitude changed a lot, he said, “These two shao ye, we have met again.”

“What? You guys knew each other?” President Nie asked.

“We’re not very familiar.” Tang Li crossed his legs after sitting down. He tilted his head, and said first, “But it’s true that we’re fated, aren’t we?”

“Oh~” The others, not knowing if they understood or not, all made echoing sounds and nodded along.

Yan Zhengbo could only continue to wipe his cold sweat. He bit the bullet and said: “I dare not… I had a small misunderstanding with the two shao ye yesterday…”

Before he finished speaking, a brand new Rolls Royce drove all the way into the manor and stopped outside the small garden where they were resting.

Since that car appeared, everyone stood up together including the Tang brothers.

Because the movements were neat and uniform, it made people feel a little frightened and curious.

Yan Zhengbo didn’t have time to think much, so he quickly stood up.

But standing up wasn’t enough. The notable family heads led by Nie Yandong all trotted and rushed to the car that had just stopped.

Yan Zhengbo, who was unsure, also subconsciously tried to follow the crowd.

But before turning around, he didn’t miss the Tang brothers’ gaze…

One was evil, and the other gleamed with abhorrence…

Yan Zhengbo suddenly had a bad feeling.

He looked in the direction where everyone gathered again, and saw the Rolls-Royce door opened. A tall figure got out of the car first and was followed by a delicate and stunning youth.


Yan Zhengbao froze in place.

“President Shen.”

In the distance, the surrounding people greeted the newcomers one after another. As today’s host, Nie Yandong was able to move a little closer to the inner center than the others.

He said enthusiastically: “Finally, we have invited President Shen and his partner! Welcome both of you to my humble abode.”

Yan Zhengbo: “…..”

He was shocked to see the group of rich second-generation CEOs surrounding Shen Yijin and… Yan Jingxun. It seemed that for the first time in his life, Yan Zhengbo fully realized the gap between people.

Yan Jingxun and Shen Yijin in the crowd were wearing suits. Look at it carefully, it was a couple outfits!

The styles were exactly the same, one black and one white.

Shen Yi Jin wore the black suit. His expressionless face was calm and ascetic, his eyes were cold as if they contained frost and snow.

Yan Jingxun wore the white suit. The corners of his natural smiling lips rose automatically, like a noble spirit falling into the mortal world.

But such two individuals appearing together weren’t at odds against each other.

In particular, Yan Jingxun was also led by Nie Yandong and others to the main seat of the garden…

The two people sat side by side with a casual yet elegant posture. They both naturally placed their left hand on their laps. The rings on their ring fingers were exactly the same, complementing each other.


Yan Zhengbo was completely dumbfounded.

Everyone took their seats one by one. Seeing Yan Zhengbo still standing there, Tang Li called him: “Say, Mr. Yan, what are you still waiting for? There’s a seat for you here, no?”

Yan Zhengbo didn’t dare to talk back when he heard it, so he could only go over and sit down obediently.

Their current seating arrangement, although at first glance they were sitting around the table, but in fact they were very particular.

——Shen Yijin and Yan Jingxun were at the center. Those with high status, who were well-connected in the circle and familiar with President Shen sat in the front row.

The rest were in the back row.

When it reached Bo Yan Zhengbo’s seat, the place left for him was just opposite President Shen and the others…

Although they were separated by a distance, in a true sense, they were far out of reach.

Since they got here, everyone’s attention was obviously on Shen Yijin and Yan Jingxun, like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon. Everyone was trying to find topics related to them.

He saw Nie Yandong take out a whole box of good cigars and put them in front of Shen Yijin: “President Shen, try this. It’s the latest cigar from Cuba, see how it tastes.”

Shen Yijin thanked him, but did not move. Instead, he asked the waiter for a glass of juice and handed it to the young man next to him.

Yan Jingxun took it, and naturally had a sip through the straw. The glass of juice was then placed between the two people.

Together with Shen Yijin, he graciously engaged in small talks with others.

President Shen didn’t like to talk. Yan Jingxun, however, was very approachable.

With him here, those rich second-generation and CEOs were a lot more relaxed.

