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Chapter 49

Wu Yuanyuan felt very unhappy.


    The matter should start with the new leader for the unit.


    Before the New Year, the unit transferred in a new leader, not her direct supervisor, but he was also linked to her department. Director Zhou was about forty years old, wearing glasses and gentlemanly, he was considered to be the younger one among the leaders for the same level.


    When he first arrived, Wu Yuanyuan thought that Director Zhou was very nice, he looked kind and was gentle to everyone. But gradually, she realized something was wrong.


    Because of the business linkage, he added his WeChat account into his department’s account. In the beginning, as long as there was related business, he would directly contact people in this department on WeChat. This was actually quite normal. Some people are accustomed to making phone calls and others are accustomed to sending WeChat messages. Both are very convenient. But within a few days, his WeChat messages gradually increased.


    Speaking of it, it was not a lot more at once, but in addition to the necessary business messages, he would start to say one or two more unnecessary words, such as the temperature drop today, the morning wind was really strong, and so on. In another two days it will become your scarf today is so beautiful. Where I went to dinner last night. Which restaurant was good. Let’s go  eat together as a department another day. As for addressing Wu Yuanyuan, it changed from “Xiao Wu” to “Yuan Yuan”.


    In fact, strictly speaking, the director did not have any word that crossed the line. Even if he said that he was going to have a meal together, he was talking about people from the entire department together. But the disgusting thing was that they were all in a meeting together. After he had just finished speaking in front of people, he would then immediately send a WeChat message and ask, “Yuanyuan, you look like you didn’t rest well last night, you looked pretty depressed. Girls should go to bed early at night!” You tell me, what does it matter to you whether I sleep well or not? Then, from time to time, he would say loudly in front of people, “I say, Xiao Wu really looks kind of like my cousin!” Then everyone laughed together with everyone and also yelled at her as Sister Yuanyuan. What was even more disgusting was that after calling  her my sister, when everyone finished laughing, he would solemnly say: “Just kidding, just kidding, we have to respect female colleagues. Don’t mind Xiao Wu, it’s all kidding.”


    Okay, let’s take it you are joking. But he would immediately follow on WeChat: “Yuanyuan, I’ve changed your nickname to Yuanyuan mei on my contact list.” A blushing smile followed. Looking at this, Wu Yuanyuan felt that her heart was run over by 100,000 alpacas. Every alpaca was swearing viciously: “Laugh at your MF laugh, sister you MF sister!”


    Wu Yuanyuan was getting very tired of all these! If the director had come over here this week with a pornographic joke, or had asked her out alone, she would directly take the WeChat message to show to the Boss. The problem was that all the messages he sent had no explicit meaning and the wordings seemed to care for subordinates. Moreover, the time for sending messages was limited to within working hours and the frequency of the messages were not intensive. All seems to be quite caring information, only two or three sentences every day. it was all followed behind the main business messages. If you say that these were harassing text messages, you may be regarded as a delusion of victimization of sex life incoordination.


    Moreover, in Director Zhou’s circle of friends, he would often post photos showing his wife’s affection and his children’s family harmony, as well as some warm healing jokes. Even the meals were taken by the whole department together. Wu Yuanyuan didn’t know why, whenever they were having meals together, everyone would coax Wu Yuanyuan like Director Zhou’s sister  and arrange her seat next to Director Zhou. Director Zhou also smiled apologetically and looked at everyone helplessly and shrugged!


    He even shrugged his shoulders!


    Wu Yuanyuan was really unhappy now. In front of such a leader, there was no way at all in her heart as to what she could do. All signs could not clearly point out that he was harassing her. But she just knew that his fake text messages and the way he kept staring at her made her extremely uncomfortable. He was like a leper, he didn’t bite, but he was disgusting!


    Let’s go back to today. In the morning, the department leader told her that there was a report that needed to be handed over to Director Zhou. Wu Yuanyuan immediately sorted and printed the content that needed to be handed in. She gave a call to Director Zhou before delivering it over. She was told that he has no time for the time being and also there was some data that needed Wu Yuanyuan to explain it face-to-face. He would let her know when he is free later and for Wu Yuanyuan to bring it over.


    When it was just about time to get off work, Director Zhou’s message came and asked Wu Yuanyuan to bring the report over. Wu Yuanyuan collected her things, thinking that she could return home immediately after sending the report. It’s only to deliver a report to Director Zhou’s office. Wu Yuanyuan went into his office and left the front door open. After submitting the report and explaining the data, Director Zhou began to ask more questions about the report. After a while, it was time to get off work. Seeing that most of the people in the office had left, Director Zhou suddenly raised his head and said to Wu Yuanyuan with red eyes, “Sister, let’s accompany your brother to have a meal today, your brother is feeling very lonely in the heart!”


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