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MSGVB Chapter 34

Junior brother's Mysterious Boyfriend

Translator: Hua

The theft on campus was not a trivial event. After the school called the police, they immediately dispatched and tracked down the owner of the USB flash drive that night.


Wu Chun was detained in the police station overnight, and his girlfriend Peng Yutong, who also knew the original password, was naturally unable to get rid of her involvement and was taken away for investigation.


All the students in the group sighed. They never thought when they directed the conflict to the outside, the most unlikely Peng Yutong, turned out to be an accomplice.


“Alas, we see the face but we don’t know the heart. Thinking about it this way, she analyzed the situation so calmly. In fact, she had planned it for a long time. I thought what she said was right…”


When water subsided, the rocks emerged1水落石出[shuǐ luò shí shū]:  When the water subsides, the rocks emerge. Doubts will clear up when the facts are known.; the group of students whose speech had been a bit too aggressive hurriedly apologized to Jing Xun: “Junior Yan, don’t lower yourself to someone at my level2一般见识[yī bān jiàn shi]: Lower oneself to the same level as somebody. It’s a derogatory term. Basically mean if someone is ignorant or dumb, don’t bother arguing with them. . I was crazy just now, sigh, my psychological quality is really bad… Anyway, I’m sorry, junior.”


One of them started to apologize, and everyone else came over to apologize to Jing Xun in succession.


Jing Xun was not angry with these people. After all, on the surface, he was indeed more suspicious in that situation.


Just as he would argue for himself, these people only put forward reasonable doubts. Everyone was always trying to solve the problem. Now he had received an apology, and there was nothing unforgivable.


Feeling the generosity of this junior, these seniors were even more ashamed. They all clamored to invite Jing Xun for dinner and apologized.


The lab became active again, and some people couldn’t refrain from asking Jing Xun, “What kind of books are you reading, junior? Where did you find that program? Why do I feel that you know more than us ……”


Jing Xun didn’t hide it, and shared the titles of several reference books that he had read recently with the seniors.


Only at this time did he know how exorbitant and precious the books in Shen Yijin’s study were.


Many of the titles he mentioned were ones that even the seniors had never heard of.


“Of course you haven’t heard of it. Where can you learn that knowledge?” At this time, Professor Huo came over and spoke up.


Then he set his sights on Jing Xun and asked him several professional questions in the field of programming, mainly for the little monitoring program compiled by Jing Xun.


Jing Xun answered one by one, and said with embarrassment: “I will delete the program when this project is completed, and I will never leave it on the computer to avoid infringing on the privacy of others…”


“Don’t delete it, Professor, I think this small program is very useful.” A senior immediately jumped out and said, “Whoever uses the lab computers privately in the future to watch ummmmm……”


Before he finished speaking, his mouth was covered by other students.


…Really, it didn’t matter to talk about movie addiction in normal time, but now the old professor was right in front of him, and he was still so mouthy…


Another senior sister said: “Yes, I also think it’s very useful, but should this small program become Xun Xun’s intellectual property or something? Professor, what do you think?”


“Naturally.” Professor Huo said, “Although the basics of this program are in the books, if I remember correctly, no one has made it into a finished product. I think this is a complete innovation. Student Xiao Yan, Are you interested in selling this achievement to the school?”


“Huh?” Jing Xun was stunned, he didn’t think so far before.


He made this small program because he was bored while waiting for the first group to finish their program. During these few days, he made it up casually in the laboratory….


“There is also the program that automatically converts garbled codes without manually entering the initial password. Hahaha, this is simply an entrapment!” Standing at the side, the teaching assistant said, “Professor, you must see that program later. Student Xiao Yan is very creative!”


Jing Xun: “……”


How to explain this kind of “I didn’t think so far when I did these things” misunderstanding…


“Good, just wait and see, student Xiao Yan is really making rapid progress ah.” Professor Huo couldn’t help showing kindness. He was originally curious about where Jing Xun learned this knowledge, but looking at Shen Yijin standing outside the crowd, he seemed to have vaguely guessed something, and didn’t ask again in public.


He just said to Jing Xun, “After finishing this project, come to my office if you have time. I have to test you properly.”


“Okay, Professor.” Jing Xun agreed, and when he raised his eyes, he inadvertently saw Shen Yijin outside the crowd.


Mr. probably didn’t like the boisterousness. Perhaps his misfit aura was too distinct and biting cold to be ignored or forgotten, but once he chose to stand out of the crowd, no one dared to approach him anymore.


He was really like a loftiest king.


Yet in this instant, Jing Xun suddenly felt something uncomfortable in his heart.


——Shen Yijin obviously should be escorted by thousands of people, like a moon surrounded by a myriad of stars. 


He was so dazzling but it gave people a feeling of reclusiveness. 


Things shouldn’t be like this.


When he recovered, Jing Xun had already started to walk out of the crowd.


As he walked away, he said to the crowd that still surrounded him and asked him questions, “I’m going to the bathroom.”


At present, they were still waiting for the police to collect evidence on the main computer, and no one could leave.