The topics were naturally endless.

And because there were endless topics on the other side, the feeling that he was on equal standing with others a moment ago completely disappeared.

Even more, his presence here was minimal, an existence that had been forgotten.

This kind of private gathering in the upper-class circle, on the surface, was eating, drinking and having fun. But in fact, when playing together, everyone could also exchange useful information, cooperate with each other, achieve resource integration, and reach a win-win situation.

But looking at today’s scene…

The meaning was already obvious.

——Shen Yijin didn’t follow the norm.

As long as he came, he was bound to be the center of this place.

Yan Zhengbo suddenly felt a little desperate. He had planned not to hold Shen Yijin’s thigh and cut off from the Shen family. At worst, he would just find another way out.

But if… all the people in the upper circles of Dragon City were following Shen Yijin…

Where could he find the so-called way out?

If the upper class circle he had always wanted to be a part of was really Shen Yijin’s world, then he…

The more he thought about it, the more Yan Zhengbo became fidgety. 

Those CEOs were chatting for a while.

Then a burst of icy cold gaze suddenly fell on him.

He heard the opposite Shen Yijin say: “Since we’re here, let’s play two games.”

“Okay.” Nie Yandong next to him immediately voiced his agreement: “It’s rare for President Shen to have interest.”

Others also agreed. The crowd let Jing Xun and Shen Yijin go first, and then followed their footsteps  as they walked around the courtyard together, towards the golf cart parked aside.

Under such circumstances, Yan Zhengbo no longer wanted to stay here.

Even though no one looked down on him, he felt an unprecedented humiliation.

Especially when he saw President Nie called Yan Jingxun “Mrs.”, asking him to be careful with his steps and respectfully send them into the car…

That kind of humiliation and grievance, it almost made him feel like the sky was falling down.

But at this time, the Tang brothers, who had been slowly falling behind, patted him on the shoulder.

“Get in the car, Mr. Yan.”

Tang Li was very tall, he could easily put his arm around Yan Zhengbo’s shoulders.

His fox eyes narrowed. Tang Li showed an insincere smile: “Today you are the protagonist, the one President Shen wanted to see.”

Yan Zhengbo: “……???”

Tang Li looked at his bruised face, and asked with a pretentious concern:  “By the way, I wanted to ask you just now, what’s the matter with this injury on your face?”

“…..” Yan Zhengbo didn’t want to mention this at all.

Compared with the stimulation he received just now after sitting for a while, getting beaten by Shen Bohan was nothing! He was still wondering what did Tang shao ye mean? !

Tang Li didn’t mind. He continued to smile: “Ah Jin will play with you in a while. Mr. Yan, you have to be prepared.”

Xiao Tang behind him wasn’t fond of beating around the bush like his brother.

He came straight up and glanced at Yan Zhengbo with some pity. His expression was still full of disgust: “You’re finished. You haven’t figured out what Xun Xun means to the boss, yet you dare to blacken him on the internet? Tsk Tsk.”

Yan Zhengbo: “……!!!”


The author has something to say: 

Er Shao dealing with Yan Zhengbo: Noobie chickens pecking at each other4The term used in online games, refers to two players with low levels accusing and insulting each other in the game.

Da Shao ye dealing with Yan Zhengbo: Head shot.

Conclusion: It’s wrong to beat people up. Use your wisdom  🙂

Yan Zhengbo: …what, the tool man5Tool man is an internet buzzword that refers to someone who works hard but isn’t treated equally, both financially and emotionally. is wronged! 

  • 1
    A metaphor refers to friends who eat, drink, play together and don’t do anything productive. Or those who collude with each other to do bad things.
  • 2
    Not literally shocking his whole family, but a phrase said when something is way too shocking.
  • 3
    Dog licking is an internet slang term meaning that you try to pursue the person who doesn’t like you by disregarding your own bottom line and dignity. Although you know the other person doesn’t like you, you will still do everything to please them.
  • 4
    The term used in online games, refers to two players with low levels accusing and insulting each other in the game.
  • 5
    Tool man is an internet buzzword that refers to someone who works hard but isn’t treated equally, both financially and emotionally.
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