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I'll Bring You


 Shen Chi looked at the screen and pursed his lips, he did not care whether the other party would look. He just said it in a whim.


 He lowered his head and put on the headphones, but the moment he raised his head, he saw that there was one more person in the live broadcast room where the number of people had originally appeared to be zero.


  Probably too nervous for his first live broadcast, he averted his gaze and gripped the mouse even harder than usual.


  With the sound of the helicopter starting up, the route centered on the island map, and he chose to jump off at the nuclear power plant offshore.




  As a little-known anchor on Kitten Live, the first thing Ruan Yan did when he woke up was to open the game.


  With a sandwich in his left hand and the mouse in his right, he casually said, “I’ll jump the nuclear power plant.”


  ”Good morning”


  ”It’s good to jump to the nuclear power station, it’s not crowded.”


  ”Solo today? I thought it was a squad game today.”


  He had been playing the game for two years, and there was no pressure to win in solo games. He landed and casually searched for supplies while answering the audience’s question, “I’m just looking for the feel of the game.”


  The nuclear power plant has a lot of supplies, but he only found an AKM gun. He went to the small plant side to look, but still did not find other guns.


  ”It’s okay, AKM damage is high


  ”Close combat is strong”


      “+1, mid-to-long range is okay”


  Ruan Yan is well aware of all the fan comfort, the gun recoil is too big but he can only make do with it.


 However, his mentality is very flat, and there will always be a few people picking up equipment. He finished eating the sandwich with one hand, without being nervous about the game at all.


  ”Why is there no one?”


  ”There are traces of search on the ground”


  ”I seem to hear footsteps!”


  Ruan Yan also heard footsteps, the sense of crisis slowly emerged, he picked up the gun, vigilantly and looked around, but nothing.


  Maybe it was just someone passing by.


  He withdrew his gun.




 Shen Chi didn’t watch other people’s live broadcast, and didn’t know how to broadcast it. The live broadcast room was extremely deserted and there was no message. He accidentally caught a glimpse of the number of live broadcast rooms in the upper right corner.


Turns out she’s still here


  The teenager lowered his eyes, an indescribable lightness permeated his whole body, and he gently jumped on the sentry tower.


 This position is quite hidden, but it is located at a high point. Once you shoot, the enemy will follow the sound, so the less chance you have to shoot, the better.

  Each more open, each more point of danger.


  Ruan Yan was oblivious to Shen Chi’s movements.


  The person’s luck is good.


  ”Please, someone give Yan Yan a gun.


  ”Is there something on the south sentry tower?


  Ruan Yan saw the bullet screen and stopped to look to the south, just then the bullets came flying at him, directly knocking off half of his blood!


 He immediately ran to the bunker behind the tree, and the people on the sentry tower seemed afraid of exposing their positions and did not dare to shoot again.


  Ruan Yan couldn’t help but feel relieved, but when he slowed down and tried to lean behind the tree, a second shot came straight at his head, accurately knocking off half of his last remaining blood.


  ”Grass, two shots to the head!


  ”Are all passerby this good now?


  ”Sorry! I’ve underestimated the passerby”


  In an instant, the game screen changed to a gray color representing death, and Ruan Yan watched as his character turned into a box and then shut himself down, as a white line appeared on the screen.


  Late used an AKM to kill you.


 Ruan Yan almost thought he was wrong. If it weren’t for the difficulty of using this gun, he wouldn’t look around for other guns. How could someone still hit the target from a long distance?



  ”It is the first time I saw AKM being used as a sniper! I feel that it is not a passerby.It must be the anchor. “


  ”I’ve never seen this ID before, maybe it’s a youth player from one of the teams that came out.”



“that’s understandable. professional players don’t say they have coach guidance, and the computers they use are unmatched by anchors.”


“I want to know who it is”


  Even Ruan Yan was thinking about the last question as he clicked to send a team invitation.


  In the Internet cafe in the border town, the young man sat in front of the old-fashioned computer, manipulating the character to walk to the box to pick up the materials left by his opponent. Without realizing that he had caused a discussion in the entire live broadcast room, he simply clicked to decline the invitation.



