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MSGVB Chapter 42

Get admitted to hospital.

Translator: Hua

Gazing back into Shen Yijin’s eyes, Jing Xun couldn’t help but make a bold assumption. Mr was trying to imply that he could send out his photo at will?…..


Although Shen Yijin wasn’t a public figure, his name was still well-known.


Perhaps because he had been keeping a low-profile, no information could be found on the Internet. The media had never disclosed any scandal, and even Mr.’s own Moments 1WeChat Moments are status updates, pictures and videos that users can share with their friends (or a select group of friends) in their Moments feed.were empty!


Under this kind of awareness, Jing Xun also cooperated with the other party’s low-profile lifestyle. He never thought of actively sending out or introducing Shen Yijin related information to people around him…


Yet on the day he was drunk, the senior sisters and senior brothers seemed to have already known what happened between him and Mr.


Nevertheless there was still a difference between deliberately exposing it and accidentally being found out.



But Mr told him to post it, so let’s just post it.


There was nothing he couldn’t post.


However, sending a photo without any caption wasn’t quite fitting.



He couldn’t think of a suitable caption so he didn’t add any.



Jing Xun was relentless and ended up posting the photos directly.


Then he quickly exited his Moments and WeChat. He locked his phone screen and never dared to look at it again.


…..He wasn’t afraid of anything.


It’s just that as long as he thought of the photo of him and Mr that would soon be seen by others….


He did not dare to pay attention to it anymore.


He couldn’t tell whether it was embarrassment, or some other reasons. It wasn’t discomfort either because Jing Xun couldn’t hold the corners of his lips that had lifted into a smile.


…Perhaps, this was the side effect of showing off his affection. 


In the end, Jing Xun simply stuffed his phone into his pants pocket, took a sip of ice coke, and stood up. 


“Sir, let’s keep going!”


Just like that, they stayed in the zoo for an entire afternoon.


Until the evening, before they had time to go to the next place, they were called back to eat.


The weather was hot in summer, but the mountain and forest were sheltered by trees, and the spring water flowing from the top of the mountain, making the temperature on the mountain much lower than the ground level.


When the sun went down, the courtyard would be even cooler.


Jing Xun and Shen Yijin first went back to their house to take a shower, and then had dinner with Grandpa Shen amidst the sound of running water and the cicadas.


Shen Yijin’s workaholic attributes were obviously inherited from his grandfather. Not long after the meal, the two naturally talked about the company’s affairs.


They didn’t have any intention to avoid Jing Xun, so it was inconvenient for him to just leave. He had to stay and listen on the sidelines.


After a while, Shen Yijin went back to the house to attend a very important video conference, so instead, Jing Xun accompanied Grandpa Shen to chat, and played a game of Go while they were at it.


Jing Xun was good at Go, but he didn’t have many chances to play.


Firstly, he didn’t have the extra energy to do this before, secondly, it was difficult to meet opponents.


Including the last time when Shen Yijin was in a bad mood during the rainstorm, Jing Xun accompanied the other party to play chess, but he paid more attention to his emotional changes and did not put his energy on the chessboard at all.


But Grandpa Shen’s strength was obviously not bad.


As soon as both sides just landed around a dozen pieces,  Jing Xun saw the difference.


He involuntarily straightened his back slightly, and played more seriously.


Although Grandpa Shen’s brain didn’t turn as fast as his, after all, he had been playing Go all his life and was quite experienced, which made Jing Xun feel that he finally met a matching opponent.


They played until over eight o’clock in the evening, and the outcomes were mixed. Jing Xun felt that he would disturb the old man’s rest if he stayed longer, so he got up and asked to leave.


“Okay.” Grandpa Shen was obviously having a good time. He said, “Ah Jin is probably not finished yet, I’ll send you back.”


Jing Xun hurriedly said that there was no need for such trouble.


Their courtyards were next to each other. There were street lights outside; the surrounding was ablaze with light and everything could be seen clearly, there was no need to send him off.


But Grandpa Shen insisted, so Jing Xun no longer declined. Finally the butler who was called “Uncle Quan” by Shen Yijin in the morning and his son sent Jing Xun back to his courtyard.