But it was normal to go to the toilet while waiting. The seniors automatically gave way to Jing Xun. No one noticed Jing Xun, who was gradually approaching Shen Yijin, suddenly winking at his Mr.longlegs. 


Just winking was not enough, Jing Xun also raised his chin slightly.


After doing all this, he took a step forward and walked out.


When they came to the hallway, the students watching the excitement outside were dispersed by the school long before the police came. It was almost 9pm, and the hallway was empty except for Jing Xun’s footsteps.


He turned the corner and really went to the bathroom.


When he came out again, a tall figure was standing by the wall. Jing Xun walked over, his waist was immediately circled by someone and he was taken to the stairwell outside the hallway.


The thin, beautiful, curved jaw was touched, and Shen Yijin asked him, “Xiao Xun, is everything okay?”


“It’s nothing.” Jing Xun said with a slight smile.


In the dimly lit stairwell, he was very close to Shen Yijin.


Jing Xun whispered, “I also have to thank you, sir, for letting me participate in this project.”


Shen Yijin: “Xiao Xun is angry?”


Jing Xun: …?


Mr. didn’t even try to brush it off.


He didn’t have much contact with Professor Huo, but Jing Xun also knew that the old professor was not the kind of person who would suck up to someone.


At that time, if he wasn’t a stakeholder, how could he ask for Shen Yijin’s opinion?


So the case was solved almost instantly. Shen Yijian was the investor behind their project.


But he thought that Shen Yijin would at least explain… For example, it was Professor Huo’s idea to let him join the group, and it had nothing to do with President Shen himself, it was completely coincidental…


Speaking of which, he didn’t know Shen Yijin very well when he joined the group!


If it wasn’t for the Mr.’s reaction at this time, Jing Xun would really think that although the project was given by president Shen, it was only Professor Huo’s intention to ask him to join the group…


“It is indeed Elder Huo’s intention.”


Under the dim induction lamp, half of Shen Yijin’s handsome face was hidden in the darkness, equally dim and unclear.


He said: “I did not mention you to him.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun’s eyes widened as he tried to organize his language: “But sir, you know that the professor will definitely think of me for such a difficult project, don’t you?”


Shen Yijin paused before saying, “Mm.”




Jing Xun took a breath and asked with uncertainty: “Then, sir, you wouldn’t be working on this project with the university just for me, right?”


He thought no, no, no, Shen Yijin wouldn’t cooperate with the school just to give him a job…


Unexpectedly, after another moment of silence, Shen Yijin asked him back: “What if i say that’s the case?”


Jing Xun: “……”


Meeting the other party’s deep eyes, Jing Xun couldn’t help but consider–


First of all, Mr. could neither crack a joke nor say honeyed words.


Secondly, the other party didn’t appear to be someone who deliberately lied and took credit for himself…


So what Mr. said was true.


It didn’t take Jing Xun to think for too long, and Shen Yijin had already given him a detailed explanation first.


He deliberately assigned a small project to the University of Science and Technology, indeed for Jing Xun.


At that time, he investigated Jing Xun’s family affairs, and probably knew that he was short of money, but the project was not allocated for relief or to provide opportunities.


After he accidentally saw Jing Xun’s performance at that job fair, he became curious about Jing Xun’s strength.


Shen Yijin did not systematically learn software programming. All the knowledge he understood was based on self-study. Because he was convinced that software and chips were the core competitiveness in the future, he returned to China and founded Yiwei Technology. At the same time, he was also recruiting talents. President Shen had always attached great importance to this kind of scientific and technological talents.


While Yiwei and its subsidiaries had piled up countless projects, it would not hurt to take a small project out for a test.


Although he didn’t even know whether Jing Xun was interested in this project at that time.


As for the remuneration he needed to pay, in addition to paying the salaries and bonuses of the supervisor and students involved in the project, he also needed to build an exclusive science and technology building for the school… 


But it was going to be donated anyway.


Shen Yijin was quite generous in this regard.


Jing Xun: “……”




He was once again startled by Shen Yijin’s generosity, so this is the big shot’s style3格局[gé jú]: Meaning pattern, setup, structure or style. This word is a bit tricky. “The pattern” refers to the internal layout of the psychological elements of a person’s vision, mind, moral, insight and so on. The higher you are in a pyramid food chain, the bigger your “pattern”. For example, some people are concerned about the business in one street, while others are concerned about the problems of the whole world. Just like the difference between the “pattern” of a bun shop owner and Jack Ma. Read more explanation here if you wanted to.?


Nevertheless, Mr. was really….crazy.


“But…” Shen Yijin’s slightly hoarse voice sounded in the enclosed space, and he suddenly said: “Xiao Xun had really amazed me.”


While talking, Jing Xun’s waist was hugged.






Shen Yijin spoke slowly but sincerely: “My Xiao Xun turned out to be so outstanding…Sorry, I shouldn’t have underestimated you.”




Is this a compliment?


Jing Xun buried his head slightly, unable to tell which words stimulated him, his cheeks on the side near Shen Yijin’s began to redden uncontrollably.


During this close contact, Jing Xun almost leaned against the other party’s arms, feeling the powerful vibration of his chest. Then he heard Shen Yijin issue a low laugh. 


