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TSRBIHK Chapter 7

My Daughter Is Too Cute

[ A/N – There are a few dark elements.

I’d like to keep it as heartwarming as possible, but for the sake of the story, please forgive me. ]

After lunch, Saki-chan fell asleep again, and I tried to make as little noise as possible as I ransacked the room.

I felt awkward because I felt like a thief, but since I was now inside Mika’s body, I wanted to make sure that we could work things out without saying, “This is an invasion of privacy!”

“Did she have anything like a driver’s license or an insurance card?”

The room was full of famous brand clothes, bags, some cosmetics, and other things that I was unlikely to use.

“There it is!”

I searched for a while to find something that would help me identify myself, and in the top drawer of my wardrobe, I found her original driver’s license, which was overdue for renewal, my insurance card, and a copy of my family register hidden under my clothes.

“She should at least renew her license…”

After that, I did some more research and found out that the name of the woman who was now my body was ‘Nonogami Mika Hanaka,’ and for the first time I learned that Saki-chan’s kanji was also written as 1『咲』‘Saki.’

Also, Mika’s age seemed to be 20.

“We both are so young.”

Saki-chan had just turned three, apparently.

I vaguely remembered that I used to be in my thirties, so compared to that, both of us were young, and both of us felt like children.

Was there anything else after that? When I was looking for it, I found something like a diary in my unsent mailbox in my phone.

From the text on the page, it seemed that Saki’s father was Mika’s older brother, and he had died in a car accident in early March, which was a very recent event.

“I can’t help it…”

It seemed that her mother had passed away in a car accident, protecting her child, and only Saki, protected by her body, survived.

I found myself in tears as I read the email.

In addition, it seems that Saki’s mother’s parents had passed away early, and the only place she could go after losing her parents was Mika’s place.

“How painful it must have been…”

I read on, and it seemed like Mika and Mika’s parents did not want to take Saki-chan in.

“She didn’t get along with her family?”

From the contents of the e-mail, I read that the Nonogami siblings were on good terms with each other, but their relationship with their parents was not good, and they were almost in a state of isolation.

“I’ll stop reading any further.”

My heart broke in the middle of reading the diary, so I stopped holding my phone and looked at Saki-chan’s sleeping face.

It was so adorable to see her still small body sleeping peacefully.

She had been through so much pain in a young age, so I wanted to make her happy in the future.

I was going to protect this child! I promised myself firmly.

“Okay! Let’s take a bath for a change! And then I’ll have to prepare dinner!”

In order to refresh my darkened mind, I shouted loudly to get into the spirit.

Well, I still hadn’t gotten used to my high pitched voice when I said it…


“Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?”


I hadn’t made a sound before so as not to wake her up, but now I did it myself.

The way she stretched out with her small body was so cute and it made me smile.

(Maybe it’s true what they say about children being angels.)

Maybe she was still sleepy, but Saki-chan didn’t wake up and slept until the evening.

And then I saw her just lying there on the futon, saying “Umu.” and “Umph.” and turning over and over, and I thought,

“Huh? My daughter is too cute.”

I took a bath with Saki-chan when she woke up at night.

If I was a normal TS reincarnation, I would probably be cackling and giggling as I tried to find out what was going on, but with a child in front of me, I didn’t have time for that.

I even had the impression that the woman had long hair and it was troublesome to wash it.

After we both drank milk, I heated up the hamburger and potage soup I had made in the evening and added bread and salad to it for dinner.

I washed the dishes, laid out the bedding, and went inside.

A lot had happened in one day, but it looked like I was able to finish it.

Saki-chan was still a little far away from me, probably because she was afraid to sleep near me, but I hoped she would gradually come closer to me.

“Good night, Saki.”

“Good night.”

[ A/N – Yesterday, it became number one in the daily human drama ranking.

Thank you for your support. ]

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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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