Walking on the slabstone road back to the yard, uncle Quan’s son suddenly couldn’t refrain himself from saying: “Mr. Yan, you’re really amazing. Old master used to be a national player and won a prize in Go!”


“……Is that so?”


After hearing this, Jing Xun subconsciously paused, and grabbed his own hair.


He hadn’t really thought about it when he was playing Go.


He felt that deliberately giving in when playing a serious game was disrespectful to his opponent. But because basically no one who played chess with him had ever won before, over time, no one was willing to play with Jing Xun, and Jing Xun was also unwilling to play with others.


It was rare to find an opponent, he would not take the initiative to give in, but he didn’t expect…old Mr. Shen was such a powerful person?


Did he…inadvertently expose something?


If he was exposed, so be it. There was nothing to hide from Grandpa Shen.


Jing Xun did not take this matter to heart, and continued to walk back.


Instead, the young man was criticized and educated by his father because he was talking too much.


“How come you are everywhere?!”

The young man was accustomed to being scolded, he hemmed and hawed a little, not taking it to heart at all.


In contrast, this Mr. Yan suddenly made him feel somewhat profound and inexplicable.


The young man also liked to play Go. When he was a child, he was personally taught by old man Shen. Just now when the old master and the other party were playing Go, he had been watching from the sidelines.


He thought this Mr. Yan was extraordinary, in addition to his ability to compete evenly with the master in Go, it was also because of Mr. Yan’s temperament.


That kind of attitude that was always as calm and peaceful as water… couldn’t be imitated unless one had been playing Go for many years.


This was the first time he had seen this kind of deposition in a fellow young man.



When they reached the entrance of the courtyard, Jing Xun thanked the father and son and said that he had troubled them.


Uncle Quan was a little flattered, and quickly said that he did not need to thank him, and the young man took the initiative to open the courtyard door for Jing Xun.


Saying goodbye to them, Jing Xun walked into the yard. The yard was still brightly lit. From a distance, he saw Shen Yijin who was standing in the room talking on the phone.


It seems that something bad had happened, Shen Yijin’s eyes were still cold and without sadness or joy, but from such a distance, Jing Xun could feel the hostility emanating from the other party.


Other than that, he had never seen Mr. with such a fierce expression.


Worried about whether something happened, Jing Xun subconsciously quickened his pace.


But he didn’t notice that his shoelace was loose, and he was walking a little eagerly, so an embarrassing thing happened. Jing Xun stepped on the shoelace of his left foot, and he fell backward on the bluestone road.


Originally, a fall was nothing.


Unfortunately, his tailbone hit the steps when he just entered the door…


Severe pain came from the tailbone, his head became blank for a moment, cold sweat ran down, Jing Xun suddenly couldn’t stand up.


But he didn’t cry out in pain either. Compared to crying out in pain, it was obviously more unexpected to be able to fall down while walking. Especially in his field of vision, Shen Yijin had already run out in strides…


“Jing Xun!”


He called his name. It was clear that the house was still some distance away from the courtyard gate, but Shen Yijin still appeared in front of him like a gust of wind.


He was so fast that Jing Xun didn’t have the time to overcome the pain and sit up by himself.


Shen Yijin didn’t immediately pick him up either. There was a possibility of injury, so he really couldn’t help him.


But Shen Yijin’s approach was even more extreme.


…He just picked up the phone and called an ambulance.


Jing Xun quickly said: “I’m fine sir, I just fell down…”



As he said this, when he looked at Shen Yijin, he experienced what is called a tenfold ice ray.


But the cold and fierce Mr raised his hand at the moment he looked at him, and gently wiped the sweat from his forehead.


Jing Xun said nothing.


He just sat there, waiting for Shen Yijin to call someone after he finished making the emergency call. After all this, the other party causally threw the phone aside, then asked him with a serious face if he could move to judge how heavy his injury was.


Originally, Jing Xun really didn’t feel good.


But seeing Mr so nervous, in order not to worry the other party, he obediently answered all questions.


But it seemed to have eased, and after a while, it was not as painful as before.


