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FERWP Chapter 21

what exactly do you want to do?

    Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The person in the surveillance video revealed a sense of familiarity that shocked Li Quyin.

But there was one thing that his assistant had said correctly, that is, even if the video is enlarged, the picture quality will not change in any way.

After zooming in, the person in the picture became more and more familiar to Li Quyin. He even felt that it was the same person, but he still couldn’t see his face.

Li Quyin tried to cut the picture several times, but the face that was cut out was a mess. He couldn’t even see the facial features.

After trying again, Li Quyin threw away the mouse and slumped back into the stool after still being unable to see the person clearly.

He didn’t want to see without the courage before, but now he finally mustered up the courage but couldn’t see it. This feeling made him more uncomfortable.

After lying down for a while, Li Quyin sat up again. He opened the web page to search for video processing methods, and wanted to find a way to clear the video.

There were many methods on the Internet, and there were all kinds of them.

Li Quyin tried it one by one.

But until late at night, he failed to clear the video.

If he couldn’t, Li Quyin thought for a while and called his assistant again, asking him to ask the investigator if he could get a clearer picture quality. He will add money if the investigator can do so.

The assistant who was sleeping vaguely said that he was going to ask and then hung up the phone.

After Li Quyin put down the phone, he waited, but after waiting for an hour, he didn’t get a reply.

He couldn’t wait any longer, so he called again to ask about the situation, but the call could not be reached. Obviously, the other party was completely asleep.

In desperation, Li Quyin could only go to sleep first.

That night, Li Quyin slept extremely restlessly. He even dreamed.

In the dream, he didn’t know why he and Xia Xixi were quarreling. The two of them were red-faced in the quarrel, and Xia Xixi was even more disgusted.

Li Quyin tried to stop the quarrel several times, but his mouth still kept saying things.

He obviously wanted to say that he didn’t want to quarrel with Xia Xixi, but what he said became, “I think you are just that mentally ill expert.”

Humiliated, Li Quyin also saw Xia Xixi want to break up with him with a look of disgust, saying that he was Shen Bailou, and that he was a liar!

Li Quyin wanted to explain, and wanted to keep him, but Xia Xixi flew up into the sky on a porcelain vase.

Li Quyin was anxious and tried to chase. He ran fast, but the vase flew faster, and disappeared with the sound of ‘ppiu’.

In the early morning.

Xia Xixi followed the address he had obtained early in the morning and wanted to see You Hai again.

Getting off the car, Xia Xixi glanced at the house in front of him.

The place where You Hai lives is an old-fashioned villa. Judging from the architectural traces, the villa should have been around for a while.

People of the club have also said before that You Hai’s family seemed to have been famous pretty well in the past few decades, but they have been on the decline in the past ten years.

Xia Xixi came to the door and rang the doorbell.

After a while, a middle-aged man in pajamas opened the door.

Seeing Xia Xixi, he asked sleepily: “Who are you? In the early morning, why are you disturbing people’s dreams.”

“Hello, my name is Xia Xixi. Does Mr. You Hai live here?” Xia Xixi took out his business card of the club and handed it over.

As soon as the man heard that he was looking for Youhai, he immediately became alert.

After receiving the business card and seeing the contents clearly, he became nervous all over.

Xia Xixi had a full view of his expression. The smile on his face did not change but he felt puzzled in his heart.

Everyone in this You family is weird.

“Why are you looking for my dad?” the man asked.

“It’s like this. Recently, something happened at the club, which has something to do with Mr. You. So I came to ask about the situation.” Xia Xixi said bluntly.

While speaking, Xia Xixi kept staring at the man in front of him, trying to see how he reacts.

Hearing this, the man’s eyes flickered as expected, with a guilty conscience.

“Can I go in?” Xia Xixi asked with a smile.

“Then come in, I’ll take you to see my dad.” The man reluctantly stepped aside. After Xia Xixi entered the door, he took Xia Xixi upstairs.

After a while, the two came to a door of a room.

“Dad, a person of your club has come to see you.” The man pushed the door in.

Inside the house, You Hai had already woken up. He was sitting on the bed reading the newspaper. He immediately raised his head when he heard that a person from the club was coming to see him.

Seeing Xia Xixi, You Hai’s eyes were full of surprise, “Why are you here?”

“There is something to discuss with you, how are you doing?” Xia Xixi asked.

At his age, a concussion is not a minor illness. He stayed in the hospital for two or three days, and hurriedly packed his things and returned home, which inevitably made people worry.

“I’m fine, just a little dizzy. The doctor also said, as long as I’ll lie in bed for two more days, I’ll be good.” You Hai waved and let his son out.

The man looked at You Hai, then at Xia Xixi, hesitated for a moment before leaving.

“Sit.” You Hai greeted.

Xia Xixi thanked him and sat aside.

“Before, I believe you should have heard about the vase of the early Tang Dynasty. I came today just to ask about that.” Xia Xixi came straight to the point.

