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TSRBIHK Chapter 11

The Importance Of Savings

Saki-chan kept calling out her age over and over again, and finally, without me asking her anything, she started saying, ‘Three!’ without my asking.

“Haa, haa, ah, kawaii jinu (too cute to die).”


“No, it’s nothing.”

Seeing Saki-chan tilting her head and asking me the meaning of my words was incredibly soothing to me.

This took away the fatigue from the work I had just done.

(Maybe she understands her age or something? Right!)

Suddenly, I opened the famous brand wallet that Mika was probably using, took out three 100-yen coins and a 1,000-yen bill, and placed them in front of the sitting Saki-chan.

“Yeah? Your wallet is cute, don’t you think? You like pink, don’t you, Saki-chan?”


Saki-chan saw the light pink purse and pointed to it with sparkling eyes.

“I love this!”

I was sure she had seen it many times while shopping, but she had always been curious about the wallet.

As a former man, I found it cute, and I was grateful to use it because it was not a crime.

“No, no. It’s not the wallet I want you to see, it’s this.”

“My wallet?”

“Here. Here’s some money for you, Saki.”


That’s right. You can buy sweets with it.


Oh? I thought she wanted money to spend on shopping because she said, “I can’t be selfish if I want something,” but, was it something different?

Huh, she was still tilting her head, and didn’t seem to know any better.

I picked up a heart-shaped palette lying in the corner of the room and brought it to Saki-chan.

“Well, you know, you can get a lot more of these.”

“A lot?”

“Yeah. Let’s play supermarket.”

To help her understand shopping, I was to become the clerk and Saki-chan to be the customer, and we played a little.

“I’ll take one thousand yen and give you five hundred yen back.”

After a few moments of playing, Saki-chan seemed to understand, though she was vaguely remembering the time when she went shopping.

“Did you get it?”


“When you gave me 1,000 yen, I got change so I could buy snacks, but when I gave you 300 yen, I didn’t have enough money, right?”


The sweets with the heart-shaped palette cost 500 yen, so I tried to imitate it where 300 yen was not enough money, but it was still too difficult for her to understand everything.

I was sure she would learn to do the math and stuff, so there was no need to rush.

“So, Saki-chan, do you want 300 yen or 1,000 yen?”

“Are you an angel? You’re giving me this?”

“Yes, I am. Which one do you want?”

“Three hundred!”

“I see.”

Apparently, Saki-chan just liked the word ‘three.’

But if she had understood the value of money, she would have chosen the 1,000 yen bill.

“Yes. Then I’ll give this 300 yen to Saki-chan.”

“Thank you.”

What would she do with all this money? I looked at her and saw that Saki-chan had hidden it in the gap between the TV and the stand.

Apparently, she understood the importance of saving money.

Saki-chan finished hiding the money and came back to me.

“I still feel terrible.”

“Don’t worry. That’s Saki-chan’s money, you know. I won’t steal it.”

It was sad that she didn’t seem to trust me even a little bit, but I guessed it meant she considered my money as her precious treasure.

Next time, I’ll buy her a cute piggy bank or wallet.

Of course, it would be pink.

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