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TSRBIHK Chapter 3

A Family Restaurant

“There’s nothing here but fancy clothes.”

I was now wearing a black sweatshirt with a top and bottom, but when I opened the wood-grained closet in my room to change for going out, I saw that it still contained only brand-name clothes.

Moreover, unlike the clothes that were scattered all over the place, they seemed to have been kept brand new and never worn.

I felt bad about suddenly putting on new clothes without permission, so I picked up some clothes in the room and tried them on while looking at myself in the mirror on the side of the closet.

“I’m so beautiful…”

I had never seen her face before, but I guessed she was about 20 years old. She had medium hair that didn’t reach her waist, but it was silver ash and a little girly.

I tried on a few outfits, but the only ones I could find were ones that emphasized my breasts, so I decided to go out in my sweatshirt, not daring to wear it.

I put on my sandals and walked out the door with the girl.

I took a look at the exterior of the apartment I was living in and found it to be quite shabby, to the point of wondering how old it was.

I didn’t know the city at all, but somehow I knew where everything was.

(Was it the woman’s memory? Or was the gift from the man who seemed to be God?)

I didn’t know what to think, but what was even more mysterious was that I couldn’t remember my original name.

It may mean that I didn’t need it anymore, but I felt a little sad.

While I was thinking about this, the girl’s stomach grumbled.

(For now, we’ll have to go shopping later and go to a place where we can eat right away. I’ll cook for lunch and dinner.)

A short walk from the apartment on a back street, there was a city street where you could get a cab.

I wondered how educational it would be to put her in a cab at such a young age? I was thinking about it, and it took me a while to realize that it was me that the driver had asked about my destination.

(Oh right, I’m a woman now.)

“To Nerima Station.”

“Got it.”

The girl hadn’t been outside in a long time, and she looked at the scenery curiously for a moment through the window from the backseat, but soon she was staring at the driver’s seat.

Was she too hungry to turn her head?

She said she was hungry and I felt bad that it took me so long to get dressed.

I wish I could have carried her and moved her, but somehow the girl was scared of me? I mean, I could sense that she was scared of me, so I walked slowly until I got a cab.

Well, my steps were too different, so I went slowly anyway.

“We’re here.”

The driver told me so, and I paid the fare and got out of the cab with the girl.

From there, we walked just a short distance into a family restaurant, our destination.

A waitress in a uniform said, “Welcome,” as she led me to my seat.

I sat down on a chair and unfolded the menu list to show it to the girl, who froze with her eyes on me and her mouth open.

Maybe she couldn’t believe this woman was being nice to her, but it hurt me a little bit because I was the one instead of her.

“Oh, uh, which one do you want?”

Smiling to the best of my ability, I pointed to the menu list and showed her a picture of a kid’s plate with several different types of dishes.

The girl silently pointed to the one with the flag stuck in a omelette, and the rest of dish with potatoes and broccoli.

I ordered a sandwich and a coffee, and there was a kids’ drink space.

“I’m going to get some juice, do you want to have orange?”

The girl nodded silently, I think she hadn’t been talking for a long time…

“Here you go, Miss.”

A little while later, a waitress brought me a sandwich and a children’s lunch.


“We’re ready.”

After I started to eat my sandwich, the girl, whose eyes were sparkling at the sight of the children’s lunch on the table, brought a spoonful of omelette to her mouth as if she was trying to copy me.

“It’s good!”

Seeing the girl smile naturally as she let out a happy voice, I was really glad that I had come to the family restaurant.

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  1. Avatar kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. Avatar Milanin says:

    These chapters are like the mini sandwiches you get at parties…
    Pretty, good, but if you want to feel like you’ve had any you need at least a dozen.

    Also, f the mother from before the body takeover.
    The kid is almost afraid of it’s own shadow.

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