“I did hear about it but I don’t know what’s going on.”

“I had just taken the vase from old Liao that day to help him write a report. Then I sent it to the bureau to stamp it and then brought it back.”

“I don’t know what happened after that.”

You Hai was obviously prepared long ago. Xia Xixi had only started and he finished all that should be said.

Xia Xixi nodded, “Did you open the box and watch it during the period?”

You Hai immediately shook his head, “No. That thing is so precious and that’s not mine. I didn’t dare to see that.”

“Had the vase in between left your sight?” Xia Xixi asked again.

The police could not detect any fingerprints on the fake vase. The person who had changed the package was very cautious.


“Are you sure?” Xia Xixi confirmed.

“I would not dare to put such precious things everywhere.” You Hai was sure. His eyes were staring at Xia Xixi trying to make Xia Xixi believe him.

Xia Xixi thought for a while. He then smiled and stood up, “Then you should have a good rest. I will go back first.”

You Hai breathed out silently, “I’ll let someone send you off.”

“No.” Xia Xixi refused.

Xia Xixi walked towards the door. When he reached the door, he stopped and looked back, “By the way, the police already knows about this matter, so the police might come to you for questioning in a few days. You will just have to answer truthfully.”


“Don’t worry too much. The police have already found useful evidence. As long as they’ll find the suspect, they should be able to arrest them.” Xia Xixi smiled.

After speaking, he turned around and wanted to leave.

“Wait a minute.” You Hai shouted.

Xia Xixi relaxed his body imperceptibly, then looked back blankly, “What’s the matter?”

“I just wanted to ask you about the useful evidence the police found. What kind of evidence is it?” You Hai tried to maintain a smile, but his eyes had already betrayed him, he was nervous.

“They found a fingerprint on the cover of the vase. It should have been wiped off by the person who had changed the package.” Xia Xixi said.

The police had not found any fingerprints in the vase, this was just made up by Xia Xixi casually, because he has now determined that You Hai is indeed related to this matter.

The only thing Xia Xixi can’t understand is why You Hai did this?

You Hai is not like the kind of person who can steal things, but things do have something to do with him, at least he must be hiding something.

Xia Xixi sighed and said with emotion: “In fact, this matter can be solved internally. It will be good for everyone. If we can find someone by ourselves and then hand it over to the police, then it will be a surrender.”

After speaking, Xia Xixi took a deep look at You Hai, then turned and left.

Leaving You Hai’s house, Xia Xixi walked a distance and looked back.

The son of You Hai was standing at the door looking at him, and seeing him turning around, he quickly closed the door and entered the house.

Xia Xixi called and asked the driver to drive over.

After letting his grandfather know about the smashed car, his grandfather immediately asked someone to get a new car over.

Not only the car and the driver, but he also got Xia Xixi two powerful bodyguards but Xia Xixi refused.

Xia Xixi had a headache when he thought of having to go out with two tall people in black suits and sunglasses behind him, which was also embarrassing.

Xia Xixi refused, but his grandfather insisted.

After two days of arguing between the old and the young, they finally reached a consensus. His grandfather arranged a powerful driver in a black suit and black glasses for him.

After getting in the car, Xia Xixi flipped through his phone.

Li Quyin still hadn’t replied him. He had sent a message to Li Quyin last night, but Li Quyin has not responded yet.

It was unknown when he has become accustomed that whenever he sends a message to Li Quyin, the other party will reply to him in seconds.

Even if he can’t reply in seconds, he will definitely reply in a short time.

Looking at the message on the screen that has not been answered, Xia Xixi poked Li Quyin’s profile and became angry.

Li Quyin slept until ten o’clock before finally waking up from his nightmare.

After washing, the first thing he did was to find his mobile phone.

The assistant had already replied, “The other side said that there is no way, but he can help sharpen the picture and make the picture quality a little better.”

Below the information was a video link address.

Li Quyin clicked in and took a look. The monitoring section had been sharpened, but the sharpening effect was similar to what he had done himself, and he couldn’t see his face at all.

“Is there no other way?” Li Quyin asked.

“Boss, what exactly do you want to do?” The assistant felt inexplicable.

Since seeing this video yesterday, Li Quyin has been strange.

“I just want to see the person.” Li Quyin said.


“That person.” After tossing all night, Li Quyin was weak.

“It’s not easy. I just ask him to look up that person’s photo.” The assistant felt more and more inexplicable. Isn’t his boss usually smart?

Li Quyin was surprised and he didn’t turn a bit for a while.

Ever since he found out that the person in the video might be Xia Xixi, his mind has been stubborn. His brain is full of wanting to see the person in the video clearly, but he has forgotten that there is a simple way.

If Xia Xixi is the expert Xia, he will ask someone to find the expert Xia directly, isn’t it all right?

“Immediately, immediately, let someone investigate that expert!”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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