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MSGVB Chapter 33.2


Translator: Hua

The teaching assistant next to him was taken aback.


The video of the related surveillance camera had long been sent over by the security guard and could be viewed on the computer in the laboratory.


Jing Xun did not watch the previous large part of the video, but slid directly after 6:40 in the evening.


It could be clearly seen on the screen that he, Hou Dongyu, and Chu Qiao had all stayed in front of that laboratory main computer. Later, Jing Xun was the first to leave the room with something, and Hou Dongyu was the second, and Chu Qiao, who was responsible for reporting to the group and teaching assistant, was the third.


When Chu Qiao finally left, she didn’t approach the computer again, which ruled out the suspicion of what she did alone.


At the end of the video, she turned off the power and lights in the laboratory, everything went into darkness, and Chu Qiao left the classroom.


“See, I’ve told you there’s nothing to look at.” One of the seniors said.


But Jing Xun did not pay attention to him, nor did he stop playing, he kept looking back.


He also directly adjusted the quadruple speed to 1.5 times the speed, and finally, he simply pressed the pause button.


 “Here.” He adjusted the player to 0.5 times the speed, and replayed it again: “There are traces of splicing here.”


As soon as this statement came out, almost everyone jumped in front of the monitor and watched it carefully.


When the time was pointing to about 7:10, the screen did jump a bit, and then returned to calm.


“This… can’t be said to be a jump, right? What if the camera is unstable?” Some people questioned.


Jing Xun stared at the momentary change on the screen: “Have you seen the video in the hallway? If there’s no mistake, a little ahead of this time, there will be such traces in the surveillance video in the hallway.”




“…You mean, someone sneaked into the laboratory after you left and copied the program?”


Jing Xun’s eyelashes drooped: “At present, it seems that there is only one possibility.”


Everyone looked at each other. When something happened, they only focused on the three people in the second group. They didn’t even think about the possibility of outsiders.


“But that doesn’t explain the problem.” Someone said, “What if it’s really just a problem with the monitor circuit?”


Jing Xun said: “Everyone here has learned network security and program deciphering. How difficult is it to invade the school security system and replace a piece of surveillance video?”




The difficulty was there, but it was not impossible if you really wanted to.


As long as you are connected to the main server from the intranet, you could retrieve the video change records at will.


And the password of the school’s main server was also easy to decipher, only a small program was needed…


“This is just your conjecture.” said Peng Yutong in the crowd: “Even if you can prove that the surveillance has been tampered with, unless you can restore the surveillance content and let everyone see who sneaked into the laboratory, you still can’t get rid of the charge.”


When she said this, someone immediately reacted, “Yes, in case someone deliberately moved the surveillance video to try to exonerate themselves!”


“Indeed, it is possible that the evidence was deliberately forged at a later stage.”


Everyone’s eyes gathered on Jing Xun again, but the usually modest and polite youth still looked gentle and warm at this moment, as if he had not been affected by suspicion at all.


He said calmly, “Since the other side dares to move the surveillance video, the original video must have been destroyed, and there will be no possibility of it being restored.”


“…then what else do you want to say?!”


“Junior, you better not delay time. If you admit it now, everyone will help you see how to make up for it, it might not be too late…”


“How much did the other party give you? How can we do this kind of thing if we are engaged in R&D and innovation? What a shame!”    


Jing Xun’s consistent health habit made him dislike shouting, and he didn’t want to argue with others.


In the face of overwhelming accusations, he still waited for everyone to say whatever they wanted, and when they had almost vented their emotions, he said: “Who said that we can’t catch the thief without the surveillance video?”


A clear and pleasant voice rang out in the lab, drowning out some of the constant chatter, Jing Xun stepped up to the main computer.


Some grumpy seniors immediately said, “What else do you want to do? The key to this lab is only available to your second group for the time being ……”


Jing Xun raised his hand and pulled out the keyboard.


“There is more than one backup of the key to the laboratory.” He said: “If senior wants to talk about the key, to copy the new program also requires the original password set by your group. We don’t know this password.”


