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MSGVB Chapter 26.1

He's my boyfriend.

Translator: Hua

The second time he was touched by Shen Yijin’s lips, Jing Xun had a new definition of kissing.


It turned out that kissing wasn’t simply a matter of pressing your lips together.




He didn’t expect the kiss to last so long. He also didn’t expect that a kiss could make his legs go weak.   


Moreover…he never thought he could sweat so profusely after a kiss…


Jing Xun felt that besides some novel sensation, what caused his emotion to fluctuate should be because… the person who kissed him was Shen Yijin!


He was the lonely king in the book, the ten thousand year old bachelor, the untouchable Shen Yijin….


Of course, this was not his first kiss with Mr. Villain. But this time, there was a significant difference. Shen Yijin was undoubtedly in a normal state.



This realization alone made Jing Xun extremely nervous.


Even after kissing twice, he almost bit Shen Yijin…


Afterward, Jing Xun went to change his clothes with a red face. The blush on his cheeks was probably too obvious, his breathing was getting more and more difficult, and he couldn’t even stand steadily on his feet.


So after he straightened himself out, Shen Yijin proposed to send him back to school in advance.


But instead of letting him go back to school alone, he would also stop by to have afternoon tea in the cafe near the University of Science and Technology.


Both of them. 


…He could drink coffee and eat dessert again!


Jing Xun had no objection.


Of course, the most important thing was that he needed to change and wash his face at this moment.




Jing Xun was looking for a change of clothes, but he saw Shen Yijin lowering his head near the wine cabinet, seemingly looking for something, so he couldn’t help but leaned over and asked, “What’s the matter?”


“Nothing, I found it.”


Shen Yijin, who straightened up again, had an extra car key in his hand.


His slender fingers were rubbing the corner of the key. He said, “I don’t usually drive, so I forgot where I left it.”


Jing Xun: “Oh.”


After all, he was the richest man in Dragon city. He had a driver, three assistants, and a secretary. It would be a waste of time for a busy person like Mr. to drive by himself.


…Although, Mr. Shen had already wasted an afternoon with him.


But Jing Xun didn’t feel sorry. He believed that with Mr. Villain’s ability, he must be able to arrange his time properly, just like how a monarch could manage to attend the morning court and other official business in the early days. 


So there was nothing to worry about. Besides, they were husbands who were about to be engaged.


Taking half a day off during the weekend……to go on a date was normal right?


After a while, Shen Yijin changed his clothes and came out.


He only kept his formal clothes in the closet here, but it didn’t really matter. Who said that the big guys must look like a business elite when wearing formal clothes.


Shen Yijin only wore trousers and a casual white shirt today. There was no suit jacket or tie, and the hairstyle was a little more casual than before. Even the two buttons on the neckline had been undone…


As everyone knows, what goes around comes around.


Sometimes, the more abstinent something is …… the less abstinent they are. 

This was probably the experience sought after by the uniform control. 


Jing Xun thought1So what JX trying to say is, Uniform, which is the suit SYJ usually wears, is portrayed abstinent. But the more abstinent something is, the less abstinent they are. what goes around comes around. Any type of uniform, such as suit, school uniform, police uniform etc became a fetish (?) or what most people fantasize about. I hope this makes sense. T.T .


Jing Xun was undeniably taken aback, and even the movement of packing things in his hands stopped unconsciously.


Until Shen Yijin asked him, “What is Xiao Xun doing?”


Jing Xun answered obediently: “Packing my bag.”




 Shen Yijin came over to the counter, held down Jing Xun’s hands that were packing the laptop. He said, “It’s only ten minutes away from the University of Science and Technology.”




After giving a suspicious look at Mr.’s big hands, Jing Xun once again blinked his crystal clear eyes and looked at Shen Yijin. His eyes were smeared with puzzlement.


But he heard Shen Yijin said: “When Xiao Xun finishes working at night, Shall I pick you up? Then I will send you to school tomorrow.”


Jing Xun: “Ah…”


The meaning was that Mr. hoped that he would still live here at night.



Involuntarily, he buried his head and said in a docile manner, “Okay.”


