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KTBW Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Guo Ming found herself beginning to pay more attention to this girl named Wu Yuanyuan. She had no idea when it started. Was it during the first time they met, she smiled and said welcome to come live in her house? Perhaps it was the fear and helplessness that caused my heart to feel hurt when she was kidnapped? Maybe it’s the pink cheeks and body after drinking? This is the first time I have been with someone for such a long time. With so many flashbacks, Guo Ming really didn’t know when she started to care about this girl. By now, it has taken root in her heart.


    Unfortunately, I am not a man.


    When it comes to this matter, Guo Ming actually doesn’t really care. Regardless of men and women, as long as you love each other, just do it. What’s wrong with it? It’s a pity that Miss Wu’s family wanted her to get married as soon as possible. They even went to the extent of introducing someone to her. They seem to get along pretty well.


    If this is Tianrong Country, all this would not matter at all. As long as Miss Wu is willing, I would definitely arrange for her to lead a comfortable life. As for her parents, they would not dare to object to it. So long as I buy them a bigger house and provide more servants to take care of them as they age. But here, hey! The consultation fee that I’ve earned is only enough for meals, how am I supposed to take care of them too? Use Force? That is totally impossible, Miss Wu spoke about equality and human rights.




    “Guo Ming, there is no need to pick me up tonight. I will be going out for dinner with Muzi, and he will send me back after that.”


    “Oh, so you won’t come back for dinner. OK, I will order takeaway again.”


    “You… have you eaten takeaway these past few days?”




    “Hmm…or else,  would you like to come tonight too, the three of us can have dinner together.”




        ————————————————– ———————————-


    Muzi invites everyone for steak tonight. As he had seen Guo Ming before, Muzi was stunned for only a moment when he saw her, but he didn’t say much and greeted everyone with a smile. Guo Ming sat next to Wu Yuanyuan, watching Muzi sitting across from the two, graciously entertaining them. The restaurant was very elegant, with wooden tables and chairs, beautiful tablecloths, and the crystal lighting was just right. From the side, you could see Wu Yuanyuan’s long eyelashes casting a shadow on her cheeks, making her eyes brighter and wider. Guo Ming felt the urge to sit across from Wu Yuanyuan so that she could see all her expressions the way Muzi is doing now. However, today Yuanyuan is not as lively as she used to be. For some reason, she is a little nervous and tense.


    Is Muzi making her nervous? why? Is he making her feel uncomfortable?


    As she was thinking about this, Guo Ming unconsciously put her hand on Wu Yuanyuan’s hand which was resting on top of the table. Their palms facing each other, a steam of internal energy flowed slowly in to help Yuanyuan stabilize her mind. Then all of a sudden, she gave a murderous stare outward. Muzi, who was sitting across the table, felt a chill that caused him to unconsciously shiver a bit.


    Wu Yuanyuan’s heart was in a tangle. The hand holding her gave a warm and stable feeling, but the person holding it is someone she can’t love. At the moment, she is totally lost.


    When the waiter came over to serve the dishes, this was what he saw. The guests at this table seemed incompatible with the other guests in the restaurant. Two ladies were sitting on one side of the table, one with her head bowed deep in thought, the other one holding her hand in awe-inspiring manner. The man across the table was a little timid and a little embarrassed. In short, the air seems to be stagnant here. Even the surrounding temperature here seems to have dropped. The waiter didn’t know whether it was a break up or an adultery faced off . The only thing he knew was to leave as soon as the food was served, so as not to be hurt in the crossfire.


    I have to say that the restaurant Muzi chose was very good, the food was delicious, and the steak was grilled perfectly. Juicy and tender. The steak knife was also handy, the meat can be cut easily and accurately. Guo Ming looked at the knife in her hand and at Muzi on the opposite side. She wished that if this was in the Kingdom of Tianrong, it would be great!


    ————————————————– ———————————-


    Finally, with the waiter praying in the corner, the three of them finished their dinner without further incident. Except that everyone was relatively quiet during the whole meal, there was no scene of cups and plates flying. The waiter, on hearing the word “bill please,” hurriedly jogged forward, looking forward to sending this table of guests away as soon as possible.


    As they reached the main door, Muzi said to Wu Yuanyuan, “I’ve bought today’s ticket for the movie you mentioned last time, but I didn’t know that Miss Guo would also be coming,… But it’s still early, so we can send Miss Guo back home first and…”


    “No, I’ll come with you.” Guo Ming said, took out her mobile phone, opened the app that sells movie tickets, raised her eyes and asked Wu Yuanyuan: “Which one?”


    Muzi: “…”


    The three of them arrived at the cinema. As the last ticket was bought later, the seat in Guo Ming’s hand were separated by thousands of miles from the other two. After entering the movie theater, Guo Ming turned to Muzi and said, “My seat seems to be very close to the air conditioner. It should be colder.” Muzi was a gentleman and said politely: “Then you should go sit with Yuanyuan, I will sit in your position. .”


    Guo Ming took the drink and popcorn from Muzi’s hand, said “Okay” in reply, and turned to sit with Wu Yuanyuan.


    Muzi: “…”


    ————————————————– ———————————-


    This was a romance film about a woman who was about to get married but was told twice by a fortune teller that she would marry a man with a particular name.  So she went to another country to find this man. When she finally met “The love of her life”, this person was not the person told to her by the fortune teller. The whole story line was simple, the actors were eye-catching, and the soundtrack was good. The key was that the scene was beautiful. Looking at those exotic streets, Guo Ming asked Wu Yuanyuan: “Where is this place?”




    “Let’s go there too. It’s such a beautiful place, I would like to go there with you.”




    The biggest advantage of this kind of romance film is that you can relax yourself physically and mentally. While Wu Yuanyuan was looking at other people’s love stories on the screen, she decided to reach for her popcorn, but Guo Ming patted her hand.


    “Have you washed your hands?”


    “Oh, I forgot about it.”


    “I’ve washed mine. Open your mouth.”


    Wu Yuanyuan looked at Guo Ming, her eyes were still on the big screen. With one hand held up, two popcorns were held between the fingertips. Wu Yuanyuan opened her mouth and took the popcorn and Guo Ming’s finger in her mouth.


    Guo Ming felt a slight warmth on her fingertips, Wu Yuanyuan’s warm breath penetrated her heart through her fingertips. Guo Ming couldn’t control herself for a while, her mind was uncertain, and her breathing became a little heavier.


   After a short moment when she was calm, Guo Ming smirked, took out her fingers and said “naughty!”


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