Members of the first group: “……”


In order to prevent data leakage, they did set an anti-theft password at the beginning. All people who wanted to copy or delete the program need to go through more than two password verifications.


This password was indeed only known by the first group.


“…It’s not easy to figure out the password, but maybe you bribe someone among us…”


As soon as these words came out, members of the first group looked at each other with more suspicion and animosity.


The remuneration for stealing code data must be a lot. Maybe someone really took the risk and said the password for the sake of money…


Facing the first group’s members who instantly became suspicious, Jing Xun shook his head helplessly.


He just wanted to say that the key was unreliable and couldn’t be used as evidence either.


He didn’t expect it to be immediately dispersed to this extent ……


Jing Xun said: “In fact, you don’t have to worry, the program will not leak so quickly. At the soonest, it will …… be a long, long time, so really don’t worry too much.”


Someone couldn’t help asking: “…how come?”


Jing Xun had already pulled out a chair, sat down in front of the computer, and said, “Because not only the first group had set the original password, but our group also did it.”


As he said this, his slender fingers with distinct joints began to tap on the keyboard proficiently.


Jing Xun said: “Our password has been running automatically since the afternoon when we started the detection process,  but any data that you want to copy from this machine needs to be entered in advance to verify the password. It’s just that our original password is not to prevent data from being copied, but…”


Jing Xun pressed enter.


“It is to ensure that after being copied, the copied file will automatically convert into garbled code.”


After hitting the Enter key, lines of code flashed across the computer screen quickly.


The teaching assistant and the members of the first group all rushed over to watch the program that Jing Xun had typed. Chu Qiao and Hou Dongyu looked at each other, and they both saw the confusion in each other’s eyes——when did they set the original password? Can the copied files be converted into garbled code automatically? ?


Only the outermost Peng Yutong, after hearing Jing Xun’s words, had a momentary blank expression.


Then she gathered around the screen to watch the code, but she always seemed a little absent-minded.


The pale light reflected from the computer screen made her face even paler, except that she had makeup on her face, so it was not obvious.


Jing Xun’s gaze circled around, and finally fixed on the senior sister.


“Student Yan… Chu Qiao and Hou Dongyu, you guys….. is this true?”


The teaching assistant briefly looked at the source code of the initial password. He looked at it in a hurry, and had to skim over some parts because he felt they were unfamiliar,  but he faintly felt that what Jing Xun said was right and was not lying to them.


Neither Chu Qiao nor Hou Dongyu could answer this question, and they also turned their eyes to Jing Xun.


Jing Xun said: “It’s true. If you don’t believe me, you can make another copy now and see if the file you get is garbled.”


The teaching assistant didn’t test it. He believed that Jing Xun would not lie about this because it was meaningless.


What he cared more about now was: “Then the garbled code that was copied could be fixed or not?”


“If you are an expert, it is not impossible to fix it. But…”


Jing Xun paused for a while. From a rigorous point of view, he made a rough estimation, and then said: “But it will take two weeks at the earliest.”


This was still his conservative estimate.


Not to mention that although their small program was an innovative technology, the commercial rewards it could bring were actually not high. If you have the time and energy to decode and reorganize the garbled code, it is better to ask the scientific research team to do R&D and engage in new projects.


“Hoo…” As soon as they heard the news, almost everyone heaved a sigh of relief.


Someone couldn’t help but say: “Junior why did you pause just now, you’re scaring us to death!”


“Yes, since there is this copy prevention program, why didn’t you tell us earlier, so that we were scared to death.”


Although the tone was still a bit complaining, everyone’s attitude had obviously eased a lot at this time.


As long as the stolen data couldn’t be used for commercial purposes, then their research was not in vain.


The atmosphere became relaxed in an instant, and someone couldn’t help but say: “Fortunately, your second group is more insightful. We only thought of setting up an anti-theft program for the first group. I didn’t expect someone to start from the second group…”


“But it’s true that someone stole code information and tried to frame us.” At this time, Jing Xun suddenly said again.


When he spoke, no one made a sound.


Jing Xun’s limpid eyes scanned the crowd little by little, and the seniors who had just said harsh things didn’t dare to look at him again.


