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KTBW Chapter 21

Chapter 21

After spending another few days in Jiangnan Water Village, the three of them went back to the Liaoyuan again before returning. After drinking and chatting with the boss, Guo Ming left him a few pills and a prescription. Pills were for anti-alcoholism, and prescriptions were for liver protection. At first, the boss was a little skeptical. It was after Guo Ming had listened to his pulse and described to him his present physical condition, he was immediately shocked by the accuracy. He admired Guo Ming thoroughly and felt fortunate to have known them. His joy was beyond any words could describe.


    On the return trip, Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming took the plane, but Pang Deyou refused no matter what. Finally, he refunded the air ticket and took the high-speed rail instead. What’s interesting was that Peng gets to attract all sorts of troubles no matter where he goes. During the train journey, he encountered a group of underworld “criminal gangs” Due to his extraordinary fighting skills, he was mistaken by the railway police as rival gangs. The police were going to arrest him, it was the people around him who stepped forward to prove that he was innocent and it was a misunderstanding. During the event, he befriended a few police officers who worked on the front line. 


    On the day she arrived at City A, Guo Ming contacted the Zeng family immediately. She went over to Zeng’s house with the car sent by the Zeng family. After checking Zeng Miaomiao’s condition, Guo Ming told Zeng Youfu that Zeng Miaomiao’s waist had grown well. The news surprised and delighted the Zeng family. What was shocking was that she was injured for more than a hundred days, but it took less than sixty days to grow well. Guo Ming wrote a new prescription, instructing them to change the prescription and start this medicated bath from the next day. She also told them that they could send Ms. Zeng to Liang Jili’s hospital to take an X-ray to check on the healing. After passing down all the instructions, they left. Naturally, the Zeng family was thankful again, and took two thick file bags and gave it to Guo Ming. Guo Ming did not refuse.


    Back home, Wu Yuanyuan once again marveled at the wealth of the Zeng family, then hurriedly deposited the money into the bank in the accounts under their names before going to work. After all, anyone would get worried if you were to keep a few hundred thousand dollars in cash at home.


    The next day, Zhang Qiang, who heard that the three of them were back, came over after she  got off from work. Though her arms had recovered, Zhang Renyi refused to let her go back to the front line, “If you can’t even defect a common thief, how could we not be worried when you go out to perform your duty every day!” She had no choice but to accept the decision and took on a desk job at the station.


    Zhang Qiang came with many bags in her hands. When Wu Yuanyuan took a look inside it, it was full of foodstuffs.


    “You guys have worked hard! As you had just come back from the field, you must be exhausted! I think you shouldn’t cook! I’ve bought pizza that Xiao Guo and brother Peng loved,  I’ve also bought some drinks too. By the way, this is a snack purchased by my colleague, and it is delicious. I brought it over for you to try! Sister Guo, this is something you must have not eaten before! It’s a fruit that had just been shipped in from Thailand today. It’s called Mao Shan Wang durian. It  is said to be the most delicious variant! I am sure you don’t have this in Tianrong Country. Come and try it!”


    The three looked at each other. Durian? ? ?


    Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help but ask: “Zhang Qiang, what’s with you?”


    “Oh, Sister Guo cured my hands. I haven’t thanked her yet! Besides, they came  from Tianrong Country, so we should show them our hospitality! As I didn’t know what else to do, I thought I should bring some delicacies over for them to try out, nothing else.”


    Pang Deyou couldn’t help saying: “Miss Zhang, you should just address me as Pang Deyou as before…I am not used to you calling me Brother Peng, it feels funny…”


    Zhang Qiang was about to react but took it back, instead she replied with a smile: “OK, big brother, Pang Deyou~!”


    The three of them suddenly felt a chill down their spine.


    “Miss Zhang, what do you want this time?” Guo Ming couldn’t help but ask.


    “Oh, It’s only that I haven’t seen you guys for a few days, I missed you! What’s the matter! Come and eat!”


    Everyone finished their dinner under the suspicion that “that’s more with Zhang Qiang”. Finally Guo Ming said: “Miss Zhang, what’s the matter? Now that the meal is over, let’s talk about it!”


    Zhang Qiang suddenly looked awkward. First she looked at Guo Ming, and then at Pang Deyou: “It’s true, I do have something to ask from you.”


    “I want to be your apprentice!”


    “Apprentice? What do you want to learn?” Wu Yuanyuan was the first to react.


    “My old man, because of my injury this time, will not allow me to return to my original unit. I have been transferred to take charge of household registration. It has only been a little more than a week and I couldn’t take it any more. My ass is almost flattened by all the sitting down! So I thought to myself, I must learn Kungfu from you two!”


    “Learn Kungfu”


    “Yes! When I get better, I can apply for a transfer back. Besides catching thieves, I could do some other things too.”


    Wu Yuanyuan looked at Zhang Qiang with a worried look: “Learning Kungfu, are you okay? It’s safe to be a household registration policeman, why do you need to go catch the bad guys? It’s so dangerous!”


    Zhang Qiang glanced at Wu Yuanyuan contemptuously: “What do you little women know! I am doing this for the country and the people! Why do I want to become a policewoman? It’s to protect you people! Oh, if everyone were to only care for their own safety, then everyone would register to become a household registration policeman. Who will defend the country, who will defend you? Who will defend him?”


    Wu Yuanyuan was helpless.


    “That’s what I mean anyway, I just want to learn Kungfu from you two! I know that your martial arts are very strong, I didn’t intend to achieve your standard. I just want to be a little better than what I am now.”


    “Didn’t you learn Taekwondo?”


    “It’s not good enough during actual combat conditions! With my level, I am only good enough for exhibition matches. I’ve also learned some at the Police Academy, but it is still not enough. You need to continue to improve yourself! Yuanyuan, wouldn’t you agree that if I were to learn and become better at it, it would be safer for me when I perform my duties?!”


    “That is true.”


    “So, I came to seek to become your apprentice sincerely. I don’t know if the two of you are willing to accept me as an apprentice.”


    Guo Ming looked at Zhang Qiang and shook her head slowly: “I can’t teach you!”


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