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KTBW Chapter 22

On hearing this, Zhang Qiang’s eyes suddenly turned red. She stood up excitedly and said, “Ms Guo, are you afraid that I can’t endure the hardship? I’ve been able to endure hardship since I was a child! My parents are both policemen and were often away from home. I’ve to go home from school alone most of the time. I also had to cook and take care of myself! I’m not afraid of pain! I’ll work hard! When I was in the police academy, I started as the last in the class in the physical training to the fifth grade at the end of the day. I’ve worked my way up step by step all by myself! Just let me try it, I promise you I will not let you down!”


    “Take it easy…” Guo Ming held her shoulders and asked her to sit down. “It’s not that I don’t want to teach you, it’s that I can’t teach you. The martial arts I’ve learned need you to start when you are still a child. The moves are simple, but the basic skills are very demanding, and it requires demanding flexibility of the body. If you are still a child, I would have agreed straight away and help prepare your marrow and forge your bones. I will teach you everything that I’ve  known. But the problem is that you are already an adult. Even if I were to spend a long time helping you prepare your marrow and forge your bones, even if you can bear the pains, the end results will still not be good. That’s why I said I can’t teach you.”


    Before Zhang Qiang showed a disappointed expression, Guo Ming went on to say, “However, our friend Pang Deyou can.”


    “Pang Deyou is accustomed to using a mountain splitting knife. Compared to me, his martial arts are more towards the external. Although we can’t teach you the internal skills, external skills are still possible. After learning his skills, you should be good enough to defend yourself against most enemies.”


    After listening to Guo Ming’s words, Zhang Qiang’s eyes suddenly lit up, looking at Pang with expectation, so much so that it caused Pang Deyou to feel uneasy.


    “Brother Pang Da~~~~~~~”


    “Cough cough cough!!” Pang Deyou was drinking his water and he heard that, and it caused him to choke on his water. Zhang Qiang rushed to Pang Deyou’s side and patted his back vigorously. Seeing that, Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming were shaking with laughter.


    “I’m sorry, Big Brother, I didn’t mean to scare you! Please do not mind me!


    “Ahem, Miss Zhang, it’s all right, it’s all right.”


    Pang Deyou cleared his throat: “Miss Zhang, my Pang family’s sword technique is a great combination. It is a kind of martial arts that requires not only physical flexibility, but also good physical fitness. You have to decide, do you have the determination to practice?”


    “Brother Pang, I am not afraid of hardship!”


    “Okay, then I will teach you!”


    Wu Yuanyuan asked curiously: “Then do you want to hold some kind of apprenticeship ceremony?”


    “No, I will teach her some punches and kicks, but I didn’t teach her any martial arts inner strength, so I can’t be considered a master.”


    “I watched a lot of TV before, didn’t all the martial arts masters know a lot of different martial arts techniques? Why do you only know one?” Wu Yuanyuan continued to ask questions.


    “Ha, do not believe what you saw on TV? It takes decades to be proficient in any martial arts. If a person can do everything, how can he be good at everything? Everything is the same. If you concentrate on doing one thing, you will eventually become a master of it.”


    “Well, now I understand!” “Thanks for your teaching!” Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang said in unison.


    “Brother Pang, when can we start?”


    “Call me Pang will do…”


    “When can we start, Pang?”


    “…As long as there is a venue, we can start tomorrow.”


    Early the next morning, Zhang Qian came to pick up Pang Deyou, and the two drove to the gym run by Zhang Qian’s friend.


    The gym is usually deserted in the morning, and there were no guests except for the personal trainers who were exercising themselves. Zhang Qiang took Pang Deyou around for a tour, and introduced the various equipment in the gym to him. Then they arrived at a private classroom. There were many fitness frames for strength training in the classroom, as well as yoga mats, bouncy balls and foam rollers for stretching. As it was the first time Pang saw all these, he became very interested and tried all the equipment before starting to teach Zhang Qiang.


    “I’ll first show you the Pang family knife technique, then I will tell you what kind of physical conditions you need.” Pang Deyou checked the size of the private classroom, walked out, and changed to a large gymnastics room.


    Because she wanted to learn the sword technique, Zhang Qiang prepared two big swords in advance. But it’s the type found in martial arts performances. They were just a piece of light and thin metal blades. Pang Deyou didn’t care much about it, took it in his hand, then raised his wrist and moved the sword in his hand.


    “There are 19 styles in Pang’s swordsmanship, each of which has three variations, so there are a total of 57 basic moves.” Pang Deyou said, and moved the sword in his hand. The movements were like moving clouds and flowing water. There was also a sense of fierceness between the moves. While dancing the sword, the look in his eyes changes accordingly, sometimes despising everything, sometimes full of murderous intentions. It caused Zhang Qiang, who was looking, to feel surprised for one moment and fearful the next moment. After all of the fifty-seventh styles were demonstrated, the personal trainers who were standing in a row outside the exercise room, applauding vigorously together, as if they had just watched some great performance.


    Pang Deyou held the knife down and held his fist to acknowledge the audience. Then told Zhang Qiang: “If you want to learn the Pang’s sword technique, you must first have enough flexibility. The longer you can stretch your arm, the more enemies you can hit; the farther you can kick your legs, the greater is your own safety range. So I will teach you some basic skills now. When you can stretch your arms like an ape and kick your legs like a python, we can start learning the sword.”


    Zhang Qiang listened, said yes one by one, and walked to the corner to take off her coat, getting ready to learn the basic skills from Pang Deyou.


    “You… please put on your clothes!

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