In response to the evasive gaze of the crowd, Jing Xun tilted his head slightly, and said in an unhurried tone: “For me, tracing the real culprit is as important and meaningful as protecting the program.”

“…Student Yan is right.” The teaching assistant said, “Even if the code is not lost, we must not just leave it like this.”


“Yeah, who did such a dirty thing, we can’t just let it go!” A member of the first group asked the second group: “Junior Yan, what do you think?”


At this time, everyone subconsciously turned their eyes to Jing Xun, as if they had forgotten that he was only a junior, and not the leader of the second group.


However, Chu Qiao and Hou Dongyu had completely followed Jing Xun’s lead at the moment. From the time they knew that this student had also added the anti-theft code to the detection program, their eyes on Jing Xun had turned into astonishment. At present, they would follow everything he said.


Jing Xun said, “My idea is that we should call the police immediately.”


“Call the police? This…”


“Then let’s listen to junior Yan and call the police.”


At first they didn’t call the police. They also considered trying to recover the stolen program before things became big, trying to recover the losses.


Now that they knew there was no loss, reporting to the police became a great urgency.


But amidst the overwhelming majority of voices agreeing to call the police, some people still objected.


Peng Yutong said: “Call the police… after all, it could affect the reputation of the school. If something like this happens, Professor Huo and the teacher would become disgraceful. Let see… as long as there’s no loss, let’s just forget it?”




Jing Xun shook his head and said he did not agree with this statement.


He said: “The number of copies recorded by the testing program has changed from one to two for no reason. This has violated the contract. If we don’t call the police, how could we explain this to the investor?”


Everyone felt that what he said was reasonable. It would be impossible not to report to the police for such a serious theft. The teaching assistant had already taken out his mobile phone.


But Peng Yutong said: “But can you catch the thief if you call the police? The surveillance video has been changed. The investor…you can go and explain to them privately, but once you call the police and enter the judicial process, everyone will know that our school has leaked the investor’s information. Who will come to us for cooperation in the future? “


What she said was not unreasonable. The teaching assistant who was about to dial 110 put down the phone again.


Unexpectedly, Jing Xun said, “Who said we can’t find the thief?”


He looked at Peng Yutong with more suspicion and scrutiny.


But Peng Yutong didn’t seem to be afraid of him, she just smiled coldly: “Could it be that you can really find the thief?”


Jing Xun did not answer her question.


At this moment, the closed door of the laboratory was opened. Everyone subconsciously looked towards the door and found that it was Professor Huo who had rushed over after hearing the news.


The most authoritative old professor in the school came, and the laboratory was calm again.


Everyone’s eyes fell on the professor and the tall man next to him.


The man was wearing an ironed suit, and his gestures inadvertently revealed extravagance. His expressionless face was even more angular and handsome. He was obviously handsome, but people did not dare to look too much.


Because the man’s expression was too cold and solemn.


Someone had seen him, right at the door of the job fair, and they still had an impression of him.


There are those who hadn’t seen him but it didn’t affect them from establishing a new impression of him.


Peng Yutong was the most surprised.


Because she had seen this man in the cafe, the one sitting opposite Yan Jingxun…


But it’s strange, why is this person with Professor Huo?



When the whole group was silenced, Jing Xun also got a good look at the visitor.


Perhaps because of his height, Shen Yijin’s gaze could easily pass by everyone, and finally landed on Jing Xun accurately.


Among the crowd, the two people who looked at each other in unison, intertwined their gazes in the air.


Jing Xun suddenly curled his lips.


With arched eyebrows, he flashed a rather brilliant smile at Mr.


In the next instant, he turned his gaze back to the computer screen, and typed a bunch of codes. While typing, Jing Xun said, “I can’t find the thief, but it is possible to trace the information of the flash drive that was used to copy the program.”


In order to prevent everyone from being puzzled, he explained directly this time: “I just learned the compilation of some tracking programs when I was preparing the detection program. I compiled a small program on a whim and stored it on this main computer. This small program can trace all the foreign equipment or network information that has been operated on this computer.”


After typing the long code, a few lines of small characters appeared on the screen after an enter key was pressed.


