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KTBW Chapter 6

Chapter 6

They arrived at an old residential building that was five storeys high. The outer wall had long been mottled, but fortunately, it was covered by creepers, so it does not appear ugly. Due to the large-scale vegetable market nearby, there were very few residents staying here. Most of them had rented out their houses to the vegetable vendors so they could travel with ease to the market or use the units as warehouses. The units did not have any balcony. The only passageway available was filled with bottles and junk boxes, leaving only a narrow path to each house.


    According to the text message,  the unit was on the third floor. They saw that it was made of stainless steel anti-theft door. It was well used and covered with dust. Stained with the smell of oil in the air, it looked dirty and old. As you got closer, you could smell the fishy and corrupt smell that was unique to the vegetable market, it’s very unpleasant here.


    Pang Deyou stepped forward and knocked on the door, as Guo Ming leaned to one side hidden from view. The sound of footsteps approached and the door was opened with a crash. A  short man opened the door with a big smile and said to Pang Deyou: “Yo man, you gotta help us later when the woman arrives, when she……” Before he could finish,  Pang Deyou knocked him out with his palm.


    The walls within the unit were knocked down to form two warehouses. The first warehouse at the front was relatively smaller with two rows of freezers at the side. The loud electric noise showed that they were still working hard. After passing through the first warehouse, they saw that the second warehouse was an unobstructed room of more than 100 square meters. The room was full of  cages stacked on top of each other with live chickens and ducks inside. It gives off a foul smell. Leaning on the walls on both sides were many blue water tanks connected to oxygen pipes. No idea what kind of fishes they were rearing. There were also large buckets of ice cubes, which vaguely contain some seafood, which were also giving off unpleasant smells.


    When Guo Ming walked in, she saw that Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang were tied to two folding chairs respectively. Both of their hair were disheveled. Wu Yuanyuan’s head was lowered and couldn’t see the expression on her face. She saw her body was twitching, so she may be crying. Zhang Qiang was staring at a man standing next to her, the man had a cigarette in his mouth and a wooden stick in his hand. One end was thick and the other end was thin. He was holding the thin end in his hand. The corners of Zhang Qiang’s eyes and mouth were swollen. She must have been struggling in the process of being tied up. The arm that had been injured earlier on was tied behind her back. From her vantage point, she couldn’t see if the injury had been aggravated or not. In a very large room, there was a group of about two dozen sturdy men sitting there, with weapons around them, some had wooden sticks and some had watermelon knives.  The lights reflecting off their surface from the light of the setting sun outside the window, Most had bloodshot eyes.


    The battle started off suddenly. As the men in the back room couldn’t see the situation in the front room, they were still smoking and chatting in groups, and their weapons were all set aside. When they saw Pang Deyou, some even smiled and nodded hello. But when they saw Guo Ming appearing, they were astonished. They went for their weapons but it was already too late.


    Guo Ming’s long hair had already been tied around her neck and the tip of the hair in her mouth. Her eyebrows flared up like a sword and her eyes widened. She took a deep breath and moved towards the nearest big man. She moved like a sharp sword, moving lightly ,rapidly but gracefully. He was knocked down in an instant. The rest of the big guys who leaped over were often subdued by her bare hands before they got close. Only the sound of cracking bones could be heard. Pang Deyou’s movements were broad and wide, and he knocked down over twenty men with his punches and kicks. The two of them ended the battle within three to five minutes. Zhang Qiang’s mouth was wide open in shock. Wu Yuanyuan, who sensed that something was different, raised her eyes and was stunned there for a long time.


    Seeing Miss Wu’s swollen cheeks and tears on her face, Guo Ming became angry again. She kicked towards the elbow of a man laying near to her, causing a “click”. The broken bone protruded obliquely out from the inside of the arm. The man groaned and passed out.


    Pang Deyou picked up a long knife from the ground, helped the two girls loosen their ties, and then turned to Guo Ming: “Doctor Guo, how do you want to deal with these people?”