Jing Xun tried to move, and found that he could move his leg. It didn’t look like it was broken, so he reached out to Shen Yijin, wanting the other party to pull him up.


But instead of pulling him up, Shen Yijin chose to hug him.


It was not the previous “hug” that carried him sideways and picked him up, but Mr squatted down in front of him, took his two arms, and helped him to stand up slowly.


Slowly standing up, Jing Xun’s arms naturally rested on Shen Yijin’s shoulders.


Shen Yijin held his waist, still asking him nervously, “How is it? Does it hurt?”


“It doesn’t hurt, it really doesn’t hurt.” Jing Xun said immediately.


…Although there was still a little pain.


But for him, he had experienced all kinds of pain. This kind of just falling on his butt was nothing at all. At most, it could be considered a small injury.


However, Shen Yijin was still wrapped around his waist, not letting go.


Jing Xun had to wrap his arms around Mr’s neck, and was let by him to walk in small steps.


…It seems that this blood circulation made it less painful.


Jing Xun wanted to rub a part of his tailbone, but before he could reach out, the hand that was already around his waist rushed in front of him and touched his…




There seemed to be something wrong with their current actions.


But Shen Yijin obviously didn’t feel that something was wrong. He just carefully touched the part where he might be injured, little by little, gently pressing, and then carefully asked him: “Where does it hurt here? here? or here?”




The hoarse and worrying voice recalled in his ears, so Jing Xun couldn’t think much at all. He could only put all his consciousness on the other party’s hand, and answered honestly: “It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt… Uh, It hurts a little bit.”


This painful place was the part where his tailbone hit the bump behind the steps just now.


Hearing Jing Xun said that it hurts, Shen Yijin’s eyes darkened suddenly, and the fingers that stayed at that part became a whole palm… He gently rubbed that place.




He knew Mr was well-intentioned. The movements were also very careful, without any lust. But perhaps, that part was too special.


Shen Yijin’s palm was so big that it could cover most of his rear, with just his palm covering there, the feeling had begun to turn strange.


It was even more strange when he rubbed up and down!


A more strange feeling other than pain came up. Jing Xun told himself not to think too much.


Mr. was just trying to help him relieve the pain!


But although Jing Xun thought so, the security guards and staff who were called by Shen Yijin didn’t think so.


Shen Yijin was not the guest here, but the boss. They heard from the boss that someone was injured. Although Shen Yijin only called two people to come over, worried that something really happened and no one would give hands, it alarmed all the security guards and staff stationed on the mountain.


In this kind of “critical moment”, everyone didn’t have time to knock on the door. The gate was directly pushed open, so everyone saw…


Mr. Yan put his arms around the boss’s neck, the two people were very close, and the boss’s hand was still on Mr.Yan’s….rear.



Jing Xun: “……”


Facing such an intimating scene, many people consciously bowed their heads.


Of course, this also included Jing Xun himself.


What’s worse, he thought that would be the end of it, but in fact that wasn’t the case at all.


Later, he was sent to the hospital.


It wasn’t a public hospital, but a private one under the Shen family…


In short, the news that “President Shen sent a teenager with a broken butt to the hospital emergency department in S city at night” somehow spread like wildfire.


This would have been nothing at all. But who could have imagined that, after being edited and simplified, and adding oil and vinegar2Adding oil and vinegar is a Chinese idiom refers to those who narrate other’s people words or news with exaggeration, usually add the content that wasn’t there before. in the later stage, the false news turned directly into: President Shen took Mrs. Shen, who had a broken butt, to the hospital in S city at night….




Of course, this was a later story, let’s not mention it for the time being.


Also, not to mention, this rumor later had been inexplicably circulated in Shen hospital for many years, and had become a true romantic past that every Shen employee was deeply aware of….


Jing Xun originally didn’t want to go to the hospital, because he knew that there was nothing serious. He didn’t have much meat at that place to buffer the fall, so it was only a little unbearable.


But Shen Yijin insisted that he had to go to the hospital to take an X-ray scan. This event alarmed Grandpa Shen who lived next door. The old man also insisted that Shen Yijin take him to the hospital, so Jing Xun had to agree. 


