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Chapter 53

Guo Ming treated the news that Father Wu and Mother Wu were coming over on the weekend very seriously. He heard from Father Wu that Mother Wu had been taking the medicine prescribed by Guo Ming for more than a month. Recently she went to the hospital for a review and the results showed that the tumor in her stomach had become much smaller. For peace of mind, they decided to come over to ask Guo Ming to check again and at the same time visit both daughters.

After asking about the flight time of the two elders, Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan arrived at the airport early. Fortunately, the airline was very punctual and there was no delay. They only waited less than an hour before they saw Father Wu and Mother Wu walking out with overcoats on their arms, pushing two suitcases.

They took the suitcases from the two of them and walked them to the car. Guo Ming drove the car while Wu Yuanyuan chatted with them. Soon they arrived at Wu Yuanyuan’s house.

Considering the fact that the two elders were coming to stay, the guest room was definitely not big enough, so Wu Yuanyuan gave up the master room. The 1.8-meter bed will surely be big enough for the two to sleep. She will move to the guest room instead. Guo Ming has cleaned up the second floor of the clinic and prepared to sleep there at night.

After entering the door, the two elders opened their suitcases. Apart from the thick cotton-padded clothes they wore when they set out, it was full of hometown delicacies. Because Guo Ming had praised the delicious fermented bean curd meat made by Father Wu during the New Year visit, Father Wu had specially made six bowls of fermented bean curd meat, which was frozen hard in the refrigerator and then packed in insulation bags and brought over for Guo Ming. Guo Ming’s eyes turned red when she saw it.

After putting the things away and letting the two elders rest for a while, Guo Ming helped Mother Wu check her pulse.

“Xiao Guo, how is she?”

“Don’t worry, godfather, godmother’s body is much better now. I will change the prescriptions for her today. In the afternoon, I can cook them directly in the clinic and send them over. I have all the medicinal materials and pots, so I don’t need to do it at home. .”

When Father Wu and Mother Wu heard this, they were very happy. They said okay and said they would follow them to the clinic in the afternoon.

After everyone had eaten at noon, they set off for the clinic. The door was already open when they arrived. Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu usually come early. By the time they clean up the place and prepare the liver protecting tea, it is almost time to open the clinic .

At present, the two of them have not graduated and both are still living in the school dormitory, which is why Guo Ming can live in the store.

When they arrived at the clinic, three to four people were already waiting. While waiting, they were walking around the store. Two of the elderly people had already purchased a few packets of liver-protecting tea, ready to go home and boil them for their children.

Everyone was very happy to see Guo Ming. After lining up in the order of appointment, Guo Ming checked the pulse of a eldest sister in her 40s while chatting with her.

“Doctor Guo, I have been suffering from back aches lately. After standing for a long time, I am not able to sit down. After sitting for a long time, I can’t stand up. What is going on?”

“Sister Feng, your problems are caused by coldness inside your bones. This disease is not an emergency but the recovery will be slower. You have to put on plasters every other day, for about two months to completely remove the coldness.”

“Okay, okay, what plaster should I put on it?”

“I don’t have this plaster here yet. I’ll have to cook it for you. you come back after eating dinner? I will cook a week’s supply for you first. Take it back and store it in the refrigerator. Place it in the microwave for 30 seconds before using it. That’s it.”

“It’s so convenient, it’s great! Then I’ll go back first and come back in the evening!” Sister Feng smiled and went to Xiao Liu to pay the money and then left for home happily.

“Xiao Guo, how old are you this year?”

“Uncle Li, why are you here again? How’s your problem with not being able to go back to sleep after waking up at night?”

“It’s much better now , that’s why I am here for the follow-up visit, now I can sleep peacefully!”

“I said Xiao Guo, have you found a partner yet? I have a nephew who has a great spirit and a high level of knowledge. He graduated with a Ph.D. in physics, and now is doing scientific research at our research institute. When you have time, come to my house for a meal and meet each other!” Uncle Li said to Guo Ming with a big smile on his face.

“I…” Before Guo Ming could come out with a good excuse, Aunt Chen, who was in line there, hurried over: “Old Li, are you here to introduce Xiao Guo to someone!” She pulled a round stool and sat next to Guo Ming: “Xiao Guo, don’t worry, I don’t know the one at Uncle Li’s house, but my son is absolutely handsome, good in character and came back from studying abroad. He is only a little older than you. He is now working as a manager in a foreign company here, with an annual salary of several hundred thousand, why don’t you come to your aunt’s house for a meal first!”

“Hey, I say Aunt Chen, why are you jumping in the line? Obviously I asked Xiao Guo to eat at home first, so why are you trying to snatch her in front of me?”

“Oldman Li, what do you know? In love, there is no distinction between coming first and coming later. The key is who meets the eye!”

“…” Guo Ming was helpless. . .

“Aunt Chen, why don’t you sit down first, I’ll prescribe the prescription for Uncle Li first.” Guo Ming said, took out a soft-tip pen and began to write the prescription.

“I say Xiao Guo, this kid, is really good. She has good medical skills and is a stable person. Even her handwriting looks good!” Aunt Chen reluctantly walked to the waiting position, leaning her neck to read Guo Ming’s writing.

“Isn’t it? Perfect match with my nephew. They are both talented!” Unwilling to be left behind, Uncle Li hurriedly followed the praise, and at the same time, he also praised his nephew.

“Grandpa and aunt, thank you for your love, I already have a match.” Guo Ming raised her eyes and looked at Wu Yuanyuan, who was sitting there sulking her cheeks.

“Oh, you already have a match…” Uncle Li said with regret: “Then, if you break with the person, you have to remember to tell me!” Uncle Li hurriedly pursued again.

“Haha.” Guo Ming smiled helplessly and added a note to Uncle Li’s prescription: Huanglian.

After sending these patients away, Mama Wu’s medicine was almost cooked. W Yuanyuan asked her to drink the medicine while it was hot and planned to take father and mother Wu out for a stroll and have dinner along the way.

Guo Ming told them that they don’t have to wait for her to have dinner, she would be finishing late today here. She would then rest in the clinic after eating. When Father Wu heard this, he shook his head repeatedly: “No way, no way, you are a girl, how can you stay in the clinic all by yourself? How unsafe! We will bring you food after dinner and you will squeeze with Yuanyuan in the evening!”

When Guo Ming heard this, his favorability for Father Wu soared! Super! She has been given permission to sleep with her daughter.

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