    Guo Ming glanced and ignored the bunch of big guys lying on the ground. Instead she arched her hands to the two girls apologetically and said, “I am really sorry to have caused you the troubles, I will make it up for the two of you. I’m sorry!” Turning to Pang Deyou, she said lightly: “find some firewood and burn them all.”


    As Pang Deyou was about to acknowledge the order, he heard Zhang Qiang shouting: “You can’t do that! You two….. Uh… Heroes, you cannot burn them! It’s against the law!”


    ————————————————– ———————————-


    After the police completed the recording of statements from the men, they were sent to the hospital. Zhang Qiang naturally couldn’t hide the fact that she was injured any more. So Guo Ming, Wu Yuanyuan, Pang Deyou, and Zhang Qiang were now sitting in a large office, looking at the plump body and tough face of the person behind the desk, glaring at Zhang Qiang angrily so much so that his cheeks was trembling. After staring for a few minutes, he finally couldn’t help it and slapped hard on the table. After a “pop”, there was a roar of “What the hell!”


    Zhang Qian was quite accustomed to this. She leaned back and faced sideways, so that her face would not get sprayed by the saliva from the person shouting. Guo Ming and Pang Deyou looked at each other, but Wu Yuanyuan hurriedly comforted: “Uncle Zhang, don’t be angry, Zhang Qiang was only afraid that you will get worried, so we didn’t tell you!”


    “This is nonsense! The family members must be told about such a serious injury! You are being foolish! And Old Liang is also a fool!”




    “Look at you, how did you little girls get into trouble with the gangsters! My goodness, kidnapping! Your arm… Is your arm hurting again?”


    “Ms. Zhang’s arm is fine. I have checked her earlier on. The broken bone healed has cracked again, but it’s fixed now, and it will fully heal after another month of rest.”


    Director Zhang heard Guo Ming and glanced up at her. Ignoring her, he picked up the phone.


    “Hey Liang! What’s happened to my daughter?”


    “You  tried to hide something this serious from me! What should I do now? She’s injured again!”


    “A girl with the surname Guo?” Director Zhang raised his eyes and looked at Zhang Qiang inquiringly: “Do you know a girl with the surname Guo?”


    Zhang Qiang smiled and pointed at Guo Ming: “Dad, that’s her. Here’s our genius doctor.”


    Director Zhang stared at her again and continued to talk on the phone: “Yes, there is a girl with the surname Guo. What? You are coming over too? They are in my office! She was injured again! It’s relatively different this time.! Hurry up if you must, l have a meeting later!”


    After hanging up the phone, Director Zhang looked at Guo Ming with a scrutiny gaze, and asked: “Ms. Guo, are you a doctor?”


    “Yes. I’ve been studying medicine since childhood.” Guo Ming looked at him calmly and replied.


    “Which medical school did you graduate from?”


    “Uh, Uncle Zhang, shall we take the statement later?” Wu Yuanyuan hurriedly interrupted, but it was too late.


    “Never being to school.” Guo Ming continued to answer calmly.


    “What nonsense is this!” Director Zhang slapped the table furiously. But the next moment, someone clasped his wrist with one hand and his neck with the other.




    “Uncle Zhang!”


    The two girls screamed at the same time.


    Pang Deyou ignored the two girls. After subduing the man in front of him, he turned to ask Guo Ming: “Doctor Guo, why don’t we get out of here and find a way to get back to our time. Why are we messing with them here!” “


    “General Pang, I thought that since you were working for the evil Prime Minister Cao, you must be the type of man who is more interested in fame and money. I did not expect that you are also a true chivalrous hero. Let him go. It is difficult and dangerous here, and we are unfamiliar with this place. We may still need their help.” Guo Ming stood up and clasped his fists, pulled Pang Deyou away and got him to sit down, and held Director Zhang’s wrist to help him sit down too.


    A burst of warm blood moving within his wrist could be felt. Zhang Renyi could also feel the  relief from his choked chest. As if he had regained his freedom, he sat down and found that his hands and legs were trembling slightly.


    “Mister Inspector,” Guo Ming clenched her fist, “it’s true that general Pang and I are not from around here.”


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