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Chapter 50

The anger in Wu Yuanyuan’s heart began to burn again!

“Sister, sister my foot! Eat your MF! Brother your MF!” Wu Yuanyuan kept swearing swear words within her heart, but on the surface it really couldn’t be seen. This is not weak or cultured, but a necessary skill for survival in this world. This world is not black and white, there are countless shades of gray between black and white, you can’t change it, you can only adapt. But adaptation is not a compromise, but a smooth effort to survive and survive better.

Sometimes, being sharp will not make you smooth sailing, but advancing and retreating freely while sticking to the bottom line is a better way to survive.

Now Wu Yuanyuan is in such a state, facing such an offensive guy, of course, what she wants to do most is to turn around and leave and block his WeChat. But what can this impulse bring to her, anyway, there is no other benefit except for a momentary victory. In fact, in the final analysis, I am still not strong enough yet, so I force myself to compromise on life.

This is a helpless thing, but it does not mean that Wu Yuanyuan’s compromise is to agree to eat. In her opinion, the most she could do was to refuse that seemed unhurt.

“Director Zhou, what a coincidence. I already have an appointment tonight. It’s inappropriate not to go to the birthday party for the elders.”

“Hey Sister! Why do you always make it so difficult for me!” Director Zhou seemed to have not heard what Wu Yuanyuan was talking about and then began to say: “Hey, you are not married yet, so you still don’t understand. The personality gap between two people really can’t be too wide. Let’s tell you that, your brother Zhou, I am actually a romantic man. I like to read books, travel, modern poetry and I also like to give my beloved some small surprises. But my wife only knows pots and pans. She only knows to ask me how much my monthly salary is and what I can buy for her family. When I wanted to surprise her, she said that roses are not as good as broccoli. When I wanted to give her a doll and treat her as a child, she said that it’s not easy to clean up.” With that, Director Zhou picked up the thermos and took a sip of water. I don’t know if he drank the wolfberry, he chewed it in his mouth for a while and then continued: “I’ll be honest, brother I haven’t talked to her for a long time. Every day as she lies in bed, she puts on a mask and plays with her mobile phone. Hey, I have lost all interest!”

Wu Yuanyuan rolled her eyes: “It’s not up to me whether you are interested or not.”


“You should call me Xiao Wu instead!”

“Hey, why are you so ignorant! Can’t you see that your brother is feeling so lonely, you didn’t even say something to comfort me. How nice if only my wife was half as good as you. Sister, nobody understands how lonely I am! There is no one who understands me, I am very lonely in my heart!”

“There are many social softwares that provide free appointments, why don’t you try some of these high-tech stuff like the others and give yourself something to do so that you don’t feel lonely anymore?” Wu Yuanyuan continued to complain inwardly, expressing sympathy on the surface.

“Sister~~ I think you are the person who understands me the best within the whole company!”

“Director Zhou, thank you for your praise. There are many things that I still don’t understand”

“No, you understand, you just don’t say it, you know everything in your heart. I’m right, girl.”

“You should call me Xiao Wu!” Wu Yuanyuan continued to look innocent but within her “Yeah, I know what you want to do, you SOB!”

Director Zhou continued to talk for a long time but saw that Wu Yuanyuan was still unmoved. So he said angrily: “Oh, look, I have delayed you for so long and let you listen to my complaints. Let me send you to the place of your appointment.”

“It’s ok, Director Zhou, my car is parked downstairs. I can go by myself. Thank you.” After she finished speaking, Wu Yuanyuan was afraid that he would say something to delay herself, so she hurriedly followed up: “Director Zhou, then I shall not delay you anymore, I’m leaving now!” After speaking, she walked out quickly.

Back at the office, he found that Guo Ming had sent several WeChat messages and made two or three phone calls to her. Hurriedly she picked up her bag and returned the call while walking to the parking lot.

Hearing the slightly low and gentle female voice on the other end of the phone, Wu Yuanyuan felt that her heart began to calm down. She felt like laying on a recliner in the shade of a farmyard in the summer afternoon and shaking a fan. Ease and contentment.

So the first sentence she saw Guo Ming and said was: “Baby, let’s buy a small yard in the country in the future. I will grow vegetables and raise chickens. I will be responsible for cooking and you will be responsible for watering. How wonderful.”

Guo Ming was puzzled, but she still responded. Regardless of why, she said that she wanted to buy a small yard to grow vegetables and raise chickens, then buy it!

The two of them sat and watched TV after eating, after careful consideration, Wu Yuanyuan told Guo Ming about Director Zhou. However, after speaking, she reiterated in a very serious manner that she is not allowed to do any harm to others as she is to be imprison if caught.

After Guo Ming listened to her, she was very angry and hugged Wu Yuanyuan heartily, touched her head to coax her, and said: “Oh, Director Zhou is so annoying. It’s really unreasonable to harass my baby like this. Let’s not get angry anymore, he will definitely get retribution!” Wu Yuanyuan giggled at his tone of voice like a kid and the two of them laughed and playfully rolled around again.

What Wu Yuanyuan didn’t expect was that the next day, after dropping her off at the office carpark. Guo Ming did not go straight to the Hospital or Zheng’s place. Instead, she went inside their office building.

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