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MSGVB Chapter 25

Sir is still sir.

Translator: Hua

Shen Yijin was obviously a clean and organized person. He knew this from the way he cleaned up the kitchen.


Jing Xun followed him to work around the kitchen, and it took a long time for the two of them to clean up the kitchen to the level of Shen Yijin’s satisfaction. However the process was not tiring at all.


After all, watching Shen Yijin doing things gave off a kind of pleasant feeling.


Moreover, handsome men not only looked handsome in suits, but also looked handsome and seductive when they stood in the kitchen or in front of the kitchen counter.


After everything had been tidied up, Jing Xun confirmed with Shen Yijin that the other party had no official business to do for the time being, so he intended to formally play the game with Mr. Long Legs. 


 “Have you ever played these before?” he asked.


As expected, Shen Yijin replied, “No.”


Jing Xun said, “Neither do I, let’s explore together?”


Shen Yijin looked at him deeply.


He obviously had no objection to exploring the game together. He nodded slowly and said, “Okay.”


At the request of Mr. Shen, the two of them played the medieval game that Jing Xun and Xiao Tang had just played.


This kind of game was not only difficult to play, but also difficult to find the clues. It was hard enough to burn your brain and test your mental quality. It also required patience. 


Whether it was Jing Xun or Shen Yijin, they didn’t seem to be short of these three qualities. 


Two people teamed up and passed four levels in less than an hour.


Until the later levels became a little difficult, the strength of the monsters also increased exponentially. After playing for a long time, Jing Xun felt a little tired.


Shen Yijin said, “Let’s continue another day.”




Jing Xun propped the floor with both hands and leaned back, moving his stiff spine.


Shen Yijin called him: “Xiao Xun.”


Jing Xun: “Hm?”




Shen Yijin’s thin lips were slightly pursed: “How to archive it?”


“Oh oh oh.” Jing Xun remembered that he wanted to archive the game, so he hurried over and taught Shen Yijin the method he had learnt from Assistant Xiao Tang.


“It’s these two keys, press this first, do you see this interface? Then press OK.”


The room temperature was pleasant, the afternoon sun went to the west, and the living room had the same color as the bright sky outside.


The young man sitting on the floor had fair skin with thin and long eyelashes. When he leaned up to explain patiently, from this angle, Shen Yijin could see the young man’s lively and flexible eyelashes fluttering under his small nose. The bright red lips opened and closed.


Looking further down, the young man was wearing his clothes loosely, his bare white neck and half of his shoulders…


“Jing Xun.” Shen Yijin suddenly whispered to him.


“Huh?” Jing Xun looked up in confusion.


It was only then that he realized that because both of them were sitting next to each other, when he looked up at Shen Yijin, the distance between their faces……suddenly got very close.


Especially, Shen Yijin still looked down at him.


This distance… seemed to be the same as last night.


As long as Shen Yijin lowered his head, he could easily… kiss, kiss him…


Jing Xun suddenly became nervous. He wished he could hold his breath completely, because in his field of vision, Shen Yijin’s handsome face… was gradually getting closer.


The other party looked like he intended to come over and kiss him…


Is that right?


Jing Xun’s brain was on the verge of freezing.


He didn’t dare to move either.


Or perhaps he didn’t want to move.


After all, in his memory, being touched by the other party’s warm and dry lips… seemed to feel good.


When it comes to dating, kissing should be a normal occurrence. Therefore, he should not refuse it.


In this way, Jing Xun felt as if he was bewitched by Shen Yijin’s eyes, and time was suddenly stretched for a long time, but actually it didn’t. 


Before they could get really close…


“Ding Dong Ding Dong”, Jing Xun’s cheerful ringtone suddenly sounded.



Jing Xun quickly got up to get his mobile phone, and found out that it was the phone number of the senior sister in the project team that Professor Huo had added before.


Normally this kind of sudden call was related to the project, so Jing Xun had to answer it.


He turned his head and glanced at Shen Yijin, adjusted his breath slightly, and connected the phone: “Hello? Senior sister?”


Senior Sister Chu Qiao said over the phone: “The group member want to have a meeting in the evening to discuss plans for the next week. Junior brother, are you at school this evening? Is it convenient to come here at six o’clock?”


Today was Sunday, and the students who went home normally should have also returned to school. The group members decided to have a meeting in the evening, which was very reasonable. Jing Xun specifically had to go.


He immediately said: “I will go there. See you in the evening, senior sister.”


Jing Xun checked the time after hanging up the phone. It was already three o’clock.


Fortunately, their place was very close to school, so it was convenient to go back whenever he wanted to. 


Shen Yijin heard him talking about going to the group meeting, and said: “Then I will send you off, can we leave at 5:30?”


Jing Xun has no objection: “Okay.”


He smiled and was about to say “Thank you Mr.”, but he felt that he was being polite to the other party again. So forget it, Jing Xun sincerely said, “Sir, you are so kind!”


Shen Yijin responded in a low voice: “En.”


Jing Xun smiled and glanced at him. Suddenly, he remembered the ambiguous atmosphere… the temperature on his cheeks climbed up again.


But Shen Yijin’s peach blossom eyes were still indifferent, or rather expressionless, which made his whole person look wise and noble, calm and restrained.


It seemed that everything just now was again just…   


An instinct.


Or more civilized, was it hormones?


Anyway, that scene just now, the atmosphere was all in place, it would be wrong if they didn’t do anything.


But the sir was still sir, after that ambiguous atmosphere he could immediately calm himself down.


Unlike him…


“Xiao Xun.”


Just as he was lost in thoughts, Jing Xun heard Shen Yijin calling him again.




He naturally met the other person’s eyes, which was looking at him. Jing Xun heard the other person ask him: “Right now, Is there anything Xiao Xun has to do?”


He thought that Mr. was asking him what he had to do before leaving for school.


Jing Xun involuntarily shook his head, saying, “There is nothing.”




Shen Yijin’s voice slightly trailed off, making the already low voice more magnetic. He said, “Can I kiss you now?”

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