The laughter was not obvious, but it was low and sweet, filled with an emotion…that could be described as pleasant.


So Mr. laughed?


What did Mr. look like when he laughed?


Jing Xun, who had never seen the other person laughing, subconsciously wanted to look up at Shen Yijin’s expression.


But he was kissed as soon as he looked up.


The distinctive scent belonging to Mr. assaulted him, but this time it felt even hotter.


Perhaps it was the dim light in the corridor that stimulated the sensory organs, Jing Xun felt that this time Mr. was kissing him harder than usual…. He was even pressed against the wall, but the other party’s arm tightly wrapped around his waist blocking the touch between his body and the dirty wall. But for Jing Xun, the feeling of being pinned by the wall was still very strong.


The two slender bodies pressed together, separated by clothes. Jing Xun had a faint feeling of being drowned and swallowed.


It was both hot and oppressive, stimulated by the fear of being found out by others.


It was probably the first time he had been treated with such “force” and would even be eaten alive…in the dusty stairwell of the school.


Just under the hidden surveillance camera…


When he returned, Jing Xun’s clothes had been tidied up, and his face basically returned to his usual state, except for the white and red complexion. His eyes were slightly watery, and the color of his lips was more vivid than before.


“Junior, are you ok? Why did you go there for so long?” A certain senior came over and asked.


It just happened to be the senior who opened his mouth to blabber about “watching the film.” For fear of being caught by the “experienced” counterpart, Jing Xun shook his head indicating that there was nothing.


It just so happened that the police from the Network Information Division over there had already collected evidence on the main computer, and needed to bring some people to the police station to make a statement.


Jing Xun, as one of the victims being framed, and the provider of valid evidence, naturally had to go.


In addition, this kind of campus theft case was not trivial. The school had to send a leader as representative, and finally Professor Huo decided to go there personally. He wanted to see what the students who dared to steal the program looked like.


Professor Huo wanted to go, and the teaching assistant would naturally accompany him. The few students who volunteered to testify also wanted to go. There were too many people, and a police car couldn’t fit them all. It became a situation where each person rushed to the police station with their own vehicle.


Shen Yijin also said that he could bring some of them along the way.


But when taking off, Jing Xun was the only one who got into Shen Yijin’s car.




The rest were all going by the teaching assistant’s car. Even Professor Huo, who was picked up by Shen Yijian from his home, rejected president Shen’s offer and chose to let the teaching assistant take him to the police station instead.


So as they waited for the teaching assistant to bring the car around, everyone saw this scene——


The tall man raised his hand to help Yan Jingxun pull open the rear door, and after the youth got in and sat down, he went around the other side and got into the car.


He was silent throughout, yet poised.


The posture of escorting Yan Jingxun to the car was very natural, like a gentleman, but also like a knight.


Someone couldn’t help but ask: “Professor, who is that person?”


From the time this person appeared, the atmosphere of the entire laboratory changed. Everyone’s attention was consciously or unintentionally drawn by this grim man, even if the man didn’t say anything after calling the police.


But this person’s sense of existence was really too strong!


In addition, it was rare for the professor to seek opinions from others, but when this person said to call the police, the teaching assistant immediately called the police without hesitating…. which was very abnormal in itself…


Someone had vaguely guessed that he was the investor in their project.


Because they heard this gentleman was surnamed “Shen”, some imaginative people guessed that he might be…


However, Professor Huo did not answer the question about who that person was.


He just glanced in the direction of the car, and said inexplicably, “If you have a chance in the future, you will know it naturally.”




The students had different thoughts, but because the professor deliberately concealed it, it also made them feel that their own speculation was confirmed…


Just then, the man came around to pull open the car door and got inside after greeting Professor Huo.


The moment the car door was closed, the ring on his left hand looked a little dazzling under the light of the street lamp, and it suddenly attracted the attention of many people.


“…If I’m not mistaken, in fact, I just discovered that the ring on this big shot’s hand looks like the one worn by junior Yan.”


“I also think it’s strange.” The one who spoke was Chu Qiao, who usually spent more time with Jing Xun,”Xun Xun’s ring also looks very bright under certain light…”


Hou Dongyu said at the right time, “Didn’t junior Yan say …… it’s a couple ring between him and his  boyfriend?”




“? ?”




  • 1
    水落石出[shuǐ luò shí shū]:  When the water subsides, the rocks emerge. Doubts will clear up when the facts are known.
  • 2
    一般见识[yī bān jiàn shi]: Lower oneself to the same level as somebody. It’s a derogatory term. Basically mean if someone is ignorant or dumb, don’t bother arguing with them. 
  • 3
    格局[gé jú]: Meaning pattern, setup, structure or style. This word is a bit tricky. “The pattern” refers to the internal layout of the psychological elements of a person’s vision, mind, moral, insight and so on. The higher you are in a pyramid food chain, the bigger your “pattern”. For example, some people are concerned about the business in one street, while others are concerned about the problems of the whole world. Just like the difference between the “pattern” of a bun shop owner and Jack Ma. Read more explanation here if you wanted to.
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