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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi’s mind suddenly thought of his brother’s innocent reading ‌ and jumped ‌ in the quilt at a lightning speed,

“I’m sleeping.”

“‌‌Now you know how to sleep?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s voice is flat.

It turned out that his brother drove him to sleep? The boy lifted a small corner of the quilt, his head slowly got out of the quilt and the swaying position in his heart finally turned back to normal.

But he still didn’t feel sleepy until Yan Xue Xiao’s hand gently stroked his red hair. The movements were so gentle that he closed his eyes unconsciously, like a puppy who was comfortable with his hair.

Seeing the energetic teenager fall asleep, his thick and upturned eyelashes quivered with the sound of breathing and a shallow shadow was cast on his skin. Yan Xue Xiao gently dropped a good night kiss on his forehead.

He retracted his gaze and continued to focus on the information but he caught a glimpse of the teenager who was sleeping next to him. He couldn’t help it and kissed him again with a blank expression.


When Shen Chi got up, Yan Xue Xiao had already left. He thought they could have breakfast together. His eyes fell on the wrinkled quilt and he suddenly realized that last night, they not only slept on one bed but also on the same quilt.

He looked at the crumpled quilt and always felt suspicious. He opened the quilt and checked the sheets. The sheets were still neat and his face turned red. He shouldn’t have done anything with his brother.

The PDL finals will be held in the SWL venue in the afternoon. Group A has a total of eight teams including Lion, BOC, Black Sharks and TTL. They will compete with Group D on the first day. Fortunately, most of Group D are all new teams including the bees.

Liu Xiaodong still serves as the commentator. The game hasn’t officially started and the players have entered the field one after another. He noticed TTL in a variety of team uniforms.

Because they are very poor, they wore a TTL’s old shirt with a black marker. He can’t help but walk to them: “You are TTL, I am today’s commentator Liu Xiaodong.”

“Liu Xiaodong from E-Sports Weekly?”

The redhead youth lifted his head.

“it’s me.”

Liu Xiaodong admitted generously: “I see your training games, they are basically countdowns. There is no hope this year. If there is a chance to come again next year. Do you also buy the weekly esports report?”

Xu Cheng squeezed his hand, Liu Xiaodong spoke with a polite smile, even if he was angry, he couldn’t say anything, he didn’t have to look at Shen Chi.

He saw the boy hum: “They are all thrown into the trash can.”

The members of TTL glanced at each other and sure enough, the captain never failed to disappoint, looking at Liu Xiaodong’s unstrained face, he walked into the lounge with a refreshing expression.

The game officially started at 1 p.m. Liu Xiaodong put on a headset and sat in the commentary booth. The host was a layman: “Can Teacher Xiaodong analyze each team?”

Liu Xiaodong remembers the unpleasant trouble before the game and even became mercilessly when talking about TTL: “TTL’s strength is undoubtedly the bottom. Today they are just part of the bottom countdown. The boss obviously didn’t have enough funds. What kind of team doesn’t have a proper uniform?”

“It’s really poor.”

“However, the manager of TTL still firmly believes that he is a wealthy club.”

“Ten yuan shirt gives him courage?”

“Although Liu Xiaodong’s words are poisonous, I think the TTL training game is really difficult to say in one word. The team is always rushed out and the rest are always wiped out. I don’t know if they want to transform into a macho team.”

Because the fishing village is the Lion’s jumping point, TTL abandoned the fishing village to avoid the sharp Roll point to the ruins. They happened to collide with the little bee team, and there were bursts of gunshots when they landed.

The four positions of the Little Bees are all gunmen, and they have an overwhelming advantage in close combat. Even if Ye Ning fell down he could take one or two enemies, Xu Cheng was taken away by AKM, and then Ye Ning was also pulled upside down.

“TTL is hopeless.” Liu Xiaodong looked at the screen and shook , “I saw that there were young girls holding signs to support and only young girls would be fans.”

“The tone is too sour.”

“There is a saying that the little red hair looks really good.” ‌

“Look at the level of his face. We can forgive his poor operation”

“TTL is hanging out”

As the first lap went, encounters continued to erupt on the field, Liu Xiaodong did not continue to focus on TTL: “It seems that there is a high probability of the airport circle, Lion as the second-ranked team, the probability of victory is very high, and there is hope to win in this round.”

Before the circle, Xiaodong Liu explained it very smoothly, and there was no discrepancy in judging the situation, except that ‌Late always came out from time to time to steal other teams to interfere with his judgment.