Then it was clear that nothing happened, but Jing Xun found himself blushing somehow.


He didn’t dare to look up at Shen Yijin anymore, for fear that the other party would find out. He could only lower his head and think in silence: He just made a promise to himself this afternoon that he would accompany Shen Yijin.


Naturally, he should come back to live here.



“But sir, we will also use the computer when we have a meeting.”


So he still had to pack his school bag anyway.


Shen Yijin: “…”


It was really hot in summer. It rained yesterday, but it did not bring any coolness at all.


It was fine when he was blown by the air conditioner in the house and in the car.


Waiting for Shen Yijin in the open-air parking space at the entrance of the café, the moment they got out of the car, Jing Xun felt that he had been hit by the heat wave.


He was almost toppled over. 


At this time, there were many students returning to school, and the business of the cafe was also booming. They finally found an empty spot in the corner. Shen Yijin first walked over to help Jing Xun pull away the seat near the inside, while he sat on the chair outside.


Jing Xun went over and sat down obediently, but he still felt that this seat was a bit small.


At least for people with long legs like Shen Yijin, there was not much free space under the table to put his legs.


As a last resort, both of them would occasionally brush each others’ knees.


Jing Xun was wearing a pair of slim light-colored jeans today, which was also sent by Assistant Jin yesterday.


The ankle-length trouser was just right, and they could perfectly cover his thin legs, which made him very satisfied.


The knee was deliberately torn out, so there was a big hole, which caused half of his leg to feel numb every time his skin touched the other party’s trousers.


 “What do the two students like to drink?… Alas, it’s you.”


This time, the one who came to take the order was still the beautiful lady boss. It seemed that she still remembered Jing Xun although Jing Xun hadn’t been here for a few days. After all, there were not many people who looked like him.


The boss greeted Jing Xun very kindly. Due to the angle, she had to walk to the table to see the face of the person opposite Jing Xun. Therefore, when she saw Shen Yijin, she seemed to be surprised to some extent, just as when Jing Xun first saw president Shen take off his suit.


Obviously, she also remembered Shen Yijin.


Jing Xun smiled gently at the lady boss and took the menu. He then looked at Shen Yijin and asked, “What would you like to order, sir?”


Shen Yijin took another menu and glanced at it. Then he pointed to a place on the page and said, “This one.”


“Afternoon tea set for two?”


Jing Xun turned his gaze on the double set that Shen Yijin was referring to, and saw that it contained two drinks of his choice, a cake of his choice, and an ice cream ball.


…That was what he liked.


Jing Xun’s lips couldn’t help but pick up: “Okay.”


Shen Yijin: “That’s it, add another cookie.”


Jing Xun: Okay, Okay.


But he didn’t say it this time.


He didn’t  intuitively show his happiness, but quietly smiled at Shen Yijin while the beautiful boss was busy writing down the order.


Once he was feeling happy, the knees under the table collided again.




Facing Shen Yijin’s gaze, Jing Xun didn’t dare to move.


“Okay, what do you want for the two drinks? And what flavor of ice cream do you want?” The keen boss did not miss Jing Xun’s smile on his lips. She also smiled and introduced Jing Xun: “The new macadamia fruit flavor in our shop is delicious and not greasy at all. Would you like to try it?”


Jing Xun, who liked to try all kinds of things, said: “Okay.”


When the ice cream ball came up, Jing Xun suddenly felt that something was wrong when he looked at the ice cream ball in a small porcelain bowl with two delicate steel spoons attached to it.


–There was only one ice cream ball in this set meal, but obviously it was for two people, so why didn’t the boss ask Shen Yijin what flavor he wanted, but asked him directly?


It felt as if the other party acquiesced that the ice cream ball was for him.


A closer look, it was as if she had already acquiesced, Shen Yijin suggested ordering this set for him…

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    So what JX trying to say is, Uniform, which is the suit SYJ usually wears, is portrayed abstinent. But the more abstinent something is, the less abstinent they are. what goes around comes around. Any type of uniform, such as suit, school uniform, police uniform etc became a fetish (?) or what most people fantasize about. I hope this makes sense. T.T 
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