After he got to the hospital, he simply took an X-ray scan. As Jing Xun thought, there was no big deal.


The doctor pointed to a certain part of the film and said: “At present, there are no signs of bone fracture or nerve injury. However, this location is a bit special. I suggest you go back to apply medicine and rest for a few days, stay in bed more, and reduce walking and sitting, and avoid any deterioration in the future.”


Jing Xun nodded, indicating that he understood.


He was a person who was accustomed to illness, and he had fully grasped the central meaning of the doctor’s words: 90% there was nothing wrong with the place where he got hit, just avoid a very small probability of subsequent accidents, and pay special attention for two days.


To round it up, it was nothing at all.


On the contrary, Shen Yijin, who usually said nothing, suddenly asked a lot of questions, including what kind of medicine to apply, frequency of application, whether to get a check-up afterwards, and the minimum number of days spent in bed to rest…..


The doctor on duty seemed to have seen such an “obtuse” and “unintelligible” family member for the first time, but he knew what his identity was, and he was also intimidated by Shen Yijin’s chilling aura, so he didn’t dare to show the slightest impatience and answered in as much detail as he could.


After the examination and getting the medicine, Jing Xun returned to the mountain villa with Shen Yijin.


Originally, it was not that exaggerated, but the doctor said that he should walk less. Shen Yijin really took it seriously and did not let him walk.


He arranged an ambulance to bring him back. Not to mention, from the hospital to the car, and then from the car to the house, president Shen personally held him all the way, other people had no chance to intervene.


After finally returning to the room, Shen Yijin let other people return to rest, while Jing Xun was carried by the other party and placed directly on the bed. 


Just as he was lying down, there was a sound of plastic bags rubbing beside him.


Now only he and Shen Yijin were left in the room. Jing Xun subconsciously turned his head and saw that the other party had taken out the ointment brought back from the hospital.


He asked: “Xiao Xun, can you turn over by yourself?”


Jing Xun said: “…Yes.”


“Okay, then turn around, I’ll apply your medicine.”




Jing Xun wanted to say that he was no longer in pain, in fact, there was no need for medicine at all.


But seeing Shen Yijin’s deep and dark eyes, connected with the fact Mr hadn’t said much all the way, and he even said less than before…


Knowing that the other party was worried about him, Jing Xun wasn’t a person who couldn’t understand the good intentions of others, so he just turned over obediently.


But he still had a disagreement with Mr on how to apply the medicine.


Shen Yijin said, “Take off your pants.”


He used a negotiating tone.


Despite this, Jing Xun lay there and didn’t move.


The part he injured was below the waistline and the part of the tailbone. Actually, he didn’t need to take off his pants… Just pull it down a little bit and apply the ointment ba?


But Shen Yijin obviously didn’t agree with his idea.


“But Xiao Xun’s face turned white just now.”




“It is painful and there’s cold sweat.”




Shen Yijin began to constrict his eyebrows: “It obviously hurts, but Xiao Xun didn’t say anything…”


Jing Xun: “……”


Although the other party’s tone was very calm when he said this, the mania filled with him was hard to conceal.


Shen Yijin’s expression remained calm.


He was so calm that there seemed to be no ups and downs in his breathing.


He just looked at him with more profound eyes, all emotions were compressed and deeply contained in the bottom of his eyes, where the darkness was now like a black hole that could swallow everything.


Without waiting for Jing Xun’s reaction, Shen Yijin directly gave two options: “Xiao Xun, then you will take it off by yourself… or I’ll take it off for you?”



Hua: We’re half-way through the novel ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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    WeChat Moments are status updates, pictures and videos that users can share with their friends (or a select group of friends) in their Moments feed.
  • 2
    Adding oil and vinegar is a Chinese idiom refers to those who narrate other’s people words or news with exaggeration, usually add the content that wasn’t there before.
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    God this is so embarrassing. I’m getting second hand embarrassment from this. Poor butt. Thank you for the chapter.

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    At least the tail bone isn’t broken. Their about to be a newly wed couple and that would cut into the happy fun time. It’s an embarrassing spot to get hurt and takes a helluva long time to heal.

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