“Come on, steal another one”

“Late will only be late but never missed”

“Distressed by the number of stolen teams”

“Do you feel sad as a lone wolf?”

He didn’t rest assured that Late was wandering around. As long as the lone wolf in the finals was cleared first, the number of TTL was still at the bottom. While he was relieved, he felt that something was wrong. After thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t expect it. .

When the competition went to the finals, the two strongest teams, Lion and BOC, met each other in a narrow way. After a fierce struggle, BOC gained the upper hand. When Xiaodong Liu wanted to congratulate BOC on winning the first victory, he was surprised to say that the competition was not over.

There are two ‌ on the field.

The last member of BOC couldn’t find it no matter how he looked for it.

“why didn’t I see it in the circle?”

“It’s a ghost story”

“Is it outside? ”

“No, last year’s version update has increased the damage of the drug circle. If you want to fight against the circle, it is basically not possible in the finals.”

The director seemed to be confused. The screen in the live broadcast room was black for a second or two, and the mirror finally pointed at a small house outside the circle that looked ordinary. In other words, it seemed ordinary because of the floor inside the room. There are painkillers, drinks, and medical kits searched from various places on it. Generally, only five or six are carried, and there are more than two hundred in them!

In order to force the players to enter the circle and fight, they will keep losing their blood if they stay outside the circle. The two TTL players kept drinking drinks to recover their blood. Lan Heng’s hand speed slowed a little and the blood was not recovered in time. In the poisonous gas, Late is still drinking drinks methodically, without any intention of going into a duel.

“Too much, too much”

“I take back his scrupulous remarks.”

“I just said TTL is missing members. It turns out that ‌ one hides drinks, one is responsible for picking up the other, and the other is responsible for hiding.”

Even the experienced Liu Xiaodong didn’t respond. The BOC team members were carrying guns and throwing objects. However, it was not as good as Late’s guarding a house with more drinks (E/N: ‘energy drinks’) and the drug circle was forced to narrow.

The word victory was finally displayed on the screen. As the final winner, TTL took the tenth in ‌ ranking ‌plus snatching six place so they result into being fifth place

“The drink in a backpack is not enough to survive the circle, so they keep a house.”


“Playing PUBG solo game”

“A victory worthy of being included in the history of the league’s shame”

Recently, the league has paid close attention to the quality of interpretation. Liu Xiaodong watched the rankings abruptly and swallowed the words that he was about to say and sighed:

“The road is really wild.”

“Playing PDL is really a talent”

“Lion’s Qin Bai Wen is stunned.”

“Dare to train, it’s really just training and it doesn’t start flying until it’s on the field.”

“I have a hunch that the league will change the rules overnight tomorrow.”

”Didn’t you say you would swallow a keyboard if they lose?”

The competition was played from 1 to 6 in the afternoon. TTL is in line with the principle of being able to achieve the goal. It ranks fifth among the 16 competitor teams.

When he took off his headphones, Lan Heng glanced at the match bench, “Hey, why is our team’s aid card gone? I remember having one before the game. ”

”Is there no forced foul for TTL”

“I can’t blame ‌the anti- fans”

“Also afraid of causing public anger”

“The behavior of the team has nothing to do with the fans!”

In the post-match interview, the host handed the microphone to the teenager who looked down on the mobile phone and asked politely,”The lower ranked team thinks that the competition should rely on strength. What do you think of this kind of talk ?”

When they heard the question, TTL’s team members were instantly nervous. Lan Heng calculated that all eleven teams could not be offended and immediately pulled out the parent/guardian card and said,

“Your brother will watch the live broadcast.”

The subtext is that we should be more atmospheric.

Who knows that when he heard his words, the teenager blushed and put on his coat to cover up the ugly uniform and then said a sentence in a civilized way: “The words of the loser doesn’t mean anything.”

“I am convinced he wants to pull hatred”

”Suddenly he is elegant”

” feeling shy he put on a jacket!”

“But it can’t conceal the essence of his ridicule to the eleven teams.”

On the other side of the car, Ah Pei stared at the live broadcast of the game, the barrage all said that what the teenager did was bad. However, Yan Xue Xiao, who doesn’t usually show emotion, smiled lightly which was quite indulgent.



Translator’s Note: Honestly I really thought that this tactic is witty. Thank you for K for giving Ko-Fi! Here’s an extra chapter for everyone.

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