  As soon as Zhuang Zhou entered the Internet cafe with his schoolbag slung, he saw a conspicuous red hair. He walked over to the young man and sat down, sneaking at Shen Chi’s game ID, whose name was Late.


  Quite low-key name.


  He had to say that he was a little surprised. However, not long after he sat down, the teenager finished the game and cut into the live background. He was surprised to think that he really became the anchor.


  But this is not the point. The point is that the live broadcast room named Asia’s No. 1 Gun God was dazzlingly caught in his eyes, and he couldn’t help but his eyes from twitching.


  If it were not for the fact that there is no national service but only foreign service, the game ID would probably also be called The first  gun god in asia, he cursed himself for jumping to conclusions too early.


   Zhuangzhou thought that he was a person who was addicted to playing games, but the teenagers next to him sat in front of the computer all morning, only occasionally drinking water, and his thin body made his dark coat look wide.


  He looked towards Shen Chi’s empty live room and couldn’t help but advise, “There’s no one in the live room anyway, take a break.”


  Waiting until the end of the game, the teenager lifted his head, looked at the number of people in the upper right corner of the live room, and indifferently retorted, “There is someone.”


  ”There is a person.”




  USA, New Jersey.



“The Yan family intends to acquire European banks, which will be the largest overseas acquisition by China to date.” The coffee shop owner put down the financial newspaper in his hand and said with emotion, “How wonderful money is.”


 Yan Xuexiao arranged the newly arrived coffee cups on the cabinet.


“Don’t you think so?” Asked the boss.


The youth remained silent.t.


 ”Forget it, you are a philosopher, and you only deal with old papers every day.” The boss shook his head. “But when you stand in that position, you won’t think so. Have you never heard of it? For men, power. It’s the best aphrodisiac.”


  The youth did not argue and politely spoke, “I’m finished.”


  The boss’s attention was drawn over to the beloved cups, looking at the cups that filled one wall, he couldn’t help but say, “It’s been a busy half day, thank you for your hard work.”


  Yan Xue Xiao changed out of his store clothes and walked out of the cafe. When he returned to his dormitory, he sat at his desk and turned on the desk lamp to read a book, the light outlining his well-defined side face.


  Suddenly, his cell phone screen lit up.


  He looked at it for a moment and picked up the phone.


  Immediately, his uncle’s tentative voice came over the phone, “How are you getting along with that Yanda kid, are you interested in dating?”


  The youth turned to the next page, his tone calm: “No.”


 Yan Ji on the other side of the phone feels a bit tricky. His nephew is like his eldest brother. He is a young man who is watertight and gentle to everyone, but there is no one who is close to him.


 He sighed, hung up the phone, and silently began to wonder whose son would be better.


Yan Xue Xiao turned off his cell phone and went on reading.


  He didn’t know how long it took, he closed the book and there were a few more messages on the screen in his hand.


  [Asia’s No.1 Gun God] I saw you watch my live broadcast all day. Are you also interested in games?


[Asia’s No.1 Gun God] If you want to play, I can take you to play, because you certainly can’t play as well as me


[Asia’s first gun god] Actually, it doesn’t matter if there is no one in the live broadcast room, but … you can come today


[Asia’s first gun god] I am very happy


 It was already an hour ago.


 Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyebrows lightly. After he clicked it, he didn’t have time to watch it, but he kept hanging in the background. Did the other party think he watched it all day?


  He lowered a pair of phoenix eyes, unable to see clearly, and the end of his eyes was drawn into a beautiful arc. He put down the phone, picked up another book and opened it.


 However, stared at the book quietly for a while then he suddenly picked up the mobile phone that was put aside-


Opening the other party’s live playback.




TL: Sooooo I thought my exams are over but it’s not. My Classmate told me that we still have one more exam for our major so I can’t fulfill the 3 chapter promise, I can only give you  guys one.

Yan Xue Xiao is nice ah he still watched Shen Chi’s playback

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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    Thank you for translating! I love this story already it seems super sweet.

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    And shen chi thought he watched it all day TT. Baby why are you hurt so bad

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