The first line was the handover record of the first group passing the program to the second group via the intranet in the afternoon, with the time shown at 12:48 pm.


The second line showed a USB flash drive motherboard manufacturer, factory time, production number, shape characteristics label, and even expanded a little, what was stored inside the USB could be seen!


The corresponding time was exactly 6:53pm.


…That was the time that the main program system displayed the second copy!


Looking at this line of small characters with satisfaction, Jing Xun’s appearance was clever, and his tone was also extremely natural: “I believe Mr. Police can trace the thief according to this.”


“…Fucking awesome!”


After everyone carefully read the rows of small characters, a series of worship voices erupted in the laboratory one after another.


“It’s amazing!”


“Fuck, I didn’t expect it…”


“What kind of awesome little program is this? Did junior write it by himself?”


“Yeah.” Jing Xun said very modestly: “I just tried to write after seeing it in the book. It was still in the testing stage, and I didn’t expect it to be used in advance.”


Anyway, Jing Xun didn’t want to expose this program at first.


Apart from preparing for the worst case scenario, it was mostly created on a whim.


After all, this was too complicated and could easily arouse suspicion.


But just when he was having dinner and chatting with Shen Yijin, Jing Xun suddenly thought–if he admitted that he had photographic memory from the beginning, then in the eyes of outsiders, “Yan Jingxun” suddenly knew a lot of things that he did not know before seemed logical.


Having photographic memory was merely perceived as a little smarter than ordinary people.


There were a lot of things that Jing Xun couldn’t do during his peak, there’s even more things he couldn’t do now that he became an average student but he was not afraid of causing troubles…


“Where did you learn to do this, junior? A program of this difficulty is not for the average person to master.”


“To tell the truth… you could even record what was stored in the USB flash drive previously, it was a bit invasive to one’s privacy…”


“It’s okay, anyway, this program is on the main computer of the laboratory. The original security regulations do not allow the USB flash drive to be inserted into the main computer in case there is a virus. Our handover is transmitted through the intranet! This is also a kind of responsibility of the second group members. “


“Yes, I think that this program should be promoted directly. Now you can’t plug in a USB flash drive anymore. Do you still want to take the opportunity to watch the movie with the main computer?”


As soon as he said this, he immediately caused a lot of laughter.


The only person who couldn’t laugh here was Peng Yutong, because only she knew…the content in the USB flash drive that hadn’t been expanded….there should be a lot of personal information and data of her boyfriend Wu Chun…


Indeed, as long as the police wanted, they could find out that it was Wu Chun from that information….


Peng Yutong’s face became bloodless.


She shouldn’t have been involved in this incident. She heard Wu Chun contacted a technology company and wanted to sell their group’s information. At first, she thought he was crazy.


Until today… a person contacted her and gave her an idea to blame the second group…


She was tempted by this idea.


Without needing to take responsibility, she could sit still and get 800,000 yuan. Presumably, many people would be tempted.


What’s more, all she had to do was hack into the security system and switch a video…


“Senior sister Peng, are you okay?”


Yan Jingxun’s voice suddenly hit her ears, and Peng Yutong shivered.


On the other side, Professor Huo’s original stern look suddenly became a lot more gentle after seeing Jing Xun’s code.


He even let out a praising laugh, and then he asked the taller man beside him: “President Shen, what do you think we should do about this matter?”


“President Shen?” The students looked at each other.  They didn’t understand how Professor Huo, who should have made a decision at such a critical time, asked outsiders for advice…?


Even Jing Xun was dumbfounded. He raised his eyes blankly to look at the opposite man, and only heard him saying: “Call the police.”


The man’s low voice sounded, his expression was still indifferent as if mixed with wind and snow.


But his eyes always fell on the same place with extreme concentration. His solemn expression suddenly earned a few more admiration.


He said: “Do what you should do.”


The author has something to say: 

Jing Xun: So why does the professor ask for Mr.’s opinion? [Skeptical.jpg] [Shady.jpg]

Shen Yijin: ……

Hua: This chapter has over 7k words and the programming stuff ughhhh


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