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KTBW Chapter 17

Chapter 17

  By the time they received the call from Wu Yuanyuan, they had basically finished their tour around the lake. Pang Deyou was pestering the tour guide to teach him how to play mobile games on his phone. It was said that there were many ancient heroes in that game. Peng Deyou was very interested in that game once he learnt that it was about making tactical decisions to be offensive or defensive, and it also involves killing and taking over enemies’ territories. Unfortunately, his skill was very poor. After downloading the game and registering an account under the guidance of the tour guide, he sat alone on one side to hone his skills. Man versus machine battles in progress.


    Guo Ming sat there and sipped her drink. Compared to gaming, she was more interested in those little cakes sitting on the plates. She had followed Wu Yuanyuan to this chain cafe before, however, she really didn’t like coffee. Maybe it was because she had drunk too much bitter medicine when she was a teenager. This bitter drink does not interest her at all. So thereafter, she only drinks fruit drinks and the like.


    As Wu Yuanyuan rejected the office dinner appointment and rushed over, the tour guide had exchanged phone numbers and WeChat ID with the two and left. The three went to another restaurant recommended by the tour guide for dinner. Over dinner, Wu Yuanyuan suggested that if they are still not tired, they could go visit the West Lake at night. Pang Deyou raised the phone in his hand and said, “My phone is almost out of battery, I need to go back to charge and fight again!” Ms. Wu, you go ahead with Doctor Guo!


    The two looked at him behaving like a teenager with internet gaming addiction. They had no choice but to let him go.


    As they were walking back towards West Lake, they saw many bicycles parked on the side of the road. Wu Yuanyuan suddenly asked Guo Ming if he wanted to learn to ride a bicycle.


    Guo Ming looked at her. It might be due to the hot weather, her bangs were a bit messy and some strands were stuck to her forehead. She raised her face and eyebrows expectantly, her eyes were clear and bright. Guo Ming nodded involuntarily. So they rented a bicycle with their mobile phones and started to learn how to cycle by the bright light of the West Lake.


    We have to agree that Guo Ming was really a fast learner. Her balancing ability was much better than most ordinary people! Wu Yuanyuan rode the bicycle once to demonstrate the technique and handed it to Guo Ming. Wu Yuanyuan only needed to  support her for a short while at the beginning and Guo Ming could ride it easily thereafter. Her two long legs could also support the ground to prevent falls at any time, which was very helpful. Wu Yuanyuan was beginning to get jealous about her long legs.


    After riding in the park for about half an hour, Guo Ming has mastered this new technique. At this time, the sky was getting dark and the street lights were on. Wu Yuanyuan suggested that they ride along the lake. So the two came out of the park, followed the road by the lake, and began to ride.


    The number of tourists on the lake side began to gradually decrease, and the traffic on the road gradually increased. The two rode side by side chatting along the way. Wu Yuanyuan was telling Guo Ming about the interesting things and strange people she met in the meeting. Soon they reached Nanshan Road, where huge trees grow on both sides of the road. No idea how long it had been there, the tree crowns had connected in the air from both sides of the road, so the whole road was like a tunnel made of trees. And the most wonderful thing was that the trees on the whole road were all decorated with small colored lights, from trunks to branches, flashing all the way. The whole road looks dreamy under the lights.


    It was so beautiful, many passersby stopped to take pictures with their mobile phones. Guo Ming looked at Wu Yuanyuan and asked her softly, “Would you like me to take a photo for you?” Wu Yuanyuan shook her head: “No, I want to take a picture of us.”


    “Do you want to take a selfie?”


    “No, give me your hand.”


    So, with the countless lights in the background, Wu Yuanyuan took a picture of two people clasping their fingers together. In the photo, their hands were tightly held together, showing warmth, and with the sea of ​​lights behind the tree. It looks tender and sweet. As the picture projected affection, Wu Yuanyuan blushed when she showed it to Guo Ming, “Does it look great?”


    Guo Ming looked at her, flushed cheeks, shy and stubborn, couldn’t help but stare into her eyes, and said, “It’s so beautiful!”


    Wu Yuanyuan pretended to take her phone back as if nothing had happened, and said: “I’m great! My photography skills are first-rate!” But inward, she was feeling bashful by the manner Guo Ming spoke to her.


    After riding along the lake for a period of time, Wu Yuanyuan was a little puzzled with herself . Why didn’t she feel tired today? All they did was joke around throughout the rides and she really didn’t feel tired at all. It was only when Guo Ming decided to stop for a drink, that they parked the bicycles aside and went into a small shop.


    The weather was not hot, but the air conditioner was turned on inside the store. Young people in twos and threes were chatting and playing inside. Guo Ming ordered for herself her favorite grapefruit juice and matcha sea salt milk shake for  Wu Yuanyuan. They also managed to find a table. As Guo Ming was unusually tall, the people from the next few tables were looking at her constantly, especially those from the next table. Guo Ming was getting a little annoyed by what she saw and the anger began to show in her eyes. At that moment, a girl who looked to be the strongest from the next table came over. She was not exactly very tall and looked about the same size as Wu Yuanyuan, but much stronger. Her hair was short, there were large tattoos on her exposed arms. It looked like vines, but Guo Ming couldn’t tell what it was exactly.


    The girl came over, looked at Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan, and asked, “A couple?”


    “Huh?” Wu Yuanyuan was taken aback for a moment.


    “What’s the matter?” Guo Ming raised her eyebrows.


    “Oh, a few of my friends opened a bar, called Rainbow. It will be open for business tomorrow. Everybody within the community knows. You should come and join us tomorrow when you have the time.”


    “Yeah.” Guo Ming responded and turned back to look at Wu Yuanyuan. The girl got bored and returned to her table.


    After she had walked away, Guo Mingcai asked Wu Yuanyuan, “What was the matter with that person?”


    “It should be a bar, maybe it’s a place that serves liquor and wine, she came over to promote it.”


    “Oh, why us? A place for drinking wine? I would like to see it. I would also like to know how they make their wine there.”


    “The wine there is definitely not made by them. Let me find out what it is. Rainbow, right?”


    “Well, it’s a Bar. So Bar, right?”


    “Uh, I found it.” Wu Yuanyuan glanced at her phone, then looked at Guo Ming with a complicated expression.


    “What is it?”


    “It’s a Lesbian bar.”



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