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Chapter 54

Guo Ming woke up in the morning feeling fully refreshed.

Wu Yuanyuan on the other hand was feeling very tired. Stupid Guo Ming had pressed herself against her for a good part of the night. As her parents were sleeping in the next room, she couldn’t make any noise at all. Unexpectedly, this depressed appearance aroused Guo Ming’s sexual interest even more. She used all her techniques as if she was about to swallow her whole person. She was totally disarmed. But still Guo Ming didn’t stop at that. She continued until she reached the summit a couple of times. She finally spared and let her off when she was totally exhausted.

But what I have to say was that the feeling of doing something that you are not supposed to do was making the whole thing more exciting. I think this is what others mean by “Concubine is always better than wife and adultery is better than Concubine”. Everyone has a dark side in their heart. Wu Yuanyuan covered her face shyly when she thought of that.

Today’s arrangement was that Guo Ming was to go to the clinic and Wu Yuanyuan was to take her parents out for a stroll. Before leaving, Guo Mingsai gave Wu Yuanyuan a card and asked her to buy something for her godfather and godmother. Wu Yuanyuan accepted it with a smile.

But what Wu Yuanyuan didn’t expect was that today’s shopping trip was not so easy.

“Yuanyuan, does Xiao Guo already have a match?” Mother Wu asked.

“Oh, yes.” Wu Yuanyuan said to herself, it’s me.

“Where is he from? What does he do? Is he handsome?” MotherWu continued to ask.

“I… haven’t seen him yet… I don’t know…” Wu Yuanyuan said haltingly.

“Yuanyuan, take a look at Xiao Guo. She is only two years older than you and she has already found someone. How about you?” Mother Wu continued.

“…Mom, the color of this dress suits you well!” Wu Yuanyuan quickly changed the subject.

“It’s pretty good, I’ll try it.” Mother Wu took the clothes cheerfully and walked to the fitting room.

“Yuanyuan, why didn’t you continue to talk to Muzi?” Wu’s father began to ask afterwards.

“We have different personalities, so there is nothing to talk about.” Wu Yuanyuan rolled her eyes inwardly.

“What about those working together with you? You are a girl and working alone outside, we are always worried, if we can find someone who can take care of you, we will at least have peace of mind.” Father Wu continued to persuade me.

“I can take good care of myself, Guo Ming also takes care of me too.” Wu Yuanyuan was helpless.

“When you are alone, there may be times when minor illnesses and disasters come. Guo Ming can take care of you now, but later on, after she gets married, what do you do then?” Father Wu just wouldn’t give up.

“…” Wu Yuanyuan really wanted them not to worry, she wanted to say Guo Ming would definitely take care of herself for the rest of her life. But how to reply to Father Wu now?

Hey. . . Really frustrating . . .

“Yesterday, I chatted with your mother and found out that her old classmate was also in City A and had made an appointment for dinner tonight. You can see if you have any clothes you like. Dad will buy it for you to wear tonight.” Father Wu said while looking at Wu Yuanyuan with a smile.

“Ah? A blind date tonight? What about Guo Ming?”

“You girl, always worried about other people! Sister Guo already has a partner, so she definitely won’t be anxious about any blind dates. Furthermore, she will be ending her clinic late tonight, it’s not easy to wait for her to have dinner after she finishes. So let her eat by herself tonight and we will have dinner together tomorrow.” Mother Wu changed her clothes and came out to join the conversation.

Wu Yuanyuan was attacked by the two as a team and she had no power to resist, so she had to express her dissatisfaction secretly. She then secretly sent a message to Guo Ming: “I will be escorted to dinner tonight and by the way it’s a blind date. You are to blame, telling them yesterday that you already have someone….” She added a bunch of crying expressions behind. Guo Ming was anxious and distressed after reading that.

————————————————– ————————————————– ——————

Finally it was the time for the agreed meal. Wu Yuanyuan put on the newly bought skirt under the joint persuasion from the two elders. After the painted makeup, she looked even more pretty. Father Wu and Mother Wu looked at their daughter’s beautiful appearance and were incredibly proud. Wu Yuanyuan took a selfie with a flattened lips and sent it to Guo Ming with a sentence: ready to go to the execution ground.

Guo Ming looked at the girl she liked dressed so beautifully, but it was to please others. Her heart was feeling very dejected. No, the relationship between myself and Wu Yuanyuan has to be brought out into the open as soon as possible.

The place to eat was a well-known restaurant in the city. Although it is a time-honored brand, the price was also affordable to most people.

When Wu Yuanyuan’s family arrived, Mother Wu’s classmates had already arrived and were waiting in the VIP room. As they entered, they saw two smiling elders and a young man sitting quietly next to them.

When the aunt saw Wu Yuanyuan, she smiled even more vigorously, with the word “satisfaction” written all over her eyes. After greeting each other, Father Wu and Mother Wu chatted with the two elders. The young man and Wu Yuanyuan remained seated quietly.

Wu Yuanyuan carefully poured tea for the elders present and the waiter came in with the menu to take the order.

After checking with everyone there was no restriction to food types, Mama Wu’s classmates took the initiative and started ordering. There were lobster, abalone, crab and matsutake. Because there were only six people, Mama Wu insisted on removing a few items. In the end, there were four cools and four hots, one soup and one dim sum totalling ten dishes.

Judging from the way Mama Wu’s classmates order food, if it’s not showing off their wealth, then they were really satisfied with Wu Yuanyuan!

The two groups of elders talked enthusiastically, but the young people on both sides still had nothing to say. He must have been reminded by his mother, the man with the surnamed Wei started chatting with Wu Yuanyuan. The content was nothing more than where you work and what you do when you are free. The only thing that can be considered proactive was the addition of Wu Yuanyuan’s WeChat. Although Wu Yuanyuan was unwilling in her heart, she still needs to have basic etiquette.

However, what she never expected was that the first WeChat message from Mr. Wei when she returned home in the evening was: “Miss Wu, please don’t go out in such a gorgeous skirt. It’s too ostentatious. Decent girls should dress conservatively!”

Wu Yuanyuan thought to herself: What the F?

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