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KTBW Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After listening to Miss Guo, who claimed to be from “another time”, Zhang Renyi was a little overwhelmed. In fact, this was not the first time he had heard of such things. The higher the job position, the more incredible things he hears. It was said that there was also an organization dedicated to collecting these capable people and strangers so that they could contribute to the country when required. Most people regard the talks about reincarnations, supernatural powers, and the like as drunken jokes. However, to hear about these was one thing, but to come face to face with one yourself was another matter.


    Although he couldn’t believe it, how do you explain the fact that more than 20 big strong men were subdued by these two people in front of him? And one of them is a girl. Best of all, they were totally unscathed. Even members of the Special Forces, during unarmed combat, can’t be completely unharmed.


    After careful consideration, he said to the two of them: “Let’s keep this matter quiet and not mention it again.” Then he turned to Zhang Qiang and Wu Yuanyuan: “Please remember, you didn’t hear anything today! Forget about the whole matter!”


    So when Liang Jili arrived, everyone was just sitting around quietly, even Zhang Qiang, the most talkative of them all, only greeted out “Uncle Liang, you are here!” Then there were no more words from her. She was just looking at Guo & Pang, nobody had any idea what she was thinking about.


    First Liang Jili asked about Zhang Qiang’s arm condition, Guo Ming answered that she had sutured the broken bones together again. Apart from the slight pain, there was nothing wrong with her arm, so he smiled and looked at Guo Ming with confidence.


    “Oldman Liang, since you are not here to treat my girl’s arm, why are you here in my office? Do you have anything for me?”


    “I would have just called you if I had something for you, there is no need for me to come to your office!” Liang Jili then turned to Guo Ming: “Guo Ming, though we have known each other for so long, I still don’t know your mobile number. How do I contact you if I have something for you?”


    Guo Ming was helpless. Yes of course I would like to have a mobile phone too, but I do not have any money.


    “Uncle Liang, Guo Ming lost her mobile phone two days ago, and she hasn’t got a new one yet. You can contact me instead. We are staying together.” Wu Yuanyuan hurriedly came to the rescue.


    “Very good.” Liang Jili took down Wu Yuanyuan’s phone number, then looked at everyone present and said, “It’s getting late, I would like to invite everyone for supper!”


    When everyone arrived at the Japanese restaurant, it was almost 10 o’clock. After all that had happened, the four of them were already very hungry. Originary, Zhang Renyi wanted to take his daughter home to take care of her, but Zhang Qiang insisted that she would continue to stay in Wu Yuanyuan’s house for the time being, saying that it’s more convenient for Guo Ming to take care of her. Zhang Renyi thought to himself, since no one knows the details about the two of them, maybe Zhang Qiang can monitor and spy on them. But Zhang Renyi was unhappy about the fact that Pang Deyou would also be staying with them. Pang Deyou had insisted that he wil follow Guo Ming wherever she goes.  Although this young man looked more mature than that girl, he behaved immaturely! How could a young man live in a room with three girls! Though he was angry with these, there was nothing he could do about it . First of all, he can’t defeat him in a fight, secondly, Wu Yuanyuan owns the house, she had agreed to it.


    In order to spend more time with his daughter, and at the same time wanting to punish Lao Liang for concealing his daughter’s injury from him, Zhang Renyi reluctantly followed the group to his least favorite Japanese restaurant.


    There were still some sushi plates left on the conveyor belt, Zhang Qiang together with Wu Yuanyuan, looked for the waiters and got him to bring it all to them. As they had finished ordering the other foods, Zhang Renyi saw his daughter taking bites at the not so fresh sushi, he felt a sudden sadness. Since there was nothing else to do, he urged the waiter to hurry up with the orders.


    After observing the ways they ate the sushi, Pang Deyou picked up a piece of sushi, dipped it in soy sauce, then he put it in his mouth and chewed it for a few moments before swallowing it. Pang Deyou looked at Guo Ming: “Doctor Guo, this is…”


    It was also the first time Guo Ming tasted Japanese food. The unfamiliar ingredients but familiar method reminded her of the food rations often brought by those who work in the fields in the rural areas of the southern part of Tianrong Country. Old rice, marinated fish and salt, made into a ball. But these tasted better. The food looks more exquisite, and there are many ingredients used that she had not seen before.


    Pang Deyou’s eyes suddenly beamed : “Doctor Guo, is it possible that the person who made this came from our time? If we could find him and ask how he came to this place, he may have the answer to the way back.”


    Wu Yuanyuan whispered, “This is called sushi. It’s a kind of food popular in Japan. But it first originated in our country. As long as you have studied the methods, you will be able to make it. It’s just a technique.”


    Pang Deyou would not give up and continued to ask: “Miss Wu, do you know who is the first person that knows how to make this sushi?”


    Wu Yuanyuan took out her mobile phone and took a look at Baidu, she replied: “The earliest people who can make sushi existed more than 1,200 years ago. I am afraid that it has gone through several generations.”


    Guo Ming and Pang Deyou looked at each other silently, and continued to eat their sushi in the small dish with colored edges.


    When the dishes they ordered begin to arrive, the atmosphere at the table warms up again. Liang Jili asked the children to eat more, while drinking sake and quarreling with Zhang Renyi. After everyone had almost finished eating, Liang Jili looked at Guo Ming and said seriously: “Little Guo, let me tell you the truth, I am actually looking for you. There is a very important thing that I need your help with! “


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