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Boy in the moonlight


Clicking on it was a five-hour-long video.

The character on the screen was a white-skinned Asian in a plaid school uniform, the picture quality was so blurry that he couldn’t see the exact face, and he tapped the Blu-ray picture quality by hand.

A prompt popped up on the page.

–Visitors can only choose to watch in standard definition. Would you like to register your account?

Yan Xue Xiao frowned. He registered an account for the first time on the live broadcast site, and chose the Blu-ray quality.

It was still blurry.

It seems that it is not a problem of resolution, he is keenly aware that the other party’s family is not very good.

The island appeared on the screen, the character opened the umbrella from the air and landed on the container and then carefully collected supplies until he found the presence of the opponent. He quietly jumped on the sentry tower, lurking in the shadows, always observing the opponent’s weaknesses.

Eventually –

He gave a fatal blow.

Yan Xue Xiao didn’t know who the other person was, and even didn’t ask his name. He only knew that he was a child who was still at Yan University.

But he looked at the final killing picture, and somehow, a wolf cub biting its prey in silence emerged in his mind.

After watching the video, he replied to a message.

[Yan Xue Xiao] played well


It was already the next morning when Shen Chi saw this message. He swiped the message calmly, but silently sped up his change of clothes, wanting to hurry up and go to the Internet cafe.

In the living room.

“I saw Mrs. Shen on provincial TV yesterday.” A middle-aged woman with a round face sat on the sofa, “It said that she gave Xiao Chi a full 600,000.”

“That’s also the Shen family’s money.” Ji’s mother brought a glass of plain water to her.

“You two don’t know how to plan for yourself.” Aunt Ji angrily spoke uncontrollably. “At that time, I asked you to ask the Shen family for money, didn’t you raise children for the Shen family for more than ten years?”

“That’s what we owe the Shen family. Let Xiao Shu suffer from us for so long. How can we ask people for money?” Ji Dad obviously disapproved.

“It’s not good for Xiao Shu either.”

Seeing the two people’s firm attitude, Aunt Ji changed the topic: “You also know dad’s health, now the countryside is not the same as before. There are places where money is needed everywhere. Besides, it’s too late to spend money. Can you provide 600,000yuan for him? ”

Ji’s father looked hesitant, but Ji’s mother said to Aunt Ji “Just leave it alone.”

When Aunt Ji wanted to persuade again, the door of the room opened and a red-haired teenager came out of the room, she immediately stopped the conversation.

“This is Xiao Chi, right? I’m your aunt.” Aunt Ji stood up from the sofa and walked over to Shen Chi, “This skin is even whiter than a little girl, the capital really is different-”

Before she finished her words, the teenager gave her a cold look, she was terrified by that look and did not dare to say anything.

Before Shen Chi left, she heard Ji Dad’s voice coming from behind her.

“We have to go to the countryside with your aunt, we will not come back today, there is nothing in the refrigerator, you eat outside by yourself.”

When he heard the last sentence, the teenager’s hand paused as he pulled open the door and said “okay” after a while.

He pulled open the door and walked into the Internet cafe.

He went to his customary seat and sat down, turning on the computer.

Zhuang Zhou deliberately came earlier than Shen Chi, and while he was waiting for the youth, he pierced the needle and asked: “I have not been able to get up in the rankings. It seems that we are on the same table. Please give me directions?”

Shen Chi looked at Zhuang Zhou, Being desk mates in the Internet cafe doesn’t make sense, but his eyes still fell on Zhuang Zhou’s computer.

–A female character in a white skirt carrying a gun.

Seeing Shen Chi’s gaze gradually subtle, Zhuang Zhou hurriedly explained: “I chose a female character for a reason, female characters are slim, the probability of being hit by a bullet is lower.”

Shen Chi face is expressionless: “Nonsense.”

“I’m starting.”

Zhuang Zhou entered the game, went straight to the most fierce fighting area, and was killed in less than five minutes after landing, turning into a smoking box.

He looked at Shen Chi expectantly.

Shen Chi’s eyes turned to the newly released title of landing box in Zhuang Zhou: “There is no need to give directions.”

“why? I feel that I have a lot of shortcomings. “Zhuang Zhou embarrassedly respond.

“A waste of time.”

Shen Chi calmly narrated.

Zhuang Zhou: …………

Zhuang Zhou couldn’t help but suggest: “I find it wise for you to live without opening your mouth, otherwise how many people would you offend with your mouth.”

Shen Chi gripped the mouse tightly and indifferently clicked on the game.

The moment he boarded the game, he received another stranger team invitation, he frowned and was about to refuse when he heard the surprised voices of people around him.

“Isn’t this Ruan Yan, he’s quite famous on the kitten video and has over 100,000 fans.” Zhuang Zhou introduced to Shen Chi.

Shen Chi has not been exposed to live streaming, and has little concept of fans over 100,000, so he coldly “Oh”, still ready to point out the refusal.

Zhuang Zhou hurriedly spoke: “Accept ah, and the famous anchor play can enhance the popularity.”

The young man’s wrist did not relax in the slightest, obviously not convinced.

Zhuang Zhou thought about it and said categorically, “It can make money.”

Shen Chi lowered his eyes and chose to accept the group.



“It’s not easy. I cry for joy.”

“Is the Double row to start?!”1(TL:Single row means playing solo and double row means playing duo)

Ruan Yan was deeply touched when he saw the news of passing the invitation. He added it from yesterday until today and finally he got accepted.

He chose the island map, no other, this map is the largest, they can play a little longer.

