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MSGVB Chapter 43.1


Translator: Hua

Mr. seemed to be angry.


But for a while, Jing Xun couldn’t tell whether it was his accident that made the other person angry, or because he didn’t cry out when he was in pain.


He can only tilt his head, raise his neck tremblingly and look at Shen Yijin, trying to blink in a cute way: “…I choose c?”


However, selling meng was fruitless.


 Jing Xun eventually had his belt unbuckled by the other person.


The mountain was very quiet at night.


There was only the sound of cicadas and crickets, but the windows were closed tightly, so they couldn’t hear them indoors. In addition, the room was spacious, so Jing Xun could only hear the sound of rustling fabric beside his ears.


 Jing Xun buried his head completely in the pillow, and did not dare to move again.


Feeling a hint of coolness on his waist, he tried to say something to divert his attention: “Sir, it’s really not that serious…Who hasn’t fallen before? it’s really nothing.”


But Shen Yijin obviously didn’t think so, because his hand movements were even faster and more dexterous.




The rubbing sound of the fabric stopped, and there was more coolness in the lower part of his body. Jing Xun heard Shen Yijin say: “Xiao Xun, you’ve been hit here.”


His fingers lightly stroked the injured place. Jing Xun subconsciously flinched, clutching the pillow tightly, and said “Oh”.


It’s not pain, it’s just that part…


Without turning his head, he knew that Shen Yijin was now leaning over and staring there, looking at it very carefully.

At the thought of this, Jing Xun couldn’t help shivering, and couldn’t relax at all.


But Shen Yijin seemed to think he was hurt, and his movements suddenly became much lighter.


Jing Xun couldn’t see his expression nor his eyes. He only knew that a cool ointment had been applied to the affected area, and Shen Yijin’s voice had also become much lighter: “If it hurts, just say it, okay?”


“…..” Jing Xun: “Um.”


He could endure the pain because, many times, screaming was useless.


But now it doesn’t hurt anymore.


It really doesn’t hurt.


It was just a little itchy.


The place touched by Shen Yijin’s was a little itchy, with a bit of tingling sensation, inexplicably spread along the wound and the affected area.


Jing Xun couldn’t turn his head and couldn’t see what the other party was doing. He only felt that the other party applied the medicine too meticulously. This medicine had been applied for a long time.


After a while, Shen Yijin finally finished and straightened up.


Jing Xun also finally relaxed. He thought that it was finally over, and if it didn’t, he would really sweat….that kind of hot sweat.


However, he didn’t manage to get up and put his pants back on again.


…Because Shen Yijin didn’t seem to have any plans to help him rearrange his clothes at all.


Not only that, but Jing Xun’s entire body was also trapped.


——After putting away the ointment, Shen Yijin once again leaned down close to him.


 Jing Xun only felt that, except for avoiding the affected area, the other party’s whole person was pressed against him from behind.


It wasn’t the kind of feeling as if he was attached to the bone, but his limbs were indeed controlled, and under such a circumstance, there was even a warm breath lingering near his affected area!


…What kind of body position is this ah?


Jing Xun was stunned. He wanted to prop up his upper body to see what Shen Yijin was doing, but his arms, controlled on both sides of his body, made him unable to exert any strength.


Behind him, there was a hot breath spraying on his skin, making every pores wanted to curl up automatically. Jing Xun’s muscles were tense, and he didn’t even dare to move.


…That location…is really…


It’s hard to say.


What the hell is sir looking at ah!




As a last resort, Jing Xun had to shout out.


But when he opened his mouth, he felt that he had been bitten.


The shout instantly changed into a different tune, replaced by “Ahh wu”, and his entire skin was instantly red.


Shen Yijin’s breath lingered for a long time around the affected area.


It didn’t hurt, but he could clearly feel the presence of the other party… as if the turbulent blood all over his body was willfully following the other party’s movements. The itchiness exploded, and Jing Xun once again remembered himself in his dream, like a fish on the chopping board.


It’s just that this time it was a real version.


And he was about to become a grilled fish that steamed himself dry because of nervousness, the kind of dryness that the mouth became parched and the tongue became scorched.


“S-sir?” He couldn’t understand what Shen Yijin was doing. He couldn’t move, so he could only call the other party hoarsely with a voice that was almost crushed in his throat.


Shen Yijin didn’t answer.


Jing Xun struggled to turn his head, but failed.


Until the other person finally left the place that made him extremely ashamed, Jing Xun couldn’t help but whimper again.


——Maybe because he was still wearing a shirt, and it was inconvenient to take a bite, so Shen Yijin went all the way up, and finally sucked hard on his neck.


It wasn’t enough, so he switched to the other side, nibbling there attentively.


It’s over.


Jing Xun was already very sure, with his own physique, that there would be another designated strawberry tomorrow morning.




This situation was actually very abnormal, Mr usually didn’t answer his words.


Besides, the “old-fashioned” and polite Shen Yijin was someone who didn’t have a shred of desire at all, he wouldn’t suddenly….give him a kiss that resembled biting.


Unless he was really biting him.



It seemed that Mr. was really angry.


This also proved he was bitten yesterday for some reasons that made Mr angry… Jing Xun  had turned as red as a cooked shrimp, and was unable breakfree. He had to entertain himself with all sorts of foolish conjectures to divert his attention.


He was more and more afraid to move.


Under the cold and dewy moonlight, the young man lying there closed his eyes tightly, his long eyelashes covered the skin under his eyes, and his delicate eyebrows frowned slightly.


Jing Xun didn’t know he could be the most prestigious painting just by lying there.


The young man’s thin eyelids trembling violently, his hands firmly grasping the pillow, and his knuckles protruding and white, it meant the owner was very nervous….


Shen Yijin gradually stopped moving.


He remained suspended above the young man, his dark eyes impervious to any light, finally he lowered his head and kissed the young man’s slightly damp temple.


Shen Yijin said in a hoarse voice: “Xiao Xun, don’t get hurt.”


Jing Xun slowly opened his eyes.


A pair of round almond-shaped eyes were glowing with Shen Yijin’s tall figure reflected in it.


The other party had propped up his upper body.


 His tall and slender body was bent, his legs were half-leaning against the bed, his handsome profile was facing the young man, and his slightly flushed eyes were full of seriousness.


Shen Yijin said in a serious tone: “Don’t get hurt, if you get hurt, I will feel bad.”



Hua: Got some problems with my laptop. I’ll upload the other half later. >_<


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