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KTBW Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Wu Yuanyuan felt that there was something wrong with herself.


    Things must have started from the day before yesterday. On that day, the two took the elevator downstairs together. On the way down, they were joined by a group of construction workers.  They were holding various tools in their hands  and crowding the otherwise small elevator and chatting loudly.


    Seeing so many people, Guo Ming calmly took Wu Yuanyuan’s hand and pulled her behind herself blocking her from the group. As the space was not large, she leaned on Guo Ming’s back until the elevator stopped on the basement one level.


    The problem was that when she was leaning on Guo Ming’s back, Wu Yuanyuan blushed inexplicably, her palms were sweaty, and her body was also wet.


    Wu Yuanyuan realized that she had a problem.


    At another instant, as she was on the sofa watching TV, Guo Ming, who was wearing a home T-shirt and shorts, was sitting beside her reading a book. She felt attracted to Guo Ming like a nail attracted to a magnet. It was a huge sofa, but she squeezed close beside Guo Ming. Their bare arms and legs touching each other, she just wanted to cling closely to Guo Ming.


    “Did I want to have an intimate relationship with her?” This thought suddenly felt like a lightning bolt, exploding within Wu Yuanyuan’s head.


    Wu Yuanyuan thought to herself, something must be wrong with me.


    “Is it the time of the month for me? Why do I feel so clingy towards her?” Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t watch TV any more and her mind started to wander. “Why didn’t I feel like clinging to another person? Why must it be her? What should I do? I wanted to touch her very much, I wanted to lie on her very much. Wu Yuanyuan, are you a female pervert?” Wu Yuanyuan squinted at Guo Ming secretly, and saw that she was still holding a book in one hand and holding her knees casually with the other hand.  


    “What should I do? I want to hold her hand so much! I am really beyond saving. If I were to touch her knee, I would be beaten to death. She is so powerful! Oh, I want to lean on her shoulder. It would be great if I could nestle in her arms!” Wu Yuanyuan despised herself deeply while letting her thoughts run wild.


    “Wu Yuanyuan, you female hooligan, what’s the matter with you!”


    “What’s wrong with me? I like the feeling of her holding me. I don’t like  the other girls to treat her well. I wanted very much to approach her and touch her. Am I in love with her?”


    Wu Yuanyuan inexplicably became fretful. This inference was a bit surprising. At the moment, Wu Yuanyuan doesn’t know how to face such an inference. Feeling the anxiety of the Wu Yuanyuan beside her, Guo Ming kept her eyes on the book, but stretched out the hand that was originally on her knee, patted the back of Wu Yuanyuan’s hand, and then held it.


    Holding it.


     Wu Yuanyuan felt that she was about to explode. But when being touched by Guo Ming’s hand, she suddenly felt calm. That moment, it was as if her whole body had reached home, and there was an inexplicable sense of belonging. And in the next second, when she realized what Guo Ming had done, she became agitated again. All the cells within her body began to boil, yelling, “Ahhhhhhhhhh she took my hand, what should I do? I really want to rush over! Let’s lean over, let’s lean over!” The remaining sanity was resisting this impulse and screaming in her head, “Wu Yuanyuan, you girl, hooligan, what are you thinking about, she just wants to calm you down, don’t forget.” She said that she was not a lesbian that night in Jiangnan!”


    “She’s not lesbian… Then… Could it be… Am I?”


    Such a thought made Wu Yuanyuan panicked and caused her to stand up suddenly. Guo Ming was taken aback by it. “I’m going to take a shower.” With these words, Wu Yuanyuan plunged into the bathroom like the wind.


    ————————————————– ———————————–


    “Why don’t you want to talk about boyfriends?”


    “Because I don’t like it.”


    “Why don’t you like it?”


    “Because I don’t feel it.”


    “What is it that you don’t feel?”


    “The feeling of quickened heartbeat.”


    “Do you have it now?”


    “Now I have it. To Guo Ming, I have it.”


    Sitting in the bathtub, Wu Yuanyuan tried to sort out her thoughts, so she split herself into two and began to ask and answer herself.


    “How do you feel about Guo Ming?”


    “Heartbeat, intimacy, intimacy… and sexual impulse.”




    “Because she is a woman? Or is it because she is Guo Ming?”


    “….do not know….”


    “What’s next? What should I do?”


    “I do not know….”


    “Do you want to confess? Try to be a couple?”


    “It seems, no.”




    “Because in Jiangnan, she said that she and Lesbian are not the same. She is not a lesbian. I can’t disturb her.”


    “Then what to do?”


    “…Take care of her or stay away from her…”


    Wu Yuanyuan, who finally made a decision, raised her head in the bathtub and exhaled, as if a big burden was released. But then suddenly her heart twitched tightly, as if being pinched by someone.


     It hurts!


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  1. Avatar Mitang09 says:

    Yuanyuan don’t rush things haha try to be calm and collect yourself.
    Just because Gou Ming said she isn’t a lesbian doesn’t mean she’s straight either(◡ ω ◡).

    Thanks for the chapter~~💜

    1. Avatar Archer says:

      Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the chapter its hilarious how she talks to her self (≧▽≦)

    1. Avatar Archer says:

      Thank you.

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