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KTBW Chapter 18

Chapter 18

After listening to Wu Yuanyuan’s explanation, Guo Ming laughed heartily. It turns out that there are also many same gender love here. Wu Yuanyuan was surprised: “Is this also the case where you came from?”


    “As long as there are people in the world, there will be all kinds of love. There is the love of parents and children, the love of children to their parents, the love between siblings and the love between couples. It is because of love that created such a complicated social relationship. Every kind of emotion has its reasons and meanings. Therefore, yes, in my country, there are also relationships between man and man, woman and women. How do you say that word? Homosexuality.”


    “But, don’t you think this is wrong? Only the opposite gender is accepted, the same gender is not. Here, most people accept heterosexuality. People here think that homosexuality is a sign of adnormality. Is a sickness.”


    “Here, people can accept that you can fly toward the sky, but you can’t accept a person falling in love with another person just because they are of the same gender? This is really, extremely funny.”


    “In Tianrong Kingdom, there used to be a general who was brave and good at fighting. He was really brave in front of the battle. Since he was a teenager, he was in love with the second son of Xiangguo Mansion. One of them is strong and courageous in the physical aspect, the other one is clever and thoughtful in the mental aspect. They complimented each other and served together for the country and were loved by the emperor at that time. They were given a mansion for their wedding by the emperor. They have always been in love with each other till they turned old age. It was passed down as a good story.”


    “In the history of Tianrong, there was another princess who met with a neighboring princess at a wedding banquet. Later, the two became married, and the two countries have had no dispute for a hundred years.”


    “I once met a wild woodcutter with a small cart, in rags, who had struggled for three months to walk to my place to seek treatment. There was a man lying in the cart, his appearance was nothing  special. His bones were broken everywhere. It’s a miracle that he was able to hold on for so long. I heard from the woodcutter that the man had fallen off a cliff while picking medicine. Some of the bones would heal by themselves, some needed to be broken off and reconnect, but some bones are broken beyond recovery.” Guo Ming drank her water, and continued: “Though the person could be saved, he needs healthy new bones to replace the broken bones in his body. I told the woodcutter. What happened next was that he picked up a hatchet from the firewood basket, pointed at his own body and asked me, Doctor Guo, tell me which new bones are needed, and I will give it to you.”




    “I asked him, is he worthy of your sacrifice? Look at yourself, your feet are ugly, your shoulders are ulcerated, and you are not in good physical condition yourself. Do you still want to cut your own bones to save this person?


    “The woodcutter smiled, his face was tanned and his teeth yellowed. He said,’Doctor Guo, he is my lover. As long as he is alive, I am more than happy. You can see that he has been seriously injured. But he didn’t give up. He didn’t want to leave me and let me live alone in this world. He was enduring unbearable pain every day, vomiting blood, and urinating, but he never once said that he would give up and abandon me. It’s just my bones. Even if I will become blind or lame, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be with him for a few more years.’”


    Wu Yuanyuan’s eyes suddenly became moist. She asked softly: “What happened later?”


    “Later, with the new bone, the injured person was treated.”


    “Ah! Is the woodcutter disabled?”


    Guo Ming smiled and glanced at Wu Yuanyuan, “It’s a pity that the pork bones sent by the butcher were used, it would have made great soup!”


    “Ah~~Hahaha~~You are really~~ I was shocked. What happened next.”


    “Next? The two recovered from their injuries and repaired the courtyard for me. What do you call that, um, repay in kind.”


    “Hahaha, why are you such a mean person? In the old stories I’ve heard, all genius doctors were compassionate and provided medicine to save people. Why do you even let them work for you to pay for the medicine!”


    “Where did you hear those stories from? Those medicines for the soup were bought with my own money. If they don’t repay me, who is going to pay the people who gather the medicine in the mountain? They need money to buy their food too. Besides, I’m a doctor, and they’re woodcutters. We are all of equal status. 


    Seeing that Wu Yuanyuan was still thinking about her words. Out of the blue, Guo Ming remembered that after killing the “living widow”, one of her favorite concubines, who had a lotus tattoo on her forehead and a pair of narrow and charming phoenix eyes, was charging towards her with a golden hairpin and trying desperately to stab her. There was so much hatred that it distorted her facial features. Guo Ming has never forgotten those eyes, those anger, that unshakable hatred and despair. She must have loved her very deeply too.


    “Actually, the reason I am telling you these stories is to tell you that when one person loves another person, it’s simply love. The love stories we see or hear are always touching. For example, my Tianrong general and princess are in a high position, and their love is praised. The mountain woodcutter who came, although their status was not outstanding, their love was sincere, which is also admirable. But there are many more people, ordinary people, who are not outstanding, and they will not necessarily encounter anything extraordinary in their life. Perhaps their love is just simple and calm every day. But that’s also love, it’s their love.”


    “One person loves another, does not necessarily have to be vigorous. But as long as they love each other, it’s fine.”


    “None of their business?”


    “Yeah, that’s right, none of their business.” Wu Yuanyuan murmured and repeated. “Then tomorrow night, are you going to the Rainbow?”


    “Me? Of course not. I am not the same kind as them. Even if I am, drinking depends on my mood and the person I drink with!”


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