“This limited skin! Late is absolutely rich!”

“The suit on my body is not cheap.”

“It’s a pity that there is no mic.”

Ruan Yan is not surprised. Many of the players who play games are rich second generation, but his tone is subconsciously softer.

Shen Chi played the game in silence.

In order to let players compete more fiercely, the game has a poisonous circle mechanism, the scope of each round of the poisonous circle will continue to expand, in the poisonous circle of the safe zone to survive.

In the first round, he drove Ruan Yan to the safety zone, stopped at the edge and headed for the front house.

Yan Yan reminded: “Be careful there are people inside.”

The last thing Ruan Yan wants is to engage in a battle within the house, because the house is not large, the perspective would make him dizzy, but also it’s easier to be to be ambushed.

When he was hesitating to follow him in, he heard a heavy gunshot, followed by a white kill message appearing on the screen.

Late used the S686 to kill Ashley.

Late used the S686 to kill Manipula.

“Double kill!

Yan stood in front of the room and froze.

I want to see Late’s view.

”I …… seem to have found Late’s live room in the middle of a live broadcast.”

”I think I found Late’s live streaming room.”


Yan Xue Xiao sat in the amphitheatre, and the tutor who taught Phenomenology of Spirit was an Australian with blue eyes.

Not many people attend this class.

Unlike China, which focuses on European philosophy and the study of the history of philosophy, Britain and the United States are the world of analytical philosophy, and many people think that European philosophy is meaningless, but he feels that there is no essential difference between the two.

He listened to the class quietly.

After the class ended, the instructor did not leave the classroom immediately, but suddenly bowed: “Thank you for coming to class.”

“When I was a graduate student like you, the Australian University Council stopped providing financial support to the philosophy department because we were creating thousands of problems every year and couldn’t solve one, which made them unable to account to the government for what they were doing.”

“And yet I think anything is worthwhile.”

He slightly bowed and left the classroom.

Yan Xue Xiao was the last one to leave the classroom.

He returned to the dormitory and turned on the computer to compose his paper.

Time passed by minute by minute.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the time and was about to close his computer when the figure of his tutor bowing surfaced before his eyes and he opened the live website.

Unlike the empty live broadcast room he had imagined, there were more than a hundred viewers in the live broadcast room.

He squeezed down his eyes and turned off the live stream.


Although he didn’t know where the audience came from, Shen Chi looked at the growing number of viewers and remained focused on playing the game.

The poison circle contracted to the last lap, and there were only two people left on the court, and each shot was related to the final victory.

He opened the mirror and mowed at his opponent’s head, holding his breath to aim, his gun slowly moving, when suddenly he saw a message.

“Yan Xue Xiao has entered your live stream

Shen Chi’s movement stopped.

The live viewers were still on tenterhooks.

“Why did it stop?”

“is it hard to fight?”

“The distance is not very far, but the opponent is always moving and it is difficult to hit the head.”

Shen Chi returned to his senses, turned his attention back to the game, pressed the shot at the target, and hit the head.

Game over.

“I’m relieved

”Why didn’t Late get a better computer? He could have bought one with the money he spent on the skin.”

”+1, the picture quality is too blurry, if I didn’t know it was Late I wouldn’t have clicked in.”

Shen Chi, as usual, clicked on the next game, and suddenly several live tips appeared on the screen.

“Tumbleweed rewarded you with dried fish x 1

“Wild berry rewarded you with dried fish x2

“Monster lasagna rewarded you with dried fish x10

The first time he received a reward, the teenager’s eyes revealed a trace of bewilderment, and he didn’t even know how to say thank you for the reward, but just held the mouse tightly and concentrated more on the game.

He played so seriously that when he stopped to try to eat, he looked up at the window and it was almost dark.

One dried fish could be exchanged for one dollar, and he had received thirty-four dried fish today, enough for him to go out and buy something to eat, and he wanted to eat shredded pork in sauce if he had enough money.

He fumbled and pressed withdraw cash.

A prompt popped up on the web page.

–Hello, you can withdraw cash only if you have one hundred dollars or more

One hundred dollars ah ……

The teenager stared at the prompt for a while, then looked at his balance of thirty-four dollars, hung his head and closed the page, remembering that he still had uneaten soda crackers in his backpack.

He opened his backpack and took out the cookies, which became a little damp from sitting for so long, but they tasted good and he ate them in small, tiny bites.

After he finished his dinner, he wanted to continue to play again, and the receptionist came to remind: “Go home, the security is not good at night.”

Shen Chi then walked out of the Internet cafe and went back to the house.

He was alone in the house, he did not want to go back to the small dark bedroom, he opened his phone in the living room under the moonlight.

The teenager bowed his lean back on the table, typed a text and sent it over.

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] You watched me live today

After a long interval, he received a reply.

[Yan Xue Xiao] You are wrong

[Asia’s no. 1 gun god] There is a display in the live broadcast room

There was a moment of silence.

Shen Chi thought, Girls are indeed thin-skinned.

He had no experience with girls, and was thinking about what to say to break the silence when suddenly three words came from the opposite side.

Yan Xue Xiao..

He knew it was her name, and he didn’t understand why he sent it again.

The next second, a message appeared on the screen.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Your name

As if in a silent urging.

TL: If you saw I put Yan Xueyan instead of Xue Xiao please tell me and I’ll fix it. I don’t have any editor or proofreader so I might have missed it.

  • 1
    (TL:Single row means playing solo and double row means playing duo)
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